Optical physics Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Optical physics

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Optical and Electrical Properties of Nanoscale Materials
  2. Optical nanoresonators
  3. Analytical soliton solutions for cold bosonic atoms (CBA) in a zigzag optical lattice model employing efficient methods
  4. Enhanced OFDM communication using optical dynamic range compression
  5. Physics-Based Narrowband Optical Parameters for Snow Albedo Simulation in Climate Models
  6. New optical hybrid electromotive of B2-ferromagnetic fiber with some optical applications
  7. Mid-infrared microring resonators and optical waveguides on an InP platform
  8. Building a large-scale quantum computer with continuous-variable optical technologies
  9.  Erratum:“Thickness-dependent optical properties of aluminum nitride films for mid-infrared wavelengths”[J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 39, 043408 (2021)]
  10. Patterned optical anisotropic film for generation of non-diffracting vortex beams
  11. Light extraction employing optical tunneling in blue InP quantum dot light-emitting diodes
  12. Artificial gauge fields and quantum hall physics in optical lattices
  13. Innovation of simple binoculars as a teaching aid for optical practicum at school
  14. Cross-relaxation interactions in ZnO:Mn2+: The ground state optical pumping
  15.  Optical excitations of Skyrmions, knotted solitons, and defects in atoms
  16. Reversible optical control of Fano resonance and domain configuration at room temperature in BaTiO3
  17. Ultrafast optical control over spin and momentum in solids
  18. All-optical microwave feedback oscillator with atomic cell resonator
  19. Advantages of optical modulation in terahertz imaging for study of graphene layers
  20.  Engineering the High-Frequency Components of Coherent Supercontinuum Generation in Hybrid Optical Fibers with Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Core
  21. Realignment-free cryogenic macroscopic optical cavity coupled to an optical fiber
  22.  Deep learning in optical metrology: a review
  23. Scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy with Akiyama piezo-probes
  24. Measurement of electron density and temperature in an annular magnetically confined cold-cathode plasma of helium by optical emission spectroscopy
  25.  All-optical matter-wave lens using time-averaged potentials
  26. Physics-aware learning and domain-specific loss design in ophthalmology
  27. Highly tunable directional optical antennas with large local angular chiroptical effects
  28. Effect of heat treatment on the optical, structural, and morphological properties of Eu3+-doped CaTa4O11 thin films
  29. MaxwellNet: Physics-driven deep neural network training based on Maxwell’s equations
  30. Single Gaussian temporal pulse modulated controlled-Z gate of neutral atoms under symmetrically optical pumping
  31. Non-destructive imaging of residual strains in GaN and their effect on optical and electrical properties using correlative light–electron microscopy
  32. Sagnac interferometer for time-resolved magneto-optical measurements
  33. Reflectocardiography (RCG): A leadless, optical reflection based facile measurement of human cardiac rhythm
  34. A step beyond in steady-state and time-resolved electro-optical spectroscopy: Demonstration of a customized simple, compact, low-cost, fiber-based interferometer …
  35. First theoretical probe for alkynyl bridged thiophene modified coumarin nonlinear optical materials with D-π-A and A-π-D-π-A structures
  36. Generation of stable and tunable optical frequency linked to a radio frequency by use of a high finesse cavity and its application in absorption spectroscopy
  37. Cu2+ and Cu3+ acceptors in β-Ga2O3 crystals: A magnetic resonance and optical absorption study
  38. Optical characteristics of LaNiO3 thin films in the terahertz–infrared frequency range
  39. Nonlinear physical complex hirota dynamical system: Construction of chirp free optical dromions and numerical wave solutions
  40. Influence of higher-order nonlinear effects on optical solitons of the complex Swift-Hohenberg model in the mode-locked fiber laser
  41. Monitoring tautomerization of single hypericin molecules in a tunable optical λ/2 microcavity
