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Hydraulic Radius Examples, Formula, Calculator

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$haw=$_POST[“haw”]; $_SESSION[“haww”]=$haw;
if($haw === “hr”){
$no1 = “Area of Section Flow”;
$no2 = “Wetted Perimeter”;
$result2 = “Hydraulic Radius”;
if($wet==0){echo ““;}
else if ($haw === “af”) {
$no1 = “Hydraulic Radius”;
$no2 = “Wetted Perimeter”;
$result2 = “Area of Section Flow”;

$no1 = “Area of Section Flow”;
$no2 = “Hydraulic Radius”;
$result2 = “Wetted Perimeter”;

if($hyd ==0){echo ““;}


Hydraulic Radius Examples, Formula, Calculator

hydraulic radius is the ratio of the cross-sectional area of a pipe to the perimeter of a pipe through which a fluid is flowing.

What To Calculate

Area of Section Flow(A) = m2
Wetted Perimeter(Pw) = m
Hydraulic Radius(Rh) =

Step by step explanation of your input values
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Sr.Operation[insert_php] echo $no1 ;[/insert_php][insert_php] echo $no2 ;[/insert_php][insert_php] echo $result2 ;[/insert_php]Formula
Example1Hydraulic Radius551[insert_php] echo “5/5”;[/insert_php]
Example2Area of Section Flow5315[insert_php] echo “5*3”;[/insert_php]
Example3Wetted Perimeter570.714285714285715/7
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