MSc Physics research topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: High-TC superconductors and low-dimensional magnetic systems

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Surface Van Hove Singularity Enabled Efficient Catalysis in Low-Dimensional Systems: CO Oxidation and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions
  2. Triangular Arrangement of Ferromagnetic Iron Chains in the High‐TC Ferromagnet TiFe1− xOs2+ xB2
  3. … relationship between sample dimensions and cooperative phenomena: effects of fractal dimension on the electronic properties of high-TC cuprate observed using …
  4. Pressure-Induced Superconductivity up to 9 K in the Quasi-One-Dimensional
  5. Pervasive beyond room-temperature ferromagnetism in a doped van der Waals magnet: Ni doped FeGeTe with up to 478 K
  6. Design and Microscopic Investigation of the Growth and Electronic Structure of Low-Dimensional Heterointerfaces
  7. Enhanced Nernst effect above in the quasi-two-dimensional iron pnictide superconductor
  8. Magnetic frustration in the cubic double perovskite
  9. A Ginzburg-Landau Approach to Field Theories for Single, Isolated Zero-Dimensional Superconductors
  10. Controllable emergent spatial spin modulation in Sr2IrO4 by in situ shear strain
  11. Structure and transport properties of the quasi-one-dimensional telluride
  12. Achieving superconductivity with higher Tc in lightweight Al–Ti–Mg alloys: Prediction using machine learning and synthesis via high-pressure torsion process
  13. High pressure studies of superconductivity and anomalous normal states in novel quantum materials
  14. Signature of quantum magnetism in thick rhombohedral graphite
  15. Angular dependence of the upper critical induction of clean – and -wave superconductors with self-consistent ellipsoidal effective mass and Zeeman …
  16. High-entropy structure design in layered transition metal dichalcogenides
  17. A new quasi-one-dimensional superconductor parent compound NaMnBi with lower antiferromagnetic transition temperatures
  18. Orbital physics: glorious past, bright future
  19. One-Dimensional Spin and Fermionic Systems with Long-Range Antiferromagnetism
  20. Transformation of polarons into magnetopolarons in GaAs quantum well
  21. Neutron Spectroscopy Evidence on the Dual Nature of Magnetic Excitations in a van der Waals Metallic Ferromagnet
  22. Lattice fluctuation induced pseudogap in quasi-one-dimensional Ta2NiSe5
  23. Characterization of ultrathin superconducting FeSe nanowires on SrTiO3 substrates
  24. Resistance fluctuation spectroscopy of the superconducting transition in epitaxial TiN films
  25. In the Pursuit of Majorana Modes in Iron-Based High-Tc Superconductors
  26. Percolative Superconductivity in Electron-Doped SrEuCuO Films
  27. Exchange Bias and Interface-related Effects in Two-dimensional van der Waals Magnetic Heterostructures: Open Questions and Perspectives
  28. Modified interlayer stacking and insulator to correlated-metal transition driven by uniaxial strain in 1-TaS
  29.  Little-Parks like oscillations in lightly doped cuprate superconductors
  30. Enhanced vortex pinning with possible antiferromagnetic order in FeSe under pressure
  31. Magnetic van der Waals materials: Synthesis, structure, magnetism, and their potential applications
  32.  Observation of chiral solitons in LiCuVO4
  33. Magnetic correlations in infinite-layer nickelates: An experimental and theoretical multimethod study
  34. Ab initio wavefunction analysis of electron removal quasi-particle state of NdNiO with fully correlated quantum chemical methods
  35. metallic spin liquid on a frustrated Kondo lattice
  36.  Probing the degree of coherence through the full 1D-3D dimensional crossover
  37. Pressure-induced superconductivity reentrant in transition metal dichalcogenide TiSe2
  38. Experimental observation of pseudogap in a modulation-doped Mott insulator: Sn/Si(111)-()30
  39. Holographic superconductivity in Einsteinian Cubic Gravity
  40. Fate of pairing and spin-charge separation in the presence of long-range antiferromagnetism
  41. Topological Magnets: Functions Based on Berry Phase and Multipoles
  42. Design and analysis of 1D photonic crystal doped with magnetized cold plasma defect for application of single/multi-channel tunable narrowband filter
  43. KTaO3—The New Kid on the Spintronics Block
  44. Tunable Reflectance Characteristics of Magnetised Cold Plasma Based One-Dimensional Defective Photonic Crystal