  42.  Tuning of nonlinear optical properties by size and photonic intensity in CdS/ZnSe core/shell quantum dot-matrix pattern
  43. Tutorials in vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy. I. The foundations
  44. Integrating optical turbulence into Beer’s law
  45. Compact, tunable polarization transforming reflector for quasi-optical devices used in terahertz science
  46. Challenges on optical printing of colloidal nanoparticles
  47. Highly sensitive controllability of optical bistability in three-level atomic systems
  48.  Computational Simulations; Abundant Optical Wave Solutions Atangana Conformable Fractional Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
  49. Optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probe studies of an intermediate pressure, supersonic microplasma jet deposition source
  50. Transient analysis of photomultiplication-type organic photodiodes
  51. Optical electromagnetic flux fibers with optical antiferromagnetic model
  52. Optical phonon limited electron mobility in ZnO nanowires wrapped by MgZnO shells
  53. Tutorials in vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy. II. Designing a broadband vibrational sum frequency generation spectrometer
  54. Physics-informed neural networks for imaging and parameter retrieval of photonic nanostructures from near-field data
  55.  Building electro-optical systems: making it all work
  56. Ce concentration dependence of optical and scintillation properties on Ce-doped La2Si2O7 crystal
  57. Many-body chaos and topological order in flat-band optical lattices
  58. Optical antiferromagnetic electric Sα-flux with electroosmotic velocity in Heisenberg SH2
  59. LDLA14: a 14 Gbps optical transceiver ASIC in 55 nm for NICA multi purpose detector project
  60. An atom passing through a hole in a dielectric membrane: Impact of dispersion forces on mask-based matter-wave lithography
  61. Inelastic soliton interactions for nonlinear directional couplers in optical metamaterials with Kerr nonlinearity modulation stability
  62.  Liquid crystals
  63. Ultrastable free-space laser links for a global network of optical atomic clocks
  64. Chirped Bright and Kink Solitons in Nonlinear Optical Fibers with Weak Nonlocality and Cubic-Quantic-Septic Nonlinearity
  65. Ab initio development of generalized Lennard-Jones (Mie) force fields for predictions of thermodynamic properties in advanced molecular-based SAFT equations of …
  66. Work function tunable laser induced graphene electrodes for Schottky type solar-blind photodetectors
  67. Single β-Ga2O3 nanowire based lateral FinFET on Si
  68. An efficient method for producing 9Be+ ions using a 2+ 1 resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization process
  69. A partially linearized spin-mapping approach for simulating nonlinear optical spectra
  70. UV-induced dissociation of CH2BrI probed by intense femtosecond XUV pulses
  71. Increasing the spatial resolution of signals in optical systems
  72. Preparation and optical investigation of green luminescent ternary terbium complexes with aromatic β-diketone
  73. Second-Harmonic Generation via Nonlinear Raman–Nath Diffraction in an Optical Fibonacci Superlattice
  74. Shedding light on the optical and nonlinear optical properties of superalkali-doped borophene
  75. Green Synthesis of Ag2S Quantum Dots as Sensing Probe: An Optical Sensor for the Detection of Cholesterol
  76. Engineering long-range interactions between ultracold atoms with light
  77. Direct observation of spin polarization in epitaxial Fe3O4(001)/MgO thin films grown by magnetron sputtering
  78. The He– complex. I. Vibration-rotation-tunneling states and transition probabilities
  79. Sensitivity enhancement of thermal lens spectrometry
  80. Quasi 2D perovskite single-mode vertical-cavity lasers through large-area film transfer
  81. Optical Photometry of WR140 as the Dust Formed During the 2016 Periastron Passage
  82. Optical and acoustic forces for biomedical applications
  83. Near-Surface Buried Plasmonic Nanoparticles in Glass as Novel Nonlinear Saturable Absorbers for Ultrafast Lasers (Advanced Optical Materials 1/2022)
  84. A data-driven dynamic nonlocal subgrid-scale model for turbulent flows
