Research Topics on Superconductivity and emerging quantum phenomena

Research Area/ Research Interest: Superconductivity and emerging quantum phenomena

Research Paper Topics for Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Strain Engineering of Low‐dimensional Materials for Emerging Quantum Phenomena and Functionalities
  2.  Pressure-induced superconductivity in MoP
  3. Emergent phenomena in multicomponent superconductivity: an introduction to the focus issue
  4.  Nanoscience and engineering in superconductivity
  5. Superconductivity in Shear Strained Semiconductors
  6. Tuning superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene
  7.  Ising pairing in superconducting NbSe2 atomic layers
  8. Superconductivity from emerging magnetic moments
  9.  Applications of Unique Superconductor Quantum Phenomena in Electronics
  10. Visualizing quantum phenomena at complex oxide interfaces: An atomic view from scanning transmission electron microscopy
  11. Atomic physics and quantum optics using superconducting circuits
  12. Macroscopic quantum phenomena
  13.  Quantum mesoscopic phenomena and mesoscopic devices in microelectronics
  14. Pressure-induced superconductivity in MoP
  15. Studies of Novel Quantum Phenomena in Ruthenates
  16.  Monte Carlo study of the pseudogap and superconductivity emerging from quantum magnetic fluctuations
  17. A new experimental approach for the exploration of topological quantum phenomena: Topological Insulators and Superconductors
  18. Preface to the Special Issue on Quantum Transport in Mesoscopic Systems
  19. Room-temperature superfluorescence in hybrid perovskites and its origins
  20.  Superconductivity bordering Rashba type topological transition
  21. Te vacancy-driven superconductivity in orthorhombic molybdenum ditelluride
  22. Superconductivity in ultrathin films and nanoscale systems
  23. Quantum and classical ratchet motions of vortices in a two-dimensional trigonal superconductor
  24.  Quantum Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Electrons Systems
  25.  Quantum Materials: A New Open Section in Materials
  26. Quantum Phenomena with Vortex Condensates
  27. Quantum phenomena emerging near a ferroelectric critical point in a donor–acceptor organic charge-transfer complex
  28.  Superconductivity and macroscopic quantum phenomena or is a Josephson junction really just a two-level atom?
  29. Ultrafast transient generation of spin-density-wave order in the normal state of BaFe2As2 driven by coherent lattice vibrations
  30.  Superconducting devices in quantum optics
  31. Correlated quantum phenomena in the strong spin-orbit regime
  32. Pseudogap and superconductivity emerging from quantum magnetic fluctuations: a Monte Carlo study
  33.  Superconductivity in quantum complex matter: the superstripes landscape
  34. Quantum dynamics of a superconducting tunnel junction
  35. Bulk Rashba semiconductors and related quantum phenomena
  36. Valerii Vinokur: Gauge Theory of the Superconductor-Insulator Transition
  37. Tuning electron correlation in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene using Coulomb screening
  38. Quantum Analog of Vibration Isolation: From Room Temperature Superfluorescence to High Temperature Superconductivity
  39. Towards properties on demand in quantum materials
  40. Observation of the Superconducting Proximity Effect in the Surface State of Thin Films
  41. Highly crystalline 2D superconductors
  42. Pressure-induced Superconductivity in the Three-component Fermion Topological Semimetal Molybdenum Phosphide
  43.  Superconductivity: fundamentals and applications
  44. Computer simulation of quantum phenomena in nanoscale devices
  45. Hybrid quantum circuits: Superconducting circuits interacting with other quantum systems
  46. Ca intercalated bilayer graphene as a thinnest limit of superconducting C6Ca
  47.  5th Anniversary of npj Quantum Materials
  48. Quantum Simulations with Superconducting Networks
  49. Superconductor photonics
  50. 5th Anniversary of npj Quantum Materials
  51.  The 2021 quantum materials roadmap
  52.  Nonreciprocal superconducting NbSe2 antenna
  53. High-temperature superfluorescence in perovskites
  54.  Microwave photonics with superconducting quantum circuits
  55.  Control of quantum phenomena: past, present and future
  56. Evaluation of Spin-Triplet Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4
  57. Advances in quantum control of three‐level superconducting circuit architectures
  58. Excitons and emergent quantum phenomena in stacked 2D semiconductors
  59.  Precision Synthesis of Quantum and Energy Materials
  60. Chiral superconductors
  61.  Nanomechanical coupling between microwave and optical photons
  62. Pathways toward understanding macroscopic quantum phenomena
  63. Emergent vortex Majorana zero mode in iron-based superconductors
  64.  A new ab initio approach to the development of high temperature superconducting materials
  65. Introductory Chapter: Superconductivity in Progress
  66. Photonic materials in circuit quantum electrodynamics
  67. Interface physics in complex oxide heterostructures
  68. Macroscopic quantum phenomena in strongly correlated fermionic systems
  69. Structural and quantum-state phase transitions in van der Waals layered materials
  70. Quantum phenomena in low-dimensional systems
  71. … advantages and challenges for laser-induced nanostructured cluster materials: functional capability for experimental verification of macroscopic quantum phenomena
  72. Two-dimensional superconductivity and topological states in thin films
  73.  Superconductivity emerging from a suppressed large magnetoresistant state in tungsten ditelluride
  74.  International network to explore novel superconductivity at advanced oxide superconductor/magnet interfaces and in nanodevices, EPSRC
