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Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1.  A special issue of the Australian Society for Biophysics
  2.  Biophysics in the time of COVID
  3. Biophysics is involved in the process of tumor immune escape
  4. An autonomously swimming biohybrid fish designed with human cardiac biophysics
  5.  Changes in gray whale phenology and distribution related to prey variability and ocean biophysics in the northern Bering and eastern Chukchi seas
  6.  Editorial for ‘Issue focus on 2nd Costa Rica biophysics symposium—March 11th–12th, 2021’
  7. Strategies adopted by undergraduate teaching assistants in physiology and biophysics education during the COVID-19 pandemic
  8. Cardiac ablation with pulsed electric fields: principles and biophysics
  9. Retina organoids: Window into the biophysics of neuronal systems
  10. Pulmonary Pharmacokinetics and Biophysics
  11. Improving the cervical lordosis relieves neck pain and chronic headaches in a pediatric: a Chiropractic Biophysics®(CBP®) case report with a 17-month follow-up
  12. Development and evaluation of cancer differentiation analysis technology: a novel biophysics-based cancer screening method
  13. Understanding lipid membrane biophysics through molecular simulation
  14. Fingerprinting Small Molecule Modulators of Nucleolar Biophysics
  15. A forty-year journey from “classical” biophysics and radiobiology to hadrontherapy, space radiation and low dose rate underground radiobiology
  16.  Ultrasound-mediated drug delivery: sonoporation mechanisms, biophysics, and critical factors
  17. Instrumentacion de un pulsioximetro basado en la biofisica: Instrumentation of a pulse oximeter based on biophysics
  18. Studying membrane biophysics using Graphene-induced energy-transfer
  19. SEBAL Model to Estimate Biophysics and Energy Flux Variable: Availability of Evapotranspiration Distribution Using Remote Sensing in Lore Lindu National Park
  20. Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Phases of Phospholipids as Model Tools in Molecular Biophysics and Pharmacology
  21. Review of historic article: Ebashi, S & Endo, M. 1968 Calcium Ion and Muscle Contraction. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, 18, 123–183
  22. Clinical biophysics: complex genetic diseases—inheritance, influence, and occurrence mechanisms of polygenic multifactorial diseases
  23. Reconstituting the nonequilibrium biophysics of the LECA cytoskeleton in active matter
  24.  Gateway to Condensed Matter Physics and Molecular Biophysics: Concepts and Theoretical Perspectives
  25. Phase Imaging Across Length and Depth Scales for Biophysics and Medical Applications
  26. Supplement of Effect of nitrogen limitation and soil biophysics on Holocene greening of the Sahara
  27.  Self-Assembling Nanodiscs Technology Exploration with Single-Molecule Biophysics Experimentation using Site-Specific Attachment Atomic Force Microscopy
  28. E-cadherin Substrates Alter the Biophysics of Collective Cell Migration and Proliferation
  29. Small angle x-ray scattering with photon counting spectral detectors and their novel applications in biophysics and imaging
  30. Review of historic article: Huxley 1957 Muscle Structure and theories of contraction. Progress in Biophysics and biophysical chemistry, 7, 255–318.
