Fourier series Research Topics ideas

  1. Seeing implicit neural representations as fourier series
  2. A novel random generation method of two-dimensional particles based on the complex Fourier series
  3. Estimation of permafrost thermal behavior using Fourier series model
  4.  Some new results and inequalities for subsequences of Nörlund logarithmic means of Walsh–Fourier series
  5. Absolute convergence factors of Lipschitz class functions for general Fourier series
  6. A novel, Fourier series based method of control optimization and its application to a discontinuous capsule drive model
  7. Fourier Series
  8.  Improved double Fourier series on a sphere and its application to a semi-implicit semi-Lagrangian shallow-water model
  9. RC Filter Design for Wireless Power Transfer: A Fourier Series Approach
  10. ANN‐Polynomial‐Fourier series Modeling and Monte Carlo Forecasting of Tourism Data
  11. A q-Difference Equation and Fourier Series Expansions of q-Lidstone Polynomials
  12. A complex Fourier series solution for free vibration of arbitrary straight-sided quadrilateral laminates with variable angle tows
  13.  On the degree of approximation of continuous functions by a linear transformation of their Fourier series
  14. Simulation of surface asperities on a carbon fiber using molecular dynamics and fourier series decomposition to predict interfacial shear strength in polymer matrix …
  15. Some problems of convergence of general Fourier series
  16. Harmonic analysis of the arctangent function regarding the angular error introduced by superimposed Fourier series for application in sine/cosine angle encoders
  17. An extension of the Fourier series-based particle model to the GJK-based contact detection and resolution framework for DEM
  18. Asymptotic Approximation of the Apostol-Tangent Polynomials Using Fourier Series
  19. Stability analysis of a single phase rectangular coupled natural circulation loop system employing a Fourier series based 1-D model
  20. A Fourier Series Approximation for Deep-water Waves
  21. Iterative Learning Based Trajectory Optimization Using Fourier Series Basis Functions
  22. Effect of the Period of the Fourier Series Approximation for Binarized Neural Network
  23. Fourier Series for the Tangent Polynomials, Tangent–Bernoulli and Tangent–Genocchi Polynomials of Higher Order
  24. On the Summability of Fourier Series by the Generalized Cesáro Method
  25. Some new results for subsequences of N\” orlund logarithmic means of Walsh-Fourier series
  26. The convergence of Fourier series on triangular domains
  27. Remarks on the convergence of Bessel–Fourier series on the disc
  28. Rogosinsky–Bernstein Polynomial Method of Summation of Trigonometric Fourier Series
  29. Fourier Series and Transforms via Convolution
  30.  Forecasting Flexible Pavements Temperatures By Fourier Series Formulas Using Matlab
  31.  The Estimation of a Regression Curve by Using Mixed Truncated Spline and Fourier Series Models for Longitudinal Data.
  32.  A New Method for Studying Fractional Fourier Series
  33.  Asymptotic Floquet theory for first order ODEs with finite Fourier series perturbation and its applications to Floquet metamaterials
  34.  Bias Reduction by Transformed Flat-top Fourier Series Estimator of Density on Compact Support
  35. Kernel density estimation for circular data: a Fourier series-based plug-in approach for bandwidth selection
  37.  Approximation of integrable functions by general linear matrix operators of their Fourier series
  38. The convergence of Fourier series on triangular domains
  39.  Generalization of the Hardy-Littlewood theorem on Fourier series
  40. Arithmetic Functions, Convolution and Finite Fourier Series
  41. On the maximal operators of weighted Marcinkiewicz type means of two-dimensional Walsh–Fourier series
  42. On two variable Beurling algebra analogues of theorems of Wiener and Lévy on Fourier series
  43. Divergent Fourier series in function spaces near L1 [0; 1]
  44. On approximation of continuous function f є Hα by (C, 2)(E, q) means of its Fourier series
  45. The Zakharov Equation as a Model for Wind Waves: Nearby Integrability, Hamiltonian Perturbations and Multiply Periodic Fourier Series
