Research Topics on Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials

Research Area/ Research Interest: Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials

Research Paper Topics for Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. An environmental transmission electron microscope for in situ synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials
  2. Synthesis and characterization techniques of nanomaterials
  3. Recent advances on classification, properties, synthesis, and characterization of nanomaterials
  4. Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials of the topological crystalline insulator SnTe
  5.  Synthesis and characterization of titanium oxide nanomaterials using sol-gel method
  6.  Green nanobiotechnology: factors affecting synthesis and characterization techniques
  7. Synthesis and characterization of TiO2/ZnO core/shell nanomaterials for solar cell applications
  8. Preparation and characterization of nanomaterials for sustainable energy production
  9. Introduction to nanomaterials: basic properties, synthesis, and characterization
  10. Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial based on halloysite and hectorite clay minerals covalently bridged
  11. Nanomaterials: classification, biological synthesis and characterization
  12.  Nanomaterials and nanocomposites: synthesis, properties, characterization techniques, and applications
  13. Solid State Reaction Synthesis and Characterization of Cu doped TiO2 Nanomaterials
  14. Novel synthesis and characterization of CuO nanomaterials: Biological applications
  15. Morphological characterization of nanomaterials
  16. Solid State Reaction Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminum Doped Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials
  17. Synthesis and characterization of different morphological SnS nanomaterials
  18. Magnetite–polyoxometalate hybrid nanomaterials: synthesis and characterization
  19.  Synthesis and Characterization
  20. Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of multifunctional ZnO nanomaterials
  21.  Characterization of nanomaterials
  22. Design, synthesis and characterization of doped-titanium oxide nanomaterials with environmental and angiogenic applications
  23.  Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials functionalized by direct treatment with sulfonating agents
  24. Synthesis and characterization of several one-dimensional nanomaterials
  25. Synthesis & characterization of silica coated and functionalized silica coated zinc oxide nanomaterials
  26. Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Nanomaterials for SERS Biomedical/Environmental Application
  27. Synthesis and characterization of TiO2/C nanomaterials: Applications in water treatment
  28. Synthesis and characterization of titania− graphene nanocomposites
  29. Synthesis and characterization of ZnCo2O4 nanomaterial for symmetric supercapacitor applications
  30.  Synthesis and characterization of molecular imprinted nanomaterials for the removal of heavy metals from water
  31.  Synthesis and characterization of doxorubicin modified ZnO/PEG nanomaterials and its photodynamic action
  32.  Synthesis and characterization of PVA-assisted metal oxide nanomaterials: surface area, porosity, and electrochemical property improvement
  33. Overview of nanomaterials synthesis methods, characterization techniques and effect on seed germination
  34. Synthesis and characterization of novel lanthanide (III) complexes-functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles as fluorescent nanomaterials
  35. Synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanomaterials for photocatalytic activities under visible light
  36. Approaches to synthesis and characterization of spherical and anisotropic copper nanomaterials
  37. Synthesis and characterization of Ti–Fe oxide nanomaterials: adsorption–degradation of methyl orange dye
  38. Synthesis and Characterization of Fe-TiO2 Nanomaterial: Performance Evaluation for RB5 Decolorization and In Vitro Antibacterial Studies
  39. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials Using Microfluidic Technology
  40. State of the art: synthesis and characterization of functionalized graphene nanomaterials
  41. Synthesis and characterization of magnetic dichromate hybrid nanomaterials with triphenylphosphine surface modified iron oxide nanoparticles (Fe3O4@ SiO2 …
  42. Synthesis and characterization of magnetic hybrid nanomaterials via RAFT polymerization: A pH sensitive drug delivery system
  43. Synthesis and characterization of novel thin film composite forward osmosis membrane using charcoal-based carbon nanomaterials for desalination application
  44. Synthesis and characterization of germanium coordination compounds for production of germanium nanomaterials