  31.  Panama: An Open-Source Educational App for Ion Channel Biophysics Simulation
  32. … of historic article: Butler, JAV, Johns, EW and Philips, DMP 1968. Recent investigations on histones and their functions. Progress in Biophysics and molecular biology …
  33. Alzheimer’s‐like signaling in brains of COVID‐19 patients
  34. Identification of polypharmacological anticancerous molecules against Aurora kinase family of proteins
  35. maplet: an extensible R toolbox for modular and reproducible metabolomics pipelines
  36. On the Mechanism of Oxygen Activation in Chemical and Biological Systems
  37. Emerging roles of RNA–RNA interactions in transcriptional regulation
  38. Analysis of Changes in the Structure of DNA when Interacting with Platinum Coordination Compounds by IR Spectroscopy
  39. On the Nature of the Spectral Shift of the Soret Band of Erythrocyte Oxyhemoglobin when Organic Molecules Are Added to an Erythrocyte Suspension
  40. ATP is an essential autocrine factor for pancreatic β‐cell signaling and insulin secretion
  41. Effect of nitrogen limitation and soil biophysics on Holocene greening of the Sahara
  42. A Suggestion for a Relevant Conceptual Basis in Biophysics
  43.  In Singulo Biophysics
  44. The Biophysics of Cancer: Emerging Insights from Micro‐and Nanoscale Tools
  45. Democratizing the mapping of gene mutations to protein biophysics
  46. Biophysics of Mouthfeel Perception
  47. New Biophysics Lab to Yield Nanomedicines Research
  48. Biophysics of Flavour Perception
  49. Learning biophysics via modeling and simulation: a course for science and engineering undergraduates
  50. Ion Channels in Biophysics and Physiology
  51.  Advances in Biophysics
  52. A Decrease in the Rate of Human Aging in the 20th Century and its Potential Causes
  53. Modeling the Dynamics of Populations in a Heterogeneous Environment: Invasion and Multistability
  54. Passive Aseptic Calcification of Fixed Pericardial Biomaterials Is Mediated by Damage to the Structure and Microarchitectonics of Their Extracellular Matrix
  55. RNA thermometers and other regulatory elements: Diversity and importance in bacterial pathogenesis
  56. Metabolic resistance to the inhibition of mitochondrial transcription revealed by CRISPR‐Cas9 screen
  57. Methods of Studying Ultraweak Photon Emission from Biological Objects: III. Physical Methods
  58. A Possible Role of Charged Amino-Acid Clusters on the Surface of Cysteine Proteases for Preserving Activity when Binding with Polymers
  59.  Nonsynonymous single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the G6PC2 gene affect protein expression, enzyme activity, and fasting blood glucose
  60. The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Status in Rat Blood
  61. Cooling intact and demembranated trabeculae from rat heart releases myosin motors from their inhibited conformation
  62.  Effects of ionizing radiation in biomolecules, cells and tissue/organs: basic mechanisms and applications for cancer therapy, medical imaging and radiation …
  63. Molecular species selectivity of lipid transport creates a mitochondrial sink for di‐unsaturated phospholipids
  64. Tuning the Structure, Magnetic, and High Frequency Properties of Sc‐Doped Sr0.5Ba0.5ScxFe12‐xO19/NiFe2O4 Hard/Soft Nanocomposites
  65.  Theoretical modelling of liquid–liquid phase separation: from particle-based to field-based simulation
  66. Progress in all-aqueous droplets generation with microfluidics: Mechanisms of formation and stability improvements
  67.  Principles of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy applied to studies of biomolecular liquid–liquid phase separation
  68.  Visualizing carboxyl-terminal domain of RNA polymerase II recruitment by FET fusion protein condensates with DNA curtains
  69. Gaussian curvature dilutes the nuclear lamina, favoring nuclear rupture, especially at high strain rate
  70. CPLM 4.0: an updated database with rich annotations for protein lysine modifications
  71. EVAtlas: a comprehensive database for ncRNA expression in human extracellular vesicles
  72. Polarized illumination coded structured illumination microscopy (picoSIM): experimental results