  75. Megascopic Quantum Phenomena
  76.  Correlating Josephson supercurrents and Shiba states in quantum spins unconventionally coupled to superconductors
  77. Quantum optics, what next?
  78. First-principles discovery of novel quantum physics and materials: From theory to experiment
  79. Superconducting analogs of quantum optical phenomena: Macroscopic quantum superpositions and squeezing in a superconducting quantum-interference device …
  80.  Emerging Quantum Order in an Expanding Gas
  81. Emergent phenomena at oxide interfaces
  82.  Patterns and driving forces of dimensionality-dependent charge density waves in 2H-type transition metal dichalcogenides
  83.  Superconductivity: Volume 1: Conventional and Unconventional Superconductors Volume 2: Novel Superconductors
  84.  High-temperature cuprate superconductors get to work
  85. Zero-energy modes from coalescing andreev states in a two-dimensional semiconductor-superconductor hybrid platform
  86. Correlated oxide physics and electronics
  87. Superconductivity and bosonic fluid emerging from Moir\’e flat bands
  88. Field-induced superconductivity in electric double layer transistors
  89. Einstein and the early theory of superconductivity, 1919–1922
  90.  Emergence of charge density wave domain walls above the superconducting dome in 1T-TiSe2
  91. cm2-Scale Synthesis of MoTe2 Thin Films with Large Grains and Layer Control
  92. Spin-polarized supercurrents for spintronics: a review of current progress
  93. Coexistence of topological nontrivial and spin-gapless semiconducting behavior in : A composite quantum compound
  94.  Quantum Fluctuations Across the Superconductor-Insulator Transition
  95.  Quantum phase slip phenomenon in ultra-narrow superconducting nanorings
  96.  Dissipative superconducting state of non-equilibrium nanowires
  97. Excitons in 2D heterostructures
  98. Investigation of superconductivity in 3D doped topological insulators, 2D heterostructures and 1D nanowires
  99. Transparent perovskite barium stannate with high electron mobility and thermal stability
  100. The physics and applications of superconducting metamaterials
  101. Understanding macroscopic quantum phenomena: The history of superfluidity 1941–1955
  102. Argument for a direct realization of the quantum metrological triangle
  103. Atomic Bose-Einstein condensate in a twisted-bilayer optical lattice
  104. Molecular quantum materials: electronic phases and charge dynamics in two-dimensional organic solids
  105. Megascopic Quantum Phenomena
  106. Spontaneous localization and superconductivity
  107.  Quantum fluctuations in electrical circuits
  108. Propagation and localization of collective excitations on a 24-qubit superconducting processor
  109. Moiré engineering of electronic phenomena in correlated oxides
  110. Magnonic superfluidity versus bose condensation
  111.  Computing Solids: Models, ab-initio methods and supercomputing
  112. The chromium pnictide materials: A tunable platform for exploring new exciting phenomena
  113. Bottom up nano-integration technique for the fabrication of novel superconducting quantum interference devices based on granular superconducting diamond
  114. 4.12 Rare earth based superconducting materials
  115. New phenomena of superconductivity
  116. Correlated quantum transport of density wave electrons
  117. Quantum phenomena in circuits at low temperatures
  118.  Anomalous in-plane anisotropic Raman response of monoclinic semimetal 1 T-MoTe 2
  119. Thermodynamics in the quantum regime
  120. Superconductivity in Carbon Nanotubes: Limitations, Competition, and Implementation Toward Higher Tc
  121. Superconductivity in entirely end-bonded multiwalled carbon nanotubes
  122.  Origin of life: a consequence of cosmic energy, redox homeostasis and quantum phenomenon
  123.  Phase Transition Approach to High Temperature Superconductivity-Universal Properties of Cuprate Superconductors
  124. Progresses on topological phenomena, time-driven phase transitions, and unconventional superconductivity
  125.  Observation of topological electronic structure in quasi-1D superconductor TaSe3
  126. Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, University of Liverpool
  127. Experimental constraints on the pairing state of the cuprate superconductors: an emerging consensus
  128. Competition between anisotropy and superconductivity in organic and cuprate superconductors
  129.  Emerging Properties in Heterostructures Revealed with ARPES
  130. Feshbach shape resonance in multiband superconductivity in heterostructures
  131. Quantum matter in ultrahigh magnetic fields