  46. Cesàro means of negative order of the quadratic partial sums of double Vilenkin-Fourier series.
  47.  Fourier’s Heat Equation and the Birth of Fourier Series
  48. Fourier Series Analysis of Continuous Time Signals
  49. Abstract noncommutative Fourier series on
  50. Absolute convergence of the Fourier trigonometric series with gaps
  51. Pointwise (H, Φ) Strong Approximation by Fourier Series of LΨ Integrable Functions
  52. Parameter Selection in Elliptical Fourier Series for Leaf Classification
  53. Deformation estimation of a circular tunnel from a point cloud using elliptic Fourier analysis
  54.  Jj Xkck eikx
  55. Blind deconvolution criterion based on Fourier–Bessel series expansion for rolling element bearing diagnostics
  56. Segmentation of composite signal into harmonic Fourier expansion using genetic algorithm
  57.  Short-time traffic flow prediction based on seasonal gray Fourier model
  58. Fourier Transform Analysis of Discrete Time Signals and Systems—DTFT, DFT and FFT
  60. A Pseudo-Spectral Fourier Collocation Method for Inhomogeneous Elliptical Inclusions with Partial Differential Equations
  61.  Fourier Analysis
  62. On the coexistence of divergence and convergence phenomena for the Fourier-Haar series for non-negative functions
  63. Modeling longitudinal bunched beam dynamics in hadron synchrotrons using scaled fourier-hermite expansions
  64. The Hardy—Littlewood theorem for double Fourier—Haar series from mixed metric Lebesgue Lp̄ [0, 1] 2 and net Np̄, q̄ (M) spaces
  65. Design and Simulation of ECG Signal Generator by Making Use of Medical Datasets and Fourier Transform for Various Arrhythmias
  66.  Approximation properties of the double Fourier sphere method
  67. Fourier Coefficients Variation with Angle for Fracture Detection and Fluid Discrimination in Tilted Transversely Isotropic Media
  68. Degree of approximation of Fourier and its conjugate series of signals by Harmonic-Euler triple product summability
  69.  Fourier analysis
  70. Estimator Campuran Spline Truncated dan Deret Fourier Pada Regresi Nonparametrik Multirespon
  71.  A Fourier-based elastic continuum solution for jointed pipeline response to tunneling
  72.  An analogy of the Carleson–Hunt theorem with respect to Vilenkin systems
  73. Analysis of scattered higher dimensional data using generalized Fourier interpolation
  74.  To find the periodic orbits using Fourier series expansions around the Lagrange points L4 and L5
  75.  On the convergence of the Abel-Poisson means of multiple Fourier series
  76. Empirical Mode Decomposition and Fourier analysis of Caspian Sea level’s time series
  77. Quantum Fourier analysis for multivariate functions and applications to a class of Schrödinger-type partial differential equations
  78. New Sampling Expansion Related to Derivatives in Quaternion Fourier Transform Domain
  79. TV-based Spline Reconstruction with Fourier Measurements: Uniqueness and Convergence of Grid-Based Methods
  80. Basics of Fourier Analysis for High-Energy Astronomy
  81. A relation spectrum inheriting taylor series: muscle synergy and coupling for hand
  83. Projecting interval uncertainty through the discrete Fourier transform: An application to time signals with poor precision
  84.  Abstract noncommutative Fourier series on Gamma\SE (2)
  85. A proposal of nonlinear cointegration test with the flexible Fourier approach
  86. Non-Archimedean Koksma inequalities, variation, and Fourier analysis
  87.  Short-term traffic prediction based on time series decomposition
  88. Sums of Fourier coefficients associated with Hecke cusp forms
  89. Fourier–Bessel series of compactly supported convolutions on disks
  90. Symbolic computations via Fourier–Legendre expansions and fractional operators
  91. Approximation by Fourier sums in classes of Weyl–Nagy differentiable functions with high exponent of smoothness
  92. Fourier spectral element for simulation of vibro-acoustic modulation caused by contact nonlinearity in the beam
  93.  Fourier and Wavelet Transform Analysis of Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy Signal
  94.  A modified Fourier-Ritz method for free vibration of rectangular plates with elastic constrains
  95. Fourier Bases on General Self-Similar Sierpinski Measures
  96. On the Fourier coefficients of Siegel–Eisenstein series of degree 2 for odd level
  97. Fourier Plane-Wave Series Expansion for Holographic MIMO Communications
  98.  Research on Fourier and Prony analysis algorithm of inter-harmonic in power system
  99. Global Fourier Integral Operators in the Plane and the Square Function
  100. Numerical reconstruction from the Fourier transform on the ball using prolate spheroidal wave functions
  101.  D’oh! Fourier: Theory, Applications, and Derivatives
  102. Discrete Fourier-Jacobi transform
  103. Re-Investigating the degree of persistence of US economic policy uncertainty using the Fourier non-linear quantile unit root test
  104. Separation of Variables
  105. Empirical Fourier decomposition: An accurate signal decomposition method for nonlinear and non-stationary time series analysis
  106. Fast Fourier Transformation Computation of Modal Transfer Function for Rotating Source Localization
  107. The and the Fourier transform
  108. On the Fourier coefficients of the Siegel Eisenstein series of odd level and the genus theta series
  109. Wavelet and Fourier augmented convergence analysis of methane emissions in more than two centuries: implications for environmental management in OECD …
  110. On Fourier–Bessel series and the Kneser–Sommerfeld expansion
  111. Using double frequency in Fourier Dickey–Fuller unit root test
  112.  Long-term observations of atmospheric constituents at the first ground-based high-resolution fourier-transform spectrometry observation station in china
