Nanotechnology Research Topics

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Research Area/ Research Interest: Nanotechnology

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Carbon materials and nanotechnology
  2.  Dekker encyclopedia of nanoscience and nanotechnology
  3.  Encyclopedia of nanoscience and nanotechnology (v. 7. Nano Me-T)
  4.  Encyclopedia of nanotechnology
  5.  Essentials of nanotechnology
  6.  Fundamentals of nanotechnology
  7.  Introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology
  8.  Microsystems and nanotechnology
  9.  Nanoethics: the ethical and social implications of nanotechnology
  10.  Nanoparticles: building blocks for nanotechnology
  11.  Nanophysics and nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience
  12.  Nanotechnology 101
  13.  Nanotechnology and the Environment
  14.  Nanotechnology and the Environment
  15.  Nanotechnology for dummies
  16.  Nanotechnology for photovoltaics
  17.  Nanotechnology for the energy challenge
  18.  Nanotechnology in biology and medicine: methods, devices, and applications
  19.  Nanotechnology in drug delivery
  20.  Nanotechnology in food and agriculture
  21.  Nanotechnology research directions for societal needs in 2020: retrospective and outlook
  22.  Nanotechnology research directions: IWGN workshop report: vision for nanotechnology in the next decade
  23.  Nanotechnology safety
  24.  Nanotechnology: A gentle introduction to the next big idea
  25.  Nanotechnology: an agricultural paradigm
  26.  Nanotechnology: Assessment and perspectives
  27.  Nanotechnology: basic science and emerging technologies
  28.  Nanotechnology: global strategies, industry trends and applications
  29.  Nanotechnology: importance and applications
  30.  Nanotechnology: technical basics and applications
  31.  Nanotechnology: understanding small systems
  32.  Nanotechnology–An introduction for the standards community
  33.  Scanning microscopy for nanotechnology: techniques and applications
  34.  Soft machines: nanotechnology and life
  35.  What is nanotechnology and why does it matter?: from science to ethics
  36.  Introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology
  37.  Nanofuture: what’s next for nanotechnology
  38.  Nanotechnology: health and environmental risks
  39.  A bioactivated in vivo assembly nanotechnology fabricated NIR probe for small pancreatic tumor intraoperative imaging
