Memos MCQs in Technical Business Writing

Solved MCQs with answers on Memos (Work-related Correspondence) in Technical Business Writing.
Memos are a more formal way of communication as compared to business letters.

(A). True
(B). False
MCQ Answer: (B). False

Online help screens and websites having which kind of Structure?
(A). Randomly linear
(B). chronological order
(C). linear
(D). nonlinear
(E). None of these
Answer: D

Pictographs’ are a type of which kind of charts or graphs?
(A). Flow charts
(B). Pie charts
(C). Bar charts
(D). line graphs
(E). None of these
Answer: C

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Another word for an obscure word “endeavor, ‘ having a meaning of?
(A). send
(B). try
(C). find out
(D). view
(E). None of these

Answer: B

Concise word, “having a meeting” having a meaning of?
(A). official meeting
(B). meet someone
(C). scheduled meeting
(D). All of these
Answer: B

What is the purpose of the first sentence of the body of a memo?

(A). Introduces the writer of the memo
(B). States the purpose of the memo and/or what action the reader needs to take
(C). Tells the audience who to interact with if they have queries

(D). Serves as a formal greeting
MCQ Answer: (B)

A sentence starts with verbs in writing instructions is referred to as?
(A). comparative mood
(B). imperative mood
(C). indicative mood
(D). phrases
(E). None of these
Answer: B

To set writing tone appropriate, considered as a big challenge for;
(A). lay audience
(B). low tech audience
(C). high-tech audience
(D). All of these
(E). None of these
Answer: D

In a memo, reasoning on hirings, firings, and purchasing, etc, is known as?
(A). affiliations
(B). procedures
(C). recommendations
(D). Preference
Answer: (C).

Which statement is true for the spacing of a memo.

(A). Everything is double spaced except for the body paragraphs
(B). The entire document is single-spaced
(C). The entire document is double spaced
(D). Only the body paragraphs are double spaced
MCQ Answer: (A).

Memos are usually _____ page(s) long.
(A). 5
(B). 2
(C). 3
(D). 1
MCQ Answer: (D).

‘meat cleaver’ method is used to make which kind of sentences;
(A). grammatically correct
(B). accurate
(C). lengthy
(D). short
(E). None of these
Answer: D

U.S. mail is known as?
(A). snail mail
(B). fast mail
(C). average mail
international mail
Answer: A

Sometimes Memos cover the subheadings to signal a shift in topics.

(A). True
(B). False
MCQ Answer: (A). True

Which two adjectives best describe a memo(A).
(A). Lengthy and in-depth
(B). Short and concise
(C). Detailed and formal
(D). Verbose and succinct
MCQ Answer: (B).

The concise word “make an adjustment of”  can be classified as;
(A). congested
(B). adjust
(C). digest
(D). support
(E). None of these
Answer: B

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