  45. Surface characterization of nanomaterials and nanoparticles: Important needs and challenging opportunities
  46. Synthesis and characterization of cobalt hydroxide, cobalt oxyhydroxide, and cobalt oxide nanodiscs
  47. Rapid synthesis and characterization of silver-loaded graphene oxide nanomaterials and their antibacterial applications
  48. Synthesis and characterization of manganese-doped silicon nanoparticles: Bifunctional paramagnetic-optical nanomaterial
  49. Synthesis and characterization of magnetic bromochromate hybrid nanomaterials with triphenylphosphine surface-modified iron oxide nanoparticles and their catalytic …
  50. Praseodymium-doped ZnS nanomaterials: Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
  51. General synthesis and characterization of monocrystalline 1D-nanomaterials of hexagonal and orthorhombic lanthanide orthophosphate hydrate
  52. Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystallite ZnCrFeO4
  53. Morphological and phase controlled tungsten based nanoparticles: synthesis and characterization of scheelite, wolframite, and oxide nanomaterials
  54. Characterization of Nanomaterials
  55. Synthesis and characterization of Zn3Ta2O8 nanomaterials by hydrothermal method
  56.  Synthesis and characterization of Ti-Fe oxide nanomaterials for lead removal
  57.  Synthesis and characterization of molecularly imprinted magnetite nanomaterials as a novel adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution
  58. Synthesis and characterization of poly (maleic acid)-grafted crosslinked chitosan nanomaterial with high uptake and selectivity for Hg (II) sorption
  59. Synthesis and characterization of solvothermal processed calcium tungstate nanomaterials from alkoxide precursors
  60. Synthesis and characterization of inorganic double helices of cryptomelane nanomaterials
  61.  Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanospheres from hydrocarbon soot
  62. Adsorption of toxic carbamate pesticide oxamyl from liquid phase by newly synthesized and characterized graphene quantum dots nanomaterials
  63. Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetoelectric Nanomaterial Composed of Fe3O4 and Polyindole
  64. Synthesis and characterization of semiconductor nanomaterials and micromaterials via gamma-irradiation route
  65. Ultrasound-assisted synthesis and characterization of visible light responsive nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanomaterials for removal of 2-Chlorophenol
  66. Materials synthesis and characterization of 8YSZ nanomaterials for the fabrication of electrolyte membranes in solid oxide fuel cells
  67. Recent advances in the synthesis and characterization of nano-antimicrobials
  68. Approaches to the synthesis and characterization of spherical and anisotropic silver nanomaterials
  69. Cerium oxide nanomaterial with dual antioxidative scavenging potential: Synthesis and characterization
  70. Synthesis, analytical characterization and bioactivity of Ag and Cu nanoparticles embedded in poly-vinyl-methyl-ketone films
  71.  Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials by alkalide reduction
  72. Synthesis and characterization of highly ordered mesoporous nanomaterials Al-MCM-41 and Al-SBA-15 from bentonite as efficient catalysts for the production of …
  73. Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline tailored graphene oxide quantum dot as an advance and highly crystalline carbon-based luminescent nanomaterial for …
  74. Characterization of nanomaterials by physical methods
  75. Keratin capped silver nanoparticles–synthesis and characterization of a nanomaterial with desirable handling properties
  76.  Synthesis and characterization of CdO nanomaterial and their photocatalyticactivity
  77. Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanorods and balls nanomaterials for dye sensitized solar cells
  78.  Synthesis and characterization of molecularly imprinted ferrite (SiO2@ Fe2O3) nanomaterials for the removal of nickel (Ni2+ ions) from aqueous solution
  79. Template synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials from ferrocene crystals
  80. Synthesis and Characterization of High-Efficiency Halide Perovskite Nanomaterials for Light-Absorbing Applications
  81. Supercritical synthesis and characterization of SWNT-based one dimensional nanomaterials
  82.  Synthesis and characterization of zero-valent iron nanoparticles supported on SBA-15
  83. Controlling nitrogen doping in graphene with atomic precision: Synthesis and characterization
  84. Synthesis and characterization of Cu-doped ZnCdO nanomaterials with improved dielectric and impedance properties for potential applications
  85. Synthesis and characterization of ZnO–polymer nanocomposites
