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Research Area/ Research Interest: Applied and Engineering Physics

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  2. Partnership for eXtreme Xtallography (PX2)—A state-of-the-art experimental facility for extreme-conditions crystallography: A case study of pressure-induced phase …
  3. Static and dynamic diamond anvil cell (s-dDAC): A bidirectional remote controlled device for static and dynamic compression/decompression
  4. New opportunities for nuclear and atomic physics on the femto-to nanometer scale with ultra-high-intensity lasers
  5. Emission of fused silica and KBr samples in the UV and visible spectral ranges under irradiation with 2.7 MeV electrons
  6. Theoretical investigations on x-ray transport in radiation transport experiments on the Shenguang-III prototype laser facility
  7. Simultaneous high-resolution x-ray backlighting and self-emission imaging for laser-produced plasma diagnostics using a two-energy multilayer Kirkpatrick–Baez …
  8. Generation of single-cycle relativistic infrared pulses at wavelengths above 20 µm from density-tailored plasmas
  9. Recent progress in matter in extreme states created by laser
  10. Porous Au–Ag Nanoparticles from Galvanic Replacement Applied as Single‐Particle SERS Probe for Quantitative Monitoring
  11.  Physics in Laboratory. Experiments for Engineering Physics Courses
  12. Detailed characterization of a laboratory magnetized supercritical collisionless shock and of the associated proton energization
  13. Solitary waves described by a high‐order system in optical fiber Bragg gratings with arbitrary refractive index
  14.  Plasma Physics Modern Issues
  15. Cooling capacity optimization of hydrocarbon fuels for regenerative cooling
  16. Photon polarization effects in polarized electron–positron pair production in a strong laser field
  17. Physics-Informed Multifidelity Residual Neural Networks for Hydromechanical Modeling of Granular Soils and Foundation Considering Internal Erosion
  18. Elucidating the reaction pathway of crystalline multi-metal borides for highly efficient oxygen-evolving electrocatalysts
  19.  Advanced Problems in Plasma Physics
  20. Determination of Glucose in Human Serum Using Background Subtraction of Cyclic Voltammetry of a Low Oxidation Peak at NiO Based Electrode
  21. Physics-informed regularisation procedure in neural networks: An application in blast protection engineering
  22. A physics-informed variational DeepONet for predicting crack path in quasi-brittle materials
  23.  Data-driven science and engineering: Machine learning, dynamical systems, and control
  24. Numerical investigation of spallation neutrons generated from petawatt-scale laser-driven proton beams
  25. Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical modelling for geothermal doublet system with 3D fractal fracture
  26. A novel magnetic cooling device for long distance heat transfer
  27. Analyses of internal structures and defects in materials using physics-informed neural networks
  28. Cubic rank transmuted generalized Gompertz distribution: properties and applications
  29. Giant Red‐Shifted Emission in (Sr,Ba)Y2O4:Eu2+ Phosphor Toward Broadband Near‐Infrared Luminescence
  30. X-ray dual-spectrum imaging produced by femtosecond laser
  31. Cross-section measurements of (n, 2n) and (n, p) reactions on 124,126,128,130,131,132 Xe in the 14 MeV region and theoretical calculations of their excitation …
  32. A control-oriented scalable model for demand side management in district heating aggregated communities
  33. Utilising Fractional Porous Interface for High Thermal Performance of Serpentine Wavy Channel Solar Air Heater
  34. Optoelectronic Physics and Engineering of Atomically Thin Photovoltaics
  35. On physics-informed data-driven isotropic and anisotropic constitutive models through probabilistic machine learning and space-filling sampling
  36. Fluid film characteristics over horizontal multi-faceted tube and the augmentation of thermal performance
  37. Temperature-based analysis of droplet cooling and freezing on femtosecond laser textured surfaces
  38. Pressure effects on the thermal decomposition of the LLM-105 crystal
  39. Physics-Informed Neural Networks with Adaptive Localized Artificial Viscosity
  40. Importance of long-term ground-loop temperature variation in performance optimization of Ground Source Heat Pump system
