Nanotechnology MS PhD thesis Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Nanotechnology

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Advantages of nanotechnology developments in active food packaging
  2. The marriage of biochemistry and nanotechnology for non-invasive real-time health monitoring
  3.  Emerging trends in the delivery of resveratrol by nanostructures: applications of nanotechnology in life sciences
  4.  Recent trends in nanotechnology applications of bio-based packaging
  5. Nanotechnology Tools Enabling Biological Discovery
  6. Role of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials for Water Treatment and Environmental Remediation
  7. Nanotechnology: A next-generation tool for sustainable aquaculture
  8. Towards applications of synthetic cells in nanotechnology
  9. Current state-of-art nanotechnology applications for developing SARS-CoV-2-detecting biosensors: A review
  10. Simultaneous improvements in antibacterial and flame retardant properties of PET by use of bio-nanotechnology for fabrication of high performance PET …
  11. Public Awareness of Nanotechnology and Its Implications for Health in Jordan
  12.  3D bioprinting and nanotechnology in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  13. Challenges and effectiveness of nanotechnology-based photocatalysis for pesticides-contaminated water: A review
  14. Shelf life extension of aquatic products by applying nanotechnology: a review
  15. Harnessing nanotechnology for cardiovascular disease applications-a comprehensive review based on bibliometric analysis
  16. Nanotechnology-assisted production of value-added biopotent energy-yielding products from lignocellulosic biomass refinery–A review
  17.  Glyco-nanotechnology: A biomedical perspective
  18. Applications of nanotechnology in biological systems and medicine
  19. Nanotechnology for waste wood recycling
  20. A critical review of advanced nanotechnology and hybrid membrane based water recycling, reuse, and wastewater treatment processes
  21. Application of nanotechnology in medical diagnosis and imaging
  22. Role of nanotechnology in electronics: A review of recent developments and patents
  23. Microbial surfactants in nanotechnology: recent trends and applications
  24. Nano-bioremediation: nanotechnology and bioremediation
  25. Enhanced Therapeutic Applications of Vitamin C via Nanotechnology-Based Pro-Oxidant Properties: A Review
  26.  Using nanotechnology to deliver biomolecules from nose to brain—peptides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies and RNA
  27. Intersection of Inorganic Chemistry and Nanotechnology for the Creation of New Cancer Therapies
  28.  Science, technology, and innovation policy timing and nanotechnology entrepreneurship and innovation
  29. RNA Cancer Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology-mediated RNA Therapy
  30.  Applications of Nanotechnology in Smart Textile Industry: A Critical Review
  31.  Nanomaterials and nanotechnology for the delivery of agrochemicals: strategies towards sustainable agriculture
  32. Radiotherapy for glioblastoma: clinical issues and nanotechnology strategies
  33. The use of nanotechnology to prevent and mitigate fine migration: a comprehensive review
  34. Role of nanotechnology for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into biopotent energy: A biorefinery approach for waste to value-added products
  35. Five decades of doxycycline: Does nanotechnology improve its properties?
  36. Nanotechnology: A Potential Weapon to Fight against COVID-19
  37. Sustainable nanotechnology based wastewater treatment strategies: achievements, challenges and future perspectives
  38.  Application of nanotechnology in the diagnosis and treatment of acute pancreatitis
  39. Nano-from nature to nurture: A comprehensive review on facets, trends, perspectives and sustainability of nanotechnology in the food sector