  73. pH modulates interaction of 14-3-3 proteins with pollen plasma membrane H+ ATPases independently from phosphorylation
  74.  Multiple sclerosis therapies differentially impact SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-induced antibody and T cell immunity and function
  75. Cataloguing the proteome: Current developments in single-molecule protein sequencing
  76. Excess deaths reveal the true spatial, temporal and demographic impact of COVID-19 on mortality in Ecuador
  77. A novel microdeletion upstream of HOXD13 in a Chinese family with synpolydactyly
  78.  The Biophysics Research-Education as the Vehicle in both National and Global Emergency Events, such as COVID-19 Pandemic
  79. The state of the art of biomedical applications of optogenetics
  80.  96 Harder, better, faster, stronger: biochemistry and biophysics in the immunosurveillance concert
  81. Isocratic HPLC analysis for the simultaneous determination of dNTPs, rNTPs and ADP in biological samples
  82. The revolution of PDMS microfluidics in cellular biology
  83.  Providing Christian Students With Best Tech: New Biophysics Lab Will Involve Nanomedicines Research
  84. Assessment of the effects of mimicking tissue microstructural properties on apparent diffusion coefficient and apparent exchange rate in diffusion MRI via a series of …
  85.  Interplay and multiscale modeling of complex biological systems
  86.  Measuring the size and growth of single cells
  87. Guanylyl cyclase‐A phosphorylation decreases cardiac hypertrophy and improves systolic function in male, but not female, mice
  88. Insulin acts as an atypical KCNQ1/KCNE1‐current activator and reverses long QT in insulin‐resistant aged rats by accelerating the ventricular action potential …
  89. 2021-end editorial: achievements, thanks, perspectives
  90. Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Women and Girls With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  91. Distinct transcription kinetics of pluripotent cell states
  92. Addition of 3‐methoxytyramine or chromogranin A to plasma free metanephrines as the initial test for pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma: Which is the best …
  93. Together is Better: mRNA Co‐Encapsulation in Lipoplexes is Required to Obtain Ratiometric Co‐Delivery and Protein Expression on the Single Cell Level
  94. An insight into microscopy and analytical techniques for morphological, structural, chemical, and thermal characterization of cellulose
  95. Fragmentation and roles of junctophilin1 in muscle of patients with cytosolic leak of stored calciumCalcium Signaling and Excitation–Contraction in Cardiac, Skeletal …
  96. A‐to‐I RNA editing of Filamin A regulates cellular adhesion, migration and mechanical properties
  97. GMrepo v2: a curated human gut microbiome database with special focus on disease markers and cross-dataset comparison
  98.  Biophysical and functional properties of purified glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunit 1
  99.  Cardiac ryanodine receptor N-terminal region biosensors identify novel inhibitors via FRET-based high-throughput screening
  100. ImmuCellAI-mouse: a tool for comprehensive prediction of mouse immune cell abundance and immune microenvironment depiction
  101. Effect of extremely low-frequency magnetic fields on light-induced electric reactions in wheat
  102. Soft bioelectronics for cardiac interfaces
  103.  Rose Bengal and Riboflavin Mediated Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy Against Selected South Florida Nocardia Keratitis Isolates
  104. Acute exposure to the chemotherapy cisplatin has a biphasic effect in cardiac contractilityCalcium Signaling and Excitation–Contraction in Cardiac, Skeletal and …
  105.  A basic introduction to single particles cryo-electron microscopy
  106.  Preface to the special issue of Phase Separation: methodologies tailored for studying biomolecular condensates
  107. Magnetic microspheres can be used for magnetic particle imaging of cancer cells arrested in the mouse brain
  108.  Development and bioevaluation of controlled release 5-aminoisoquinoline nanocomposite: a synergistic anticancer activity against human colon cancer
