Rules, formulae, and structure of Present Indefinite Tenses with examples in English

Rules, formulae, and structure of Present Indefinite Tenses with examples in English.

present indefinite tense Rules

Structure of Present Indefinite positive Sentences

Subject + Base form of verb + object

What is the difference between simple present tense and present indefinite tense?

Both are same with same rule. Formula for Simple Present or Present Indefinite Tense is same and the formula is

Subject+1st Verb+Object

It is most commonly used for such a scenarios like;

  • To give instructions

Get some milk, water and sugar and put in the cup.

  • Talk about habits

I call my friend every friday.

  • General Truths

The milk color is white.

These are just a few examples to tell you that both Simple Present or Present Indefinite Tenses are same.

Examples of Present Indefinite positive Sentences

He goes to school daily.




She works in a library.




I like the music.




Water flow in the canal.




She sleeps at 9 PM




I take the Taxi to the office.




My Brother live in Poland.


Verb= live

Object= Poland

He has a Car.




Frog lives in water.




She comes here often.



Object= here

Structure of Present Indefinite Negative Sentences

 Subject+ Do not or Does not +  Base form of verb + object

Helping verb

 Do not + Does not

Examples of Present Indefinite Negative Sentences

She does not eat food.




I do not go to school.




You do not smoke.



She does not like a guitar.




I do not play cricket.




He does not drive her bike.




We do not need any favors.



Object= favors

He does not like running.




It does not matter.




You do not have a job.





  1. He doesn’t have a bath every day.
  2. Sammy doesn’t play the cricket very well.
  3. Uganda don’t work hard in sports.
  4. Ellie doesn’t do the same job every day.
  5. They don’t know my Email.
  6. I don’t use the social media every day.
  7. My parents doesn’t like the movies.


  1. Alia doesn’t live among us now.
  2. I don’t drive to my work.
  3. I don’t need a new Car.
  4. Ali do not need more Cola.
  5. Shah does not need more Tea.
  6. Waqar does’nt need a lot of help.
  7. Bill does not need a lot of Cash.
  8. Bailey and Menny do not need a new house.
  9. I don’t see you.
  10. We don’t see the house.
  11. She does not see her friend.
  12. Bosco does not see his wallet.
  13. I don’t hear the music.
  14. He does not hear me.
  15. Jennifer does not hear the alarm.
  16. They do not hear the kids.
  17. Bilal do not hear the sound of motorcycles.
  18. I don’t like it.
  19. Ashraf don’t like green tea.
  20. Lazy people does not like work.

Other examples of present indefinite negative tenses

  1. Julie does not like me.
  2. Young generation don’t like classical music.
  3. I don’t need a new job.
  4. Ellies do not want an old motorcar.
  5. She does not want a new handbag.
  6. He does not want Tea.
  7. I do not like to study.
  8. Boys do not chase girls.
  9. Peter does not want to chat with Annabelle.
  10. Alice does not work for an IT company.
  11. I do not like this drink very much.
  12. I do not enjoy playing with other kids.
  13. Shank does not make models from clay.
  14. I do not practice the bowling every morning.
  15. My brother does not earn 300 dollars a week.
  16. Our team did not play well yesterday
  17. He does not go to school by bus.
  18. You don’t speak French.
  19. John doesn’t speak spanish.
  20. We don’t have time for a talk.
  21. It doesn’t affect.
  22. They don’t want to go to the playing feild.
  23. She doesn’t like sea food.
  24. They do not play rugby every week.
  25. Jen is not a nice person.
  26. This motorcar does not make a lot of noise.
  27. I do not like watching movies.
  28. We are not from sokovia.
  29. You do not wear pullovers.
  30. They do not speak latin.
  31. He does not watch movies.
  32. I am not from france.
  33. Steve does not draw nice pictures.
  34. Akbar don’t like the food they serve at that restaurant.
  35. Jimmy doesn’t work on sundays.
  36. My friends don’t usually sleep so early.
  37. I do not want to play with you.

Some Common Examples of Present Indefinite Tense

Let’s see some common examples of present indefinite tense.

  • We produce lasers for cosmetic surgery.
  • They move into their new school next month.
  • We come for shopping in this shopping mall.
  • He reads various kinds of articles.
  • I sing different kinds of songs.
  • We watch dramas in this Cineplex.
  • I write books on different subjects.
  • I love to listen to slow-motion songs.
  • The sunsets in the west.
  • You always shop in that market.
  • I always study hard for exams.
  • Do you usually listen to him like that?
  • So, I go to Sir. Junaid and say “I deserve a better mark in this course”.
  • They love to play Hockey.
  • In general, I believe that all people can love to adopt the habit of hard work.
  • Do you go to school every day?
  • He goes to university every day.

Present indefinite tense – More Examples

  • They always play baseball in the field
  • I don’t like to argue
  • Do you like to watch sports
  • He awakes at 11 AM
  • I read the newspaper daily
  • He works in a university
  • Water flows in the pool
  • Boys watch sports
  • Julie always pickup the phone
  • George aims carefully at the target
  • The bottle contains beer
  • This pizza costs 7 dollar
  • Ali always answers the questions.
  • Arshad accepts a gift from her friend.
  • The alarm clock awakes me from sleep.
  • Julia’s friends admire her beautiful car.
  • The station master announces the departure of the train.
  • The Asad’s dog always attacks the Khateeb.
  • Sam bakes a cake for Kathy’s birthday.
  • Maid baths the baby in warm water.
  • uncle barbecues in the garden.
  • Jeff beats Willy in the competation.
  • Watson bounces a ball.
  • The clever dog take a bone.
  • Maid brings us some food to eat.
  • Salman borrows books from
  • The water boils.
  • Jenny blows out the candles on her birthday cake.
  • They brush their Shoes.
  • I clean the car on Everyday.
  • The thief runs when he see a policeman coming.
  • David coaches the basketball team.
  • George controls that robot by a control.
  • Cook cuts up the vegetables to makes a salad to eat.
  • Shafiq dreams of being a policeman.
  • Chris drives the bike to work each morning.
  • Dogs love to doze the beaf.
  • Kane let the Dishes drain after she washed them.
  • Bailey plays cricket every day.
  • He loves to travel around the India.
  • I love to listen to religious audios.
  • They always play hocky in that hockey ground.
  • The author writes romantic novels.I listen different kinds of music, especially modern.