Research Topics Precision Spraying application

Research Area/ Research Interest: Precision Spraying application

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Innovation in Agriculture with IoT and AI
  2.  Application of Drones with Variable Area Nozzles for Effective Smart Farming Activities
  3.  Guest editorial: Politics of big data in agriculture
  4.  IOT-Based Technology for Smart Farming
  5.  Machine Learning Approaches for Agro-IoT Systems
  6.  A computer-based mapping approach for evaluating straight-line accuracy of autopilot tractor traversing the oil palm field terrain
  7.  An Integrated Weed Management framework: A pan-European perspective
  8.  Are spray drift losses to agricultural roads more important for surface water contamination than direct drift to surface waters?
  9.  Bases for pesticide dose expression and adjustment in 3D crops and comparison of decision support systems
  10.  Biochar-based slow-release of fertilizers for sustainable agriculture: A mini review
  11.  Controlled traffic farming and field traffic management: Perceptions of farmers groups from Northern and Western European countries
  12.  Defining the cooling and heating solar efficiency of the skin of a building component. Application to a modular living wall
  13.  Eden Library: A long-term database for storing agricultural multi-sensor datasets from UAV and proximal platforms
  14.  Effect of selected essential oils on the efficacy of volunteer oilseed rape control and phytotoxicity in maize plants
  15.  Evaluation of cameras and image distance for CNN-based weed detection in wild blueberry
  16.  Evaluation of using digital photography as a cost-effective tool for the rapid assessment of soil organic carbon at a regional scale
  17.  Field assessment of a pulse width modulation (PWM) spray system applying different spray volumes: duty cycle and forward speed effects on vines spray …
  18.  High-productive agricultural technologies to fulfill future food demands: Hydroponics, aquaponics, and precision/smart agriculture
  19.  Identifying barriers to sustainable apple production: A stakeholder perspective
  20.  INHABIT: A web-based decision support tool for invasive plant species habitat visualization and assessment across the contiguous United States
  21.  Integrating human cognition in cyber-physical systems: A multidimensional fuzzy pattern model with application to thermal spraying
  22.  Modeling risk of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum-induced disease development on canola and dry bean using machine learning algorithms
  23.  Nanomaterials and nanotechnology for the delivery of agrochemicals: strategies towards sustainable agriculture
  24.  OpenWeedLocator (OWL): an open-source, low-cost device for fallow weed detection
  25.  Pesticide-free agriculture as a new paradigm for research
  26.  Potential and Trends of IoT Application in Agriculture in Vietnam
  27.  Precision agriculture technology adoption: a qualitative study of small-scale commercial “family farms” located in the North China Plain
  28.  Recent development in functional nanomaterials for sustainable and smart agricultural chemical technologies
  29.  Recent Progress in Nanobiosensors for Precise Detection of Blood Glucose Level
  30.  Responsible governance of civilian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) innovations for Indian crop insurance applications
  31.  Review of agricultural IoT technology
  32.  Simulation of workspace and trajectory of a weeding mechanism
  33.  The digitization of agricultural industry–a systematic literature review on agriculture 4.0
  34.  The social and ethical impacts of artificial intelligence in agriculture: mapping the agricultural AI literature
  35.  A study on performance evaluation of sprinkler irrigation system at farmers field in Chhattisgarh plain
  36.  Agricultural Application of Synthesized ZnS Nanoparticles for the Development of Tomato Crop
  38.  Application of robotics in changing the future of agriculture
  39.  Deep learning-based decision support system for weeds detection in wheat fields
  40.  Development of automated systems for the implementation of food processing
  42.  Effect Of Formulation On The Indoxacarb And Lufenuron Dissipation In Maize And Risk Assessment
  43.  Futuristic IoT based Smart Precision Agriculture: Brief Analysis
  44.  Greenhouse monitoring using IoT-A Review
  48.  JEB
  49.  Mini Tractor-mounted Sensor-based Aqua Groundnut Planter
  50.  Nano Urea: Application and Significance
  51.  Peaches Detection Using a Deep Learning Technique—A Contribution to Yield Estimation, Resources Management, and Circular Economy. Climate 2022, 10 …
  52.  Phytosanitary Solutions for the Control of the Main Diseases in Sugar Beet in Context of Climate Changes
  53.  Residue Dissipation, Degradation Dynamics, and Dietary Risk Assessment of Mandipropamid in Ginseng Under Field Application
  54.  Smart Agricultural Technology
