Research Topics on Nanoscale electrical property mapping

Research Area/ Research Interest: Nanoscale electrical property mapping

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Thermo-mechanical properties and electrical mapping of nanoscale domains of carbon-based structural resins
  2. Mapping nanoscale electric field hotspots of a plasmon–molecule system: A theoretical study
  3. Carbon Fiber Surface Functional Landscapes: Nanoscale Topography and Property Distribution
  4. Nanoscale tip positioning with a multi-tip scanning tunneling microscope using topography images
  5. Nanoscale visualization of hot carrier generation and transfer at non-noble metal and oxide interface
  6.  Nanoscale mapping of optically inaccessible bound-states-in-the-continuum
  7. Single-Step Fabrication and Characterization of Nanoscale Cu Thinfilms for Optoelectronic Applications
  8. The nanoscale distribution of copper and its influence on charge collection in CdTe solar cells
  9.  Spatially mapping thermal transport in graphene by an opto-thermal method
  10. Interface-Driven Strain in Heavy Ion-Irradiated Zr/Nb Nanoscale Metallic Multilayers: Validation of Distortion Modeling via Local Strain Mapping
  11. Modulation of electrical properties in MoTe2 by XeF2-mediated surface oxidation
  12. Thermal and electrical cross-plane conductivity at the nanoscale in poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene): trifluoromethanesulfonate thin films
  13. Optical and Electrical Properties of Nanoscale Materials
  14. Influence of the nanostructure on the electric transport properties of resistive switching cluster-assembled gold films
  15. Mechanical properties of natural ultra-high-pressure high-temperature impact glasses at the nanoscale by PeakForce QNM
  16. Vacuum null-point scanning thermal microscopy: Simultaneous quantitative nanoscale mapping of undisturbed temperature and thermal resistance
  17. High Thermoelectric Performance Achieved in Sb-Doped GeTe by Manipulating Carrier Concentration and Nanoscale Twin Grains
  18. Cathodoluminescence mapping of electron concentration in MBE-grown GaAs: Te nanowires
  19. Enhanced dielectric and electrical properties of PbS nanostructures facilely synthesized by low-cost chemical route: An effect of Ce doping concentrations
  20. Microstructure Evolution and Properties of In Situ Micro/Nanoscale Mo2C Reinforced Copper Composite Synthesized by Hot-Pressing Consolidation of Mechanical …
  21. 6 Scanning probe microscopy of polymers
  22. Electrical Measurement by Multiple-Probe Scanning Probe Microscope
  23. Heterogeneous microstructure enables a synergy of strength, ductility and electrical conductivity in copper alloys
  24. Subthreshold Swing of 59 mV decade−1 in Nanoscale Flexible Ultralow‐Voltage Organic Transistors
  25.  Ultra-clean high-mobility graphene on technologically relevant substrates
  26. Coupling spin defects in a layered material to nanoscale plasmonic cavities
  27. Mapping the Progress in Flexible Electrodes for Wearable Electronic Textiles: Materials, Durability, and Applications
  28. Multiscale Investigation of the Structural, Electrical and Photoluminescence Properties of MoS2 Obtained by MoO3 Sulfurization
  29. Electrically conductive silicon oxycarbide thin films prepared from preceramic polymers
  30.  Electronic properties and surface potential evaluations at the protein nano-biofilm/oxide interface: Impact on corrosion and biodegradation
  31. The synthesis and electrical transport properties of carbon/Cr 2 GaC MAX phase composite microwires
  32. Supramolecular systems chemistry through advanced analytical techniques
  33.  Photo-modulated optical and electrical properties of graphene
  34. Electrical resistivity evolution in electrodeposited Ru and Ru-Co nanowires
  35. Fabrication, characterization, TD-DFT, optical and electrical properties of poly (aniline-co-para nitroaniline)/ZrO2 composite for solar cell applications
  36. Pressure-Induced Bandgap Engineering and Photoresponse Enhancing of Wurtzite CuInS2 Nanocrystals
  37. Near-field spectroscopic imaging of exciton quenching at atomically sharp MoS2/WS2 lateral heterojunctions
  38. Prediction of nanoscale thermal transport and adsorption of liquid containing surfactant at solid-liquid interface via deep learning
