Report Writing on Science Exhibition

A report is a document presenting a piece of information in a specific format for a particular audience and purpose. The key points mentioned in a report are the date of the event or exhibition, venue, activities, chief guest, and rewards given.

Examples of report writing on science exhibition

If you want to learn how to write a report on a science exhibition, we are here to teach you by giving examples. Just keep reading the article and follow it. Below are the examples of report writing:

Example 1: [Report Writing on Science Exhibition]

In October 2020, a science exhibition was organized by our school on national science day. The head of state science magazine was the chief guest of that event. Students from other schools were also invited to the event. The principal along with the vice-principal and other faculty members organized that exhibition.  Students from every class were allowed to present what they have interests and want to make.

All the participant students show their models related to science such as space satellites, transformers, DC motors, molecular models, solar systems, etc. The participant students were so happy with their creativity. The chief guest and principal surveyed the exhibition and asked about the details from students who made different things. Other people who came to see the exhibition also enjoyed the event very much.

In the end, the chief guest come to the stage and gave a speech on the importance of science and technology. He distributed prizes to all the participant students and encouraged them. The principal also gave a motivational speech and admired students for their efforts and interest. He then thanked everyone for coming to the science exhibition and becoming a part of the event.

Example 2: [Report Writing on Science Exhibition]

On 15th December 2021, our college organized a science exhibition and called Fazal Rehman Shamil as a chief guest. He is a very famous scientist in Pakistan. The aim of the exhibition was to elaborate on the importance of science in our life.

The main focus was on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Students presented their wonder science projects according to their interests and skills. They made the models of solar systems, DC motors, image recognition devices, and self-driving cars. Besides this, there were special activities performed by the students. All the students were so excited, especially those who want to choose science as their career.

When all activities of the performance were done, the chief guest come to the stage. He encouraged all the participant students by admiring their works. He also talked about his struggle regarding his career and motivated students to do more hard work. After this, our principal also gave good feedback on students’ performance.

He announced that he will organize this exhibition in his college every year so that the students take more interest and know the importance of new technology. He then requested the chief guest to come on stage and distribute prizes among the students who showed their models and performed different activities. In addition, students were also be presented a participation certificate along with a module of the exhibition.

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