  113.  How to analyze your data with the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in R!
  114.  Exchange of Message using Fourier Transforms Via Affine Transformation
  115.  A Planar Acoustic Field Reconstruction Method Based on Fast Wave Superposition Spectrum and Sparse Sampling
  116. Asymmetric Behaviour of Elastic Waves in Anisotropic Plate having Graded Properties: A Fast Fourier Transform-based Spectral Analysis
  117. Improving the ESA CCI daily soil moisture time series with physically-based land surface model datasets using a Fourier time-filtering method
  118. Application of Fourier truncation method to numerical differentiation for bivariate functions
  119. Frequency Coupling Matrices
  120. Fourier–Hermite Dynamic Programming for Optimal Control
  121. Contour Smoothing for Super-Algebraically Convergent Algorithms of 2D Diffraction Problems
  122. Weighted integrability of multiple multiplicative Fourier transforms
  123. Continuous Phase Modulation of Phase Coded Transmit Waveforms using Multi-Tone Sinusoidal Frequency Modulation
  124. Watermarking of ECG signals compressed using Fourier decomposition method
  125. Chaos of the Rayleigh–Duffing oscillator with a non-smooth periodic perturbation and harmonic excitation
  126. Johansen‐type Cointegration Tests with a Fourier Function
  127. Robust sparse reconstruction of signals with gapped missing samples from multi-sensor recordings
  128. Design of the Processors for Fast Cosine and Sine Fourier Transforms
  129. High-dimensional discrete Fourier transform gates with the quantum frequency processor
  130. Fourier Orthonormal Bases of Two Dimensional Moran Measures with Four-Element Digits
  131.  Residual behaviors and metabolic pathway of ethylparaben in Drosophila melanogaster
  132. Shape-Based Approach for Low-Thrust Earth–Moon Trajectories Initial Design
  133. Trace formulas for Schrödinger operators on periodic graphs
  134. Cesàro-Riesz Product Summability Factor for an Infinite series
  135. Ringing-free fast Fourier single-pixel imaging
  136. Nonlinear models to predict stress versus strain of early age strength of flowable ordinary Portland cement
  137. -FWI: Robust full-waveform inversion with Fourier-based metric
  138. Sparse Fourier transforms on rank-1 lattices for the rapid and low-memory approximation of functions of many variables
  139. Empirical Fourier Decomposition for Time-Domain Signal Decomposition
  140.  Imaging the crustal structure beneath the Yinchuan Basin in the western North China Craton using normalized full gradient and 3D gravity inversion
  141. Some integral operators and their relation to multidimensional Fourier-Bessel transform on Lα2(ℝ+n) and applications
  142.  Attractive multistep reproducing kernel approach for solving stiffness differential systems of ordinary differential equations and some error analysis
  143. Prescribed performance control of Euler-Lagrange systems tracking targets with unknown trajectory
  144. The Horv\’ath’s spaces and the Fourier transform
  145. Spectrality of Sierpinski-type self-affine measures
  146. Time-series analysis and statistical forecasting of daily rainfall in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia: a pilot study
  147. Frequency-aware Time Series Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Classification and Granger Causality
  148. A variational approach to the analysis of excavation-induced vertical deformation in a segmental tunnel
  149. Complex Fourier‐based stress intensity factor analysis of plane elasticity using boundary element theories
  150. Fourier-domain dedispersion
  151. Dynamic Response Analysis of Deep-Sea Sediments with Heterogeneity under Moving Nonuniform Mining Collector Loading
  152. … economic growth, energy consumption, and globalization on ecological footprint: new evidence from Fourier bootstrap ARDL and Fourier bootstrap Toda–Yamamoto …
  153. The Effect of Tunnel Geometry and Geomechanical Parameters of Host Rock on Tunnel Displacement Profile
  154.  Asymptotic expansion of Fourier coefficients of reciprocals of Eisenstein series
