Analytical Characterization in Data Mining

Analytical Characterization in Data Mining – Attribute Relevance Analysis

Analytical Characterization is a very important topic in data mining, and we will explain it with the following situation;

We want to characterize the class or in other words, we can say that suppose we want to compare the classes.  Now the confusing question is that What if we are not sure which attribute we should include for the class characterization or class comparison? If we specify too many attributes, then these attributes can be a solid reason to slow down the overall process of data mining.
We can solve this problem with the help of analytical characterization.

Analytical characterization

Analytical characterization is used to help and identifying the weakly relevant, or irrelevant attributes. We can exclude these unwanted irrelevant attributes when we preparing our data for the mining.

Why Analytical Characterization?

Analytical Characterization is a very important activity in data mining due to the following reasons;

Due to the limitation of the OLAP tool about handling the complex objects.

Due to the lack of an automated generalization, we must explicitly tell the system which attributes are irrelevant and must be removed, and similarly, we must explicitly tell the system which attributes are relevant and must be included in the class characterization.

Attribute generalization thresholds

Due to the lack of an automated generalization, we must explicitly tell the system how much deeper we need to generalize the attribute.
The process of generalization is totally dependent on the user who explicitly performs all these actions.

How to Analyse Attribute Relevance?

Data Collection 

The data is collected for the target class and its contrasting class.

Preliminary relevance analysis with the help of conservative AOI

We need to decide a set of dimensions and attributes and apply the selected relevance measure on them. The candidate relation of the mining task is a term used for obtaining the relation with such an application of Attribute Oriented Induction.

Relevance analysis to remove the irrelevant or weakly relevant attributes

This step consists of steps of Relevance analysis for removing the weakly or irrelevant attribute

Attribute Oriented Induction to generate the concepts

We need to perform the Attribute Oriented Induction. Attribute-Oriented Induction (AOI) is an algorithm for data summarization. AOI can suffer the problem of over-generalization. Data summarization is a data mining technique with the help of which we can summarize the big data in concise understandable knowledge.

Relevance Measures

We can determine the classifying power of an attribute within a set of data with the help of a Quantitative relevance measure. „

Some competing methods of Relevance Measures are mentioned below;

  • Gini index„
  • χ2 contingency table statistics „
  • Gain ratio (C4.5) „
  • Uncertainty coefficient
  • information gain (ID3)

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