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Essay in favor of Importance of English Language

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English is an international language. Now we have to really acknowledge this reality. We, as individuals of a righteous nation, accept with full conviction and confidence all the modern realities that are on the way to our development.

And who can deny that it is in the power of recognizing and fulfilling the requirements of the times that we as a nation always reached the goal of prosperity and happiness?

Today the world has become a global one. Now people are watching the events of the whole world with their own eyes. From one corner to the other, things are happening as if they are sitting face to face. Now the demands of the times have changed.

Now let’s take a look at the realities of the times when English is not helping you. English developed you in science, medicine, psychology, or any other field of life.

So I think that English language education is also very important for us to achieve our targets or progress and development as a nation. Anyway, you know that no language is self-sufficient and learning English is necessary because, in order to move forward as a developed nation in the global and international community, we have to study English.

Take the latest example of countries nuclear explosion. By the grace of God, we got nuclear power thanks to the education of science, and in what language did we get this education of English. Today, countries have a place and significance in the international community.


Essay Against Importance of English Language [500 to 800 words]

It is English that has licked our minds, otherwise, there was no reason that our new generation would not discover new horizons of development. If we take a serious look at the situation, the truth comes to the fore with all its might that the difficulties of the English language have spread a fog in the minds of our students that they have become mentally retarded.
It is said that by reading and teaching English, we are joining the ranks of developed nations, when in fact the opposite is true. The high-minded people who could have achieved great feats by acquiring knowledge in their own language are thrown into the maze of English and making scientific jokes and the signs of destinations have disappeared from them.
It is being called a stepping stone to development.
If the development was due to English, then China and Japan would never be able to convince themselves that they have adopted the process of teaching in their national languages, as a result of which China, which became independent after us, is one of the world’s superpowers today. And Japan is number one in the world in terms of technology and China or Japan is the only country that can feel the guilt of losing its national identity under the influence of English with great confidence. Considering its national language as the medium of instruction and giving priority to it over English, he continued his good deeds.

I have tried to establish my national identity through my character only through verbal speeches and slogans.

Our forefathers sacrificed the greatness of their deeds and deeds with their blood in the martyrdom of love, but we careless and inactive people are getting lost like a flower in the dust of a cat. By turning away from religious values, the doors of progress are opening on their own.

Understanding theEnglish is leading us to progress. However, the recipe for reverse development is more suitable for such action that this education has taken us away from the greatest blessing, i.e religion of nature.

One of the basic principles of human psychology is the fact that if a child is burdened with a foreign language, his creative and mental abilities begin to wane and we have worked on it. So even though we are intelligent, we are left behind in the process of evolution. What is the reason that the one who gets good marks in every subject fails in English. ? Just because the language is not compatible with non-mental abilities. You can compare each year by looking at the list of other subjects and students who have failed in English. The same thing happened again and again and it’s Never-ending. If you look at the result gazette, you will see that what has failed is definitely a failure in English.

Does this prove that our children are suffering from some kind of mental retardation, God forbid? ? no way! These students may be prominent for their high performance in various fields in the field of education, but by making English compulsory, we have put chains on their feet. Which has sifted through their academic existence. Jean-Paul Sartre a well-known scholar of his time, had said.

“A nation that teaches in a foreign language lives in a rented house”. Watch now! That even while living in the homeland, the English tenants with a strange feeling of inferiority”.

Live in a house and ask the people living in rented houses.

What is there to living like this? It is a well-known fact that proud nations have won their national language as the title of their national identity, and that victory in life always belongs to those who are self-confident and trustworthy. This self-confidence is given by the love of one’s own language.

Take a look at the whole world after the example of China and Japan. Developed nations have continued the process of development by incorporating technology in their language and now approximately in all countries, all scientific and technical terms and youtube videos have been replaced in the local languages of the countries.

Despite this evidence, the fact that progress is impossible without English is untrue and I have no hesitation in saying so. In fact, he is grateful to his nation and its capabilities for striving for centuries. It has nothing to do with development because it is an obstacle in the process of development.

If it really develops us and we are determined to get a head start in the field instead of verbal promises. So know that it is necessary to get rid of non-language which is the biggest obstacle in the way of development but on the contrary, if we continue English and want to develop only on the strength of speeches then remember that the destiny of nations cannot be changed by just spoken speeches and images.

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