  85. Effect of the odd and even number of blades on the hydrodynamic performance of a pre-swirl pumpjet propulsor
  86. Optoelectronic Physics and Engineering of Atomically Thin Photovoltaics
  87. All sp2 hybridization BN polymorphs with wide bandgap
  88. Fast long-wavelength exchange spin waves in partially compensated Ga: YIG
  89. The phase effect on the Richtmyer–Meshkov instability of a fluid layer
  90. Observing the optical modes of parametric instability
  91. Probe-induced surface defects: Origin of leakage current in halide vapor-phase epitaxial (001) β-Ga2O3 Schottky barrier diodes
  92. A kilohertz bandwidth and sensitive scalar atomic magnetometer using an optical multipass cell
  93. Optimization of LPCVD phosphorous-doped SiGe thin films for CMOS-compatible thermoelectric applications
  94. Signature of supersolidity in a driven cubic-quartic nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  95. Comparison of the hydrodynamic performance of front and rear-stator pump-jet propulsors in an oblique wake under the cavitation condition
  96. Development of an Optical Fiber Sensor with a D-shaped Fiber Bragg Grating Integrated in a Loop-mirror Optical Fiber Laser as a High Sensitivity Refractometer
  97. The field guide to 3D printing in optical microscopy for life sciences
  98. Plexus-specific analysis of retinal neurovascular coupling using optical coherence tomography angiography
  99. The dynamics of an axisymmetric turbulent jet in ambient turbulence interpreted from the passive scalar field statistics
  100. The competing influence of surface roughness, hydrophobicity, and electrostatics on protein dynamics on a self-assembled monolayer
  101. Inquire and engage: getting college students to learn about electromagnetic waves and quantum physics with photonics-based Nobel prizes
  102. Multichannel random signal generation in optical fiber-based ring laser with quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifier
  103. Improved Al2O3 RRAM performance based on SiO2/MoS2 quantum dots hybrid structure
  104. Testing real quantum theory in an optical quantum network
  105. Mechanical unfeelability concentrator through topology optimization
  106. Optical demonstration of crystallography and reciprocal space using laser diffraction from Au microdisc arrays
  107.  Optical detection of the density-wave instability in the kagome metal KV3Sb5
  108. Density functional theory of waterwith the machine-learned DM21 functional
  109. A 20 Gbps PAM4 data transmitter ASIC for particle physics experiments
  110. Mesh-free simulations of injection molding processes
  111. Annular Poiseuille flow of Bingham fluids with wall slip
  112. Differential clock comparisons with a multiplexed optical lattice clock
  113. Magnetic and optical properties of dioptase
  114. Regulation of optical properties by applied external fields for a quantum well with Hulthen potential
  115. Thermoelectric model to study the cardiac action potential and arrhythmias
  116. High pressure-induced phase transition in nanocrystalline iron confined by single-walled carbon nanohorns
  117. Microwave-optical coupling via Rydberg excitons in cuprous oxide
  118. Investigation of optical solitons with Chen–Lee–Liu equation of monomode fibers by five free parameters
  119. Fast and accurate waveform modeling of long-haul multi-channel optical fiber transmission using a hybrid model-data driven scheme
  120. Hot-carrier infrared detection in PbS with ultrafast and highly sensitive responses
  121. The effect of hardness on polymer-bonded pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) explosive impact sensitivity
  122. Boosted efficiency and lifetime of perovskite quantum dots light-emitting diode via NiOx/PEDOT:PSS dual hole injection layers
  123. Deep neural networks for the prediction of the optical properties and the free-form inverse design of metamaterials
  124. Design and Realization of Optical Experiment Virtual Simulation System Based on MATLAB App Designer
  125. On the deformation and failure mechanisms of hydrogen alloyed metallic glasses
  126. Cs diffusion mechanisms in UO2 investigated by SIMS, TEM and atomistic simulations
  127. A Brief Study on Applications of Random Matrix Theory
  128. Temporal decay of strong solutions for generalized Newtonian fluids with variable power-law index
