Research Topics – Mesoscopic Physics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Mesoscopic Physics

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Mesoscopic physics of nanomechanical systems
  2. Onset of non-Gaussian quantum physics in pulsed squeezing with mesoscopic fields
  3. Extending Absorption of Cs2AgBiBr6 to Near‐Infrared Region (≈1350 nm) with Intermediate Band
  4. Ultrafast Lasing Dynamics in a CsPbBr3 Perovskite Microplate
  5. Cr‐Doped Pd Metallene Endows a Practical Formaldehyde Sensor New Limit and High Selectivity
  6. Polarization‐Driven‐Orientation Selective Growth of Single‐Crystalline III‐Nitride Semiconductors on Arbitrary Substrates (Adv. Funct. Mater. 14/2022)
  7. A protocol for single‐source dual‐pulse stimulated emission depletion setup with Bessel modulation
  8. Chemical Polishing of Perovskite Surface Enhances Photovoltaic Performances
  9. PhysFad: Physics-based end-to-end channel modeling of RIS-parametrized environments with adjustable fading
  10. Realizing High-Efficiency and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells via Double-Perovskite Nanocrystal Passivation
  11. Uncertainty Relations for Mesoscopic Coherent Light
  12.  Modeling of Gage Discontinuity Dissipative Physics
  13. Ultra‐Low Threshold Titanium‐Doped Sapphire Whispering‐Gallery Laser (Advanced Optical Materials 8/2022)
  14. A two-and three-dimensional mesoscopic method for an updated non-homogeneous model of Newtonian and non-Newtonian nanofluids
  15. Ultra‐Low Threshold Titanium‐Doped Sapphire Whispering‐Gallery Laser
  16. Probing the Effect of Ubiquitinated Histone on Mononucleosomes by Translocation Dynamics Study through Solid-State Nanopores
  17. Quasi 2D perovskite single-mode vertical-cavity lasers through large-area film transfer
  18.  Letter on Uncertainty Relations for Mesoscopic Coherent Light
  19. A Numerical Study on the Mesoscopic Characteristics of Ti-6Al-4V by Selective Laser Melting
  20. Experimental, mesoscopic and statistical approaches of plasticity in polycrystals
  21. Enhanced Photoluminescence of Monolayer MoSe2 in a Double Resonant Plasmonic Nanocavity with Fano Resonance and Mode Matching
  22. Upper bound for permanent orientation of symmetric-top molecule by linear fields
  23. Fully reconfigurable optomechanical add-drop filters
  24. Facet Orientation and Intermediate Phase Regulation via a Green Antisolvent for High‐Performance Perovskite Solar Cells
  25. Spontaneous Formation of Lead‐Free Cs3Cu2I5 Quantum Dots in Metal–Organic‐Frameworks with Deep‐Blue Emission
  26. Surface modulation of halide perovskite films for efficient and stable solar cells
  27. 2D FeOCl: A Highly In‐Plane Anisotropic Antiferromagnetic Semiconductor Synthesized via Temperature‐Oscillation Chemical Vapor Transport
  28. Non-equilibrium quantum impurity problems via matrix-product states in the temporal domain
  29.  A brief overview general formalisms PHYSICS
  30. Orbit-transfer torque driven field-free switching of perpendicular magnetization
  31. Wire network behavior of superconducting films with lower symmetrical mesoscopic hole arrays
  32. Non-Hermitian high-quality-factor topological photonic crystal cavity
  33. Current cross-correlations in a quantum Hall collider at filling factor two
  34. Wafer‐Scale Demonstration of MBC‐FET and C‐FET Arrays Based on Two‐Dimensional Semiconductors
  35. Transformation optics approach to mesoscopic plasmonics
  36. Charged Exciton Formation in Compact Polycrystalline Perovskite Thin Films
  37. Mesoscopic finite-size effects of unconventional electron transport in
  38. Magnetic Phase Transitions and Magnetoelastic Coupling in a Two-Dimensional Stripy Antiferromagnet
  39. Mesoscopic tunneling in strontium titanate
  40. Cobalt and oxygen double doping induced C@ MoS2-CoS2-O@ C nanocomposites with improved electronic structure and increased active sites as high …
  41. Detecting residual chemical disinfectant using an atomic Co–N x–C anchored neuronal-like carbon catalyst modified amperometric sensor
  42. Study on Dynamic Pore Water Scouring of Asphalt Pavement by Mesoscopic Simulation Method
  43.  Testing the foundation of quantum physics in space via Interferometric and non-interferometric experiments with mesoscopic nanoparticles
  44. Anisotropic Carrier Mobility from 2H WSe2
  45. Detection and tuning of spin-orbit interactions on inclined-grown Bi2O2Se nanoplates
  46. Two-parameter landscape of transport efficiency in mesoscopic networks: transitions from the Braess to normal regimes without a congestion relaxation.