  39. Controlling Catalyst–Semiconductor Contacts: Interfacial Charge Separation in p-InP Photocathodes
  40. Scanning gradiometry with a single spin quantum magnetometer
  41. Plasmonic Nanobar-on-Mirror Antenna with Giant Local Chirality: a New Platform for Ultrafast Chiral Single-Photon Emission
  42.  Boron quantification, concentration mapping and picosecond excitons dynamics in High-Pressure-High-Temperature diamond by cathodoluminescence
  43. Graphical Direct-Writing of Macroscale Domain Structures with Nanoscale Spatial Resolution in Non-Polar-Cut Lithium Niobate on Insulators
  44. Optical and electrical properties of Al1-xInxN films with a wide middle-composition range by RF sputtering
  45. Single GaP nanowire nonlinear characterization with the aid of an optical trap
  46. Stress-Induced Magnetic Properties of Gadolinium Iron Garnet Nanoscale-Thin Films: Implications for Spintronic Devices
  47. Synergistic Effects of B/S Co-doped Spongy-like Hierarchically Porous Carbon for High Performance Zinc-ion Hybrid Capacitor
  48. Nanoscale Sensors Based on Conductive Polymers
  49. Nanoscale Characterization of Resistive Switching Using Advanced Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy–Based Setups
  50. Nanoscale chemical heterogeneity dominates the optoelectronic response of alloyed perovskite solar cells
  51. Structural, Optical and Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Molybdenum Thin Films Deposited under Variable Substrate Temperature
  52. Real-space visualization of intrinsic magnetic fields of an antiferromagnet
  53. Applications of liquid metals in nanotechnology
  54. Water Assisted Growth of Two-Dimensional MoS 2/MoSe 2 Vertical Heterostructures on Molten Glass
  55.  Hollow MoC/NC sphere for electromagnetic wave attenuation: direct observation of interfacial polarization on nanoscale hetero-interfaces
  56. Effects of the Nonlocal Thermoelastic Model in a Thermoelastic Nanoscale Material
  57. Growth and Optoelectronic Properties of Large-Scale Bilayer WS2 Ribbons with Unusual Shapes via Chemical Vapor Deposition
  58. Creating custom-designed patterns of nanoscale graphene quantum dots
  59. Quasi-Static Multifunctional Characterization of 3D-Printed Carbon Fiber Composites for Compressive-Electrical Properties
  60. Effect of a seed layer on microstructure and electrical properties of Ga2O3 films on variously oriented Si substrates
  61. Tuning the Optical Properties of a MoSe2 Monolayer Using Nanoscale Plasmonic Antennas
  62. GaN‐Based Deep‐Nano Structures: Break the Efficiency Bottleneck of Conventional Nanoscale Optoelectronics
  63. Influence of Nanoscale Charge Trapping Layer on the Memory and Synaptic Characteristics of a Novel Rubidium Lead Chloride Quantum Dot Based Memristor
  64. Piezoresponse force microscopy for functional imaging of organic ferroelectrics
  65. Overcoming Nanoscale Inhomogeneities in Thin-Film Perovskites via Exceptional Post-annealing Grain Growth for Enhanced Photodetection
  66.  Artificial intelligence technique of synthesis and characterizations for measurement of optical particles in medical devices
  67. Nanoscale Chemical Imaging of Coadsorbed Thiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au (111) by Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
  68. A Strategy toward Realizing Narrow Line with High Electrical Conductivity by Electrohydrodynamic Printing
  69. Nanoscale Control of One-Dimensional Confined States in Strongly Correlated Homojunctions
  70. Direct Laser Interference Ink Printing Using Copper Metal–Organic Decomposition Ink for Nanofabrication
  71.  Multifunctional Skin-inspired Resilient MXene-embedded Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Wireless Wearable Electronics
  72. Reconfigurable perovskite nickelate electronics for artificial intelligence
  73. The influence of depositional and diagenetic processes on rock electrical properties: A case study of the Longmaxi shale in the Sichuan Basin
  74. Bulk and surface exsolution produces a variety of Fe-rich and Fe-depleted ellipsoidal nanostructures in La 0.6 Sr 0.4 FeO 3 thin films
  75. Experimental characterization techniques for plasmon-assisted chemistry
  76. Improved zT in Nb 5 Ge 3–GeTe thermoelectric nanocomposite