  41. Influence of Groundwater Heat Pump system operation on geological environment by Hydro-Thermal-Mechanical-Chemical numerical model
  42. Performance analysis of aqueous LiCl and CaCl2 based falling film dehumidifier with surface modification
  43. Insights into the Metal–CO Bond in O2M(η1-CO) (M = Cr, Mo, W, Nd, and U) Complexes
  44. Innovations in pulsating heat pipes: From origins to future perspectives
  45. Multi-objective lichtenberg algorithm: A hybrid physics-based meta-heuristic for solving engineering problems
  46. Toward a Reliability Approach Decision Support Tool for Early System Design: Physics of Failure vs. Historical Failure Data
  47. Respecting causality is all you need for training physics-informed neural networks
  48. Numerical investigation on turbulent flow and heat transfer characteristics of ferro-nanofluid flowing in dimpled tube under magnetic field effect
  49.  Dispersive dromions, conserved densities and fluxes with integrability via P-test for couple of nonlinear dynamical system
  50. Micro/nanoscale surface on enhancing the microchannel flow boiling performance: A Lattice Boltzmann simulation
  51. Recent advances on the thermal properties and applications of nanofluids: From nanomedicine to renewable energies
  52. Use of 3D mathematical modelling to understand the heat transfer mechanisms during freeze-drying using high-throughput vials
  53. Robust and general predictive models for condensation heat transfer inside conventional and mini/micro channel heat exchangers
  54.  A weather forecast-based control for the improvement of PCM enhanced radiant floors
  55. Off-design modeling of a microturbine combined heat & power system
  56. Thermo-hydraulic performance of tube with decaying swirl flow generators
  57. Dynamic simulation and experimental performance of an adsorbed natural gas system under variable charging conditions
  58. gLaSDI: Parametric Physics-informed Greedy Latent Space Dynamics Identification
  59. Engineering the harmonic generation in graphene
  60.  Integration of data-driven and physics-based modeling of wind waves in a shallow estuary
  61. Performance optimisation of microchannel pin-fins using 2D CFD
  62. Experimental and numerical investigations on heat transfer and flow behavior of flow blockage in narrow rectangular channel with protrusions
  63.  High-Intensity Lasers for Nuclear and Physical Applications
  64. Solitary wave solutions along with Painleve analysis for the Ablowitz–Kaup–Newell–Segur water waves equation
  65. Ratio of water/fuel concentration in a group of composite droplets on high-temperature heating
  66.  Abundant closed-form wave solutions and dynamical structures of soliton solutions to the (3+ 1)-dimensional BLMP equation in mathematical physics
  67. Fountain Fringe Field Switching (FFFS) for Wide Viewing Angle LCDs
  68. Optimizing the coupling structural parameters of composite porous vapor chamber with radial grooves based on design of experiment and response surface
  69. Performance and operating modes of a thermal-lag Stirling engine with a flywheel
  70. Temperature control of vibrating heat-generating hardware using spray evaporative cooling in the nucleate boiling region
  71. Tunable bilayer Hubbard model physics in twisted WSe2
  72. Structural modification from centrosymmetric Rb 4 Hg 2 Ge 2 S 8 to noncentrosymmetric (Na 3 Rb) Hg 2 Ge 2 S 8: mixed alkali metals strategy for infrared nonlinear …
  73. Discrete Bidirectional Associative Memory Neural Networks of the Cohen–Grossberg Type for Engineering Design Symmetry Related Problems: Practical Stability of …
  74. Precise laser pulse shaping technology and application with high energy stability
  75.  Fundamental and Applied Scientific Research in the Development of Agriculture in the Far East (AFE-2021): Agricultural Innovation Systems, Volume 2
  76. Performance analysis of pinnate horizontal well in enhanced geothermal system
  77. Effect of various multiple strip inserts and nanofluids on the thermal–hydraulic performances of parabolic trough collectors
  78. Reduction of dislocation density in lattice-relaxed Al0. 68Ga0. 32N film grown on periodical 1 μm spacing AlN pillar concave-convex patterns and its effect on the …
  79. A comprehensive review of micro-scale expanders for carbon dioxide related power and refrigeration cycles
  80. Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of high-dimensional quaternion impulsive fuzzy dynamic equations on time scales