  55.  Smart Harvest Operations and Timber Processing for Improved Forest Management
  56.  Smart Talking Plant Based on IoT with Social Media
  57.  Soil moisture mapping using a drone-borne Ground Penetrating Radar
  58.  Technical Advisor
  59.  The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Crop Production
  60.  Weeds detection efficiency through different convolutional neural networks technology
  61. … Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus) Plants Based on Convolutional Neural Network for UAAS Navigation Applications on Supplementary Pollination and Aerial Spraying
  62. 24 Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization and Commercialization for Widespread Adoption of Conservation
  63. A calibration method of 2D LIDAR-Visual sensors embedded on an agricultural robot
  64. A Comprehensive Survey of the Recent Studies with UAV for Precision Agriculture in Open Fields and Greenhouses
  65. A crop-monitoring system using wireless sensor networking
  66. A Deep Learning Model Compression and Ensemble Approach for Weed Detection
  67. A fast accurate fine-grain object detection model based on YOLOv4 deep neural network
  68. A Lab-on-a-Chip Based Automatic Platform for Continuous Nitrites Sensing in Aquaculture
  69. A Multidisciplinary Perspective in Smart Agriculture Advances and Its Future Prospects
  70. A new solution of high-efficiency rainwater irrigation mode for water management in apple plantation: Design and application
  71. A Novel Deep Learning‐Based Method for Detection of Weeds in Vegetables
  72. A novel framework for multiple ground target detection, recognition and inspection in precision agriculture applications using a UAV
  73. A novel vision-based weakly supervised framework for autonomous yield estimation in agricultural applications
  74. A Review of Deep Learning in Multiscale Agricultural Sensing
  75. A review of micro‐practices in commodity value chains in the global south
  76. A Review on Antenna Technologies for Ambient RF Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer: Designs, Challenges and Applications
  77. A Revisit of Internet of Things Technologies for Monitoring and Control Strategies in Smart Agriculture
  78. A scheduling scheme for stochastic event capture based on Bayes statistical method
  79. A systematic review of artificial intelligence in agriculture
  80. Adaptive IoT System for Precision Agriculture
  81. Adaptive metaheuristic-based methods for autonomous robot path planning: Sustainable agricultural applications
  82. Advance molecular tools to detect plant pathogens
  83. Advances in chitosan biopolymer composite materials: from bioengineering, wastewater treatment to agricultural applications
  84. Agribots: A gateway to the next revolution in agriculture
  85. Agricultural routing planning: A narrative review of literature
  86. Agri-Food Products Quality Assessment Methods
  87. Agritech Startup Ecosystem in Ukraine: Ideas and Realization
  88. AgriWealth: IoT based Farming System
  89. Algorithm for Multi-drone Path Planning and Coverage of Agricultural Fields
  90. An analysis of deep learning models for dry land farming applications
  91. An Empirical Study of Crop Yield Prediction Using Reinforcement Learning
  92. An industrial and chemical engineering perspective on the formulation of active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals
  93. An intelligent WSN-UAV-based IoT framework for precision agriculture application
  94. Analysis of Approaches to the Control of Air Manipulation Systems
  95. Analysis of Existing Approaches to the Service Automation and to Interaction Control of Heterogeneous Agricultural Robots
  96. Analysis of the Influence of Parameters of a Spraying System Designed for UAV Application on the Spraying Quality Based on Box–Behnken Response Surface …
  97. Anomaly Detection in Drone-Captured Images Using Machine Learning Techniques and Deep Learning Architectures
  98. Anomaly Detection in Drones with Machine Learning Algorithms
  99. Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for smart city transformation: Case study Belgrade
  100. Applications of Internet of Things and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Smart Agriculture: A Review
  101. Applying of smart, robotic systems and big data processing in agro-industrial complex
  102. Arduino Board-Based Wireless Controlled Seed Sowing Robot
  103. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the fight against world hunger
  104. Artificial intelligence-based detection and counting of olive fruit flies: A comprehensive survey
  105. Assessing the efficacy of machine learning techniques to characterize soybean defoliation from unmanned aerial vehicles
  106. Assessment of energy saving and GHG reduction of winter oilseed rape production using sustainable strip tillage and direct sowing in three tillage technologies