  77. Coexistence of Flexo-and Ferro-Electric Effects in an Ordered Assembly of BaTiO3 Nanocubes
  78. Electronic Properties and Carrier Dynamics at the Alloy Interfaces of WS2xSe2‐2x Spiral Nanosheets
  79. Second order nonlinear frequency generation at the nanoscale in dielectric platforms
  80. Nanoscale-Resolved Surface-to-Bulk Electron Transport in CsPbBr3 Perovskite
  81. Device Performance Prediction of Nanoscale Junctionless FinFET Using MISO Artificial Neural Network
  82. High‐Purity Monochiral Carbon Nanotubes with a 1.2 nm Diameter for High‐Performance Field‐Effect Transistors
  83. Microwave impedance microscopy and its application to quantum materials
  84.  3D nanomechanical mapping of subcellular and sub-nuclear structures of living cells by multi-harmonic AFM with long-tip microcantilevers
  85. Design of nanoscale hybrid insulator-metal-insulator plasmonic waveguide
  86. Amorphous Boron Nitride Memristive Device for High-Density Memory and Neuromorphic Computing Applications
  87. Characterization of CVD-synthesized graphene films transferred on different substrates using the scanning probe microscopy electrical techniques
  88.  Filling the gap between topological insulator nanomaterials and triboelectric nanogenerators
  89. Nanoscale engineering of ring-mounted nanostructure around AAO nanopores for highly sensitive and reliable SERS substrates
  90. Plasmon-Enhanced Photoresponse of a Single Silver Nanowire and its Networked Devices
  91. Effects of Mg doping on structural and optoelectronic properties of p-type semiconductor CuCrO2 thin films
  92. Synthesis and electrical properties of graphene–manganese oxide hybrid nanostructures
  93. Extended anisotropic phonon dispersion and optical properties of two-dimensional ternary SnSSe
  94. Probing Electrochemistry at the Nanoscale: In Situ TEM and STM Characterizations of Conducting Filaments in Memristive Devices
  95. Nitrate reduction by nanoscale zero valent iron (nFe0)-based Systems: Mechanism, reaction pathway and strategy for enhanced N2 formation
  96. Ferroelectric domain structure and atomic-scale phase distribution in a Pb (Mg1/3Nb2/3) O3-PbTiO3 single crystal
  97. Substrate depended chemical composition segregation and electrical property of perovskite films
  98. Structure, electrical properties and energy storage performance of BNKT-BMN ceramics
  99. Eddy current measurement of chemiresistive sensing transients in monolayer graphene
  100. Gel Chromatography for Separation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
  101. Operando Characterization of Organic Mixed Ionic/Electronic Conducting Materials
  102.  Engineering of atomic-scale flexoelectricity at grain boundaries
  103. High-resolution and large-size stretchable electrodes based on patterned silver nanowires composites
  104. Mapping Oxidation and Wafer Cleaning to Device Characteristics Using Physics-Assisted Machine Learning
  105. Molecular Engineering of Pericellular Microniche via Biomimetic Proteoglycans Modulates Cell Mechanobiology
  106. Polarization in pseudocubic epitaxial relaxed PMN-PT thin films
  107. Structural, morphological, and optical properties of CdS and nickel doped CdS nanocrystals synthesized via a bottom-up approach
  108. Comprehensive and accurate analysis of the working principle in ferroelectric tunnel junctions using low-frequency noise spectroscopy
  109. Vertical 1D/2D Heterojunction Architectures for Self-Powered Photodetection Application: GaN Nanorods Grown on Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
  110. In-plane reflection phase engineering of graphene plasmons realized by electronic boundary design at the nanoscale
  111. Silver nanowire synthesis analyzing NaCl, CuCl2, and NaBr as halide salt with additional thermal, acid, and solvent post-treatments for transparent and flexible …
  112. Carrier dynamics at trench defects in InGaN/GaN quantum wells revealed by time-resolved cathodoluminescence
  113. Roles of electrons on the thermal transport of 2D metallic MXenes
  114. Structural, optical and electrical properties of Bi2− xMnxTe3 thin films
  115. Improved polarization and endurance in ferroelectric Hf 0.5 Zr 0.5 O 2 films on SrTiO 3 (110)
  116. High Mobility Graphene on EVA/PET
  117. Metasurface-empowered spectral and spatial light modulation for disruptive holographic displays