  81. In situ measurement of heat transfer coefficient and solar aperture of insulated dwellings using the dynamic integrated method
  82. Review of air disinfection approaches and proposal for thermal inactivation of airborne viruses as a life-style and an instrument to fight pandemics
  83.  The Effect Of Low-Level Laser In The Growth And Biological Activities Of Bitter Melon
  84. Efficient reduced order model for heat transfer in a battery pack of an electric vehicle
  85. Revealing the Relationship between Electric Fields and the Conformation of Oxytocin Using Quasi-Static Amide-I Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectra
  86. Scale modeling study of airflow distribution uniformity in large spaces with high heat flux
  87. Effect of polypropylene molecular weight distribution on the balance between the toughness and rigidity of the impact polypropylene composites
  88. A physics-based metaheuristic algorithm based on doppler effect phenomenon and mean euclidian distance threshold
  89. Measurement of the Groomed Jet Radius and Momentum Splitting Fraction in and Pb-Pb Collisions at
  90. Physics and Modeling of Large Flow Disturbances: Discrete Gust Encounters for Modern Air Vehicles
  91. Rapid synthesis of Li4Ti5O12 as lithium‐ion battery anode by reactive flash sintering
  92.  Design at Scale in a First-Year Transdisciplinary Engineering Design Course
  93. Rapid CO2 laser processing technique for fabrication of micro-optics and micro-structures on fused silica materials
  94. Magnetic Force Microscopy in Physics and Biomedical Applications
  95. A research of Micro-pulse tube cryocooler with displacer phase shifter
  96. Physics-informed graph neural Galerkin networks: A unified framework for solving PDE-governed forward and inverse problems
  97. Realization of 18.97% theoretical efficiency of 0.9 μm thick c-Si/ZnO heterojunction ultrathin-film solar cells via surface plasmon resonance enhancement
  98.  Deep physical neural networks trained with backpropagation
  99. A novel sequential method to train physics informed neural networks for Allen Cahn and Cahn Hilliard equations
  100. Application of a mixed variable physics-informed neural network to solve the incompressible steady-state and transient mass, momentum, and energy conservation …
  101. An engineering model for high-speed switching in GeSbTe phase-change memory
  102.  Development A Low-Cost Electrical Impedance Tomography System For Non-Invasively Detecting Abnormal In Breast Tissue-Phantom Study
  103. Experimental investigations on the thermal superposition effect of multiple hotspots for embedded microfluidic cooling
  104. Urban-Scale Energy Models: The relationship between cooling energy demand and urban form
  105. Enhanced Seismic Response Prediction of Critical Structures via 3D Regional Scale Physics-Based Earthquake Simulation
  106.  Computational techniques to study the dynamics of generalized unstable nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  107. Effectiveness of aviation kerosene pool fire suppression by water mist in a cargo compartment with low-pressure environment
  108. Gradient-enhanced physics-informed neural networks for forward and inverse PDE problems
  109. Interfacial Engineering of PTAA/Perovskites for Improved Crystallinity and Hole Extraction in Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells
  110.  A method for calculating underwater explosion shock wave parameters of slender cone-shaped charges
  111. Two-phase flow distribution in parallel flow mini/micro-channel heat exchangers for refrigeration and heat pump systems: A comprehensive review
  112. An integrated approach for designing Joule-Thomson refrigerators operating with mixtures
  113. Bandgap engineering in TiO2/rGO 1D photonic metasurfaces as broadband solar absorber
  114. PhyCRNet: Physics-informed convolutional-recurrent network for solving spatiotemporal PDEs
  115.  Physics-informed linear regression is competitive with two Machine Learning methods in residential building MPC
  116.  Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research B
  117.  Classification of Stages Diabetic Retinopathy Using MobileNetV2 Model
  118. Researches on the performance of GaN-PIN betavoltaic nuclear battery
  119. MHD quadratic mixed convective Eyring-Powell nanofluid flow with multiple diffusions
  120. Combined machine learning and physics-based models for estimating fuel consumption of cargo ships