  107. Assessment of state-of-the-art deep learning based citrus disease detection techniques using annotated optical leaf images
  108. Automatic imaging system mounted on boom sprayer for crop scouting using an off-the-shelf RGB camera
  109. Bases for pesticide dose expression and adjustment in 3D crops and comparison of decision support systems
  110. Bee-Vectored Aureobasidium pullulans for Biological Control of Gray Mold in Strawberry
  111. Biofertilizers and nanofertilizers for sustainable agriculture: Phycoprospects and challenges
  112. Boom sprayer optimizations for bed‐grown carrots at different growth stages based on spray distribution and droplet characteristics
  113. Broadcasting of tiny granules by drone to mimic liquid spraying for the control of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)
  114. Calcium-Mobilizing Properties of Salvia miltiorrhiza-Derived Carbon Dots Confer Enhanced Environmental Adaptability in Plants
  115. Chitosan‐Based Organic/Inorganic Composite Engineered for UV Light‐Controlled Smart pH‐Responsive Pesticide Through in situ Photo‐Induced Generation of Acid
  116. Classification of Plant Seedling Using Deep Learning Techniques
  117. Climate Resilience in Agriculture
  118. Climate resilient rainfed agriculture: Experiences from India
  119. Communication Layer Security in Smart Farming: A Survey on Wireless Technologies
  120. Computer development based embedded systems in precision agriculture: tools and application
  121. Computer Vision and Machine Learning in Agriculture
  122. Conceptual Framework to Integrate Economic Drivers of Decision Making for Technology Adoption in Agriculture
  123. Construction of a theoretical model for fan nozzles with precise atomization angles for plant protection
  124. Control System of Liquid Fertilizer Variable-Rate Fertilization Based on Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm
  125. Coverage Path Planning for Spraying Drones
  126. Crop leaf disease detection and classification using machine learning and deep learning algorithms by visual symptoms: a review.
  127. Crop management system using IoT
  128. Crop stem detection and tracking for precision hoeing using deep learning
  129. Cu-based nanoparticles as pesticides: Applications and mechanism of management of insect pests
  130. Current Issues of Agriculture Digitalization in the Russian Federation
  131. DACFA-Det: a domain adaptive calibrated free anchor detection network for agricultural similar pests
  132. Deep Learning for Sustainable Agriculture
  133. Design and Development of a Prototype Agribot
  134. Design of unmanned aerial vehicles for various wireless applications
  135. Detection of Weeds Using Image Processing and Deep Learning Techniques
  136. Detection rate and spraying accuracy of Ecorobotix ARA
  137. Determining application volume of unmanned aerial spraying systems for cotton defoliation using remote sensing images
  138. Development of a decision-making application for optimum soybean and maize fertilization strategies in Mato Grosso
  139. Development of a spatial data infrastructure for precision agriculture applications
  140. Development of a Three-Dimensional Plant Localization Technique for Automatic Differentiation of Soybean from Intra-Row Weeds
  141. Development of IoT Cloud Platform Based Intelligent Raising System for Rice Seedlings
  142. Development of young sago palm environmental monitoring system with wireless sensor networks
  143. Developments in Agriculture Technology Using Internet of Things
  144. Dissipation and gas chromatographic method for the determination of profenofos residues in/on green pea and cucumber
  145. Downwash characteristics and analysis from a six‐rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle configured for plant protection
  146. Drone Applications Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic—Towards Good Practices
  147. Drone Development and Embellishing It into Crop Monitoring and Protection Along with Pesticide Spraying Mechanism
  148. Dynamic Measurement of Portos Tomato Seedling Growth Using the Kinect 2.0 Sensor
  149. Effective Biocontrol of Rice Blast through Dipping Transplants and Foliar Applications
  150. Effects of Adjuvants on Spraying Characteristics and Control Efficacy in Unmanned Aerial Application
  151. Effects of Coupling Water and Fertilizer on Agronomic Traits, Sugar Content and Yield of Sugarcane in Guangxi, China
  152. Effects of tank‐mix adjuvants on physicochemical properties and dosage delivery at low dilution ratios for unmanned aerial vehicles application in paddy field
  153. Embracing a Co-Creation Paradigm of Lived-Experience Ecosystem Value Creation
  154. Emerging Technologies—Principles and Applications in Precision Agriculture
  155. Enhancing Irrigation Salinity Stress Tolerance and Increasing Yield in Tomato Using a Precision Engineered Protein Hydrolysate and Ascophyllum nodosum-Derived …