  132.  Magnetically-driven colossal supercurrent enhancement in InAs nanowire Josephson junctions
  133. Polaritons in van der Waals materials
  134. Surface superconducting states in mesoscopic superconductors under different boundary conditions
  135. Magnetotransport Properties in High-Quality Ultrathin Two-Dimensional Superconducting Mo2C Crystals
  137. Exotic phenomena emerging from localized multipolar degrees of freedom
  138.  Control of quantum phenomena
  139. 2D materials for quantum information science
  140. A new class of bilayer kagome lattice compounds with Dirac nodal lines and pressure-induced superconductivity
  141. Multiple quantum phase transitions and superconductivity in Ce-based heavy fermions
  142. A review of finite size effects in quasi-zero dimensional superconductors
  143. From standard model of particle physics to room-temperature superconductivity
  144. Moiré heterostructures as a condensed-matter quantum simulator
  145. Superior carrier tuning in ultrathin superconducting materials by electric-field gating
  146. Entanglement in a solid-state spin ensemble
  147. Snapshots of cooperative atomic motions in the optical suppression of charge density waves
  148. Quantum correlations of coupled superconducting two-qubit system in various cavity environments
  149. Moiré physics in twisted van der Waals heterostructures of 2D materials
  150. Quantum and wave dynamical chaos in superconducting microwave billiards
  151. Electric field control of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface ground state
  152. Living in a quantum world
  153. Quasiparticle mass enhancement approaching optimal doping in a high-Tc superconductor
  154. Exotic circuit elements from zero-modes in hybrid superconductor–quantum-Hall systems
  155. Two-dimensional electron systems and interfacial coupling in LaCrO3/KTaO3 heterostructures
  156.  Superconductivity in Weyl semimetal candidate MoTe2
  157. Strongly correlated quantum walks with a 12-qubit superconducting processor
  158.  Emerging many-body effects in semiconductor artificial graphene with low disorder
  159.  SQUIDs, the Josephson effects and superconducting electronics
  160. Ultracold atoms in superlattices as quantum simulators for a spin ordering model and phenomena
  161.  A quantum critical point at the heart of high temperature superconductivity
  162.  The physics of nanoelectronics: transport and fluctuation phenomena at low temperatures
  163. MoTe2: Semiconductor or Semimetal?
  164. Magnon Bose–Einstein condensation and spin superfluidity
  165. Quantum optics: Science and technology in a new light
  166. High-temperature superconductivity in monolayer Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ δ
  167. Robust Superconductivity in Quasi-one-dimensional Multiband Materials
  168.  Superconducting Quantumcircuits for Hybrid Architectures
  169.  Two-dimensional lattice gauge theories with superconducting quantum circuits
  170. Superconductivity in one dimension
  171.  Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena and CP2 Geometry
  172. Large‐Scale Mapping of Moiré Superlattices by Hyperspectral Raman Imaging
  173.  Fundamentals of Superconducting Nanoelectronics
  174.  Magnetoencephalography
  175. Sachdev-ye-kitaev superconductivity: Quantum kuramoto and generalized richardson models
  176. Type-II Ising superconductivity in two-dimensional materials with spin-orbit coupling
  177. Large enhancement of thermoelectric efficiency due to a pressure-induced lifshitz transition in SnSe
  178.  Superconductivity: An Introduction
  179.  Quasi-two-dimensional superconductivity from dimerization of atomically ordered AuTe2Se4/3 cubes
  180. Nature of Unconventional Pairing in the Kagome Superconductors ()
  181. Quantum sensing
  182.  Surface Josephson plasma waves in a high-temperature superconductor
  183.  From the cover: The theory of everything
  184. A mixture of Bose and Fermi superfluids
  185.  Emergent honeycomb network of topological excitations in correlated charge density wave
  186.  A Theoretical Overview of the Quantum Phenomena at Oxide Interfaces: The Role of Spin and Charge
  187. Bulk topological superconductors
  188. Quantum criticality in heavy-fermion metals
  189. Tunable chiral bound states with giant atoms
  190. Quantum simulations with photons and polaritons
  191. Observation of moiré excitons in WSe2/WS2 heterostructure superlattices
  192. Semi-Meissner state and neither type-I nor type-II superconductivity in multicomponent superconductors
  193. Mott and generalized Wigner crystal states in WSe2/WS2 moiré superlattices