  86. Controllable synthesis and characterization of tungsten disulfide nanosheets as promising nanomaterials for electronic devices
  87. Photovoltaic-Based Nanomaterials: Synthesis and Characterization
  88. Phyto-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of V2O5 Nanomaterial and their Electrochemical and Antimicrobial Investigations
  89. Synthesis and characterization of high surface area CeO2-doped SnO2 nanomaterial
  90. Synthesis and characterization of CdO and CdS nanoparticles
  91. Synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide nanomaterials derived from nanotube sodium titanate precursor
  92. Facile synthesis and characterization of rough surface V 2 O 5 nanomaterials for pseudo-supercapacitor electrode material with high capacitance
  93. Large‐Scale Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2‐Based Nanostructures on Ti Substrates
  94. Synthesis and characterization of waxberry-like microstructures ZnO for biosensors
  95. Synthesis and characterization of carbon and carbon-nitrogen doped black TiO2 nanomaterials and their application in sonophotocatalytic remediation of treated agro …
  96. Green synthesis and characterization of polymer-stabilized silver nanoparticles
  97.  An organic acid-induced synthesis and characterization of selenium nanoparticles
  98. Antibacterial nanosized silver substituted hydroxyapatite: synthesis and characterization
  99.  EMR/ESR/EPR spectroscopy for characterization of nanomaterials
  100.  Synthesis and characterization of metal–rich phosphonium polyelectrolytes and their use as precursors to nanomaterials
  101. Synthesis and characterization of a series of novel perovskite-type LaMnO 3/Keggin-type polyoxometalate hybrid nanomaterials for fast and selective removal of …
  102.  Synthesis and characterization of magnetite zeolite nano composite
  103. Morphology-controllable synthesis and characterization of single-crystal molybdenum trioxide
  104. Nanomaterials chemistry: recent developments and new directions
  105. Chitosan-based carbon quantum dots for biomedical applications: synthesis and characterization
  106. Design, synthesis, and characterization of graphene–nanoparticle hybrid materials for bioapplications
  107.  Simple synthesis and characterization of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles by a thermal treatment method
  108. Facile synthesis and characterization of MnO2 nanomaterials as supercapacitor electrode materials
  109. Synthesis and characterization of AgNP: ZrO2 functional nanomaterials by leaf extract assisted bioreduction process
  110. Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of Poly (L-lysine)-Based Polymer/Carbon Quantum Dot Nanomaterials for Biomedical Purposes
  111.  Industrial synthesis and characterization of nanophotocatalysts materials: Titania
  112. Magnetic chitosan-functionalized Fe3O4@ Au nanoparticles: Synthesis and characterization
  113. Synthesis and characterization of zinc stannate nanomaterials by sol-gel method
  114. Synthesis and characterization of novel poly (1-naphthylamine)/zinc oxide nanocomposites: application in catalytic degradation of methylene blue dye
  115. Synthesis and characterization of a new trifunctional magnetic–photoluminescent–oxygen-sensing nanomaterial
  116. NZVI synthesis and characterization
  117. Nanomaterial synthesis and characterization for toxicological studies: TiO2 case study
  118. Synthesis and Characterization of Layered Double Hydroxides as Materials for Electrocatalytic Applications
  119. Synthesis and characterization of silica-, meso-silica-and their functionalized silica-coated copper oxide nanomaterials
  120. Synthesis and characterization of amorphous iron oxide nanoparticles by the sonochemical method and their application for the remediation of heavy metals from …
  121. Synthesis and characterization of phenol/formaldehyde nanocomposites: Studying the effect of incorporating reactive rubber nanoparticles or Cloisite-30B nanoclay …
  122. Synthesis and characterization of novel hybrid nanomaterials based on β-cyclodextrine grafted halloysite nanotubes for delivery of doxorubicin to MCF-7 cell line
  123. Green synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles
  124. Characterization challenges for nanomaterials
  125. Synthesis and characterization of polyethylene glycol mediated silver nanoparticles by the green method
  126. Synthesis and characterization of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide composites with inorganic nanoparticles for biomedical applications
  127.  Green synthesis and characterization of copper and nickel hybrid nanomaterials: Investigation of their biological and photocatalytic potential for the removal of …
  128.  Synthesis and characterization of ZnO-ZrO2 nanocomposites for photocatalytic degradation and mineralization of phenol