  40.  Antimicrobial applications of nanotechnology: methods and literature
  41.  Application of nanotechnology in food science: perception and overview
  42.  Applications of nanotechnology for immunology
  43.  Applications of nanotechnology in dermatology
  44.  Applications of Nanotechnology in Smart Textile Industry: A Critical Review
  45.  Developing nanotechnology in Latin America
  46.  Emerging Trends in the Delivery of Resveratrol by Nanostructures: Applications of Nanotechnology in Life Sciences
  47.  Future impact of nanotechnology on medicine and dentistry
  48.  Glyco-nanotechnology: A biomedical perspective
  49.  Impact of nanotechnology in cancer: emphasis on nanochemoprevention
  50.  Make nanotechnology research open-source
  51.  Nanotechnology approaches for global infectious diseases
  52.  Nanotechnology for cancer treatment
  53.  Nanotechnology in agriculture: prospects and constraints
  54.  Nanotechnology in agri-food production: an overview
  55.  Nanotechnology in cancer diagnosis: progress, challenges and opportunities
  56.  Nanotechnology in cosmetics: Opportunities and challenges
  57.  Nanotechnology in food science: Functionality, applicability, and safety assessment
  58.  Nanotechnology in plant science: to make a long story short
  59.  Nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture: recent developments, challenges, and perspectives
  60.  Nanotechnology: carrying drugs
  61.  Nanotechnology: the future
  62.  Nanotechnology: The new perspective in precision agriculture
  63.  Nanotechnology: What it can do for drug delivery
  64.  Nanotechnology-based approaches in anticancer research
  65.  Nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems
  66.  Polymer nanotechnology: nanocomposites
  67.  Recent advances in nanotechnology for eradicating bacterial biofilm
  68.  Recent trends in nanotechnology applications of bio-based packaging
  69.  Targeted therapy using nanotechnology: focus on cancer
  70.  The current application of nanotechnology in food and agriculture
  71.  The intertwine of nanotechnology with the food industry
  72.  The Lycurgus cup—a roman nanotechnology
  73.  History of nanotechnology
  74.  How nanotechnology can change the concrete world
  75.  Machine-phase nanotechnology
  76.  Nanotechnology and animal health
  77.  Nanotechnology and its applications in agriculture: A review
  78.  Nanotechnology application in agriculture
  79.  Nanotechnology in agricultural diseases and food safety
  80.  Nanotechnology in agriculture
  81.  Nanotechnology in agriculture and food production
  82.  Nanotechnology in dentistry
  83.  Nanotechnology pros and cons to agriculture: a review
  84.  Nanotechnology, a new frontier in Agriculture
  85.  Nanotechnology: The future of dentistry.
  86.  Nanozymes: an emerging field bridging nanotechnology and biology
  87.  National nanotechnology initiative-past, present, future
  88.  Prospects of nanotechnology in Indian farming
  89.  Selected applications of nanotechnology in textiles
  90.  Significance of nanotechnology in construction engineering
  91.  The economic development of nanotechnology-An indicators based analysis
  92.  What is nanotechnology?
  93. A critical review of advanced nanotechnology and hybrid membrane based water recycling, reuse, and wastewater treatment processes
  94. A theory of innovation for process-based innovations such as nanotechnology
  95. An application of nanotechnology in advanced dental materials
  96. An empirical analysis of nanotechnology research domains
  97. An overview of structural DNA nanotechnology
  98. Analytical nanotechnology for food analysis
  99. Application of nanotechnology in biomedicine
  100. Application of nanotechnology in cancer therapy and imaging
  101. Application of nanotechnology in cosmetics
  102. Application of nanotechnology in textile engineering: An overview
  103. Application of Phase Change Materials in Building Components and the use of Nanotechnology for its improvement
  104. Applications of liquid metals in nanotechnology
  105. Applications of nanotechnology in agriculture
  106. Applications of nanotechnology in oil and gas E&P
  107. Applications of nanotechnology to biotechnology: Commentary
  108. Best practices in cancer nanotechnology: perspective from NCI nanotechnology alliance
  109. Biomedical applications of nanotechnology
  110. Broader societal issues of nanotechnology
  111. Cancer nanotechnology: application of nanotechnology in cancer therapy
  112. Challenges and opportunities for structural DNA nanotechnology
  113. Characterization techniques for nanotechnology applications in textiles
  114. Chemical approaches to DNA nanotechnology
  115. Common pitfalls in nanotechnology: lessons learned from NCI’s Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory
  116. Cultural cognition of the risks and benefits of nanotechnology
  117. DNA engineering and its application to nanotechnology
  118. DNA nanotechnology from the test tube to the cell
  119. Enabling individualized therapy through nanotechnology
  120. Environmental application of nanotechnology
  121. Environmental risks of nanotechnology: National nanotechnology initiative funding, 2000− 2004
  122. Expectations and the Emergence of Nanotechnology
  123. Fluorescent Nanotechnology: An Evolution in Optical Sensors
  124. Future nanotechnology developments for automotive applications
  125. Getting into the brain: potential of nanotechnology in the management of NeuroAIDS
  126. Global nanotechnology research literature overview
  127. Green nanotechnology
  128. Green nanotechnology
  129. How helpful is nanotechnology in agriculture?
  130. Hydrothermal technology for nanotechnology
  131. Improving cancer immunotherapy through nanotechnology
  132. Insights from nanotechnology in COVID-19 treatment
  133. International perspective on government nanotechnology funding in 2005
  134. Intersection of Inorganic Chemistry and Nanotechnology for the Creation of New Cancer Therapies
  135. Investing in nanotechnology
  136. Laypeople’s and experts’ perception of nanotechnology hazards
  137. Legal problems of nanotechnology: an overview
  138. Lipid nanotechnology
  139. Measuring and assessing the development of nanotechnology
  140. Modern applications of nanotechnology in textiles
  141. Molecular biomimetics: nanotechnology through biology
  142. Motor proteins at work for nanotechnology
  143. Nanobiotechnology: implications for the future of nanotechnology in orthopedic applications
  144. Nanodiagnostics: application of nanotechnology in molecular diagnostics
  145. nanohub. org: Advancing education and research in nanotechnology
  146. Nanoparticles and nanotechnology research
  147. Nanoscience, nanotechnology, and chemistry
  148. Nanotechnology
  149. Nanotechnology and agroecosystem.
  150. Nanotechnology and biosensors
  151. Nanotechnology and cancer
  152. Nanotechnology and its application in dentistry
  153. Nanotechnology and its applications in the food sector
  154. Nanotechnology and medicine
  155. Nanotechnology and plant sciences
  156. Nanotechnology and potential of microorganisms
  157. Nanotechnology and the challenge of clean water
  158. Nanotechnology and the environment: A European perspective
  159. Nanotechnology and the need for risk governance
  160. Nanotechnology applications in medicine.
  161. Nanotechnology applications in surgical oncology
  162. Nanotechnology for bone materials
  163. Nanotechnology for oilfield applications: Challenges and impact
  164. Nanotechnology for sustainable development: retrospective and outlook
  165. Nanotechnology for the developing world
  166. Nanotechnology for waste wood recycling
  167. Nanotechnology goals and challenges for electronic applications
  168. Nanotechnology governance
  169. Nanotechnology grows up
  170. Nanotechnology in agriculture: Current status, challenges and future opportunities
  171. Nanotechnology in clinical laboratory diagnostics
  172. Nanotechnology in Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals—A Review of Latest Advancements
  173. Nanotechnology in dermatology
  174. Nanotechnology in ophthalmology
  175. Nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture: present concerns and future aspects
  176. Nanotechnology in textiles
  177. Nanotechnology in the agrofood industry
  178. Nanotechnology in the chemical industry–opportunities and challenges
  179. Nanotechnology innovations for the construction industry
  180. Nanotechnology on duty in medical applications
  181. Nanotechnology research: applications in nutritional sciences
  182. Nanotechnology safety concerns revisited
  183. Nanotechnology strategies for plant genetic engineering
  184. Nanotechnology systems of innovation—An analysis of industry and academia research activities
  185. Nanotechnology with soft materials
  186. Nanotechnology, risk and the environment: a review
  187. Nanotechnology: A little knowledge…
  188. Nanotechnology: a new opportunity in plant sciences
  189. Nanotechnology: A next-generation tool for sustainable aquaculture
  190. Nanotechnology: A policy primer
  191. Nanotechnology: Advantages and drawbacks in the field of construction and building materials
  192. Nanotechnology: an overview based on indicators and statistics
  193. Nanotechnology: basic concepts and definitions
  194. Nanotechnology: convergence with modern biology and medicine
  195. Nanotechnology: emerging tools for biology and medicine
  196. Nanotechnology: from “wow” to “yuck”?
  197. Nanotechnology: from the ancient time to nowadays
  198. Nanotechnology: future of oncotherapy
  199. Nanotechnology: intelligent design to treat complex disease
  200. Nanotechnology: international developments and emerging products
  201. Nanotechnology: looking as we leap
  202. Nanotechnology: risks and the media
  203. Nanotechnology: small wonders
  204. Nanotechnology: the next big thing, or much ado about nothing?
  205. Nanotechnology: Wired for success
  206. Nanotechnology-A new field of ethical inquiry?
  207. Nanotechnology-assisted production of value-added biopotent energy-yielding products from lignocellulosic biomass refinery–A review
  208. Nanotechnology—what is it? Should we be worried?
  209. Neuroscience nanotechnology: progress, opportunities and challenges
  210. New frontiers in nanotechnology for cancer treatment
  211. Novel applications of nanotechnology in medicine.
  212. Opportunities and challenges for nanotechnology in the agri-tech revolution
  213. Patenting nanotechnology
  214. Patients, here comes more nanotechnology
  215. Prospects of nanotechnology in clinical immunodiagnostics
  216. Public perception of nanotechnology
  217. Public perceptions about nanotechnology: Risks, benefits and trust
  218. Publications and patents in nanotechnology
  219. Recent advances in nanotechnology
  220. Refining search terms for nanotechnology
  221. Related searches
  222. Review on concrete nanotechnology
  223. Risk management principles for nanotechnology
  224. RNA Cancer Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology-mediated RNA Therapy
  225. Safe handling of nanotechnology
  226. Shelf life extension of aquatic products by applying nanotechnology: a review
  227. Significance of nanotechnology in food industry
  228. Simultaneous improvements in antibacterial and flame retardant properties of PET by use of bio-nanotechnology for fabrication of high performance PET …
  229. Spinning continuous fibers for nanotechnology
  230. Structural DNA nanotechnology: state of the art and future perspective
  231. Surfaces in precision engineering, microengineering and nanotechnology
  232. Technology tomorrow: extracting the benefits of nanotechnology for the oil industry
  233. The applications of nanotechnology in food industry
  234. The development of regulations for food nanotechnology
  235. The emerging field of RNA nanotechnology
  236. The future of nanotechnology in plant pathology
  237. The growing role of nanotechnology in combating infectious disease
  238. The impact of electrocrystallization on nanotechnology
  239. The nanotechnology of life-inspired systems
  240. The nanotechnology revolution
  241. The present and future of nanotechnology in human health care
  242. The public and nanotechnology: How citizens make sense of emerging technologies
  243. The structure and infrastructure of the global nanotechnology literature
  244. Treating metastatic cancer with nanotechnology
  245. Trends in nanotechnology patents
  246. Two cultures of nanotechnology?
  247. Ultrathin Membranes for Separations: A New Era Driven by Advanced Nanotechnology
  248. What is cancer nanotechnology?
  249. Where does nanotechnology belong in the map of science?
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