  109.  Influenza Neuraminidase: Conserved features of a rapidly mutating virus
  110. Looking into mucormycosis coinfections in COVID-19 patients using computational analysis
  111. Cellular and molecular pathways controlling muscle size in response to exercise
  112. Myeloma patients with COVID‐19 have superior antibody responses compared to patients fully vaccinated with the BNT162b2 vaccine
  113. mBodyMap: a curated database for microbes across human body and their associations with health and diseases
  114.  Nanoengineering for Mechanobiology “N4M-20”
  115. Approaches to preclinical studies with heterogeneous breast phantom using reconstruction and three‐dimensional image processing algorithms for diffuse optical …
  116. RaCl2 nanomicelles showed potent effect against osteosarcoma: targeted alpha therapy in the nanotechnology era
  117. N-acetylglucosamine-phosphatidylinositol de-N-acetylase as a novel target for probing potential inhibitor against Leishmania donovani
  118. Commentary for an article on photooxidation in isolated chloroplasts
  119. Mechanisms of Microbial Disinfectant Resistance
  120. Next-Generation Protein Identification: Advancing Single-Molecule Fluorescence Approaches
  121. In vitro fluorescence assay to measure GDP/GTP exchange of guanine nucleotide exchange factors of Rho family GTPases
  122. A study of the properties and efficacy of microparticles based on P (3HB) and P (3HB/3HV) loaded with herbicides
  123. The evolution of huge Y chromosomes in Coccinia grandis and its sister, Coccinia schimperi
  124. On the molecular mechanism of excitation–transcription coupling in skeletal muscleCalcium Signaling and Excitation–Contraction in Cardiac, Skeletal and Smooth …
  125. Phenotypic systems biology for organisms: Concepts, methods and case studies
  126. Improving ligand‐ranking of AutoDock Vina by changing the empirical parameters
  127. Characterization of lipoprotein lipase storage vesicles in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
  128. Activation of the Kynurenine Pathway and Production of Inflammatory Cytokines by Astrocytes and Microglia Infected With Neospora caninum
  129.  Poly-glutamine-dependent self-association as a potential mechanism for regulation of androgen receptor activity
  130. Endothelial cell metabolic memory causes cardiovascular dysfunction in diabetes
  131. Translational control of lipogenesis links protein synthesis and phosphoinositide signaling with nuclear division in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  132.  Correcting field measurements in outdoor walking research
  133. Resistive and propulsive forces in wheelchair racing: a brief review
  134. Newly Identified COVID-19 Drug Candidates Based on Computational Strategies
  135. Live cell microscopy: From image to insight
  136. Dietary S. maltophilia induces supersized lipid droplets by enhancing lipogenesis and ER-LD contacts in C. elegans
  137. d‐Galactose induced early aging in human erythrocytes: Role of band 3 protein
  138. Cdk5 as a possible new target in biliary tract cancer: preliminary in-situ findings
  139.  Ligand binding remodels protein side chain conformational heterogeneity
  140. Cryo-EM reveals local and global structural rearrangements in RYR mutantsCalcium Signaling and Excitation–Contraction in Cardiac, Skeletal and Smooth Muscle
  141. A monoclonal antibody that neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 variants, SARS-CoV, and other sarbecoviruses
  142. Stabilizing Properties of Chia Seed Mucilage on Dispersions and Emulsions at Different pHs
  143.  Validation of the patient health questionnaire-9 and the generalized anxiety disorder-7 in Lithuanian student sample
  144.  WASP integrates substrate topology and cell polarity to guide neutrophil migration
  145.  Key players in regulatory RNA realm of bacteria
  146. MITOL-mediated DRP1 ubiquitylation and degradation promotes mitochondrial hyperfusion in a CMT2A-linked MFN2 mutant
  147. Commentary on “Comparison of the chemical properties of selenocysteine and selenocystine with their sulfur analogs”
  148. Short homology-directed repair using optimized Cas9 in the pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans enables rapid gene deletion and tagging