  129. Synthesis and characterization of polyurethane nanocomposite from castor oil-hexamethylene diisocyanate (HMDI).
  130. A review on synthesis, optimization, characterization and antibacterial application of gold nanoparticles synthesized from plants
  131.  Synthesis and characterization of stable Co and Cd doped nickel hydroxide nanoparticles for electrochemical applications
  132. Synthesis and characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotube/graphene nanoplatelet hybrid film for flexible strain sensors
  133. Approaches to synthesis and characterization of spherical and anisotropic palladium nanomaterials
  134. Core/shell nanoparticles: classes, properties, synthesis mechanisms, characterization, and applications
  135. Zinc oxide nanostructures: Synthesis and characterization
  136.  Synthesis and characterization of bovine serum albumin-conjugated copper sulfide nanocomposites
  137. Synthesis and characterization of Fe, N and C tri-doped polymorphic TiO2 and the visible light photocatalytic reduction of Cr (VI)
  138. Integration of stable ionic liquid-based nanofluids into polymer membranes. Part I: membrane synthesis and characterization
  139. Synthesis and characterization of Ag/Ag3PO4 nanomaterial modified BiPO4 photocatalyst by sonochemical method and its photocatalytic application
  140. Synthesis and characterization of hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles for smart corrosion protection
  141.  Synthesis and characterization of metal oxides (CeO2, CuO, NiO, Mn3O4, SnO2 and ZnO) nanoparticles as photo catalysts for degradation of textile dyes
  142. Synthesis and characterization of hybrid copper–chitosan nano-antimicrobials by femtosecond laser-ablation in liquids
  143. Synthesis and characterization of brush-like ZnO nanorods using albumen as biotemplate
  144. Easy synthesis and characterization of holmium-doped SPIONs
  145. Smart, tunable CQDs with antioxidant properties for biomedical applications—ecofriendly synthesis and characterization
  146.  Facile synthesis and characterization of selenium nanoparticles by the hydrothermal approach
  147. Synthesis and characterization of π-SnS nanoparticles and corresponding thin films
  148.  Synthesis and characterization of diesel, kerosene and candle wax soot’s
  149.  Green synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles using endophytic fungi Fusarium solani and its in-vitro anticancer and biomedical applications
  150.  Synthesis and characterization of poly (ethylene glycol)/hydroxyapatite hybrid nanomaterials
  151.  Nanostructured materials: importance, synthesis and characterization-a review
  152.  Nanomaterials handbook
  153.  Synthesis and characterization of PVP-stabilized palladium nanoparticles by XRD, SAXS, SP-ICP-MS, and SEM
  154.  Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/gold nanocomposites
  155. Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfated TiO2 Nanorods and ZrO2/TiO2 Nanocomposites for the Esterification of Biobased Organic Acid
  156. Synthesis and Characterization of Ferroelectric Nanomaterials
  157.  Review on synthesis, properties, characterization, and applications of responsive microgels fabricated with gold nanostructures
  158.  Synthesis and characterization of thermally-reduced graphene
  159. Synthesis and Characterization of Stable Monodisperse Silica Nanoparticle Sols for in Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing
  160. Synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles from Fuzarium Oxysporum and investigation of their antibacterial activity
  161. Synthesis and characterization of single-phase TiC nanotubes, TiC nanowires, and carbon nanotubes equipped with TiC nanoparticles
  162.  Synthesis and characterization studies of cadmium doped MgO nanocrystals for optoelectronics application
  163.  Synthesis and characterization of new copper based nanocomposite
  164. Synthesis and characterization of Silver nanoparticles from Cinnamomum tamala leaf extract and its antibacterial potential
  165. Development, synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanomaterials
  166. A review on characterization techniques of nanomaterials
  167. Synthesis and characterization of 伪-Fe2O3 nanoparticles by simple co-precipitation method
