Research Topics on Properties of semimetals

Research Area/ Research Interest: Properties of semimetals

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Thermoelectric properties of semimetals
  2. Low-temperature transport properties of the group V semimetals
  3. Optical and transport properties in three-dimensional Dirac and Weyl semimetals
  4.  Recent developments in transport phenomena in Weyl semimetals
  5. Electronic structure of the semimetals Bi and Sb
  6. Thermoelectric Properties of Novel Semimetals: A Case Study of YbMnSb2
  7.  Semiconductors and semimetals
  8. Anomalous transport properties of Dirac and Weyl semimetals
  9. Transport of topological semimetals
  10. Optical properties and electromagnetic modes of Weyl semimetals
  11. Optical properties of Weyl semimetals
  12.  Semimetals: 1. Graphite and its compounds
  13. Thermoelectric properties of Weyl and Dirac semimetals
  14. Dielectric and electronic properties of three-dimensional Luttinger semimetals with a quadratic band touching
  15. Magnetic-field-induced relativistic properties in type-I and type-II Weyl semimetals
  16.  Extremely large magnetoresistance and ultrahigh mobility in the topological Weyl semimetal candidate NbP
  17. Topological semimetals in square-net materials
  18. Topological nodal semimetals
  19. Topological semimetals
  20. Higher-order Weyl semimetals
  21.  Electronic properties of dirac and weyl semimetals
  22. Topological semimetal nanostructures: from properties to topotronics
  23. Comprehensive anisotropic linear optical properties of the Weyl semimetals TaAs and NbAs
  24. Combinatorial tuning of electronic structure and thermoelectric properties in Co2MnAl1−xSix Weyl semimetals
  25. Accurate magneto-optical determination of radius of topological nodal-ring semimetals
  26. Topological materials: Weyl semimetals
  27. Near‐Infrared Plasmonic 2D Semimetals for Applications in Communication and Biology
  28. Structural and electronic properties of the liquid polyvalent elements. IV. The pentavalent semimetals and trends across the periodic table
  29. Thermoelectric properties of Ce-based Kondo semimetals and semiconductors
  30. Weyl and Dirac semimetals in three-dimensional solids
  31. Manganese pnictides MnP, MnAs, and MnSb are ferromagnetic semimetals: preparation, structure, and properties (a survey)
  32. Electronic properties of disordered Weyl semimetals at charge neutrality
  33. Electronic properties and superlattice formation in the semimetal
  34. Higher-order weyl semimetals
  35. Topological properties of the chiral magnetic effect in multi-Weyl semimetals
  36. Topological semimetals from first principles
  37. Origin of dissipative Fermi arc transport in Weyl semimetals
  38. Magnetopolaritons in Weyl semimetals in a strong magnetic field
  39. Response properties of axion insulators and Weyl semimetals driven by screw dislocations and dynamical axion strings
  40. Thermoelectric transport properties of Floquet multi-Weyl semimetals
  41.  Thin-Film Diamond I:(part of the Semiconductors and Semimetals Series)
  42. Holographic topological semimetals
  43. Electromagnetic response of Weyl semimetals
  44. 3D Dirac semimetal : A review of material properties
  45. Type-ii weyl semimetals
  46.  Thermoelectric and thermal properties of the weakly disordered non-Fermi liquid phase of Luttinger semimetals
  47. A Dirac-semimetal two-dimensional BeN4: Thickness-dependent electronic and optical properties
  48. Superconductivity in many-valley semiconductors and in semimetals
  49. Helical Fermi arcs and surface states in time-reversal invariant Weyl semimetals
  50. Electromagnetic response of interacting Weyl semimetals
  51. Quantum anomalies in nodal line semimetals
  52. Edelstein effect in Weyl semimetals
  53. Chiral electromagnetic waves in Weyl semimetals
  54. Magnetic properties of type-I and type-II Weyl semimetals in the superconducting state