  118. Biology-guided engineering of bioelectrical interfaces
  119. Angle-Resolved Cathodoluminescence Polarimetry of Hybrid Perovskites
  120.  Identification of multi-color emission from coaxial GaInN/GaN multiple-quantum-shell nanowire LEDs
  121. Structural, morphological and electrical properties of new type Dy doped Ca6-xNa2Y2 (SiO4) 6 (OH) 2 hydroxyapatite compound synthesized by co–precipitation …
  122. A Flexible and Ultra-Highly Sensitive Tactile Sensor through a Parallel Circuit by a Magnetic Aligned Conductive Composite
  123. Temperature and Frequency Dependence of Negative Capacitance, Dielectric and Electric Properties in La0. 57Nd0. 1Sr0. 13Ag0. 2MnO3 Ceramic
  124. Design and simulation of inorganic perovskite solar cell
  125. Achieving high-performance n-type PbTe via synergistically optimizing effective mass and carrier concentration and suppressing lattice thermal conductivity
  126. Early-Age Performance of Graphene-Nanoplatelet-Modified High-Strength Concrete Cured by Electric Thermal Curing in Severe Cold Regions
  127. Designing Conductive‐Bridge Phase‐Change Memory to Enable Ultralow Programming Power
  128. Probing the local dielectric function of WS2 on an Au substrate by near field optical microscopy operating in the visible spectral range
  129. Cloaked near-field probe for non-invasive near-field optical microscopy
  130. Complex Optical Index of PbS Nanocrystal Thin Film and their Use for Short Wave Infrared Sensor Design
  131. Spin Current Sensing for Selective Detection of Explosive Molecules
  132. Electric-Field Induced Doping Polarity Conversion in Top-Gated Transistor Based on Chemical Vapor Deposition of Graphene
  133. Controlling reaction paths for ultra-fast growth of inorganic nanowires floating in the gas phase
  134.  Correlative imaging of ferroelectric domain walls
  135. High-Resolution R2R-Compatible Printing of Carbon Nanotube Conductive Patterns Enabled by Cellulose Nanocrystals
  136.  Effect of microstructure on thermoelectric conversion efficiency in metastable δ-phase AgSbTe2
  137. Tunability of structural, optical, and electrical properties of pristine MnSe thin film by gradually changing temperature for optoelectronic applications
  138. A Label-Free Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy for Detection of Clusters of Extracellular Vesicles Based on Their Unique Dielectric Properties
  139.  Focused ion beam-based microfabrication of boron-doped diamond single-crystal tip cantilevers for electrical and mechanical scanning probe microscopy
  140.  On the Spectroscopic Analyses of Polytetrafluoroethylene Coated with Nano ZnO and SiO2
  141. Improved Low Temperature Sinter Bonding Using Silver Nanocube Superlattices
  142.  High-Hole-Mobility Metal–Organic Framework as Dopant-Free Hole Transport Layer for Perovskite Solar Cells
  143. A Two-Step Approach to Tune the Micro and Nanoscale Morphology of Porous Niobium Oxide to Promote Osteointegration
  144. Volatile and nonvolatile memristive devices for neuromorphic computing
  145. Shifts in Valence States in Bimetallic MXenes Revealed by Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)
  146. Influence of minor La addition on the solidification, aging behaviors and the tensile properties of Al-Mg-Si alloys
  147. Atomically Resolved Electrically Active Intragrain Interfaces in Perovskite Semiconductors
  148. STEM Tools for Semiconductor Characterization: Beyond High-Resolution Imaging
  149. Hierarchical twinning and light impurity doping enable high-performance GeTe thermoelectrics
  150. Deep learning for mapping element distribution of high-entropy alloys in scanning transmission electron microscopy images
  151. Electrically Driven Hyperbolic Nanophotonic Resonators as High Speed, Spectrally Selective Thermal Radiators
  152. Nanoparticle-Based Resistive Switching Devices
  153. Effect of Focused Ion Beam Irradiation on Superconducting Nanowires
  154. A perspective on leakage current induced by threading dislocations in 4H-SiC Schottky barrier diodes
  155.  A novel work hardening mechanism of nanoscale materials by grain boundary transformation
  156. High-Performance Photodetectors Based on the 2D SiAs/SnS2 Heterojunction