  40.  Pairing 3D-Printing with Nanotechnology to Manage Metabolic Syndrome.
  41.  Nanotechnology in drug and gene delivery
  42. Advances in the DNA Nanotechnology for the Cancer Biomarkers Analysis: Attributes and Applications
  43. Combining nanotechnology with the multifunctional roles of neutrophils against cancer and inflammatory disease
  44. Recent advances in nanotechnology based combination drug therapy for skin cancer
  45. Microparticulate and nanotechnology mediated drug delivery system for the delivery of herbal extracts
  46. Nanotechnology based vaccines: Cervical cancer management and perspectives
  47. Nanotechnology and food safety
  48. Application of nanotechnology for earth materials: An exploratory study with graphene-based nanosheets
  49. Nanotechnology: a novel and sustainable approach towards heavy metal stress alleviation in plants
  50. Nanotechnology Applications in Ground Heat Exchanger Pipes: A Review
  51. Nanotechnology-Based Approaches to Promote Lymph Node Targeted Delivery of Cancer Vaccines
  52. Emerging nanotechnology based combination therapies of taxanes for multiple drug-resistant cancers
  53. Nanotechnology in Improving the Treatment of Huntington’s Disease: a Systematic Review
  54. Role of nanotechnology for improving properties of biosurfactant from newly isolated bacterial strains from Rajasthan
  55. Combination and nanotechnology based pharmaceutical strategies for combating respiratory bacterial biofilm infections
  56. Detection and remediation of mercury contaminated environment by nanotechnology: Progress and challenges
  57. Material Nanotechnology Is Sustaining Modern Agriculture
  58. Engineered Nanotechnology: An Effective Therapeutic Platform for the Chronic Cutaneous Wound
  59. Applications of Phyto-Nanotechnology for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders
  60. Applications of nanotechnology in construction: A Short Review
  61. The emerging role of bile acids as critical components in nanotechnology and bioengineering: Pharmacology, formulation optimizers and hydrogel-biomaterial …
  62. Modern applications and current status of green nanotechnology in environmental industry
  63. Material Evolution with Nanotechnology, Nanoarchitectonics, and Materials Informatics: What will be the Next Paradigm Shift in Nanoporous Materials?
  64. Utilization of Nanoparticles, Nanodevices, and Nanotechnology in the Treatment Course of Cutaneous Melanoma
  65. The dichotomy of nanotechnology as the cutting edge of agriculture: Nano-farming as an asset versus nanotoxicity
  66. Emerging trends and nanotechnology advances for sustainable biogas production from lignocellulosic waste biomass: A critical review
  67.  Prospects of Using Nanotechnology in Agricultural Growth, Environment and Industrial Food Products
  68. A comparative study of research and development related to nanotechnology in Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa
  69.  Biomimetic Nanotechnology Vol. 2
  70. Conventional and nanotechnology based sensors for creatinine (A kidney biomarker) detection: A consolidated review
  71. Prospects and Toxicological Concerns of Nanotechnology Application in the Food Industry
  72. Controlled Release in Hydrogels Using DNA Nanotechnology
  73.  Enhanced Oral Bioavailability through Nanotechnology in Saudi Arabia: A Meta-Analysis
  74.  Towards responsible science and technology: How nanotechnology research and development is shaping risk governance practices in Australia
  75. Advancements in nanotechnology for food science and industry
  76. Nanotechnology and 3D/4D Bioprinting for Neural Tissue Regeneration
  77. Integrated Nanotechnology 2.0: 3D, Smart, Flexible, and Dynamic [Highlights]
  78. Chemistry and Nanotechnology-Oriented Strategies toward Nanocellulose for Human Water Treatment
  79. Iodine Nanoparticles (Niodx™) for Radiotherapy Enhancement of Glioblastoma and Other Cancers: An NCI Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory Study
  80. Application of Nanotechnology in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases: An Overview
  81. Use of Nanotechnology for Biofilm Mitigation
  82. What Zebrafish and Nanotechnology Can Offer for Cancer Treatments in the Age of Personalized Medicine
  83. Nanotechnology Driven Cancer Chemoradiation: Exploiting the Full Potential of Radiotherapy with a Unique Combination of Gold Nanoparticles and Bleomycin
  84. The Road to Sustainable Nanotechnology: Challenges, Progress, and Opportunities
  85. Nanotechnology in Plant Metabolite Improvement and in Animal Welfare
  86. Nanotechnology for Sustainable Horticulture Development: Opportunities and Challenges
  87. Appraisal of nanotechnology for sustainable environmental remediation
  88. SynopSet: Multiscale Visual Abstraction Set for Explanatory Analysis of DNA Nanotechnology Simulations
  89. Use of Nanotechnology to Mitigate Biofouling in Stainless Steel Devices Used in Food Processing, Healthcare, and Marine Environments
  90.  The promises of food nanotechnology
  91. Elastic geopolymer based on nanotechnology: Synthesis, characterization, properties, and applications
  92. Nanotechnology: Pros and Cons in Food Quality
  93. Utilizing RNA nanotechnology to construct negatively charged and ultrasound-responsive nanodroplets for targeted delivery of siRNA