  55. Comparative study on structural, elastic, dynamical, and thermodynamic properties of Weyl semimetals MX (M= Ta or Nb; X= As or P)
  56.  Beyond band insulators: topology of semimetals and interacting phases
  57. Transport and magnetotransport in three-dimensional Weyl semimetals
  58. Semimetals and narrow gap semiconductors
  59. Widely Tunable Optical and Thermal Properties of Dirac Semimetal Cd3As2
  60. Nonlinear plasmonics of three-dimensional Dirac semimetals
  61. Carrier screening, transport, and relaxation in three-dimensional Dirac semimetals
  62.  Classification of stable three-dimensional Dirac semimetals with nontrivial topology
  63. Magnetic textures and dynamics in magnetic Weyl semimetals
  64. Transport properties of density wave phases in three-dimensional metals and semimetals under high magnetic field
  65. Surface plasmon polaritons in topological Weyl semimetals
  66. Thickness-Tunable Synthesis of Ultrathin Type-II Dirac Semimetal PtTe2 Single Crystals and Their Thickness-Dependent Electronic Properties
  67. Magnetotransport properties in a compensated semimetal gray arsenic
  68. Ultrafast investigation and control of Dirac and Weyl semimetals
  69. Magnetotransport properties of the single-crystalline nodal-line semimetal candidates
  70. Semimetal–semiconductor transition in alloy nanowires and their thermoelectric properties
  71. First-principles study of structural, mechanical, lattice dynamical and thermal properties of nodal-line semimetals ZrXY (X= Si, Ge; Y= S, Se)
  72. Chiral anomaly, charge density waves, and axion strings from Weyl semimetals
  73.  Electronic and optical properties of topological semimetal Cd3As2
  74. Exotic Superconducting Properties in the Electron-Hole-Compensated Heavy-Fermion “Semimetal”
  75. Electron transport in Dirac and Weyl semimetals
  76. Structural, elastic, electronic, bonding, and optical properties of topological CaSn3 semimetal
  77. Quantum transport in Dirac and Weyl semimetals: a review
  78. Structural and electronic properties of molten semimetals: An ab initio study for liquid antimony
  79. Experimental perspective on three-dimensional topological semimetals
  80. Radiative thermal router based on tunable magnetic Weyl semimetals
  81. Low-frequency divergence and quantum geometry of the bulk photovoltaic effect in topological semimetals
  82. Phase diagrams of disordered Weyl semimetals
  83. Three-dimensional quantum Hall effect and magnetothermoelectric properties in Weyl semimetals
  84.  Semiconductors and semimetals
  85. Magnetotransport properties of the triply degenerate node topological semimetal tungsten carbide
  86.  Emergence of thermoelectricity in Half Heusler topological semimetals with strain
  87. Structural and transport properties of the Weyl semimetal NbAs at high pressure
  88. Weyl semimetals as hydrogen evolution catalysts
  89.  Semiconductors and semimetals
  90. Large magnetoresistance in LaBi: origin of field-induced resistivity upturn and plateau in compensated semimetals
  91. Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly in Weyl semimetals: Application to pyrochlore iridates
  92. Surface plasmon polaritons in thin-film Weyl semimetals
  93. Electronic surface properties of group V semimetals
  94. Accurate Determination of the Quasiparticle and Scaling Properties Surrounding the Quantum Critical Point of Disordered Three-Dimensional Dirac Semimetals
  95. Bulk electronic, elastic, structural, and dielectric properties of the Weyl semimetal TaAs
  96. Electronic properties of high-quality epitaxial topological Dirac semimetal thin films
  97. Superconducting properties in single crystals of the topological nodal semimetal
  98. Enhanced thermoelectric properties of the Dirac semimetal Cd 3 As 2
  99. Phonon and thermal expansion properties in Weyl semimetals MX (M= Nb, Ta; X= P, As): ab initio studies