  157. Enhanced energy storage performance of polymer nanocomposites using hybrid 2D ZnO@ MoS2 semiconductive nano-fillers
  158. Advanced composite glasses with metallic, perovskite, and two-dimensional nanocrystals for optoelectronic and photonic applications
  159. Efficient UV–visible photodetector based on single CuO/Cu2O core-shell nanowire
  160. Lanthanum-based double perovskite nanoscale motifs as support media for the methanol oxidation reaction
  161. Two-Dimensional InSb/GaAs-and InSb/InP-based Tandem Photovoltaic Device with Matched Bandgap
  162. Intrinsic Nature of Negative Capacitance in Multidomain Hf0.5Zr0.5O2‐Based Ferroelectric/Dielectric Heterostructures
  163. Self-Assembled 1T-MoS2/Functionalized Graphene Composite Electrodes for Supercapacitor Devices
  164. Nanoscale Skyrmions on a Square Atomic Lattice
  165. Recent Advances in Nanoscale Based Electrocatalysts for Metal-Air Battery, Fuel Cell and Water-Splitting Applications: An Overview
  166. Biopolymer-gated Ionotronic Junctionless Oxide Transistor Array for Spatiotemporal Pain-perceptual Emulation in Nociceptor Network
  167. Unusual Graphite Fluoride Hydrolysis Toward Unconventional Graphene Oxide for High-Performance Supercapacitors and Li-Ion Batteries
  168. High strength and ductility of titanium matrix composites by nanoscale design in selective laser melting
  169. Multifunctional wearable silver nanowire decorated leather nanocomposites for joule heating, electromagnetic interference shielding and piezoresistive sensing
  170. Al Alloys and Casting Processes for Induction Motor Applications in Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles: A Review
  171. Plasmonic Protein Electricity Generator
  172.  How gap distance between gold nanoparticles in dimers and trimers on metallic and non-metallic SERS substrates can impact signal enhancement
  173. Thin-gauge non-oriented silicon steel with balanced magnetic and mechanical properties processed by strip casting
  174. Designing Ionic Liquids as the Solvent for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells
  175. Understanding sodium storage properties of ultra-small Fe 3 S 4 nanoparticles–a combined XRD, PDF, XAS and electrokinetic study
  176. Hetero Channel Double Gate MOSFET for Label-free Biosensing Application
  177. All‐Solution‐Processed Van der Waals Heterostructures for Wafer‐Scale Electronics
  178. Dual-mode optical temperature sensing properties of PIN-PMN-PT: Pr3+ ceramic based on fluorescence intensity ratios and lifetimes
  179.  Controlling polarization direction in epitaxial Pb (Zr0. 2Ti0. 8) O3 films through Nb (n-type) and Fe (p-type) doping
  180. Synthesis of photoluminescent polycrystalline SiC nanostructures via a modified molten salt shielded method
  181. Realization of adjustable electron concentration and its effect on electrical-and Seebeck-property of n-type SnSe crystals
  182.  High-Density Resistive Switching Devices Fabricated by Block Copolymer Self-Assembly
  183. Experimental Electroplating and Material Characterization Using Nanoindentation Techniques
  184. Defective Metal–Organic Framework-808@ Polyaniline Composite Materials for High Capacitance Retention Supercapacitor Electrodes
  185. MoS2 nanosheets vertically grown on CoSe2 hollow nanotube arrays as an efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
  186. Hyperspectral imaging thermometry assisted by upconverting nanoparticles: experimental artifacts and accuracy
  187. Optimized power generation in solar using carbon substrate for reduced greenhouse gas effect
  188.  Magnetic capsulate triboelectric nanogenerators
  189. Mapping Lamb, Stark, and Purcell Effects at a Chromophore-Picocavity Junction with Hyper-Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy
  190. Adsorptive and reductive removal of toxic and radioactive metal ions by nanoscale zero-valent iron–based nanomaterials from wastewater
  191. Nanoscale design in biomineralization for developing new biomaterials
  192. Periodic Relief Fabrication and Reversible Phase Transitions in Amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 Thin Films upon Multi-Pulse Femtosecond Irradiation
  193. Fast and complete recovery of TMDs-decorated rGO fiber gas sensors at room temperature