  47. The eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the toroidal dipole operator in a mesoscopic system
  48. Molecular Shape Solution for Mesoscopic Remodeling of Cellular Membranes
  49. Mesoscopic Transport Behaviors in Miniaturized Quantum Anomalous Hall devices
  50. Seedless, size and shape controlled synthesis of gold mesoscopic particles and their excellent SERS applications
  51. High hydrogen production in the InSe/MoSi 2 N 4 van der Waals heterostructure for overall water splitting
  52. Fractional entropy of multichannel kondo systems from conductance-charge relations
  53. Dynamics of cooperative antibiotic resistance at mesoscopic scales
  54. Dynamical quantum phase transitions in a mesoscopic superconducting system
  55. Does mesoscopic elasticity control viscous slowing down in glassforming liquids?
  56. Atomic and mesoscopic structure of Dy-based surface alloys on noble metals
  57. Lattice Polarity Manipulation of Quasi‐vdW Epitaxial GaN Films on Graphene Through Interface Atomic Configuration
  58. Mesoscopic Simulation for Electrohydrodynamics (EHD) Drying
  59. Layer-Number-Dependent Antiferromagnetic and Ferromagnetic Behavior in
  60.  Electric Gap Characterization at Mesoscopic Scale with Scanning Probe Microscopy
  61. Strong violet emission from ultra-stable strontium-doped CsPbCl 3 superlattices
  62. Electrically driven motion, destruction, and chirality change of polar vortices in oxide superlattices
  63. Single-molecule optofluidic microsensor with interface whispering gallery modes
  64.  Thermal shear waves induced in mesoscopic liquids at low frequency mechanical deformation
  65. High electron mobility in nearly-dislocation-free hexagonal InN
  66.  Free-standing 2D non-van der Waals antiferromagnetic hexagonal FeSe semiconductor: halide-assisted chemical synthesis and Fe 2+ related magnetic …
  67. Excitons in mesoscopically reconstructed moir\’e hetersotructures
  68. Hyper-entangling mesoscopic bound states
  69. Crystalline Orientation and Anisotropy of Semi-Polar Gan Films Grown on M-Sapphire Substrate by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
  70. Improved Performance and Stability of Perovskite Solar Modules by Regulating Interfacial Ion Diffusion with Nonionic Cross‐Linked 1D Lead‐Iodide
  71. A multifunctional piperidine-based modulator for printable mesoscopic perovskite solar cells
  72.  Multi-mode twin-beam states in the mesoscopic intensity domain
  73. Device Performance and Strain Effect of Sub-5 nm Monolayer InP Transistors
  74. Towards intrinsically pure graphene grown on copper
  75.  Mesoscopic Difference of Hydrogen Double Minimum Well in Proton Irradiated Ferroelectric System
  76. Effect of unintentional nitrogen incorporation on n-type doping of β-Ga 2 O 3 grown by molecular beam epitaxy
  77. Persistent current of SU (N) fermions
  79. Mesoscopic lattice Boltzmann model for radiative heat transfer in graded-index media
  80. Interpretable learning of voltage for electrode design of multivalent metal-ion batteries
  81. Observation of the orbital Rashba-Edelstein magnetoresistance
  82. Lamb shift statistics in mesoscopic quantum ensembles
  83. Mesoscopic fluctuations in superconductor-topological insulator Josephson junctions
  84. Manipulation of the high-order harmonic generation in monolayer hexagonal boron nitride by two-color laser field
  85. Open quantum system dynamics and the mean force Gibbs state
  86. Droplet evaporation in finite-size systems: Theoretical analysis and mesoscopic modeling
  87. Self Organized Criticality in a Mesoscopic Model of Excitatory-Inhibitory Neuronal Populations by Short-term and Long-term Synaptic Plasticity
  88. Quantifying the emergence of structured laser beams relevant to Lissajous parametric surfaces
  89. Tracking moving objects through scattering media via speckle correlations
  90. An encapsulated optical microsphere sensor for ultrasound detection and photoacoustic imaging