  94. Nanotechnology-based Medicinal Products and Patents: A Promising Way to Treat Psoriasis
  95. Applications of Nanotechnology in Pulmonary Disease Diagnosis
  96. Awareness Of Nanotechnology Used In Dentistry Among Dental Practitioners And Students In Tamil Nadu, India-A Survey
  97. Structural DNA Nanotechnology: Immobile Holliday Junctions to Artifi-cial Robots
  98. Nanotechnology Enabled Solutions to Combat Covid-19: Prevention, Treatment, and Diagnosis
  99. Use of Nanotechnology Sensors for Sustainable Agriculture
  100. Nanotechnology for Batteries
  101. Nanotechnology as a Versatile Tool for 19F-MRI Agent’s Formulation: A Glimpse into the Use of Perfluorinated and Fluorinated Compounds in Nanoparticles
  102. Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Systems: Ways to Boost Bioavailability of Drugs
  103. [223Ra] RaCl2 nanomicelles showed potent effect against osteosarcoma: targeted alpha therapy in the nanotechnology era
  104. Plasma-assisted nanotechnology for enhancement of the rate of production and storage of natural gas hydrates: Experimental study and kinetic modeling
  105. Application of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery
  106.  Nanotechnology in Sepsis: Diagnosis and Treatment, Review
  107.  Rusty gold in Nigeria: Untapped advances in nanotechnology
  108. Use of nanotechnology for wastewater treatment: potential applications, advantages, and limitations
  109. Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials for Medical Applications
  110. Utilization of nanotechnology and experimental design in development and optimization of Aloe vera gel loaded with Finasteride‒Garlic Oil‒Nanotransfersomes
  111. Nanotechnology for Food and Packing Application
  112. Application of natural raw materials for development of cosmetics through nanotechnology
  113. Toward Eco-friendly Nanotechnology-based Polymers for Drug Delivery Applications
  114. Nanotechnology for Biomedical Devices: Cancer Treatment
  115.  Application of Nanotechnology in Mining Processes: Beneficiation and Sustainability
  116. Importance of Nanotechnology, Various Applications in Electronic Field
  117. An Overview of Nanotechnology in Upstream and Downstream of Oil and Gas Industry: Challenges and Solutions
  118. Green nanotechnology for environmental remediation
  119. Nanotechnology-based Colorimetric Approaches for Pathogenic Virus Sensing: A Review
  120. Nanotechnology in Healthcare Management
  122. Interventions of Nanotechnology for the Growth and Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants
  123. Practical Application of Nanotechnology Solutions in Pavement Engineering: Construction Practices Successfully Implemented on Roads (Highways to Local Access …
  124. Nanotechnology in Food Science
  125. Juice nanotechnology: A mini review
  126. Advanced applications and current status of green nanotechnology in the environmental industry
  127. Introduction to Nanotechnology-Enhanced Food Packaging Industry
  128.  Interactive Tool Kit for Teaching-Learning Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for High School Students
  129. Application of Nanotechnology in Enhanced Oil Recovery
  130. Green Nanotechnology: An Overview
  131. Nanotechnology Application for Wireless Communication System
  132. Introduction to Nanotechnology
  133. Selective counter design in quantum-dot cellular automata nanotechnology
  134.  Nanotechnology: Device Design and Applications
  135. Nanotechnology in animal production
  136. Nanotechnology for Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability
  137. Nanotechnology: A Valuable Asset Contribution to Positive Impact on Environment
  138. Green nanotechnology for the environment
  139. Nanotechnology and Its Potential Application in Postharvest Technology
  140. Emerging biomimetic nanotechnology in orthopedic diseases: progress, challenges, and opportunities
  141. Nanotechnology and Its Potential Implications in Ovary Cancer
  143. Progress of Nanotechnology-Based Detection and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers
  144. Future of Nanotechnology in Pakistan: A Paradigm Shift
  145. Glycans in Nanotechnology
  146.  Nanotechnology: An Emerging Technology for Therapeutics
  147.  Nanotechnology: An Efficient Tool in Plant Nutrition Management
  148.  outlooks of nanotechnology in organic Farming Management
  149.  Isothermal amplification of nucleic acids coupled with nanotechnology and microfluidic platforms for detecting antimicrobial drug resistance and beyond
  150. Current developments in nanotechnology for cancer treatment
  151.  Application of Nanotechnology in Food Industry and Some of its Hazard Effect on Human Body: An Overview
  152. Unveiling philosophy and social aspects nanotechnology-A short review
  153.  Increase Potential of Environmental Stresses and Climatic Risk of Heavy Metals in Plants and Control through Nanotechnology Advances
  154. Prospects and implementation of nanotechnology in environmental remediation and clean up
  155. A Short Overview on the Role of Nanotechnology in Different Sectors of Energy System
  156.  Nanotechnology on agent identification, diseases diagnosis and therapeutic approaches
  157.  8 Nanotechnology-Enabled
  158.  … Methods for the Micro-and Nanoscale: Theoretical Essentials, Instrumentation and Methods for Applications in MEMS and Nanotechnology