  194.  Commercialize quantum technologies in five years
  195.  Induced unconventional superconductivity on the surface states of Bi2Te3 topological insulator
  196.  Quantum phase transition from superconducting to insulating-like state in a pressurized cuprate superconductor
  197. Circuit quantum electrodynamics
  198. Record‐High Superconductivity in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Emerged in Compressed 2H‐TaS2
  199. Freezing and Hund’s Rules in Spin-Orbit-Coupled Multiorbital Hubbard Models
  200. Magnon BEC and Spin Superfluidity: a 3He primer
  201. Current-induced strong diamagnetism in the Mott insulator Ca2RuO4
  202.  Quasi-one-dimensional TaSe3: A New Topological Superconductor Candidate
  203. Universal properties of cuprate superconductors
  204. Phonon origin and lattice evolution in charge density wave states
  205.  A new Majorana platform in an Fe-As bilayer superconductor
  206.  Condensation and coherence in condensed matter
  207.  Superconductivity: a very short introduction
  208.  Interlayer electron–phonon coupling in WSe2/hBN heterostructures
  209.  Thermodynamic evidence for nematic superconductivity in CuxBi2Se3
  210. Imaging moiré flat bands in three-dimensional reconstructed WSe2/WS2 superlattices
  211. Harnessing ultraconfined graphene plasmons to probe the electrodynamics of superconductors
  212. Cryogenic electron microscopy for quantum science
  213.  Gate controlled anomalous phase shift in Al/InAs Josephson junctions
  214. Electrically tunable low-density superconductivity in a monolayer topological insulator
  215.  Anisotropic moiré optical transitions in twisted monolayer/bilayer phosphorene heterostructures
  216. Charge order and superconductivity in kagome materials
  217. Electron transport through a strongly interacting quantum dot coupled to a normal metal and BCS superconductor
  218.  Coherent coupling between vortex bound states and magnetic impurities in 2D layered superconductors
  219. Generation of non-classical photon states in superconducting quantum metamaterials
  220. Quantum spin liquid emerging in two-dimensional correlated Dirac fermions
  221. Recent progress in quantum simulation using superconducting circuits
  222.  Emerging physics
  223. First-principles exploration of superconductivity in MXenes
  224.  Emerging Autopoiesis: On Coherence in Complexity within Organization
  225. Correlated electronic phases in twisted bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides
  226. Topological superconductivity in Ni-based transition metal trichalcogenides
  227. Pauli-limit violation and re-entrant superconductivity in moiré graphene
  228. Superconductivity and strong correlations in moiré flat bands
  229. Josephson behavior in small normal one-dimensional rings
  230. Exotic quantum phenomena in cold atomic gases: numerical approaches
  231.  Tensor network approaches: Ground states and dynamics in quantum many-body systems
  232. Isotope effects in underdoped cuprate superconductors: a quantum critical phenomenon
  233.  Roadmap on quantum nanotechnologies
  234. Electronic properties of candidate type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2. A review perspective
  235. Recent advances in twisted structures of flatland materials and crafting moiré superlattices
  236.  Majorana zero modes in impurity-assisted vortex of LiFeAs superconductor
  237. Carbon nanotubes as emerging quantum-light sources
  238.  Quantum Power Source
  239. Quantum phase transitions in holographic models of magnetism and superconductors
  240.  Electronic structure study on iron based superconductor by using the surface electron doping technique
  241. Two-dimensional superconductivity in heterostructure of titanium sesquioxide
  242.  Ballistic superconductivity and tunable π–junctions in InSb quantum wells
  243. Fermi surface sheet-dependent band splitting in SrRuO revealed by high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  244. Multiple quantum criticality in a two-dimensional superconductor
  245. Structure-Spin-Transport Anomaly in Quasi-One-Dimensional Ba9Fe3Te15 under High Pressure
  246. A glimpse of quantum phenomena in optical lattices
  247. Topological superconductivity in hybrid devices
  248.  that macroscopic quantization in superconductors is another example whereby the behavior of a charged particle depends on the flux and not on the field
  249. Charge-Density-Wave-Induced Bands Renormalization and Energy Gaps in a Kagome Superconductor

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