  91. Boosting photocatalytic hydrogen evolution of g-C3N4 catalyst via lowering the Fermi level of co-catalyst
  92. Singlet-doublet transitions of a quantum dot Josephson junction revealed in a transmon circuit: finite temperature transitions
  93. Imprinting persistent currents in tunable fermionic rings
  94. Asymmetric Fraunhofer pattern in Josephson junctions from heterodimensional superlattice V5S8
  95.  Controlling disorder in self-assembled colloidal monolayers via evaporative processes
  96. Transport properties of optically thin solid dielectrics from frequency correlations of randomly scattered light
  97. Imaging oersted field around current flowing wire based on a diamond scanning magnetometer
  98. An efficient route to prepare suspended monolayer for feasible optical and electronic characterizations of two‐dimensional materials
  99. Investigation of Peculiarities of Coherent Magnetotransport of InN Nanowires Using Scanning Gate Microscopy
  100. One-point correlation functions of the two-periodic weighted Aztec diamond in mesoscopic limit
  101. First passage times of mesoscopic charge transport and entropy change
  102. Testing de Broglie’s double solution in the mesoscopic regime
  103. Mesoscopic simulations of inertial drag enhancement and polymer migration in viscoelastic solutions flowing around a confined array of cylinders
  104. Disorder control enhances ultrathin solar cells
  105. Laser‐Induced Recoverable Fluorescence Quenching of Perovskite Films at a Microscopic Grain Scale
  106. Experimental research on different metamorphic grades of coal bodies with macro–mesoscopic structure fractal characteristics
  107. Harnessing disorder for photonic device applications
  108. Broad-Band-Enhanced Plasmonic Perovskite Solar Cells with Irregular Silver Nanomaterials
  109. Quantum interference in finite-size mesoscopic rings
  110. Machine learning in scanning transmission electron microscopy
  111.  Study on the distribution pattern of particle re-crushing in the coal and rock mass crushing process under pressure
  112. Extracting fractional entropy of exotic quasiparticles from conductance measurements
  113. Many-body dissipative particle dynamics with energy conservation: temperature-dependent long-term attractive interaction
  114. Random lasing from Anderson attractors
  115. Advances in Laser Additive Manufacturing of Cobalt–Chromium Alloy Multi-Layer Mesoscopic Analytical Modelling with Experimental Correlations: From Micro …
  116. Multifunctional phase modulated metasurface based on a thermally tunable InSb-based terahertz meta-atom
  117. Mesoscopic organization of biomolecular condensates
  118. A robust protocol for entropy measurement in mesoscopic circuits
  119. Revealing the Molecular Physics of Lattice Self-Assembly by Vibrational Hyperspectral Imaging
  120. Efficient and stable mesoscopic perovskite solar cell in high humidity by localized Dion-Jacobson 2D‐3D heterostructures
  121.  Meta-programmable analog differentiator
  122. Polarization-tunable compact plasmonic wavelength demultiplexers based on Fano nanoantennas
  123. Exact anomalous current fluctuations in a deterministic interacting model
  124. Localization properties of the asymptotic density distribution of a one-dimensional disordered system
  125. Semiclassical roots of universality in many-body quantum chaos
  126. Destructive quantum interference phenomenon in series-coupled double quantum dots
  127. Mesoscopic Distinct Element Method for Carbon Nanotubes: From Workstation to Massively Parallel Simulations
  128. Mesoscopic inhomogeneities in concentrated electrolytes
  129.  Scattering of slow twisted neutrons by ortho-and parahydrogen
  130. Observing Mesoscopic Nucleic Acid Capacitance Effect and Mismatch Impact via Graphene Transistors
  131. In Situ Synthesis of UltraStable TiO2 Coating Rb+-Doped Red Emitting CsPbBrI2 Perovskite Quantum Dots