  155. Analytical steady-state model based on Fourier integral transforms for cylindrical heat pipes under axisymetric conditions
  156. Theoretical analysis and general characteristics for nonlinear vibration energy harvesters
  157. An Initial Guess Tool for The EMTG
  158. Real- and Fourier-space observation of the anomalous -mode in Floquet engineered plasmonic waveguide arrays
  159. The Existence of Almost Periodic Response Solutions for Superlinear Duffing’s Equations
  160. Dynamic analysis, circuit realization and accelerated adaptive backstepping control of the FO MEMS gyroscope
  161.  Evolutionary algorithms and orthogonal basis for dynamic optimization in L-2 space for batch biodiesel
  162. Nonlinear static analysis of thin shallow and non-shallow shells using tensor formulation
  163. Fourier expansions of vector-valued automorphic functions with non-unitary twists
  164.  A new representation of the Stieltjes constants
  165.  A radical approach to real analysis
  166. Free Vibrations Analysis of Composite and Hybrid Axisymmetric Shells
  167. An exact formula for a Lambert series associated to a cusp form and the Möbius function
  168. A systematic approach for modelling the hydraulic fracturing of rocks with irregular inclusions using a combined finite-discrete method
  169. Intelligent resource sharing to enable quality of service for network clients: the trade-off between accuracy and complexity
  170.  Is Pollution Haven Hypothesis Valid in Turkey? New Evidence From Fourier Approach
  171. Fourier trajectory analysis for system discrimination
  172. Reconstruction of gapped missing samples based on instantaneous frequency and instantaneous amplitude estimation
  173. A High Fidelity Roll Dependent Aerodynamic Model for a Long Range, High Speed Missile
  174. Vibration analysis of laminated composite coupled double cylindrical shell-annular-rectangular plate system
  175. Evolutionary algorithms and orthogonal basis for dynamic optimization in L2 space for batch biodiesel production
  176. Frequency-Domain Properties of Signals
  177. Sequential symmetric periodic motions in a symmetric discontinuous dynamical system
  179. Energy Efficient Design of Fast Fourier Transform using Reversible Logic
  180. Fourier formalism for relativistic axion-photon conversion with astrophysical applications
  181. Periodic theory of greenhouse integrated semi-transparent photovoltaic thermal (GiSPVT) system integrated with earth air heat exchanger (EAHE)
  182. The determination of induction motor losses in steel taking into account its saturation
  183. On the Possibility of Application of Optimal Signals with Restriction on Energy Concentration on SDR HackRFOne
  184. New Damage Identification Method for Operational Metro Tunnel Based on Perturbation Theory and Fuzzy Logic
  185. A novel approach for reduction of the noise from microscopy images using Fourier decomposition
  187.  Tables of some Fourier coefficients of Hermitian modular forms of degree 2
  188. Applying the Fourier Method to Solve One Class of Third Order Differential Equations in Banach Spaces.
  189. Equivalent almost periodic functions in terms of the new property of almost equality
  190.  Inverse formulas for the Fourier coefficients of meromorphic functions in a half-plane
  191. A Flutter Prediction Framework in the Open-Source SU2 Suite
  192. Chebyshev polynomials in space dynamics
  193. Point-spread-function enhancement via designing new configuration of collimator in nuclear medicine
  194. Adaptive Fourier decomposition for multi-channel signal analysis
  195. A vindication of the RR Lyrae Fourier light curve decomposition for the calculation of metallicity and distance in globular clusters
  196.  Denoising of Biomedical Images Using Two-Dimensional Fourier-Bessel Series Expansion-Based Empirical Wavelet Transform
  197. An Analysis of Approximation Algorithms for Iterated Stochastic Integrals and a Julia and MATLAB Simulation Toolbox
  198. Prediction of effective thermal conductivity of multiphase composites with periodic microstructures using an expanded micromechanical model