  121. Enforcing exact physics in scientific machine learning: a data-driven exterior calculus on graphs
  122. Investigation on High-Efficiency Beam-Wave Interaction for Coaxial Multi-Beam Relativistic Klystron Amplifier
  123. Growth of PbTe nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy
  124. A semi‐analytical approach for fractional order Boussinesq equation in a gradient unconfined aquifers
  125. Electrospinning research and products: The road and the way forward
  126. Quantum control of molecules for fundamental physics
  127.  Classification of Stages Diabetic Retinopathy Using MobileNetV2 Model
  128. Researches on the performance of GaN-PIN betavoltaic nuclear battery
  129. MHD quadratic mixed convective Eyring-Powell nanofluid flow with multiple diffusions
  130. Combined machine learning and physics-based models for estimating fuel consumption of cargo ships
  131. Enforcing exact physics in scientific machine learning: a data-driven exterior calculus on graphs
  132. Investigation on High-Efficiency Beam-Wave Interaction for Coaxial Multi-Beam Relativistic Klystron Amplifier
  133. Growth of PbTe nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy
  134. A semi‐analytical approach for fractional order Boussinesq equation in a gradient unconfined aquifers
  135. Electrospinning research and products: The road and the way forward
  136. Quantum control of molecules for fundamental physics
  137. Principle and numerical demonstration of high power all-fiber coherent beam combination based on self-imaging effect in a square core fiber
  138. Hopf bifurcations in electrochemical, neuronal, and semiconductor systems analysis by impedance spectroscopy
  139. Cu2+ and Cu3+ acceptors in β-Ga2O3 crystals: A magnetic resonance and optical absorption study
  140. Flow and heat transfer in a novel convex cooling roller with axial variable boundary for planar flow casting
  141. Electron transport layer engineering with rubidium chloride alkali halide to boost the performance of perovskite absorber layer
  142. Design and parameter study of a thermoelectric generator for waste heat recycling in flexible micro-light-emitting diodes
  143.  Impulsive Systems with Delays
  144. Negatively bias driven enhancement in piezo response for self-powered biomedical and facial expression sensor
  146. Data-driven models for vessel motion prediction and the benefits of physics-based information
  147. Cubic boron nitride as a material for future electron device applications: A comparative analysis
  148. Exact imposition of boundary conditions with distance functions in physics-informed deep neural networks
  149. Statistical properties of pressure-Hessian tensor in a turbulent channel flow
  150. Uniaxial strain-induced electronic property alterations of MoS2 monolayer
  151. A universal chemical-induced tensile strain tuning strategy to boost oxygen-evolving electrocatalysis on perovskite oxides
  152.  Analysis of three-dimensional potential problems in non-homogeneous media with physics-informed deep collocation method using material transfer learning …
  153. Theoretical screening into Ru-doped MoS2 monolayer as a promising gas sensor upon SO2 and SOF2 in SF6 insulation devices
  154. Molecular dynamic simulations of plasticity and phase transition in Mg polycrystalline under shock compression
  155. Reproducibility in the fabrication and physics of moiré materials
  156. Observation of domain structure in non-collinear antiferromagnetic Mn3Sn thin films by magneto-optical Kerr effect
  157. A perspective on elastic metastructures for energy harvesting
  158. Boosted efficiency and lifetime of perovskite quantum dots light-emitting diode via NiOx/PEDOT:PSS dual hole injection layers
  159. Spintronic sources of ultrashort terahertz electromagnetic pulses
  160. Machine learning-assisted low-frequency and broadband sound absorber with coherently coupled weak resonances
  161. Bandgap and electrochemical engineering for disordered LaFeO3
  162. Physics augmented classification of fNIRS signals
  163. Prediction of porous media fluid flow using physics informed neural networks
  164. A multiple-floating-zone-assisted graded-step-JTE for high-voltage 4H-SiC GTO thyristor
  165. Prospect and challenges of analog switching for neuromorphic hardware
  166. Study of sacrificial ink-assisted embedded printing for 3D perfusable channel creation for biomedical applications