  149.  Structure of a monomeric photosystem II core complex from a cyanobacterium acclimated to far-red light reveals the functions of chlorophylls d and f
  150. MCU-complex-mediated mitochondrial calcium signaling is impaired in Barth syndrome
  151.  Pramef12 enhances reprogramming into naïve iPS cells
  152. On the development of the thiobarbituric acid test for lipid oxidation
  153.  Effect of Different Physical Factors on efficacy of Thevetia Peruviana leaf extract and bio-formulations
  154. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neurotransmitter Release
  155. Clinical advances in targeting epigenetics for cancer therapy
  156. Structures of oxygen dissociation intermediates of 400 kDa V2 hemoglobin provide coarse snapshots of the protein allostery
  157. An insight into the physicochemical characterisation of starch-lipid complex and its importance in food industry
  158.  Polygonum tinctorium leaves suppress sodium dextran sulfate-induced colitis through interleukin-10-related pathway
  159.  Oncogenic Gq/11 signaling acutely drives and chronically sustains metabolic reprogramming in uveal melanoma
  160. Using 7.0 T cardiac magnetic resonance to investigate the effect of estradiol on biventricular structure and function of ovariectomized rats exposed to chronic …
  161. Super-resolution microscopy for structural cell biology
  162. Biosynthesis of ethylene
  163. Effect of a polyphenol molecular size on the gluten proteins–polyphenols interactions studied with FT-Raman spectroscopy
  164.  Novel antibody assessment method for microbial compositional alteration in the oral cavity
  165. Orientation of Cell Polarity by Chemical Gradients
  166. Why science education is more important than most scientists think
  167.  The involvement of oxysterol-binding protein related protein (ORP) 6 in the counter-transport of phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate (PI4P) and …
  168.  Acute bioenergetic insulin sensitivity of skeletal muscle cells: ATP-demand-provoked glycolysis contributes to stimulation of ATP supply
  169.  Structure of a photosystem I-ferredoxin complex from a marine cyanobacterium provides insights into far-red light photoacclimation
  170. CLONING OF Astacus leptodactylus RYANODINE RECEPTOR GENE
  171. Zinc affects nuclear factor kappa b and DNA methyltransferase activity in C3H cancer fibroblast cells induced by a 2100 MHz electromagnetic field
  172.  Synthesis of fluorine-containing analogues of purine deoxynucleosides: Optimization of enzymatic transglycosylation conditions
  173. RNA systems for NMR studies in vitro and in vivo
  174. Arabidopsis annexin 5 is involved in maintenance of pollen membrane integrity and permeability
  175.  Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: Integrated bioinformatics analysis for differential gene expression with identification of hub genes and lncRNA
  176.  Inward and outward currents of native and cloned K (ATP) channels (Kir6. 2/SUR1) share single-channel kinetic properties
  177. ATP-Independent Chaperones
  178. Unbinding ligands from SARS-CoV-2 Mpro via umbrella sampling simulations
  179.  Structural organization and dynamics of FCHo2 docking on membranes
  180. Polyethylene Glycol Nanocapsules Containing Syzygium aromaticum Essential Oil for the Management of Lesser Grain Borer, Rhyzopertha dominica
  181. Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Characterization of Active Films Based on Yeast Biomass and Thymol
  182. Estimation of Secondary Household Attack Rates for Emergent Spike L452R Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Variants Detected by …
  183. Fabrication and Characterisation of Poly (vinyl alcohol)/Deacetylated Crab-Shell Particles Biocomposites with Excellent Thermomechanical and Antibacterial …
  184. CDK4/6 inhibitors induce replication stress to cause long‐term cell cycle withdrawal
  185. Commentary for an article on an assay system for superoxide dismutase using autooxidation of hydroxylamine
  186. Deep Bayesian networks for uncertainty estimation and adversarial resistance of white matter hyperintensity segmentation