  132. Advanced magnetic X-ray spectro-microscopies to characterize mesoscopic magnetic materials
  133. Modeling the mesoscopic consequences of specific interactions on biomembranes
  134. Mesoscopic theoretical modeling and experimental study of rheological behavior of water-based drilling fluid containing associative synthetic polymer, bentonite, and …
  135. Gate modulation of anisotropic superconductivity in Al-Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 nanoplate-Al Josephson junctions
  136. Perpendicular edge magnetization fluctuations in a double mesospin system
  137. Magnon-photon strong interaction with magnetic nanowires
  138. Transport through amorphous photonic materials with localization and bandgap-regimes
  139. First Principle Study on Electronic and Transport Properties of Finite-Length Nanoribbons and Nanodiscs for Selected Two-Dimensional Materials
  140. The Generalized Euler Characteristics of the Graphs Split at Vertices
  141. Active yarn meshes for segmentation on X-ray computed tomography of textile composite materials at the mesoscopic scale
  142. Geometry evolution of mesoscopic mechanical structures during the rock fragmentation process induced by tunnel boring machine (TBM) cutters
  143. A Brief Study on Applications of Random Matrix Theory
  144.  Scattering theory of transport through interacting mesoscopic systems
  145. Selective excitation of four-wave mixing by helicity in gated graphene
  146. Three Dimension Refractive Index Characterization for Photonic Waveguides
  147. Universal Virucidal Activity of Calcium Bicarbonate Mesoscopic Crystals That Provides an Effective and Biosafe Disinfectant
  148.  Highly oriented MAPbI3 crystals for efficient hole-conductor-free printable mesoscopic perovskite solar cells
  149. Extractable work in quantum electromechanics
  150. Mechanochemistry Advances High‐Performance Perovskite Solar Cells
  151. Brightening single-photon emitters by combining an ultrathin metallic antenna and a silicon quasi-BIC antenna
  152. Symmetry-protected transport through a lattice with a local particle loss
  153. The In-Plane-Two-Folders Symmetric a-Plane AlN Epitaxy on r-Plane Sapphire Substrate
  154. Tailoring propagation of light via spin-orbit interactions in correlated disorder
  155. Finite-density-induced motility and turbulence of chimera solitons
  156. Vortex state in a superconducting mesoscopic irregular octagon
  157. Mesoscopic transport signatures of disorder-induced non-Hermitian phases
  158. Persistent homology analysis of a generalized Aubry-Andr\'{e}-Harper model
  159. Mesoscopic scale simulation and wear investigation of self-lubricating fabric liner based on representative volume element
  160. Simulation of three-dimensional forced compressible isotropic turbulence by a redesigned discrete unified gas kinetic scheme
  161. Spontaneous orbital magnetization of mesoscopic dipole dimers
  162. Three‐dimensional numerical study of heat transfer enhancement by sound waves using mesoscopic and macroscopic approaches
  163. Bohmian solution to the measurement of many-body systems: Sequential current in mesoscopic electron devices
  164. Anderson localization of electromagnetic waves in three dimensions
  165. Resolving plasmonic hotspots by label-free super-resolution microscopy
  166. Scattering theory of non-equilibrium noise and delta T current fluctuations through a quantum dot
  167. Quantum simulations in atomic physics
  168. Single Molecule Sensing Beyond Fluorescence
  169. Development of the Controllable C-field Current Stabilizer for the Atomic Beam Tube of the Cesium Atom Clock
  170. Solving quantum impurities with entanglement-based observables
  171.  Combining dynamic modeling with machine learning can be the key for the integration of mathematical and clinical oncology. Comment on “Improving cancer …
