Report Writing on Tree Plantation

Examples of Report Writing on Tree Plantation

Report writing is to prepare a formal document that is about an event, incident, or topic using facts. It describes the process concisely and finds the outcomes of that event or incident.

If you are looking for examples of report writing on tree plantations, this article is for you. Here, you will learn how to write a report on this topic. So, let’s go through the samples of report writing on tree plantations.

Example 1: Report Writing on Tree Plantation

On World Environment Day, our school organized an event on tree plantation. The urban forestry coordinator was invited there as a chief guest. All staff and students were present in the school ground. The ceremony started with prayer.

The program aimed to plant about 800 saplings in the school and all around as well. The forestry coordinator guided students on how to sow seeds and plants. Teachers also participated in that event to help students. At first, we started to implant seedlings along the central road of the school and then along all sides of the main ground. After that, the students planted in the local areas nearby our school. Some charts and banners were also designed by the students relevant to tree plantation. These posters were hung there to raise awareness in the people about the needs of tree plantations.

When we achieved our goal to plant 800 plants, we came back to school. The principal welcomed us warmly with a delicious lunch. After lunch, he motivated all of us with a passionate speech on tree plantation. Finally, the event ended and we came home with enthusiasm and happiness after doing such great work.

Example 2: Report Writing on Tree Plantation

It was 4th January 2022; The Massachusetts Institute of Technology organized a program to plant 300 saplings and young trees to celebrate the happy new year with a unique idea. The objective of this event was to teach students, how we can save our climate from pollution. This was a great initiative to make our atmosphere neat and clean. By tree plantation, we can develop a climax ecosystem free of greenhouse gases to reduce global warming.

Students and faculty members were asked to reach 8’O clock. The program started with prayers. Randy Moore, a regional forester in California, was invited as a chief guest there. He started the event by planting the first sapling in the corner of the school garden with his hand. Plants were provided by the Municipal Corporation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. About 200 seedlings were planted by the students of our campus and then watered by gardeners of the school. Teachers also participated in the tree plantation program and make a boundary of 100 plants along the roadside to resist environmental pollution. The main purpose of this event was to enhance awareness about the importance of tree plantations.

As soon we completed our goal of tree plantation, there was a debate competition among students on the topic, “How we can keep our climate clean?” No doubt, the only answer to this question was tree plantation to conserve the ecosystem.

In the end, the principal addressed and thanked the chief guest as well as teachers and students for coming and participating in that fruitful activity. giving their precious time. Overall, this was an excellent and glorious event for all. I felt inner peace by doing something good for my nation.

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