  167. Topological optimization of the stiffness of an irregular structure based on an element size independent filter
  168.  A Universal Power-law Prescription for Variability from Synthetic Images of Black Hole Accretion Flows
  169. Starling murmuration optimizer: A novel bio-inspired algorithm for global and engineering optimization
  170. Thermal nanoimprint lithography of sodium hyaluronate solutions with gas permeable inorganic hybrid mold for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications
  171. Improved f T/f max in wide bias range by steam-annealed ultrathin-Al2O3 gate dielectrics for InP-based high-electron-mobility transistors
  172. The role of surface pretreatment by low temperature O2 gas annealing for β-Ga2O3 Schottky barrier diodes
  173. Visualization of depletion layer in AlGaN homojunction p–n junction
  174. Time-domain dynamic electric field distribution of low-oscillation sculptured structure dispersive mirrors
  175. Strain engineering of ion migration in LiCoO2
  176. Physics constrained learning for data-driven inverse modeling from sparse observations
  177. Flexible, High Scintillation Yield Cu3Cu2I5 Film Made of Ball‐Milled Powder for High Spatial Resolution X‐Ray Imaging
  178. Computer simulation modelling of the simultaneous adsorption of Cd, Cu and Cr from aqueous solutions by agricultural clay soil: A PHREEQC geochemical modelling …
  179. Work function tunable laser induced graphene electrodes for Schottky type solar-blind photodetectors
  180. Study on denitration performance of MnO2@ CeO2 core-shell catalyst supported on nickel foam
  181. Coarse-grained modelling out of equilibrium
  182. Cluster synchronization in a network of nonlinear systems with directed topology and competitive relationships
  183. Intravital Imaging of the Murine Subventricular Zone with Three Photon Microscopy
  184. Negative thermal expansion of two-dimensional magnets
  185. Cavity quantum materials
  186.  Symmetry analysis, closed-form invariant solutions and dynamical wave structures of the generalized (3+ 1)-dimensional breaking soliton equation using …
  187. Scientific Machine Learning through Physics-Informed Neural Networks: Where we are and What’s next
  188. Improved sintering and impedance studies of CuO-doped multiferroic (0.98 Ba0. 85Ca0. 15)(Zr0. 1Ti0. 9)· O30. 02BiFeO3 ceramics
  189. Experimental error mitigation using linear rescaling for variational quantum eigensolving with up to 20 qubits
  190. Nuclear physics
  191. A rigid cylinder of a thermoelastic magnetic semiconductor material based on the generalized Moore–Gibson–Thompson heat equation model
  192.  Some solutions for a stochastic NLSE in the unstable and higher order dispersive environments
  193. Maximizing information from chemical engineering data sets: Applications to machine learning
  194.  An elastic rod in frictional contact with a rigid cylinder
  195.  A novel and efficient method for obtaining Hirota’s bilinear form for the nonlinear evolution equation in (n+ 1) dimensions
  196. … Chaotic Maps and Gravitational Search Algorithm for Constrained Mechanical and Civil Engineering Design Frameworks: CGSA for Mechanical and Civil Engineering …
  197. Impact of a science and technology strategy on the learning of physics
  198. Formation of tungsten carbide by focused ion beam process: A route to high magnetic field resilient patterned superconducting nanostructures
  199. Theoretical and practical engineering significance of British pendulum test
  200. Size-dependent continuum-based model of a truncated flexoelectric/flexomagnetic functionally graded conical nano/microshells
  201. Spatiotemporal chaos in diffusive systems with the Riesz fractional order operator
  202. Structural characters and band offset of Ga2O3–Sc2O3 alloys
  203. Predicting Physics in Mesh-reduced Space with Temporal Attention
  204. Dipolar excitonic insulator in a moire lattice
  205. Performance and interactions of diclofenac adsorption using Alginate/Carbon-based Films: Experimental investigation and statistical physics modelling
  206. Time-Fractional Approach to the Electrochemical Impedance: The Displacement Current
  207. Surface passivation of halide perovskite nanocrystals for stable and high purity color conversion
  208. On new abundant exact traveling wave solutions to the local fractional Gardner equation defined on Cantor sets
  209. Robust surface with thermally stable hydrophobicity enabled by electrosprayed fluorinated SiO2 particles