  172.  Modeling and simulation of microstructure in metallic systems based on multi-physics approaches
  173. Fixing the rotating-wave approximation for strongly-detuned quantum oscillators
  174. X-ray dual-spectrum imaging produced by femtosecond laser
  175. Subdiffusive wave transport and weak localization transition in three-dimensional stealthy hyperuniform disordered systems
  176.  Quantum unitary evolution interspersed with repeated non-unitary interactions at random times: the method of stochastic Liouville equation, and two examples …
  177. Dynamic splitting tensile behaviors of ceramic aggregate concrete: An experimental and mesoscopic study
  178. Single-shot imaging through scattering medium with a deterministic phase-retrieval algorithm
  179. Yielding and shear banding of amorphous materials
  180. Ultraviolet/Visible Quasicylindrical Waves on Semimetal Cd3As2 Nanoplates
  181. Kondo Effect and Phase Measurement in Double Quantum Dot in Parallel
  182.  Manipulation of current rectification in van der Waals ferroionic CuInP2S6
  183. Dual-coupling-guided epitaxial growth of wafer-scale single-crystal WS2 monolayer on vicinal a-plane sapphire
  184. Vibrational Kerr solitons in an optomechanical microresonator
  185. Central limit theorem for mesoscopic eigenvalue statistics of the free sum of matrices
  186. Downscaling an open quantum system: An atomistic approach applied to photovoltaics
  187. Enhancing the efficiency of perovskite solar cells by modifying perovskite layer with rGO additive
  188. Nesting and degeneracy of Mie resonances of dielectric cavities within zero-index materials
  189. Excitonic devices with van der Waals heterostructures: valleytronics meets twistronics
  190. Unitary Scattering Protected by Pseudo-Hermiticity
  191. QED coherence in matter, syntropy and the coherent domains as storing “devices”
  192.  A programmable qudit-based quantum processor
  193. Infrared radiation quantification of rock damage and its constitutive modeling under loading
  194.  Probing the orbital angular momentum of intense vortex pulses with strong-field ionization
  195. Tensile Damage Mechanisms of Concrete Using X-Ray: In Situ Experiments and Mesoscopic Modeling
  196. The beat of a current
  197. Present status and future challenges of non-interferometric tests of collapse models
  198. Materials physics from microscopy: statistical and machine learning methods for tackling inverse problems
  199. Lead‐free Double Perovskite Cs2AgIn0.9Bi0.1Cl6 Quantum Dots for White Light‐Emitting Diodes
  200.  Scale-invariance in miniature coarse-grained red blood cells by fluctuation analysis
  201. Subradiant directional memory in cooperative scattering
  202. Experimental demonstration of remotely creating Wigner negativity via quantum steering
  203. Generation of travelling sine-Gordon breathers in noisy long Josephson junctions
  204.  Influential groups for seeding and sustaining nonlinear contagion in heterogeneous hypergraphs
  205. Hexagonal boron nitride as a low-loss dielectric for superconducting quantum circuits and qubits
  206.  A continuum model for solitons in the twisted magnetic liquid crystals
  207. Plasma functionalized MoSe2 for efficient nonenzymatic sensing of hydrogen peroxide in ultra‐wide pH range
  208. Resonance distribution in the quantum random Lorentz gas
  209. Homointerface planar Josephson junction based on inverse proximity effect
  210. Accelerated simulation method for charge regulation effects
  211. A superconductor free of quasiparticles for seconds
  212. Detecting Preformed-Pair Current through Nonequilibrium Noise in the BCS–BEC Crossover
  213. Dynamic evolution of expanding Bose-Einstein condensates in the presence of a three-dimensional random optical speckle potential
  214. Momentum Signatures of Site Percolation in Disordered 2D Ferromagnets
  215. Diffusion of a chemically active colloidal particle in composite channels