  45. Strength of the Hubbard potential and its modification by breathing distortion in
  46. : A High-Kondo-Temperature Transition-Metal Oxide
  47. Tunneling Spectroscopy of Two-Dimensional Materials Based on Via Contacts
  48. Local Ward identities for collective excitations in fermionic systems with spontaneously broken symmetries
  49. Self-healing Growth of LaNiO3 on a Mixed-Terminated Perovskite Surface
  50. Antiferromagnetic Chain Behavior and Slow Spin Dynamics in the Hyper-Honeycomb Lattice [(C2H5) 3NH] 2Cu2 (C2O4) 3 revealed by 1H NMR Studies
  51. Ultrafast Renormalization of the On-Site Coulomb Repulsion in a Cuprate Superconductor
  52. Current Algebra Approach to 2d Chiral Metals
  53. Quantum phase transitions in a bidimensional scalar field model
  54. Quantum spin Hall effect in two-dimensional metals without spin-orbit coupling
  55. Superatom Regiochemistry Dictates the Assembly and Surface Reactivity of a Two-Dimensional Material
  56. Advances in actinide thin films: synthesis, properties, and future directions
  57. Seebeck coefficient in a cuprate superconductor: particle-hole asymmetry in the strange metal phase and fermi surface transformation in the pseudogap phase
  58.  Quantized Phenomena of Transport and Magneto-Optics in Magnetic Topological Insulator Heterostructures
  59.  Functional Nanomaterials Group Multifunctional Nanomaterials
  60. Pair-density-wave and chiral superconductivity in twisted bilayer transition-metal-dichalcogenides
  61. Theoretical study of the crystal and electronic properties of
  62. Nonequilibrium dynamics in pumped Mott insulators
  63. A mechanism for the strange metal phase in rare-earth intermetallic compounds
  64. Anticollinear order and degeneracy lifting in square lattice antiferromagnet LaSrCrO4
  65.  Introduction to Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Thin Film Materials: Instrumentation, Data Analysis, and Applications
  66. Inhomogeneities in the two-flavor chiral Gross-Neveu model
  67. Impact of Mn-and Fe-Doping on Electronic and Magnetic Properties of MoX₂ (X= S, Se) Monolayer
  68. Electron Spin Resonance of the Interacting Spinon Liquid
  69. Robust nonequilibrium surface currents in the 3D Hofstadter model
  70. Accuracy of Restricted Boltzmann Machines for the one-dimensional Heisenberg model
  71. Nanomaterials for Quantum Information Science and Engineering
  72. Materials and devices for fundamental quantum science and quantum technologies
  73. The halogen chemistry of halide perovskites
  74. Benchmarking Noise and Dephasing in Emerging Electrical Materials for Quantum Technologies
  75. Progress in Magnetic Alloys with Kagome Structure: Materials, Fabrications and Physical Properties
  76. Novel schemes for ultrafast manipulation of quantum materials
  77. Proximity-induced collective modes in an unconventional superconductor heterostructure
  78. Two-Hole Ground State: Dichotomy in Pairing Symmetry
  79. Properties and challenges of hot-phonon physics in metals: MgB and other compounds
  80. Phase diagrams of SO() Majorana-Hubbard models: Dimerization, internal symmetry breaking, and fluctuation-induced first-order transitions
  81. Magnetotransport of thin film Sr1− x La x CuO2 on (110) DyScO3
  82.  Understanding Properties of Atoms, Molecules and Materials
  83. A Group-Equivariant Autoencoder for Identifying Spontaneously Broken Symmetries in the Ising Model
  84. Valley-symmetry-broken magnetic topological responses in and through interfacial coupling
  85. Atomically Precise Manufacturing for 2D-Designed Materials
  86. Accelerating Materials Discovery with Machine Learning
  87. (Bi2Te3) 1− x (PANI) x compositions-synthesis, structural, spectroscopic characterization with enhanced thermoelectric performance
  88. Application of green nanomaterials in catalysis industry
  89. Automatic differentiation applied to excitations with projected entangled pair states
  90. Crystallography in France, a selective instant view
  91. Ultrafast dynamics of electrons and phonons: from the two-temperature model to the time-dependent Boltzmann equation
  92.  Paul Lukas Dreher
  93. Electronic, Optical, and Thermal Probes of the Layered Mott Insulator α-RuCl3 in the Atomically Thin Limit
  94.  Physical Sciences Applications
  95.  Physics Colloquium
  96. Particle Size and Shape Engineering for Advanced Materials

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