  129. Linear and nonlinear optical responses of multifold fermions
  130. Macro strain-stress determination in a high pressure rotational anvil apparatus
  131. Theoretical study of generalized oscillator strengths for the low-lying electronic excitations of CH3Cl and CF3Cl
  132. Grain refinement leading to the ultra-high coercivity in L10-Mn1.33Ga bulk magnet via hot deformation
  133. Influence of parameters of optical fibers on optical soliton interactions
  134. Surface discharge propagation in C4F7N/CO2 mixture under positive impulse voltages
  135.  A variety of exact optical soliton solutions to the generalized (2+ 1)-dimensional dynamical conformable fractional Schrödinger model
  136. Demonstration of ultra-small 5 × 5 μm2 607 nm InGaN amber micro-light-emitting diodes with an external quantum efficiency over 2%
  137. Time response of spin-polarized rubidium thermal gas with radio-frequency pulse driving
  138. Impact of B-doping on topological Hall resistivity in (111)- and (110)-oriented Mn4N single layers with the non-collinear spin structure
  139. Strongly interacting two photon random walk in an array of single atom beam splitters
  140. The role of Ga supersaturation on facet formation in the epitaxial lateral overgrowth of GaN
  141. Influence of bulky substituents on single-molecule SERS sensitivity
  142. Near-field optical studies to untangle electronic ordering in complex oxides
  143. Abnormal radiation resistance via direct-amorphization-induced defect recovery in HgTe
  144. Revisiting the acoustics of speaker gender perception: A gender expansive perspective
  145. Enhancement of energy storage properties of Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based relaxor ferroelectric under moderate electric field
  146. Effect of spanwise folding on the aerodynamic performance of three dimensional flapping flat wing
  147. Tailoring variations in the linear optical and radiation shielding parameters of PVA polymeric composite films doped with rare-earth elements
  148. Electronic structure, phonons and optical properties of baryte type scintillators TlXO4 (X= Cl, Br)
  149. High-temperature monolithic SiGe thermoelectric device directly heated by catalytic combustion
  150. Sudden collapse of a pressure profile generated by off-axis heating in a linear magnetized plasma
  151. Double diffusive convective motion in a reactive porous medium layer saturated by a non-Newtonian Kuvshiniski fluid
  152. Giant barocaloric effects in formamidinium iodide
  153. Ultrafast time-and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with widely tunable probe photon energy of 5.3–7.0 eV for investigating dynamics of three-dimensional …
  154. Solutions for time-fractional coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations arising in optical solitons
  155. Physical, optical, and radiation characteristics of bioactive glasses for dental prosthetics and orthopaedic implants applications
  156. Bi4Br4-based saturable absorber with robustness at high power for ultrafast photonic device
  157. Experimental acoustic scene analysis using One-Eighth spherical fraction microphone array
  158.  Investigation of Oxygen Influence to the Optical Properties of Tirapazamine
  159. Kubo formula for non-Hermitian systems and tachyon optical conductivity
  160.  Foundations of Optical System Analysis and Design
  161. Dynamics of magnetic skyrmions under temperature gradients
  162. Design of broadband Helmholtz resonator arrays using the radiation impedance method
  163. Wave propagation in the anti-deSitter optical metric
  164. Statistical time-domain characterization of non-periodic optical clocks
  165. The topics covered by the following papers belong to the general field of Photon Induced Dynamics in Molecules and Clusters. The suggestion of collecting this series …
  166. Realizing discontinuous quantum phase transitions in a strongly correlated driven optical lattice
  167. Controlled engineering of a vortex-bright soliton dynamics using a constant driving force
  168. Simultaneous detection of heavy metals in solutions by electrodeposition assisted laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