  187. TRPC6 interacted with KCa1. 1 channels to regulate the proliferation and apoptosis of glioma cells
  188. Virtual Article Collection on Infectious Diseases.
  189. Fenofibrate mitigates testosterone induced benign prostatic hyperplasia via regulation of Akt/FOXO3a pathway and modulation of apoptosis and proliferation in rats
  190.  Immune-enhancing effect of water-soluble beta-glucan derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of yeast glucan
  191.  First report of computational protein–ligand docking to evaluate susceptibility to HIV integrase inhibitors in HIV-infected Iranian patients
  192. Identification of novel modulators of protein synthesis and nucleolar biology using high throughput phenotypic screens
  193. Fatigue-related reconfiguration of the functional network of the brain during cognitive load
  194. Frequency-space features of EEG activity during decision-making task with uncertainty
  195.  Evaluation of mRNA expression level of the ATP synthase membrane subunit c locus 1 (ATP5G1) gene in patients with schizophrenia
  196. Compressive soliton in phosphorene at finite temperature
  197.  Complex Coacervation and Precipitation Between Soluble Pea Proteins and Apple Pectin
  198. Obtaining antibodies to silymarin using the adjuvant properties of gold nanoparticles and their application to study the uptake of silymarin into cells
  199. High MST2 expression regulates lens epithelial cell apoptosis in age-related cataracts through YAP1 targeting GLUT1
  200. Effect of the fatigue in the equilibrium training
  201. Effect of novel bottle inner surface coatings made with polylactic acid and plant extracts on the physiological status of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in real liquid foods …
  202. Studying behavioral performance and neural activity during a prolonged visual task
  203. Application of shallow and deep convolutional neural networks to recognize the average flow rate of physiological fluids in a capillary
  204. Numerical simulation of picosecond laser fragmentation of silicon micropowder in the framework of photothermal mechanism
  205.  Natural COA water inhibits mitochondrial ROS-mediated apoptosis through Plk3 downregulation under STZ diabetic stress in pancreatic β-cell lines
  206. Comparative Characterization of the Natural Sounds of the Bottlenose Dolphin
  207. Slow and temperature-compensated autonomous disassembly of KaiB–KaiC complex
  208. Analysis of the coupling of autonomic regulatory loops of blood circulation in patients with Covid and cardiovascular pathologies
  209. The novel homologue of the human α‐glucosidase inhibited by the non‐germinated and germinated quinoa protein hydrolysates after in vitro gastrointestinal …
  210.  Iron metabolism: State of the art in hypoxic cancer cell biology
  211.  Differential expression profiles of miRNA in the serum of sarcopenic rats
  212. Portable tracker for neurophysiological research of sport shooting
  213. Study of statistical properties of the method of analysis of directional couplings based on modeling of phase dynamics
  214.  Sequence-specific destabilization of azurin by tetramethylguanidinium-dipeptide ionic liquids
  215. Evaluation of the influence of buffer media on the colloidal stability of cadmium-free QDs stabilized with thioglycolic acid
  216.  A turning point in history: thinking about the unthinkable
  217. Synthesis and characteristics of fluorescent red-emitting DNA-templated silver nanoclusters based on aptamer selected to lung cancer
  218.  Presence of spontaneous epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity in esophageal cancer
  219. The use of the cross-correlation analysis in the search for diagnostic criteria for nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy
  220. Stable characteristics of the oscillatory structure in brain electrical activity during sleep
  221. Ultrashort nanosecond electric pulses activate a conductance in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells that involves cation entry through TRPC and NALCN channels
  222. Excitation of electronic neuron-like generator with pulse stimulation
  223. Modeling the multifractal dynamics of COVID-19 pandemic
  224. Effect of hydrochloric acid on the synthesis of gold nanoantennas and their morphological and optical properties
  225.  Mdivi-1 alleviates cardiac fibrosis post myocardial infarction at infarcted border zone, possibly via inhibition of Drp1-Activated mitochondrial fission and …