  210. A generalized hybrid smoothed particle hydrodynamics–peridynamics algorithm with a novel Lagrangian mapping for solution and failure analysis of fluid–structure …
  211. To fall or not to fall: the physics of sandcastles
  212. Towards optical data transmission for high energy physics using silicon photonics
  213. The weak eigenfunctions of boundary-value problem with symmetric discontinuities
  214. Investigation of negative-parity states in 16C via deuteron inelastic scattering
  215. 2.02-kW and 4.7-GHz-linewidth near-diffraction-limited all-fiber MOPA laser
  216. Macro-micro-nano multistage toughening in nano-laminated graphene ceramic composites
  217. Intelligent LoRa NoC Applied in the Environmental Protection for Mu Us Desert
  218. Line-length-dependent dislocation glide in refractory multi-principal element alloys
  219. Nonvolatile reconfigurable broadband photodiodes based on BP/α-In2Se3 ferroelectric p–n junctions
  220. Study of Pseudoplastic and Dilatant Behavior of Nanofluid in Peristaltic Flow: Reiner-Philippoff Models
  221. Comprehensive physical and electrical characterizations of NO nitrided SiO2/4H-SiC (112̄0) interfaces
  222.  12 Optical and Laser Techniques
  223. Design of Gas Diffusion Cascade for Production of Carbon Isotope Using Ethylene as Processing Gas
  224. Highly stable PEDOT: PSS electrochemical transistors
  225. A novel cascade optimization method based on butterfly optimization algorithm
  226.  New perturbed conformable Boussinesq-like equation: Soliton and other solutions
  227.  Some new type optical and the other soliton solutions of coupled nonlinear Hirota equation
  228. Broadband and high-performance SnS2/FePS3/graphene van der Waals heterojunction photodetector
  229. Intelligent meta-imagers: from compressed to learned sensing
  230. Highly sensitive detection of kinetin with electrochemical exfoliation of graphene nanosheets
  231. Engineering nanostructures to control phonon transport
  232. High-rate OVPE-GaN crystal growth at a very high temperature of 1300oC
  233. On-the-fly autonomous control of neutron diffraction via physics-informed Bayesian active learning
  234. Physics-based large-deformation analysis of coseismic landslides: a multiscale 3D SEM-MPM framework with application to the Hongshiyan landslide
  235. Towards Efficient Simulations of Non-Equilibrium Chemistry in Hypersonic Flows: A Physics-Informed Neural Network Framework
  236.  In situ characterization of crystallization and melting of soft, thermoresponsive microgels by small-angle X-ray scattering
  237. A surface acoustic wave hydrogen sensor with tin doped indium oxide layers for intermediate temperatures
  238. Walter Scott Hill and Uruguayan Physics
  239. Neutron capture cross section of 169Tm measured at the CSNS Back-n facility in the energy region from 30 to 300 keV
  240. Iterative dynamic dual-energy CT algorithm in reducing statistical noise in multi-energy CT imaging
  241. Revealing the Quadrupole Radiation of Liquid Gallium Nanospheres
  242. Data-centric Engineering: integrating simulation, machine learning and statistics. Challenges and opportunities
  243.  Additive Trinomial Fréchet distribution with practical application
  244. Experimental study on drag reduction of the turbulent boundary layer via porous media under nonzero pressure gradient
  245. A study on the role of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the properties of electrospun Poly (Caprolactone)/Poly (Glycerol sebacate) scaffold for nerve tissue …
  246. Investigating growth to detonation in vapor-deposited hexanitrostilbene and pentaerythritol tetranitrate films using high-throughput methods
  247. Ultra-high intensity lasers as tools for novel physics
  248. Temperature-dependent photodetection behavior of AlGaN/GaN-based ultraviolet phototransistors
  249.  Ab Initio Determination on Diffusion Coefficient and Viscosity of FeNi Fluid Under Earth’s Core Condition
  250. Random alloy thick AlGaAsSb avalanche photodiodes on InP substrates
  251. Design Thinking in the Improvement of Usability of Physics Mobile Educational Application
  252. Spin-Polarized Fractional Corner Charges and Their Photonic Realization
  253. Entropy analysis of thermally radiating MHD slip flow of hybrid nanoparticles (Au-Al2O3/Blood) through a tapered multi-stenosed artery
  254. Thermal tuning of terahertz metamaterial absorber properties based on VO 2

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