Research Topics Computational biophysics hopf algebras combinatorics Sustainability

Research Area/ Research Interest: Computational biophysics hopf algebras combinatorics Sustainability

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Analytic left inversion of SISO Lotka-Volterra models
  2. Cumulants, free cumulants and half-shuffles
  3. An Asymptotic Expansion for the Number of 2-Connected Chord Diagrams
  4.  Critical Exponents and Invariant Charges
  5. Analytic left inversion of multivariable Lotka-Volterra models
  6.  04 From bridges to graph theory Maria Axenovich & Ryan Martin 06 Combinatorial matrix theory research group Leslie Hogben 08 Using differential equations …
  7.  A course in mathematical biology: quantitative modeling with mathematical and computational methods
  8. Racks and links in codimension two
  9.  Graphs in perturbation theory: Algebraic structure and asymptotics
  10. Modeling and simulation of genetic regulatory systems: a literature review
  11.  Physics and theoretical computer science: from numbers and languages to (quantum) cryptography security
  12. Hopf algebras and topological recursion
  13. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  14. A bijection between rooted trees and fermionic Fock states: grafting and growth operators in Fock space and fermionic operators for rooted trees
  15. An overview of vehicle routing problems
  16.  Advances in Hopf algebras
  17. Yang-Baxter equation
  18.  Matrix-analytic methods in stochastic models
  19. Polytopic Projects
  20. Strings, knots, and quantum groups: a glimpse at three 1990 Fields medalists
  21.  Advanced Polytopic Projects
  22.  Factorization in integral domains
  23.  Continua: with the Houston problem book
  24.  Dynamic finite size effects in spiking neural networks
  25.  Quantum field theory II: Quantum electrodynamics: A bridge between mathematicians and physicists
  26. System Upgrade on Mon, Jun 21st, 2021 at 1am (EDT)
  27.  Spectral Theory & Computational Methods of Sturm-Liouville Problems
  28.  Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
  29.  EPFL Topology Seminar 2012/2013
  30. Polytope Perspectives
  31.  ISU graduate Wang on to Georgia Tech post doc
  32.  Unsolved problems in virtual knot theory and combinatorial knot theory
  33.  Spectral and scattering theory
  34. RFID tags and privacy Cllifford Bergman 06 Generalizations of Apollonian circle packing Steve Butler 08 Developing mission assurance with performance
  35.  Optimal control of differential equations
  36.  Control of Partial Differential Equations and Applications
  37. A mathematical model of tuberculosis (TB) transmission with children and adults groups: Afractional model
  38.  Implementing Polytope Projects for Smart Systems
  39.  Polytope projects
  40.  Interaction between functional analysis, harmonic analysis, and probability
  41. Mathematical developments from the analysis of riffle shuffling
  42. Predicting neural network dynamics via graphical analysis
  43.  Understanding complex systems
  44. Combinatorial representation of parameter space for switching networks
  45. Nonlinear algebra and applications
  46. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  47.  Geometry and physics
  48.  Geometric and combinatorial aspects of commutative algebra
  49.  Twistor theory
  50. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  51. Likelihood geometry
  52.  Moduli of vector bundles
  53. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  54.  Zero-dimensional commutative rings