  216. Non-perturbative $ ab $$ initio $ approach for calculating the electrical conductivity of a liquid metal
  217. Numerical study of the transverse localization of waves in one-dimensional lattices with randomly distributed gain and loss: effect of disorder correlations
  218. Lattice Boltzmann simulation of binary three-dimensional droplet coalescence in a confined shear flow
  219. A Material Law Based on Neural Networks and Homogenization for the Accurate Finite Element Simulation of Laminated Ferromagnetic Cores in the Periodic Regime
  220. Thermal superconducting quantum interference proximity transistor
  221. Physics-informed machine learning model for computational fracture of quasi-brittle materials without labelled data
  222. Three‐dimensional modeling of hysteresis in rocks
  223. Understanding the Effect of Foreign Particles on Membrane Elasticity in Lipid Vesicles
  224. The EcCLC antiporter embedded in lipidic liquid crystalline films-molecular dynamics simulations and electrochemical methods.
  225. Thermal drag effect in quantum Hall circuits
  226. A circulating particle current and energy currents in a circular tube with a temperature difference
  227. Supratransmission-induced travelling breathers in long Josephson junctions
  228. The world beyond physics: how big is it?
  229. Effect of electronegativity on electron surface scattering in thin metal layers
  230. Influence of pinning centers of different natures onsurrounding vortices
  231. Magnetic 2D materials: studying and manipulating ordered spins in flatland.
  232. Food physics insight: the structural design of foods
  233. Multiscale characterisation of strains in semicrystalline polymers
  234. Interstitial Fluid Behavior and Diseases
  235. Impurity with a resonance in the vicinity of the Fermi energy
  236. Energy storage in lead-free Ba(Zr, Ti) relaxor ferroelectrics: Large densities and efficiencies and their origins
  237. Magnetic Force Microscopy in Physics and Biomedical Applications
  238. Pulse energy enhancement in a Passively Q-switched Yb: Lu0. 74Y0. 23La0. 01VO4 laser with ReS2 saturable absorber
  239. Anisotropic resistivity and electroresistance in epitaxial La0. 3Pr0. 4Ca0. 3MnO3 thin films
  240. Single molecule translational and rotational diffusion measurements for probing phase maturation within FUS droplets
  241. Cryogenic integrated spontaneous parametric down-conversion
  242.  Multiscale models of Covid-19 with mutations and variants
  243. Multiplicity, Logical Openness, Incompleteness, and Quasi-ness as Peculiar Non-reductionist Properties of Complexity
  244. Perspective: Ultrafast imaging of molecular dynamics using ultrafast low-frequency lasers, x-ray free electron laser and electron pulses
  245. Accessibility and Trajectory-Based Text Characterization
  246. Exploring black hole mechanics in cotangent bundle geometries
  247. Simulating active agents under confinement with Dissipative Particles (hydro) Dynamics
  248. Electron transport layer engineering with rubidium chloride alkali halide to boost the performance of perovskite absorber layer
  249.  tinie–a software package for electronic transport through two-dimensional cavities in a magnetic field
  250. Multiple scattering model of the quantum random Lorentz gas
  251. Quantum magnetic billiards: boundary conditions and gauge transformations
  252. Analysis of Frank-Kamenetskii thermal explosion system of non-class a geometry based on Boltzmann method
  253. Numerical simulation of magnetic fluid thermal coupling of cylindrical heat source based on LBM lattice algorithm
  254. Fluctuating relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics as a gauge theory
  255.  Independent control of amplitude and period in a synthetic oscillator circuit with modified repressilator
  256.  Construction of nano information storage model based on sensor bus

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