Essay On Democracy in 500 Words

Well-known writer and intellectual Dr. Wazir Agha said in an interview about democracy. “There are big, beautiful meadows in England. Once a Pakistani asked the field guard how he had prepared such a beautiful field of grass. The ranger replied,

“In this difficult task, you should water the grass regularly.”

Then cut the grass, then in the water, not the grass. If you continue to do this work for about three hundred years, then you will have such grass fields available. The crowd is a beautiful green thousand of grass. But it has to be taken care of with great care.

Thinkers Plato, Aristotle, Boss, Locke, and Rousseau to the present day political thinkers all agree that dictatorship, fascism, and dictatorship are not the solution to the problems of human society. Democracy is an acceptable local solution to all problems.

Democracy is a human concern in every respect and is the most delicate symbol of and it is the guardian of the common heritage of mankind. Because of its amazing ability to absorb opposing views, democracy has made human society a paradise by uniting it on an emotional level. Therefore, it can be rightly said. That democracy is the name of consultation and democracy is the name of the rule of law.

Democracy is the name of Collective justice, Tolerance, Respect, and the sovereignty of the people.

The invaluable service of democracy to intellectual harmony, national unity, and the elimination of regional problems cannot be denied. Human thought reaches a dead end in its evolutionary journey. In fact, this fact has come to the fore. That democracy is the solution to all the complex political, social, and economic problems of today’s modern world.

The secret to the extraordinary social and economic development of all the developed countries of the world lies in democracy.

According to one democracy thinker, “The basic concept of democracy is that an individual is a unit. The individual has a personality and this is depending on personality development and two factors.

(1) Freedom of choice

(2) Freedom of desire

Democracy is not just the name of voting and begging, nor is it the name of transitional rhetoric and meetings. Democracy is about tolerating dissent. With democracy, we can mend broken hearts and repair relationships.

The spirit of politics in life and homeland is from him. The symbol of freedom of homeland is from him.

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