Essay/Speech On Independence Day [500 words]

Life depends on freedom. Otherwise, slavery is nothing but shame.  In modern times, the need and importance for free life have increased even more.

The right to life is also coming to the free nations. Slave nations are being deprived of the right to live like other living people.

It is a universal truth that in every age, living nations have lived a life of self-confidence and prosperity. While people addicted to slavery become living corpses and hand over their lives to others.

The importance of freedom has increased in modern times.  Survival is more difficult than the formation of a country. I am ready for the survival and welfare of my beloved homeland.

The important requirement of the present day is that we have to sacrifice our personal interests for the sake of the continuity of freedom and in such a case it will never happen.

In this way, the homeland is dearer than life

Everyone has their own interests but the motherland is more important.

Today freedom demands sacrifice from us and we all have to make this sacrifice. Whether it is the rulers or the people, all of them are ready to work together to maintain the joy and happiness of freedom.

Don’t hesitate to sacrifice your life and property for the sake of freedom. Because Sacrificing one’s life for the sake of one’s homeland is life. Becoming a martyred for a nation is a real achievement.

History has shown that the only nation that has survived is the one that has preferred honor to live.

Talking about the demands of the present when we look at the whole world. So we realize that those who sacrificed their lives for freedom have always raised their heads.

Take a look at Pakistan and India. This region was under British rule. So Allama Iqbal’s intellectual and Quaid-e-Azam’s practical guidance spread the desire to break the chains of slavery and breathe in the spacious atmosphere of freedom in such a way that in a few years a glorious and vibrant movement spread like wildfire.

Freedom arose and the Muslims and Hindus of the subcontinent proved that they knew how to live like free nations and that sacrificing for freedom was their motive.

But what we need most today is to meet the demands of the times Understand fully and keep in mind the spirit of patriotism for the sake of continuity of freedom and welfare and survival of the homeland. And the power of faith is needed to arouse and maintain this passion and enthusiasm.

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