  226. Luminescent silicon coatings prepared upon nonwoven electrospun mats and rigid glass substrates
  227. Overexpression of METAL TOLERANCE PROTEIN8 reveals new aspects of metal transport in Arabidopsis thaliana seeds
  228. Study of the effectiveness of aqueous dispersion of gold nanoparticles as a potential photosensitizer for photodynamic antimicrobial therapy
  229. Hydrophilization parameters influencing the properties of shelled alloyed QDs
  230. Folding of VemP into translation-arresting secondary structure is driven by the ribosome exit tunnel
  231. Bioconjugation techniques for quantum dots and gold nanoparticles for immunochemical assay
  232. Study of energy transfer processes between the rare earth ions in tri-doped upconversion nanoparticles NaGdF4: Yb-Er-Tm and NaGdF4: Yb-Er-Ho
  233. Baicalin ameliorates alcohol-induced hepatic steatosis by suppressing SREBP1c elicited PNPLA3 competitive binding to ATGL
  234.  The Prognostic Significance of Spliceosomal Proteins for Patients with Glioblastoma
  235. Structural properties of egg yolks modify in-vitro lipid digestion
  236. The role of mechanosensitive Piezo1 channel in diseases
  237.  Expression analysis of plant intracellular Ras-group related leucine-rich repeat proteins (PIRLs) in Arabidopsis thaliana
  238. Detectability of SERS phantom in a turbid medium
  239.  Topoisomerase VI is a chirally-selective, preferential DNA decatenase
  240. Synthetic Analogs of 6-Bromohypaphorine, a Natural Agonist of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, Reduce Cardiac Reperfusion Injury in a Rat Model of Myocardial …
  241.  Administration of retinoic acid to pregnant mice increases the number of fetal mouse glomeruli
  242. Functional and structural properties of cardiotoxin isomers produced by blocking negatively charged groups
  243. Comparative Study of the Effect of Snake Venoms on the Growth of Ciliates Tetrahymena pyriformis: Identification of Venoms with High Antiprotozoal Activity
  244.  Characterization of the novel heterozygous SCN5A genetic variant Y739D associated with Brugada syndrome
  245.  The optimized quantum dot mediated thermometry reveals isoform specific differences in efficiency of myosin extracted from muscle mini bundles
  246.  The Emergence of a New Isoform of POU2F1 in Primates through the Use of Egoistic Mobile Genetic Elements
  247.  Antimicrobial Activity of Lipid Extracts of Echinoderms in the Nhatrang Bay (South China Sea)
  248. Cybernetics as a conversation with the Cosmos
  249. Complexes of ortho-Phthalic Acid in Spontaneous Animal Tumors
  250.  Research Progress on Prevention and Treatment of Sarcopenia by Exercise Induced Exosomes
  251.  Research Advancement of Cell Membrane Biomimetic Modified Nanoparticles in Tumor Treatment
  252.  Accuracy Research on The Kinship Relationship Prediction by IBS Algorithm
  253.  Among Antibody-Like Molecules, Monobodies, Able to Interact with Nucleocapsid Protein of SARS-CoV Virus, There Are Monobodies with High Affinity to …
  254. Characterization of the immune cell infiltration landscape in lung adenocarcinoma
  255.  Cell wall channels of Rhodococcus species: identification and characterization of the cell wall channels of Rhodococcus corynebacteroides and Rhodococcus …
  256. Booster BNT162b2 optimizes SARS-CoV-2 humoral response in patients with myeloma: the negative effect of anti-BCMA therapy
  257.  R-etodolac is a more potent Wnt signaling inhibitor than enantiomer, S-etodolac
  258. Effect of temperature, pH and ionic strength on hydroxyapatite stabilised Pickering emulsions produced in batch and continuous mode
  259.  Fenofibrate reduces cisplatin-induced apoptosis by inhibiting the p53/Puma/Caspase-9 pathway and the MAPK/Caspase-8 pathway rather than by promoting …
  260. Reaching the LVOT: You take the high road and I’ll take the low
  261.  Intercellular signaling between ameloblastoma and osteoblasts
  262. YAP1 induces hyperglycemic stress-mediated cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in an AKT-FOXM1 dependent signaling pathway
  263. TNF upregulates peptidoglycan recognition protein 1 in esophageal cancer cells to clear the path to its signaling: Making the “enemy” a friend
  264. Are there consistent abnormalities in event‐related EEG oscillations in patients with Alzheimer’s disease compared to other diseases belonging to dementia?