  100. High-field magnetoconductivity of topological semimetals with short-range potential
  101. Spin-to-charge conversion in magnetic Weyl semimetals
  102. Mirror anomaly in Dirac semimetals
  103.  Topological insulators and semimetals in classical magnetic systems
  104. Anisotropic Broadband Photoresponse of Layered Type‐II Weyl Semimetal MoTe2
  105. Electronic transport evidence for topological nodal-line semimetals of ZrGeSe single crystals
  106. Evolution of the Fermi surface of Weyl semimetals in the transition metal pnictide family
  107. Magnetotransport of Weyl semimetals due to the chiral anomaly
  108. Semimetals for high-performance photodetection
  109. Surface plasmon polaritons in strained Weyl semimetals
  110. Topological protection from exceptional points in Weyl and nodal-line semimetals
  111. Electronic properties of candidate type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2. A review perspective
  112. Thermoelectric and galvanomagnetic properties of topologically non-trivial (Co-M) Si semimetals (M= Fe, Ni) at high temperatures
  113.  Extremely high magnetoresistance and conductivity in the type-II Weyl semimetals WP2 and MoP2
  114. Experimental discovery of Weyl semimetal TaAs
  115. Low-energy electronic properties of a Weyl semimetal quantum dot
  116. Experimental progress on layered topological semimetals
  117. Thermoelectric transport in double-Weyl semimetals
  118. Non-Abelian properties of electron wave packets in the Dirac semimetals (
  119. Optical properties of the perfectly compensated semimetal
  120. Phonon analog of topological nodal semimetals
  121. Fermi Surface Properties of Semimetals YSb, LuSb, YBi, and LuBi Studied by the de Haas–van Alphen Effect
  122.  π Berry phase and Zeeman splitting of Weyl semimetal TaP
  123. Infrared properties of the semimetal Ti
  124. Tilted disordered Weyl semimetals
  125. Photocurrents in Weyl semimetals
  126. Weak antilocalization and localization in disordered and interacting Weyl semimetals
  127. Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Weyl Semimetal Co2MnGa Thin Films
  128.  An ab-initio study on structural, elastic, electronic, bonding, thermal, and optical properties of topological Weyl semimetal TaX (X= P, As)
  129. Topological nodal-line semimetals in alkaline-earth stannides, germanides, and silicides
  130. Intrinsic anomalous Hall effect in type-II Weyl semimetals
  131. Electronic properties of TaAs2 topological semimetal investigated by transport and ARPES
  132. Magnetotransport properties of the topological nodal-line semimetal CaCdSn
  133. Surface plasmons in Weyl semimetals
  134. Ultrahigh mobility and giant magnetoresistance in the Dirac semimetal Cd3As2
  135. Superconducting properties in a candidate topological nodal line semimetal with a centrosymmetric crystal structure
  136. From semiconductors to semimetals: bismuth as a photocatalyst for NO oxidation in air
  137. Dirac semimetals as Weyl semimetals
  138. Bulk single-crystal growth of the theoretically predicted magnetic Weyl semimetals ( = Pr, Ce)
  139. Semiclassical theory of anomalous transport in type-II topological Weyl semimetals
  140. Fractional quantum Hall effect in Weyl semimetals
  141. Epitaxial Growth and Transport Properties of Magnetic Weyl Semimetal Co3Sn2S2 Thin Films
  142. Recent progress in the study of topological semimetals
  143. Nodal-link semimetals
  144. Two-dimensional dirac semimetals without inversion symmetry
  145. Topological response in Weyl semimetals and the chiral anomaly
  146. Field theory approach to the quantum transport in Weyl semimetals
  147.  Semiconductors and semimetals
  148. Magnetic and electronic properties of the Cu-substituted Weyl semimetal candidate ZrCo2Sn
  149.  Elastic, electronic, bonding, and optical properties of WTe2 Weyl semimetal: A comparative investigation with MoTe2 from first principles
  150. Weyl semimetal in a topological insulator multilayer