  159. Applications of Nanotechnology-Based Approaches to Overcome Multi-Drug Resistance in Cancer.
  160. Impact of nanotechnology on environment and their role in agronomy and food stuffs production: An Overview: Role of nanotechnology in agronomy
  161. Role of microbial nanotechnology in energy devices
  162. “Lab-on-a-phone” project: Micro-and nanotechnology-enabled applications for portable miniaturized analytical systems
  163. Safe (r) by design in the nanotechnology sector
  164. Nanotechnology-A Review on Application of Nanotechnology in Orthodontics
  165.  Phoma: Diversity, Taxonomy, Bioactivities, and Nanotechnology
  166. Emerging Nanotechnology-Enabled Approaches to Mitigate COVID-19 Pandemic
  167. Nanotechnology for Advanced Oxidation Based Water Treatment Processes
  168. Nanotechnology and sustainable agriculture
  169. Preface: The 4th International Conference on Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology (ICMEN 2021)
  170. Biocomposites potential for nanotechnology
  171. Nanotechnology-based fuel cells: an introduction
  172. Nanotechnology for biosensor development
  173. What Do Consumers Think About Employing Nanotechnology in Food Packaging?
  174. Nanotechnology: An Emerging Field in Protein Aggregation and Cancer Therapeutics
  175. Microalgae nanotechnology and drug development
  176. Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery and Cancer Therapy
  177. Nanotechnology for a Sustainable Future: Addressing Global Challenges with the International Network4Sustainable Nanotechnology
  178. Fundamentals of Light-Based Nanotechnology
  179.  Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management
  180. Chimeric single α-helical domains as rigid fusion protein connections for protein nanotechnology and structural biology
  181. Nanotechnology for agriculture: an introduction
  182. 3D printing and nanotechnology
  183. Rehabilitation of Contaminated Surface and Groundwater for Selected Sites in the Illawarra and Sydney Regions Utilising Nanotechnology
  184.  Study on Internet of Nanotechnology (IoNT) in a Healthcare Monitoring System
  185.  Nanosuspension as an emerging Nanotechnology and Techniques for its Development
  186.  Green Nanotechnology: Plant-Mediated Nanoparticle Synthesis and Application. Nanomaterials 2022, 12, 673
  187. A Study on Patentability of Nanotechnology Inventions at the European Patent Organisation Based on Decisions by the Examination Division, the Opposition Division …
