Report Writing on Environment Day

Do you want to write a report on environment day but don’t know how to do it? I will guide you and also give you examples so that you can learn how to write it in a well-formatted way. So, let’s move forward and start writing.

Examples of Report Writing on Environment Day in Schools, College and University

Example 1: [Report Writing on Environment Day]

Last Sunday on 5th June 2022, our school organized a program to celebrate World Environment Day. The principal and vice-principal along with all the faculty members and students participated in the program with full energy.

The aim behind organizing this program was to give awareness to people about keeping the environment clean and safe from pollution. For this purpose, plant more trees to purify the air and make the earth green. The program started at 8 am. The sports department gave a sapling to each student and asked them to plant it around the campus.

This was an amazing and interesting activity. All the students started planting and the teachers guided them in this regard. Some students cleaned the campus. The gardener surveyed the entire campus and made sure that planting is done appropriately. After this, the students were directed to reach the auditorium where the principal gave a speech in which he encouraged students to participate in these activities.

He also added that we should also motivate others to keep their environment clean free of pollution so that we can live a healthy life. It was the pleasurable activity we enjoyed most and promised with our principal to plant more trees in our surroundings.

Example 2: [Report Writing on Environment Day]

On Sunday 4th August 2022, our college celebrated an event. It was world environment day. As the head of the environment club, I had many responsibilities like preparing of schedule, making a list, and giving guidance to all the students regarding this activity. One of my friends assisted me and make my work easy and fluent. We made a list of students and trees that were being planted. We also arranged a schedule for the program. After this, we submitted the list of plants with their names and the schedule of the coming event to the principal. He approved the list and permitted us to organize the program.

Then the day came when we had to perform the activity. The chief guest was also invited there. All the students were well dressed and wearing school uniforms. My duty was to host the event.

At 9 O’clock, we took all the students to the ground. The program started after the inauguration by the chief guest. Each student was asked to plant at least two trees around the ground. All the students started planting with full excitement. During the activity, we also guided them and made the procedure completed.

After the activity was over, the chief guest and the principal expressed their thoughts regarding the environment day. He told the students how can they make the environment beautiful and clean. In the end, there was a refreshment for all the people by the principal. We enjoyed it and made a lot of fun.

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