  55.  Mathematical modeling: bridging the gap between concept and realization in synthetic biology
  56.  The state of the art in quantum field theory. One of the intellectual
  57. Algebra, Geometry and Topology of ERK Kinetics
  58. Algebra and geometry in the study of enzymatic cascades
  59. Dynamic models in biology
  60.  finite element methods: fifty years of the Courant element
  61. A Classical Economic Perspective on Using Coalgebras to Model the Process of Accumulation.
  62. Quivers of type A, flag varieties and representation theory
  63.  Analysis: Algebra and Computers in Mathematical Research: Proceedings of the Twenty-first Nordic Congress of Mathematicians
  64.  The Maslov dequantization, idempotent and tropical mathematics: a very brief introduction
  65.  Idempotent Mathematics and Mathematical Physics: International Workshop, February 3-10, 2003, Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematical …
  66.  Comparison methods and stability theory
  67.  Stochastic processes and functional analysis: in celebration of MM Rao’s 65th birthday
  68.  Ozsvath-Szabo d-invariants of Almost Simple Linear Graphs
  69.  Self-evolvable systems: Machine learning in social media
  70. Edwin F. Beschler, David A. Buchsbaum, Jacob T. Schwartz, Richard P. Stanley, Brian D. Taylor, and Michael Waterman
  71.  partial differential equation methods in control and shape analysis: lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics
  72.  News Previews
  73.  Computational neuroscience: a comprehensive approach
  74.  Semiclassical results in the linear response theory
  75. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  76.  Rings, Extensions, and Cohomology
  77.  Partial differential equations and applications: collected papers in honor of Carlo Pucci
  78.  Boundary value problems and integral equations in nonsmooth domains
  79. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  80. PoCaB: a software infrastructure to explore algebraic methods for bio-chemical reaction networks
  81. The Global Structure of Codimension-2 Local Bifurcations in Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Networks
  82.  Mostly Finite Geometries
  83.  Function Spaces: The Second Conference
  84. Numerical inversion of Laplace transforms of probability distributions
  85. 2021 AMS Short Course
  86.  Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
  87. A non-Abelian, categorical ontology of spacetimes and quantum gravity
  88.  Codes, matroids and trellises
  89. Abel Prize Citations 2003–2012
  90. Deep learning in science
  91.  Qualitative analysis of a diffusive ratio-dependent Holling-Tanner predator-prey model with Smith growth
  92. Bulletin bibliographique
  93.  Systems Biology of microRNAs
  94.  Central Science Library
  95.  Network models in the study of metabolism
  98. Sc. First Year First Semester (250 marks)
  99.  Abelian Groups and Modules
  100.  Capturing dopaminergic modulation and bimodal membrane behaviour of striatal medium spiny neurons in accurate, reduced models
  101. Interactions between Algebraic Geometry and Noncommutative Algebra
  102.  commutative ring theory: Proceedings of the Ii International Conference
  103.  Encyclopedia of nonlinear science
  104. Meetings & Conferences of the AMS
  105. Fundamental groups of line arrangements: Enumerative aspects
  106. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  107. Correspondence principle for idempotent calculus and some computer applications
  108. Albeverio Sergio (lecturer) albeverio@ uni-bonn. de 2. Barbato David barbato@ sns. it 3. Barsanti Michele m. barsanti@ dma. unipi. it 4. Basson Arnaud
  109.  Molecular knots in biology and chemistry
  110. The best models of metabolism
  111. Professor CN Yang and statistical mechanics
  112. University of Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
  113. SISSA, Trieste, Italy
  114.  GROUP 24: Physical and Mathematical Aspects of Symmetries: Proceedings of the 24th International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics …
  115. Malgorzata Wyrwas Bialystok Technical University
  116.  Advances in Mathematics and Statistics in Western Australia since 1960
  117.  A modeling framework for analysis of landscape stability and bifurcation phenomena
  118. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  119.  Synthetic designs regulating cellular transitions: Fine-tuning of switches and oscillators
  120. Evaluating derivatives: principles and techniques of algorithmic differentiation
  121. Dramatic reduction of dimensionality in large biochemical networks owing to strong pair correlations
  122. Quantum Undergraduate Education and Scientific Training
  123. 92▶ Biology and other natural sciences
  124.  Systems of nonlinear partial differential equations: applications to biology and engineering
  125. On topological data mining
  126.  Rings, Modules, Algebras, and Abelian Groups
  127.  Spatial ecology
  130.  Complex analysis and geometry
  131.  A Hybrid Resultant Matrix Algorithm Based on the Sylvester-bezout Formulation
  133.  26 Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis, Noncommutative Probability and Quantum Groups