  199.  The converse of Bohr’s equivalence theorem with Fourier exponents linearly independent over the rational numbers
  200. A three-dimensional Laguerre one-way wave equation solver
  201. Generalization of the Fourier Problem on Fluctuations in the Temperature of the Earth’s Crust
  202. How exponentially ill-conditioned are contiguous submatrices of the Fourier matrix?
  203. Hyperspectral microscopy imaging based on Fourier ptychographic microscopy
  204. A mathematical model of vibration signal for multistage wind turbine gearboxes with transmission path effect analysis
  205.  Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on ex-vessel prices using time-series analysis
  206. Gibbs phenomena for some classical orthogonal polynomials
  207. Fourier transform synchrotron spectroscopy of the COD-bending fundamental of CD3OD
  208. Local limit theorem for complex valued sequences
  209. Analytical Approach to the Derivation of the Stress Field of a Cylindrical Shell with a Circular Hole Under Axial Tension
  210. Fourier coefficients of minimal and next-to-minimal automorphic representations of simply-laced groups
  211. Multidimensional Kantorovich modifications of exponential sampling series
  212.  A modeling approach for AC/DC distribution systems based on average dynamic phasor method
  213. Analyzing Persistence Degree of Shocks to Co2 Emission of US States: Application of Linear and Nonlinear Fourier Quantile Unit Root Tests
  214.  Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)-Based Computational Intelligence Model for Urban Carbon Emission and Economic Growth
  215. Heat and mass transfer of triple diffusive convection in viscoelastic liquids under internal heat source modulations
  216. Synthesizing dispersion relations in a modulated tilted optical lattice
  217.  Data-driven modeling for long-term electricity price forecasting
  218. A time encoding approach to training spiking neural networks
  219. Positive Definite Functions on Products via Fourier Transforms: Old and New
  220.  Quantum Fourier transform to estimate drive cycles
  221. A Physics-Informed Neural Network Approach to Solution and Identification of Biharmonic Equations of Elasticity
  222. Formulation of curved beam vibrations and its extended application to train-track spatial interactions
  223. The variation of general Fourier coefficients of Lipschitz class functions
  224.  Comparative analysis of bore propagation over long distances using conventional linear and KdV-based nonlinear Fourier transform
  225. The Brascamp-Lieb inequality and its influence on Fourier analysis
  226. Adaptive neural tracking control for stochastic nonlinear multi-agent periodic time-varying systems
  227. Surrogate-based entire trajectory optimization for full space mission from launch to reentry
  228. Phenomenological vibration models of planetary gearboxes for gear local fault diagnosis
  229. Dynamic modeling and parameter identification for a gantry-type automated fiber placement machine
  230. Hyperbolic thermal-plasma wave propagation in semiconductor of organic material
  231. Explicit calculation method for cell alignment in non-circular geometries
  232. Koecher-Maass series associated to Hermitian modular forms of degree 2 and a characterization of cusp forms by the Hecke bound
  233. Analysis of bidirectional 15 MW current source DC/DC converter for series-connected superconducting-based 1 GW/100 kV offshore wind farm
  234. U-FNO—An enhanced Fourier neural operator-based deep-learning model for multiphase flow
  235. Vibration energy flow transmission in systems with Coulomb friction
  236. Design and characterization of a three-dimensional anisotropic additively manufactured pentamode material
  237.  Three-dimensional theoretical analysis of seepage field in front of shield tunnel face
  238. A novel analytical study on the buckling of cylindrical shells subjected to arbitrarily distributed external pressure
  239.  General parameter-shift rules for quantum gradients
  240. Surface Representation and Morphometric Analysis Based on Discrete Cosine Transform
  241. Fourier transform, Dirac commutator, energy conservation, and correspondence principle for electrical engineers
  242. Separable synchronous multi-innovation gradient-based iterative signal modeling from on-line measurements
  243. A method for summing Bessel series and a couple of illustrative examples
  244. A CPG-based gait planning and motion performance analysis for quadruped robot
  245. A note on a modified Hilbert transform
  246. Three-dimensional vibration analysis of rotating pre-twisted cylindrical isotropic and functionally graded shell panels
  247.  Reliable crack detection in a rotor system with uncertainties via advanced simulation models based on kriging and Polynomial Chaos Expansion
  248. Adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy recurrent RBFNN control design using ellipsoidal membership functions with application to MEMS gyroscope
  249. Non–symmetric transmission of nonlinear elastic waves across a corrugated interface between two half–spaces
  250. Functional integrals and phase stability properties in the vector field condensation model

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