  169. Significant displacement of calcium and barium ions in ferroelectric (Ba0.9Ca0.1)TiO3 revealed by x-ray fluorescence holography
  170. Cr2O3 effect on the structure, optical, and radiation shielding properties of Na2B4O7–SiO2–CaO–Cr2O3 glasses
  171. Visualization by optical fluorescence of two-phase flow in a three-dimensional porous medium
  172. Simulation of three-dimensional forced compressible isotropic turbulence by a redesigned discrete unified gas kinetic scheme
  173. Numerical modeling of distributed combustion without air dilution in a novel ultra-low emission turbulent swirl burner
  174.  Studies on the effects of annealing on the structural and optical properties of nanocrystalline ZnCdS thin films
  175. Low-field high-harmonic generation in Mo6S6I2 Chevrel-phase superconductor
  176. Stability for QED in d= 3: An overview
  177.  Strain and pseudo-magnetic fields in optical lattices from density-assisted tunneling
  178. Optical clearing of blood and tissues using blood components
  179. Next step towards becoming European
  180. Study of sacrificial ink-assisted embedded printing for 3D perfusable channel creation for biomedical applications
  181.  Stationary optical solitons with Kudryashov’s quintuple power–law of refractive index having nonlinear chromatic dispersion
  182. Effects of PVA-GTA-I radiochromic gel dosimeter components on optical dose-response
  183. Multiscale and hierarchical reaction mechanism in a lithium-ion battery
  184. Synthesis, structural, optical and dielectric characterization of Y1-xSrxCuO3 nanoceramics
  185. X-Ray Radioluminescence in Diversely Doped Multimode Silica-based Optical Fibers
  186. Information-statistical approach to inverse optical problem solution for 3D disperse systems with nano-and micro particles
  187. Experimental dielectronic recombination rate coefficients for lithium-like 40Ca17+
  188. Raman mass-spectrometry via oscillatory motion in deep pulsed optical lattices
  189. Investigation of Power Efficiency Changes in DWDM Systems Replacing Erbium-Doped Amplifiers By Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
  190. Computational optical microscopy by PSF engineering-or–how and why to ruin a perfectly good microscope
  191. Experimental study on drag reduction of the turbulent boundary layer via porous media under nonzero pressure gradient
  192. Mean first-passage times for solvated LiCN isomerization at intermediate to high temperatures
  193. Influence of substrate stress on in-plane and out-of-plane ferroelectric properties of PZT films
  194. Optical detection of charge order in a Wigner crystal
  195. Nonlinear Generation of Perfect Vector Beams in Ultraviolet Wavebands
  196. Some Electrical and optical properties of In2Se3
  197. Resonant electronic Raman scattering from Ir4+ ions in β-Ga2O3
  198. Abundant optical solitons for Lakshmanan–Porsezian–Daniel model by the modified auxiliary equation method
  199. A hybrid acoustic cloaking based on binary splitting metasurfaces and near-zero-index metamaterials
  200. Magnetotransport in ferromagnetic semimetallic thin films
  201. New opportunities for nuclear and atomic physics on the femto-to nanometer scale with ultra-high-intensity lasers
  202. Room temperature optically pumped GeSn microdisk lasers
  203. Growing of bulk β-(Al x Ga1− x) 2O3 crystals from the melt by Czochralski method and investigation of their structural and optical properties
  204. First-principles calculations to investigate the electronic and optical properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 with Ag and Se codoping
  205. Marker trajectory assessment in optical cone beam computed tomography scanner geometry
  206. Two inch diameter, highly conducting bulk β-Ga2O3 single crystals grown by the Czochralski method
  207. Path integral simulations of confined parahydrogen molecules within clathrate hydrates: Merging low temperature dynamics with the zero-temperature limit
  208. Riemannian geometry of resonant optical responses
  209. Near-infrared broadband low-temporal-coherence optical parametric amplification
  210. Active control of Kagome lattice defect mode using point-ring defect engineering
  211. Algebras of integrals of motion for the Hamilton–Jacobi and Klein–Gordon–Fock equations in spacetime with four-parameter groups of motions in the presence of an …