  168. Approaches to the synthesis and characterization of spherical and anisotropic noble metal nanomaterials
  169. Synthesis and characterization of MoO3/CoFe2O4 nanocomposite for photocatalytic applications
  170. Facile synthesis and characterization of ZrO 2 nanoparticles prepared by the AOP/hydrothermal route
  171. Investigating the synthesis and characterization of a novel “green” H2O2-assisted, water-soluble chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol nanofiber for environmental end uses
  172. Controllable design, synthesis and characterization of nanostructured rare earth metal oxides
  173. A novel approach towards synthesis and characterization of non-cytotoxic gold nanoparticles using taurine as capping agent
  174.  Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticles using moringa leaf extract
  175.  Synthesis, characterization and observation of antisite defects in LiNiPO4 nanomaterials
  176. Synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles and their toxicity in alternative methods to the use of mammals
  177.  Synthesis and Characterization of Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) Nanomaterials of Dunite from Sumatera
  178. Synthesis and characterization of novel nanoscopic molybdenum oxide fibers
  179. Synthesis and characterization of NiFe2O4 nanosheet via polymer assisted co-precipitation method
  180. Synthesis and characterization of a new magnetic bromochromate hybrid nanomaterial with triethylamine surface modified iron oxide nanoparticles
  181. Synthesis and characterization of a NiCo2O4@ NiCo2O4 hierarchical mesoporous nanoflake electrode for supercapacitor applications
  182.  Synthesis and characterization of thin film composite membranes made of PSF-TiO2/GO nanocomposite substrate for forward osmosis applications
  183.  Synthesis and characterization of CeGdZn-ferrite nanoparticles as magnetic hyperthermia application agents
  184. Synthesis and characterization of ZrO2 nanoparticles-antimicrobial activity and their prospective role in dental care
  185. TiC-modified carbon nanotubes, TiC nanotubes and TiC nanorods: Synthesis and characterization
  186.  Review of the synthesis, transfer, characterization and growth mechanisms of single and multilayer graphene
  187. Synthesis and characterization of mass produced high quality few layered graphene sheets via a chemical method
  188.  Synthesis and characterization of nano-TiO2 via different methods
  189. Co-precipitation method of synthesis and characterization of iron oxide nanoparticles
  190. Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles used in consumer products
  191. The Synthesis and Characterization of Low-Cost Mesoporous Silica SiO2 from Local Pumice Rock
  192. Conjugation of polymer-coated gold nanoparticles with antibodies—synthesis and characterization
  193. Synthesis and characterization of porous WO3–SnO2 nanomaterials: An infrared study of adsorbed pyridine and dimethyl methylphosphonate
  194.  Development, synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanomaterials
  195. Synthesis and characterization of halloysite–cyclodextrin nanosponges for enhanced dyes adsorption
  196. Synthesis and Characterization of PEGylated Gd2O3 Nanoparticles for MRI Contrast Enhancement
  197. Green synthesis and characterization of se nanoparticles and nanorods
  198. Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticles and their impact on plants
  199.  Synthesis and characterization of gold-titanium-mesoporous silica nanomaterials
  200. Synthesis and characterization of proanthocyanidins-functionalized Ag nanoparticles
  201. Facile synthesis and characterization of CoS2–SiO2/chitosan: the photocatalysis in real samples, and antimicrobial evaluation
  202. Synthesis and characterization of molten salt nanofluids for thermal energy storage application in concentrated solar power plants—Mechanistic understanding of …
  203.  Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanosized/composite particles
  204. Synthesis and Characterization of Indium Tin Oxide Nanowires with Surface Modification of Silver Nanoparticles by Electrochemical Method
  205.  Antibacterial, magnetic, optical and humidity sensor studies of β-CoMoO4-Co3O4 nanocomposites and its synthesis and characterization
