Cover Letter MCQs – TBW

Cover Letter MCQs in technical Business Writing

______ is the correct and good date format for a cover letter.
(A) . 10/9/20
(B). 9/10/20
(C). October 9, 2020
Answer: C
In a cover letter ___ topic is not normally mentioned.
(A) . the salary
(B). the position
(C). the company
Answer: A

Cover letters starting with explaining how applicant ___________
(A) . found out about the job
(B). spend their free time
(C). began their education
Answer: A
Such as ____, your cover letter can summarize a key selling point.
(A) . relevant experience
(B). medical history
(C). work history
Answer: A

How much you ___________ the company it should be mentioned in your cover letter.
(A) . charge
(B). benefit
(C). disrupt
Answer: B

Where should your name be in the letter?
(A) . at the top
(B). at the bottom
(C). in the middle
Answer: B
How should a cover letter be?
(A) . long and detailed
(B). friendly and funny
(C). clear and concise
Answer: C
Most employees will ____________ the applicant if a cover letter is poorly written.
(A) . forgive
(B). contact
(C). reject
Answer: C

_______ is also known as cover letter.
(A) . a letter of application
(B). a CV sales letter
(C). a resume or CV

Answer: A
_____ sending their resume the job applicants must send a cover letter.
(A) . before
(B). after
(C). when

Answer: C

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