  134.  Computing and comprehending topology: Persistence and hierarchical morse complexes
  135.  2005-2006 Graduate Course Descriptions
  136. Computational models of metabolism: stability and regulation in metabolic networks
  137. On the use of process algebra techniques in computational modelling of cancer initiation and development
  140.  Lectures on computational fluid dynamics, mathematical physics, and linear algebra
  141. Operads for complex system design specification, analysis and synthesis
  143.  symmetry SS
  145.  Creators of mathematical and computational sciences
  146. The Maslov dequantization, idempotent and tropical mathematics: a brief introduction
  147.  All poster presenters are requested to be available in their rooms between 12.30 and 13.00 (BST) on Days 1 and 2.
  148.  Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften
  149.  CSI 5180. Topics in Artificial Intelligence
  150.  Undergraduate Poster Session Baltimore, MD January 17, 2014
  151. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  152.  Stability and Hopf bifurcation in a delayed predator-prey system with herd behavior
  153.  The Recursion Schemes of Scientific Models A Multi-Paradigm Study of the Logistic Map in Haskell
  154. Tutorial on the center manifold theorem
  155.  Notes from the Director
  156. Assimilation and Accommodation
  157. Quantum-like behavior without quantum physics II. A quantum-like model of neural network dynamics
  158.  Quantum Field Theory I
  159. Connected chord diagrams and bridgeless maps
  160. Analysis of Biochemical Reaction Networks using Tropical and Polyhedral Geometry Methods
  161. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  162. Bulletin bibliographique
  163.  The Role of Biomathematics as a Scientific Discipline
  164. Stochastic Processes and Functional Analysis: A Volume of Recent Advances in Honor of MM Rao
  165.  Le Bulletin du CRM
  166. Mathematics Calendar
  167.  A mathematical bibliography of signed and gain graphs and allied areas
  168. Effect of randomly fluctuating environment on autotroph-herbivore model system
  169.  Stationary patterns of a cross-diffusion epidemic model
  170.  Systems Biology
  171. A Center for Excellence in Mathematical Sciences Final Progress Report
  172.  On enumeration sequences generalising Catalan and Baxter numbers
  173.  Polynomial root finding via structured matrices I
  174.  The Economic Philosophy of the Internet of Things
  175.  Project-Team virtual plants
  176. Science Scholars Program
  177.  The summer meeting in Boulder
  179. Three-dimensional simplicial quantum gravity and generalized matrix models
  180. Harmonic polylogarithms
  181. Categorical models for process planning
  182.  A Complete Bibliography of Publications in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology
  183.  Combinatorial enumeration in chemistry
  184. Categorifying the zx-calculus
  185.  Stability and Hopf bifurcation analysis of a nutrient-phytoplankton model with delay effect
  186.  Academic advising
  187.  Fourier analysis: analytic and geometric aspects
  188. as Cyborgs
  189. A Fast and Effective Method to Identify Relevant Sets of Variables in Complex Systems
  190.  Stability and selective harvesting of a phytoplankton-zooplankton system
  191. Ninety plus thirty years of nonlinear dynamics: Less is more and more is different
  192.  Boundary control and variation
  193. Constitutive modelling of wound healing
  194. The mighty force: statistical inference and high-dimensional statistics
  195. Doctoral Degrees Conferred
  196. Computer algebra in the life sciences
  197. Topological phase entanglements of membrane solitons in division algebra sigma models with a Hopf term
  198.  Influence of gestation delay and predator’s interference in predator-prey interaction under stochastic environment
  199.  New Frontiers
  200.  Modelling alcoholism as a contagious disease: a mathematical model with awareness programs and time delay
  201. Perturbative-Iterative Computation of Inertial Manifolds of Systems of Delay-Differential Equations with Small Delays
  202.  Bibliography of computational differentiation
  203.  Algebraic Statistics for Social Network Models: Recent Results and Challenges
  204.  Dynamics analysis of a nutrient-plankton model with a time delay
  205.  Category: Mathematical Biology
  206. formation of large signaling complexes, and the thermally driven flipping of proteins and
  207.  Stability and bifurcation analysis of a singular delayed predator-prey bioeconomic model with stochastic fluctuations
  208.  The Riemann hypothesis and emergent phase space
  209.  Informational code for quantum and living systems: Chern numbers normalized into twelve n-component groups
  210.  Articulating Space: Geometric Algebra for Parametric Design-Symmetry, Kinematics, and Curvature
  211.  Symbolic-Numeric Algorithms for Plane Algebraic Curves
  213. Homological shape analysis through discrete morse theory
  214. 1 Review of Linear OD E’s
  215.  Suchergebnis: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2018
  216.  Writing the history of dynamical systems and chaos: longue durée and revolution, disciplines and cultures
  217.  Pattern formation in a diffusive ratio-dependent Holling-Tanner predator-prey model with Smith growth
  218. Proceedings of the Conference on
  219. Unwinding the Double Helix: Using Differential Mechanics to Probe Conformational Changes in DNA
  220. Mini-Workshop: Cohomology Rings and Fundamental Groups of Hyperplane Arrangements, Wonderful Compactifications, and Real Toric Varieties
  221.  An invitation to applied mathematics: Differential equations, modeling, and computation
  222.  MAA’s professional enhancement program (PREP) funded by NSF
  223.  Dualogy: A category-theoretic approach to duality
  224.  IMA NEWSLETTER# 249
  225.  Ruđer Bošković Institute Annual Report 2012
  226.  Dynamical analysis of a nitrogen-phosphorus-phytoplankton model
  227.  Modeling and analysis of bio-molecular networks
  229. Opgeslagen in Mijn bibliotheek
  230.  Encyclopedia of Knot Theory
  231.  Basic methods in theoretical biology
  232. Antonietti Paola Francesca University of Pavia, Italy paola. antonietti@ unipv. it 2. Ayuso Blanca IMATI-CNR, Italy
  233.  The geometrical beauty of plants
  234. Critical point cancellation in 3D vector fields: Robustness and discussion
  235.  Tag: Systems Biology
  236. Mathematical logic and foundations
  238. Opgeslagen in Mijn bibliotheek
  239.  Open Strings and Extended Mirror Symmetry
  240. Toward a predictive model of puffs
  241.  Path integral methods for correlated activity in neuronal networks
  242.  Coevolutionary dynamics in structured populations of three species
  243.  Analysis of a mathematical model of emerging infectious disease leading to amphibian decline
  244.  Math reading list 2015, a survey of the literature
  245.  Advances in Algebraic Geometry Motivated by Physics: AMS Special Session on Enumerative Geometry in Physics
  246. Design Considerations for Immersive Data-Driven Narratives
  247.  A multifractal mass transference principle for Gibbs measures with applications to dynamical Diophantine approximation
  248. The Basic Strategy of Extracting Finite Information from Infinities–Ariadne’s Thread in Renormalization Theory
  249.  Topics in Algorithmic Graph Theory
  250.  Mining Protein-Protein Interactions at Domain and Residue Levels by Machine Learning Methods
  251.  Highlights of the Focus Programs
  252. The impact of awareness programs with recruitment and delay on the spread of an epidemic

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