  206. Synthesis and characterization of chitosan/iron oxide nanocomposite for biomedical applications
  207. Synthesis and characterization of ceria nanomaterials.
  208. Synthesis and characterization of nano bentonite and its effect on some properties of sandy soils
  209. Synthesis and Characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films Obtained by Combined Magnetron Sputtering and Pulsed Laser Deposition
  210. Synthesis and characterization of NiO nanoclusters via thermal decomposition
  211.  Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanostructures using palm olein as biotemplate
  212. Synthesis and characterization of nano silicon and titanium nitride powders using atmospheric microwave plasma technique
  213. Effect-oriented physicochemical characterization of nanomaterials
  214. Synthesis and characterization of nano-MnO2 for electrochemical supercapacitor studies
  215. Synthesis and characterization of chitosan/silver nanocomposite using rutin for antibacterial, antioxidant and photocatalytic applications
  216. Approaches to the synthesis and characterization of spherical and anisotropic platinum nanomaterials
  217. Synthesis and characterization of core‐shell SiO2 nanoparticles/poly(3‐aminophenylboronic acid) composites
  218. Synthesis and characterization of PVA/YBCO nanocomposite for improvement of solar energy conversion
  219.  Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Single-Crystalline [alpha]-Fe2O3 Nanocubes
  220. Synthesis and characterization of multi stimuli-responsive block copolymer-silica hybrid nanocomposite with core-shell structure via RAFT polymerization
  221. One step hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of moss like MWCNT-Bi2S3 nanomaterial for solid phase extraction of copper
  222.  Synthesis and characterization of europium-doped zinc oxide photocatalyst
  223. DNA-mediated sonochemical synthesis and characterization of octahedron-like bismuth molybdate as an active electrode material for supercapacitors
  224. Synthesis and characterization of WO3 nanomaterials
  225. Synthesis and Characterization of Tungsten Suboxide WnO3n− 1 Nanotiles
  226. Synthesis and characterization of CeO2 and ZnCeO2 nanomaterials and exposure to photocatalytic activity
  227.  Synthesis and Characterization of Bio-based Nanomaterials from Jabon (Anthocephalus cadamba (Roxb.) Miq) Wood Bark: an Organic Waste Material from …
  228.  The chemistry of nanomaterials: synthesis, properties and applications
  229. Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanowires for nanosensor applications
  230. Gold nanoparticle: synthesis and characterization
  231. In situ synthesis and characterization of multiwalled carbon nanotube/Au nanoparticle composite materials
  232. Synthesis and Characterization of One-Dimensional Cr2O3 Nanostructures
  233. Synthesis and characterization of copper oxide nanoparticles using Brassica oleracea var. italic extract for its antifungal application
  234. Synthesis and characterization of ZnO/PVA nanocomposites for antibacterial and electrochemical applications
  235. Synthesis and characterization studies of MgO: CuO nanocrystals by wet-chemical method
  236. Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticles: application to textiles as UV-absorbers
  237. Synthesis and characterization of WC@ GNFs as an efficient supercapacitor electrode material in acidic medium
  238. Microemulsion-mediated synthesis and characterization of monodispersed nickel molybdate nanocrystals
  239. Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Drug Carriers Modified with Tb3+ Ions
  240. Synthesis and characterization of CaF2 nanocrystals
  241. Synthesis and characterization of elongated-shaped silver nanoparticles as a biocompatible anisotropic SERS probe for intracellular imaging: theoretical modeling …
  242. Synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-doped titania nanomaterials of homogeneous particle size
  243. Synthesis and Characterization of a Multicomponent Rhenium(I) Complex for Application as an OLED Dopant
  244. Synthesis and characterization of cellulose/TiO2 nanocomposite: Evaluation of in vitro antibacterial and in silico molecular docking studies
  245.  Synthesis and characterization of spinel type magnetic and non-magnetic oxide nanomaterials
  246. Techniques for physicochemical characterization of nanomaterials
  247. Seed-mediated synthesis and characterization of Ni flower-like nanomaterials
  248. Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse nanocrystals and close-packed nanocrystal assemblies
  249. Synthesis and characterization of crystalline 尾-Bi2O3 nanobelts
  250.  Synthesis and characterization of CuO nanoparticles and CuO doped PVA nanocomposites
  251.  Nanocomposites Fe/activated carbon/PVA for microwave absorber: synthesis and characterization
  252.  Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide nanoparticles using zinc acetate dihydrate and sodium hydroxide
  253.  Synthesis and characterization of nanometer-sized liposomes for encapsulation and microRNA transfer to breast cancer cells
  254. Synthesis and characterization of bamboo-like SiC nanofibers
  255. Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous monetite which can be applicable for drug carrier
  256. Lipid-core/polymer-shell hybrid nanoparticles: synthesis and characterization by fluorescence labeling and electrophoresis
  257. Synthesis and characterization of nickel nanoparticles dispersed in imidazolium ionic liquids

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