  194. Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance of PbSe-graphene Nanocomposite Manufactured With Acoustic Cavitation Induced Defects
  195. Noninvasive measurements of spin transport properties of an antiferromagnetic insulator
  196. Seeing Structural Mechanisms of Optimized Piezoelectric and Thermoelectric Bulk Materials through Structural Defect Engineering
  197. Simultaneous Extraction of the Grain Size, Single-Crystalline Grain Sheet Resistance, and Grain Boundary Resistivity of Polycrystalline Monolayer Graphene
  198. Electron-beam-induced current (EBIC) imaging technique to quicken polysilicon defect localization in MOSFETs
  199. RGO/Manganese Silicate/MOF-derived carbon Double-Sandwich-Like structure as the cathode material for aqueous rechargeable Zn-ion batteries
  200. Atomically Thin 2D Interfaces as Sensors for Molecular Permeability through Cellular Layers and Thin Tissues
  201. Secondary Phase Limited Metal-Insulator Phase Transition in Chromium Nitride Thin Films
  202. Silicon nitride waveguides with directly grown WS 2 for efficient second-harmonic generation
  203. Impact of ZnO and Fe3O4 magnetic nanoscale on the methyl violet 2B removal efficiency of the activated carbon oak wood
  204.  Sensors-on-paper: Fabrication of graphite thermal sensor arrays on cellulose paper for large area temperature mapping
  205. Synergistic effects of three-dimensional graphene and silica fume on mechanical and chloride diffusion properties of hardened cement paste
  206. Nanoscale surface modification of polymer nanofibers enables uniform lithium nucleation and deposition for stable lithium metal anodes
  207. Impact of Lateral SnO2 Nanofilm Channel Geometry on a 1024 Crossbar Chemical Sensor Array
  208. Photovoltaic Thermal Collectors Integrated with Phase Change Materials: A Comprehensive Analysis
  209. Flexible Strain-Sensitive Silicone-CNT Sensor for Human Motion Detection
  210. Flower-like ZnO nanosheets grown on O2 plasma treated monolayer graphene and its photocatalytic property
  211. Synthesis of Co/CeO2 hetero-particles with abundant oxygen-vacancies supported by carbon aerogels for ORR and OER
  212. Self-powered High-performance Flexible GaN/ZnO Heterostructure UV Photodetectors with Piezo-phototronic Effect Enhanced Photoresponse
  213. In situ preparation of two-dimensional ytterbium ions doped all-inorganic perovskite nanosheets for high-performance visual dual-bands photodetectors
  214.  Low energy consumption fiber-type memristor array with integrated sensing-memory
  215.  Optical properties of an organic-inorganic hybrid film made of regenerated cellulose doped with light-scattering TiO2 particles
  216. Engineering the boosting of the magnetic Purcell factor with a composite structure based on nanodisk and ring resonators
  217. A conductive network enhances nerve cell response
  218. Computational prediction of electrical and thermal properties of graphene and BaTiO3 reinforced epoxy nanocomposites
  219. Preparation and modification technology analysis of ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs)
  220. Nanowire Array-based MOSFET for future CMOS technology to attain the ultimate scaling limit
  221. Highly optically transparent graphene mesh for electromagnetic interference shielding
  222. The electrical and dielectric characterization of the Co/ZnO-Rods/p-Si heterostructure depending on the frequency
  223.  Triboelectric Response of Electrospun Stratified PVDF and PA Structures. Nanomaterials 2022, 12, 349
  224. In Silico Study to Enhance Delivery Efficiency of Charged Nanoscale Nasal Spray Aerosols to the Olfactory Region Using External Magnetic Fields
  225. Structure and Electrical Behavior of Hafnium-Praseodymium Oxide Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition
  226. Multidimensional Imaging Reveals Mechanisms Controlling Multimodal Label-Free Biosensing in Vertical 2DM-Heterostructures
  227. Biomedical application of ZnO nanoscale materials
  228. Borazatruxenes as precursors for hybrid C-BN 2D molecular networks
  229. What are the Progresses and Challenges, from the Electrical Properties of Current-Carrying Friction System to Tribological Performance, for a Stable Current-Carrying …
  230. Observation of undercooling in a levitated nanoscale liquid Au droplet

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