  212. Optical spectroscopy of novel correlated states in semiconducting moiré superlattices
  213. Super-resolution acoustic imaging
  214. Expected FU Ori Outburst Amplitudes from the Optical to the Mid-Infrared
  215. Effect of electronegativity on electron surface scattering in thin metal layers
  216. Optical–optical double resonance process in free-jet supersonic expansion of van der Waals molecules: characteristics of the expansion, number of excited molecules …
  217. Simulations of x-ray absorption spectra for CO desorbing from Ru (0001) with transition-potential and time-dependent density functional theory approaches
  218. Temperature effects on surface textures of CsPbIBr2 films for perovskite solar cells
  219. Higher-order topological states in locally resonant elastic metamaterials
  220.  Department of Physics University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio 45221
  221. Excitons in semiconductor moiré superlattices
  222. Modification of the optical and structural characteristics of ZnMn2O4 upon combining with nano-MnS
  223. Band convergence and phonon engineering to optimize the thermoelectric performance of CaCd2Sb2
  224. Multicolor concentric ultrafast vortex beams with controllable orbital angular momentum
  225. Local dynamical characteristics of a molecular aggregate under the action of the bichromatic electromagnetic field
  226. Spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of boron nitride films synthesized by a reactive plasma-assisted coating method
  227.  Understanding of Controllable Optical Memory Using 1D Inp Based Photonic Structures at Three Communication Windows
  228.  Localization of the light in two-dimensional PT-symmetric optical lattice
  229. Connecting effect on the charge transport and nonlinear optical properties of heteronanotubes
  230.  A machine learning approach to map crystal orientation by optical microscopy
  231. Scintillation and optical properties of xenon-doped liquid argon
  232. Rationalizing charge carrier transport in ternary organic solar cells
  233. Structural, electrical, and luminescence properties of (0001) ZnO epitaxial layers grown on c-GaN/sapphire templates by pulsed laser deposition technique
  234.  Hook-and-Loop laser fastening of an optical frequency comb to a strongly driven two-level quantum system
  235. Optical fingerprints of unconventional carriers in kagome metals
  236. Electro-optical property of polymerized liquid crystal devices using linearly polarized UV irradiation
  237.  Wave Propagations in Nonlinear Low-Pass Electrical Transmission Lines through Optical Fiber Medium
  238. Nonvolatile reconfigurable broadband photodiodes based on BP/α-In2Se3 ferroelectric p–n junctions
  239. Dynamics of Brownian Janus rods at a liquid–liquid interface
  240.  Optical gain appearance in the CdSe/CdS nanoplatelets colloidal solution
  241. Vibrational dynamics of iron pentacarbonyl in cryogenic matrices
  242. Sundry optical solitons and modulational instability in Sasa-Satsuma model
  243. Optical Constants of a Titan Haze Analog from 0.4 to 3.5 μm Determined Using Vacuum Spectroscopy
  244. Mimicking gravitational lens on a thin elastic plate
  245. Cryo kinetics of N2 adsorption onto bimetallic rhodium–iron clusters in isolation
  246. Janus Ga2SeTe/In2SSe heterostructures: Tunable electronic, optical, and photocatalytic properties
  247. Research on time sequence prediction of the flow field structure of supersonic cascade channels in wide range based on artificial neural network
  248. Steering light with magnetic textures
  249. Simple evaluation of dynamic disorder effects on exciton transport
  250. Resistive switching effect in the n-InGaAs/GaAs heterostructures with double tunnel-coupled quantum wells
  251. Optimizing reaction coordinate by flux maximization in the transition path ensemble
  252. The physics of key biophotonic techniques
  253. Optical and radioluminescence properties of Pr-doped BaTi4O9 crystals synthesized by the floating zone method
  254. 3D cellulose fiber networks modified by PEDOT: PSS/graphene nanoplatelets for thermoelectric applications
  255. Numerical simulation of flow over flapping wings in tandem: Wingspan effects

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