  151. Elastic and transport properties of topological semimetal ZrTe
  152. Chiral viscoelastic response in Weyl semimetals
  153. Evidence for Dominant Phonon-Electron Scattering in Weyl Semimetal
  154. Topological semimetals with helicoid surface states
  155. Topological semimetals studied by ab initio calculations
  156. Electric control of Fermi arc spin transport in individual topological semimetal nanowires
  157. Patterns of electromagnetic response in topological semimetals
  158.  Large single crystal growth, transport property and spectroscopic characterizations of three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2
  159. Tight-binding theory of the electronic structures for rhombohedral semimetals
  160. Ultrahigh conductivity in Weyl semimetal NbAs nanobelts
  161. Observation of superconductivity induced by a point contact on 3D Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 crystals
  162. Semiconductors and semimetals. Volume 11. Solar cells
  163.  Creating stable Floquet–Weyl semimetals by laser-driving of 3D Dirac materials
  164. Knitting topological bands in artificial sonic semimetals
  165. Topological semimetal and Fermi-arc surface states in the electronic structure of pyrochlore iridates
  166. Realization of a transition between type-I and type-II Dirac semimetals in monolayers
  167. Anomalous Hall Effect and Topological Defects in Antiferromagnetic Weyl Semimetals:
  168. Plasmons and optical properties of semimetal graphite
  169. Optical response of Luttinger semimetals in the normal and superconducting states
  170. Tunable omnidirectional photonic band gap of one-dimensional photonic crystals containing Dirac semimetals
  171.  Crystal growth of Dirac semimetal ZrSiS with high magnetoresistance and mobility
  172. Enhanced thermoelectric performance by van Hove singularities in the density of states of type-II nodal-line semimetals
  173.  Realization of a Type‐II Nodal‐Line Semimetal in Mg3Bi2
  174. Skin effect as a probe of transport regimes in Weyl semimetals
  175. Doped Semimetal Clusters: Ternary, Intermetalloid Anions [Ln@Sn7Bi7]4– and [Ln@Sn4Bi9]4– (Ln = La, Ce) with Adjustable Magnetic Properties
  176.  Elastic Properties and Binding Forces in Group V Semimetals and Their Alloys
  177. Towards strongly correlated semimetals: U2Ru2Sn and Eu8Ga16Ge30
  178. Trilayer graphene is a semimetal with a gate-tunable band overlap
  179. Semimetal to semiconductor transition and thermoelectric properties of bismuth nanotubes
  180. Site mixing induced ferrimagnetism and anomalous transport properties of the Weyl semimetal candidate
  181. Electronic structure and transport properties of semimetal CaAl2Si2
  182. Density of states and magnetotransport in Weyl semimetals with long-range disorder
  183. Structural and electronic properties of the pure and stable elemental 3D topological Dirac semimetal α-Sn
  184. On the search for the chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetals: the negative longitudinal magnetoresistance
  185. Transport properties in the filled-skutterudite compounds RERu4Sb12 (RE—La, Ce, Pr and Nd); an exotic heavy fermion semimetal CeRu4Sb12
  186. Electronic correlations in nodal-line semimetals
  187. Tunable 3D Dirac-semimetals supported mid-IR hybrid plasmonic waveguides
  188. Mixed topology ring states for Hall effect and orbital magnetism in skyrmions of Weyl semimetals
  189. Ultralow lattice thermal conductivity and electronic properties of monolayer 1T phase semimetal SiTe2 and SnTe2
  190. Two-dimensional Chern semimetals on the Lieb lattice
  191. Electronic transport in torsional strained Weyl semimetals
  192. Discovery of a Weyl fermion semimetal and topological Fermi arcs
  193. Higher-order topological insulators and semimetals in generalized Aubry-André-Harper models
  194.  Anisotropic quantum confinement effect and electric control of surface states in Dirac semimetal nanostructures
