Report Writing on Independence Day

Examples of Report Writing on Independence Day [Essay Writing]

Reports are written to show facts about a problem, topic, situation, process, or project. The report has a clear, simple, and concise style in which we target a specific audience. If you don’t have an idea of report writing, let’s review its format so you can learn and craft the best report.

In this article, we will write two reports on Independence Day. So, let’s move forward:

Example 1: Report Writing on Independence Day

Like every year, our school celebrated a special event on Independence Day with pomp and great joy. On that pleasurable day, a sense of pride and happiness could be seen on the faces of people. Everyone was excited to celebrate the program. The minister was invited as a chief guest. Besides this, the parents of the students were also present there to attend that memorable ceremony will full enthusiasm. Everyone was feeling proud to be a citizen of his beloved country. All the arrangements were done by teachers and some students.

The event started with prayers at 9 o’clock. There was a large stage on which all the senior teachers, principal, and vice-principal were sitting on the chairs. After prayer, a parade was performed by some students. I was also attending the program and amusing to see the parade. It was amazing that aroused strong emotions in me for my loving country. After the parade, our school secretary and principal unfurled the flag together.

When they hosted the flag, all the people present there sang the national anthem. As the program was proceeding, we were becoming more excited. After that, the students presented various types of activities. Some students delivered speeches with great passion. In the end, the host invited the chief guest to distribute the prizes among the participant students.

Our principal also delivered a speech on how we got freedom. After listening to his speech, we felt proud of our ancestors who sacrificed to gain their country. So, we decide to protect our country at any cost and become its loyal and sincere citizens. At the end of the program, all the students were given a sweet box.

Example 2: Report Writing on Independence Day

Last year, we celebrated our Independence Day with great enthusiasm. We were waiting for this day excitedly. We decorated our streets with buntings and lights.

A flag could also be seen on every home’s roof. There were a lot of things in the market related to Independence Day such as badges, bands, caps, shirts, etc. We also purchased a few things and wear clothes matching our national flag. Different patriotic songs were played in every house.

We turned on the TV to see the program celebrated every year and is on air. The army performed a parade in which they presented outstanding performances. While watching the live program on TV, I decided to join the army in the future and serve my loving country. We already made a plan to visit memorable places in our city. So, we went there and saw various historical places. It is always a great day for us and we celebrate it with happiness.

Essay on Independence Day

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