  188. Nanotechnology and green materials: Introduction, fundamentals, and applications
  189. The Design of Complex Material aided by DNA Nanotechnology
  190. Facets of Nanotechnology in Food Processing, Packaging and Safety: An Emerald Insight
  191. An Overview on Role of smallest technology to solve big innovation problems over worldwide: Nanotechnology
  192. Bioethanol Production from Agricultural Wastes with the Aid of Nanotechnology
  193. Green nanomaterials and nanotechnology for the food industry
  194. Potential Applications of Nanotechnology In Functionalization of Synthetic Fibres (A Review)
  195.  Light in the World of Nanotechnology: A Comprehensible Introduction to the Basics and Applications
  196. The role of nanotechnology to combat major recent worldwide challenges
  197. Advances in Self-Assembly of Metabolite Nanostructures Physiology, Pathology and Nanotechnology
  198. The marriage between nanotechnology and stem cells secretome for COPD.
  199.  Nanotechnology Strategy as Antibacterial: a Primer for the Notice.
  200. Nanotechnology for Air Remediation
  201. Nanotechnology for Electronic Applications
  202. Application of nanocellulose as nanotechnology in water purification
  203. Regulatory requirement for the approval of novel, nanotechnology-based biological products
  204. Cancer and nanotechnology: A mini review
  205.  Recent Advances in Synthesis and Degradation of Lignin and Lignin Nanoparticles and Their Emerging Applications in Nanotechnology
  206. The Progress and Perspectives of Nanotechnology Applied in Nontraditional Precision Machining Processes for Advanced Industrial Applications
  207.  Nanotechnology in Dentistry: A Review
  208. Biosurfactants role in nanotechnology for anticancer treatment
  209.  Nanotechnology and Conventional Techniques to Detect Latent Fingerprints on Surfaces
  210. Microbial nanotechnology: New horizons in food science and technology
  211. Integrating protein and peptide self-assembly with DNA nanotechnology
  212.  Nanotechnology for Recyclable Environmental Catalysts to Create Biofuels Gas Based Power Generations from Butchery Residue
  213. Nanotechnology Applications Towards Sustainable Road Surface Maintenance and Effective Asset Protection, Generating Rapid Employment Opportunities in a Post …
  214.  Nanotechnology for Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells and Extracellular Vesicles
  215. A Cost-Efficient QCA XOR Function Based Arithmetic Logic Unit for Nanotechnology Applications
  216. Ethical considerations on nanotechnology
  217. Performance Evaluation of Master–Slave D Flip Flop Based on Charge Retention Feedback Pass Transistor Logic in Nanotechnology
  218. Application of nanotechnology in pesticides adsorption with statistical optimization and modeling
  219.  A Framework for the Export Development of Nanotechnology Products of Knowledge-based Companies in the Construction Industry: A Grounded Theory …
  220. Silver-decorated black phosphorus: a synergistic antibacterial strategy
  221. Nanotechnology for Antimicrobials, Volume 2
  222. Recommendations for public policy on nanoscience and nanotechnology in Mexico: prioritizing human and environmental well-being
  223. Black seeds of Nigella sativa: A remedy for advanced cancer therapeutics with special reference to nanotechnology
  224. … targeting drug delivery system based on curcumin-loaded ovalbumin nanoparticles for allergy treatment”[Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 16 …
  225. Radiation, Nanotechnology, and Risk: Building Understanding and Informatics Opportunities-Panel
  226. Nanotechnology-Based Advancements in Postharvest Management of Horticultural Crops
  227.  Nanotechnology for making a paradigm shift in COVID-19 vaccine
  228. Advances in Photodynamic Therapy Based on Nanotechnology and Its Application in Skin Cancer.
  229.  Advances in Nanotechnology Development to Overcome Current Roadblocks in CAR-T Therapy for Solid Tumors
  230. The use of biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemical and materials engineering in the production of biodiesel
  231. Targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 axis for cancer treatment: a review on nanotechnology
  232. Nanotechnology applied to translational oncology: Developing tools for liquid biopsy
  233.  The bright future of nanotechnology in lymphatic system imaging and imaging-guided surgery
  234. TiO2 (B) nanosheets modified Li4Ti5O12 microsphere anode for high-rate lithium-ion batteries
  235. The use of biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemical and materials engineering in the production of bio-solvents
  236. Highly anisotropic mechanical and optical properties of 2D NbOX2 (X= Cl, Br, I) revealed by first-principle
  237. Label-free detection of single nanoparticles with disordered nanoisland surface plasmon sensor
  238. Analysis of molecular ligand functionalization process in nano-molecular electronic devices containing densely packed nano-particle functionalization shells
  239. Structural characterizations on the degradation of 2D organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites and its enlightenment to improved stability
  240. Enhancement of thermoelectric performance in graphenylene nanoribbons by suppressing phonon thermal conductance: the role of phonon local resonance
  241. Large− Area Large− Grain CsPbCl3 Perovskite Film by Confined Re− Growth for Violet Photodetectors
  242. A label-free biomarkers detection platform relied on a bilayer long-wave infrared metamaterials BioNEMS sensor
  243. Facile electrooxidation of ethanol on reduced graphene oxide supported Pt-Pd bimetallic nanocomposite surfaces in acidic media
  244. Strong reduction of thermal conductivity of WSe2 with introduction of atomic defects
  245. Influence of crystal structure and oxygen vacancies on optical properties of nanostructured multi-stoichiometric tungsten suboxides
  246. Multi-nanocavities and Multi-defects Synergetic Enhancement for the Electromagnetic Absorption of the rGO-NG Film
  247. Effect of cobalt doping on the enhanced energy storage performance of 2D vanadium diselenide: experimental and theoretical investigations
  248. Enhancement of lateral Casimir force on a rotating particle near hyperbolic metamaterial


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