Lesson: The Savior of Mankind summary and Short Questions Answers

Summary of Lesson: The Savior of Mankind  

This essay is written by Charles Wesley. In this essay he writes about the great savior of mankind, Hazrat Muhammad SAW. He talks about Arabia in which the Holy Muhammad P.B.U.H was born in Makkah, the city of Arabia. The writer says that Arabia is a beautiful land of deserts.

The writer says that the people of Arabia were expressive and had extraordinary memory. They used to write poetry even though a fair of the poetical competition was held at Ukaz. The writer adds to it by saying that Allah sent His final Holy book Quran in the Arabic language because this language was more common in Arabia.

According to the writer, in the fifth and sixth centuries, there was chaos in mankind and civilization was becoming weaker.  Then Allah sent a Prophet who raised the faith in Allah and saves humanity from ignorance. When the Holy Prophet reached thirty-eight, he used to stay alone in the Hira cave along with his food and worship Allah.

He was the great savior of humankind. He wanted to put an end to wrong beliefs, unfairness, unkindness, and social evils. This was the time when he was near to receiving prophethood. One day, Hazrat Jibril A.S came to Him in the cave of Hira and conveyed Him the Message of Allah. This was the first revelation from Allah that continued till twenty-three years.

The Holy Prophet started preaching Islam and the oneness of Allah. He wanted to unite mankind, destroy false notions, and disbeliefs. His main mission was to dignify mankind with a strong faith in Allah.

Most of the Arabians were against the Holy Prophet who refused to follow Him. They pressurized him to worship the idols. Even they sent their representatives to the Prophet’s uncle Hazrat Abu Talib to restrain his nephew. But Hazrat Muhammad firmed at his mission. At this, His uncle appreciated and encouraged Him.

The Holy Prophet continued to follow the way that Allah had chosen for mankind. He faced all challenges with His firm determination and Allah’s help. All the Arabs conquests were made possible due to His leading ability.

If we see the Arab conquests, we find Hazrat Muhammad the best political leader. It was His faith in Allah, love for humanity, and the great character that he had changed the whole of mankind. We can say that his overall life is a great model we can follow. According to Hazrat Ayesha, “His morals and character are an embodiment of the Holy Quran”. Allah had sent Him to tell people the good things and warn them about wrongdoings.

Short Questions Answers: The Savior of Mankind

Question 1: Where is Makkah located?

Answer: Makkah is located in Saudia Arabia.

Question 2: Which competition was held in Ukaz?

Answer:  It was a poetical competition.

Question 3: What was the mission Allah assigned to the Holy Prophet?

Answer:  Allah had assigned Him the mission to preach Islam, the oneness of Allah, and unite mankind.

Question 4: What was the reason for sending a delegation by the pagan Arabs to the Prophet’s P.B.U.H uncle?

Answer:  They wanted His uncle to restrain his nephew from preaching Allah’s message of Islam.

Question 5: What did the writer tell us about the land of Arabia?

Answer: The writer told us that Arabia is unique in its beauty because of its deserts of sand dunes.

Question 6: Why did Allah send the Holy Quran to Arabia?

Answer: Allah had sent the Holy Quran to Arabia because the language of Arabs, as well as Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H, was Arabic.

Question 7: What was the popular ability of the Arabs?

Answer:  The Arabs were popular because they were great warriors, brave, and possessed remarkable memory. They also have the ability to eloquence that was seen in their poetry.

Question 8: Before the Prophet Muhammad, where did mankind stand?

Answer:  There was chaos in mankind. The civilization which grew in many years had become too weak.

Question 9: Why did the Prophet Muhammad live in the Hira cave?

Answer:  The Prophet Muhammad stayed there because He want to worship Allah in solitude.

Question 10: Narrate the first revelation?

Answer:  The first revelation was:

Read in the name of thy Lord Who; created man from a clot of congealed blood: Read and thy Lord is most Bountiful, Who taught (the use of) the pen, taught man that he knew not.

Question 11: The pagan Arab warned the Prophet’s P.B.U.H uncle. Why?

Answer: The pagan Arabs warned him when they felt that their supremacy in society is decreasing.

Question 12: Narrate the sayings of Ayesha (R.A) about the life of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

Answer:  Hazrat Ayesha said about him “His morals and character are an embodiment of the Holy Quran”.

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