  195.  Proximity-induced surface superconductivity in Dirac semimetal Cd3As2
  196. Magnetic and transport properties of low-carrier-density Kondo semimetal CeSbTe
  197.  Signatures of complex optical response in Casimir interactions of type I and II Weyl semimetals
  198. Insulator to semimetal transition in graphene oxide
  199. New type of Weyl semimetal with quadratic double Weyl fermions
  200. Quantum tunneling through a rectangular barrier in multi-Weyl semimetals
  201. Special topic on topological semimetals—New directions
  202. From weak to strong disorder in Weyl semimetals: Self-consistent Born approximation
  203. Crystal growth and magnetic properties of topological nodal-line semimetal gdsbte with antiferromagnetic spin ordering
  204.  Semiconductors and semimetals
  205. Chiral anomaly in type-I Weyl semimetals: Comprehensive analysis within a semiclassical Fermi surface harmonics approach
  206. Coexistence of open and closed type nodal line topological semimetals in two dimensional B 2 C
  207. Orbital magnetization and anomalous Hall effect in interacting Weyl semimetals
  208. Tunable point nodes from line-node semimetals via application of light
  209. Linear Dichroism and Nondestructive Crystalline Identification of Anisotropic Semimetal Few‐Layer MoTe2
  210. Anisotropic thermal transport in Weyl semimetal TaAs: a first principles calculation
  211. Multi-Weyl topological semimetals stabilized by point group symmetry
  212. Unconventional photocurrents from surface Fermi arcs in topological chiral semimetals
  213. Quasiparticle interference of the Fermi arcs and surface-bulk connectivity of a Weyl semimetal
  214. Current at a distance and resonant transparency in Weyl semimetals
  215. Discovery of tip induced unconventional superconductivity on Weyl semimetal
  216. Charge density waves in Weyl semimetals
  217. A novel SiO monolayer with a negative Poisson’s ratio and Dirac semimetal properties
  218. A multi-band and polarization-independent perfect absorber based on Dirac semimetals circles and semi-ellipses array
  219. Surface plasmon polaritons in a waveguide composed of Weyl semimetals with different symmetries
  220. Anisotropic large diamagnetism in Dirac semimetals ZrTe5 and HfTe5
  221. Optical conductivity of Weyl semimetals and signatures of the gapped semimetal phase transition
  222. Effect of Mechanical Strain on the Optical Properties of Nodal‐Line Semimetal ZrSiS
  223. Phonon magnetochiral effect of band-geometric origin in Weyl semimetals
  224. First-principles study of As, Sb, and Bi electronic properties
  225. Transport and spin conversion of multicarriers in semimetal bismuth
  226. Electrostatic modulation of the electronic properties of Dirac semimetal thin films
  227. Superconductivity in doped Dirac semimetals
  228. Interacting Dirac liquid in three-dimensional semimetals
  229. Loop-nodal and point-nodal semimetals in three-dimensional honeycomb lattices
  230. Anomaly induced chiral magnetic current in a Weyl semimetal: Chiral electronics
  231. Comparative Raman study of Weyl semimetals TaAs, NbAs, TaP and NbP
  232. Evolving Devil’s staircase magnetization from tunable charge density waves in nonsymmorphic Dirac semimetals
  233. Topological invariants for holographic semimetals
  234.  Controllable synthesis and magnetotransport properties of Cd 3 As 2 Dirac semimetal nanostructures
  235. Optical conductivity of multi-Weyl semimetals
  236. Axion-field-enabled nonreciprocal thermal radiation in Weyl semimetals
  237. Circular Dichroism As A Probe For Topology In 3D Semimetals
  238.  Semiconductors and semimetals
  239. Thermoelectric properties of a ferromagnetic semiconductor based on a Dirac semimetal (Cd3As2) under high pressure
  240.  Artificial gravity field, astrophysical analogues, and topological phase transitions in strained topological semimetals

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