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Solved MCQs of Types of Letters in Technical and Business Writing with answers in PDF.

A perceptive and sensitive communication goal can be classified as?
(A). build trust and persuade
(B). build trust and inform
(C). persuade and instruct
(D). trust and instruct
(E). None of these
Answer: A
A detailed outline practice, used in formal oral communication is categorized as:
(A). manuscript speech
(B). extemporaneous speech
(C). memorized speech
(D). verbal speech
(E). None of these
Answer: B
In letter writing, the ideal style to use heading and subheading technique in newsletter, focusing to;
(A). use outlining
(B). use detailed phrases
(C). use abbreviations
(D). avoid excessive punctuation
(E). None of these
Answer: D
Which of the following is a writing practice against legal and ethical considerations, considered as a violating rule of technical writing is known?
(A). legalities
(B). functionalities
(C). ethicalities
(D). ethics
(E). None of these
Answer: C
In technical writing, the destination of the memo is defined as;
(A). within a company
(B). outside company
(C). outside city
(D). out of way
(E). None of these
Answer: A
Suppose we are searching for the information, regarding admission and advertisement costs, etc, Which type of letter will be used?
(A). Inquiry letter
(B). adjustment letter
(C). bad newsletter
(D). complain letter
(E). None of these
Answer: A
In letter writing format, a title, “Dear Mr. Shahzeb” is the best example of;
(A). introduction
(B). signed name
(C). letter body
(D). salutation
(E). None of these
Answer: D
As compared to other countries, Germany and Japan are considered as very strict in which of the following?
(A). schedules
(B). financial matters
(C). business strategies
(D). All of these
(E). None of these
Answer: D
A statement, “We cannot proceed with your request as you are not submitting the documents properly to open the bank account.” is the best example of?
shun words
(A). figurative words
(B). positive words
(C). All of these
(D). None of these
Answer: D
Which of the following is a letter stating readers for what they are receiving is commonly called?
(A). complaint letters
(B). official letter
(C). good newsletters
(D). cover letters
(E). None of these
Answer: D

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