  265. Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations of base-pair mismatch recognition protein MutS sliding along DNA
  266.  Impact of incorporations of various polysaccharides on rheological and microstructural characteristics of heat-induced quinoa protein isolate gels
  267. NRF2/HO-1 pathway activation by ATF3 in a noise-induced hearing loss murine model
  268.  Iron and manganese lipoxygenases of plant pathogenic fungi and their role in biosynthesis of jasmonates
  269.  DNA G-quadruplexes are uniquely stable in the presence of denaturants and monovalent cations
  270.  In vivo imaging of the human eye using a 2-photon-excited fluorescence scanning laser ophthalmoscope
  271. The matrix in focus: new directions in extracellular matrix research from the 2021 ASMB hybrid meeting
  272. Current status of neutron crystallography in structural biology
  273. Computational techniques for the automated detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis from digitized sputum smear microscopic images: A systematic review
  274.  A Bio-Physical Analysis of Extracellular Ion Mobility and Electric Field Stress
  275. Esculetin inhibits the pyroptosis of microvascular endothelial cells through NF-κB/NLRP3 signaling pathway
  276. Effects of Calcium Chelators on Colloidal Stability and Interfacial Activity of Egg Yolk Granules
  277. The crystal structure of the S154Y mutant carbonyl reductase from Leifsonia xyli explains enhanced activity for 3, 5-bis (trifluoromethyl) acetophenone reduction
  278. Isolation and characterization of an iridoid, Arbortristoside-C from Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Linn., a potential drug candidate for diabetes targeting α-glucosidase
  279.  Common genetic aspects between COVID-19 and sarcoidosis: A network-based approach using gene expression data
  280.  Biotin attenuates heat shock factor 4b transcriptional activity by lysine 444 biotinylation
  281. PharmacoDB 2.0: improving scalability and transparency of in vitro pharmacogenomics analysis
  282.  Thiol antioxidants protect human lens epithelial (HLE B-3) cells against tert-butyl hydroperoxide-induced oxidative damage and cytotoxicity
  283. Discovery of manganese peroxidase in lignin-degrading fungi
  284. Lipid–Protein Interactions in Plasma Membrane Organization and Function
  285. Subversion of serotonin-receptor signaling in osteoblasts by kynurenine drives Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  286. At least three xenon binding sites in the glycine binding domain of the N-methyl D-aspartate receptor
  287. Molecular insights on the conformational dynamics of a P76C mutant of human cytochrome c and the enhancement on its peroxidase activity
  288.  Chloroquine Inhibits Deferoxamine-induced Ferritinophagy and Potentiates The Cytotoxicity of Chemotherapy Drugs in Lung Cancer Cells
  289. Source-level analysis of age-related differences in the motor initiation phase
  290.  Protein folding stabilities are a major determinant of oxidation rates for buried methionine residues
  291. The East Asian summer monsoon, the Indian summer monsoon, and the midlatitude westerlies at 4.2 ka BP
  292. Multistep growth of amyloid intermediates and its inhibition toward exploring therapeutic way: A case study using insulin B chain and fibrinogen
  293.  Structural basis of Plasmodium vivax inhibition by antibodies binding to the circumsporozoite protein repeats
  294.  Effects of chemical forms of gadolinium on the spleen in mice after single intravenous administration
  295.  Micropipette-based biomechanical nanotools on living cells
  296.  Band 3/anion exchanger 1/solute carrier family 4 member 1 expression as determinant of cellular sensitivity to selenite exposure
  297.  Drug repurposing for SARS-CoV-2 main protease: Molecular docking and molecular dynamics investigations
  298.  miR-29b inhibits TGF-β1-induced cell proliferation in articular chondrocytes
  299.  Isolation of the mustard Napin protein Allergen Sin a 1 and characterisation of its antifungal activity
  300.  Enhancement of proliferation of human umbilical cord blood–derived CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells by a combination of hyper-interleukin-6 and small


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