  156. Enhancing septoria leaf blotch forecasts in winter wheat I: the effect of temperature on the temporal distance between critical rainfall periods and the breaking of the …
  157. Enhancing Solar Radiant Heat Transfer Using Supersonically Sprayed rGO/AgNW Textured Surfaces
  158. Estimation of nitrogen status of paddy rice at vegetative phase using unmanned aerial vehicle based multispectral imagery
  159. Estimation of residue levels and dietary risk assessment of cyproconazole and azoxystrobin in cucumber after field application in China
  160. Estimation of the Energy Consumption of an All-Terrain Mobile Manipulator for Operations in Steep Vineyards
  161. Estimation of Vegetative Growth in Strawberry Plants Using Mobile LiDAR Laser Scanner
  162. Evaluating the impact of big data analytics usage on the decision-making quality of organizations
  163. Evaluation of different deep convolutional neural networks for detection of broadleaf weed seedlings in wheat
  164. Evaluation of Different Internal Designs of Hydraulic Nozzles under an Accelerated Wear Test
  165. Evaluation of novel ultrasonic sensor actuated nozzle in center pivot irrigation systems
  166. Evaluation of Warning Methods for Remotely Supervised Autonomous Agricultural Machines
  167. Everything You wanted to Know about Smart Agriculture
  168. Explicating the cross-talks between nanoparticles, signaling pathways and nutrient homeostasis during environmental stresses and xenobiotic toxicity for sustainable …
  169. Exploring performance and predictive analytics of agriculture data
  170. Factors Associated with Levels of Organophosphate Pesticides in Household Dust in Agricultural Communities
  171. Farming-as-a-Service (FAAS) for a Sustainable Agricultural Ecosystem in India: Design of an Innovative Farm Management System 4.0
  172. Features of ‘Internet of Things’ to Resolve Agricultural Problems
  173. Field evaluations of a deep learning-based intelligent spraying robot with flow control for pear orchards
  174. Flexible sound insulator with subwavelength film structure for noise reduction
  175. Functional framework for edge-based agricultural system
  176. Functional Framework for IoT-Based Agricultural System
  177. Functional framework for IoT-based agricultural system
  178. Future Possibilities and Challenges for UAV-Based Imaging Development in Smart Farming
  179. Geoecological risks of agricultural development in old-developed regions of Kazakhstan
  180. GPS-Based Path Planning Algorithm for Agriculture Drones
  181. Granulation as the method of rational fertilizer application
  182. Grapevine Downy Mildew Warning System Based on NB-IoT and Energy Harvesting Technology
  183. Herbicide Ballistic Technology for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  184. Highly Precise, Continuous, Long‐term Monitoring of Skin Electrical Resistance by Nanomesh Electrodes
  185. Hyperspectral classification of poisonous solanaceous weeds in processing Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Spinacia oleracea L.
  186. Impacts of Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates on the Morpho-Physiological Traits, Yield, and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Rice under Different Water Regimes
  187. Implementation of a LoRaWAN Based Smart Agriculture Decision Support System for Optimum Crop Yield
  188. Implementing Mitigations for Improving Societal Acceptance of Urban Air Mobility
  189. Importance of semantic interoperability in smart agriculture systems
  190. Increased reliance on insecticide applications in Canada linked to simplified agricultural landscapes
  191. Influence of the atmospheric boundary layer stability on aerial spraying studied by computational fluid dynamics
  192. Influence of the downwash airflow distribution characteristics of a plant protection UAV on spray deposit distribution
  193. INNOSETA regional workshops: analysis of the needs for better dissemination of spraying innovations in vineyards and orchards
  194. Intelligent Agro-Food Chain Supply
  195. Intelligent complex of monitoring and diagnostics of grape plantations
  196. Interfacial Engineering of Particulate & Surfactant Systems for Enhanced Performance in Industrial Applications
  197. Internet of Things (IoT) and Sensors Technologies in Smart Agriculture: Applications, Opportunities, and Current Trends
  198. Internet of Things and Analytics for Agriculture, Volume 3
  199. Internet of Things application in Indian agriculture, challenges and effect on the extension advisory services–a review
  200. Internet of Things in Precision Agriculture: A Survey on Sensing Mechanisms, Potential Applications, and Challenges
  201. Internet of things: review, architecture and applications
  202. Internet of Things-Based Devices/Robots in Agriculture 4.0
  203. Intra-row weed density evaluation in rice field using tactile method
  204. Investigating the Water Jet Erosion Performance of HVOF-Sprayed WC-10Co Coatings on 35CrMo Steel Utilizing Design of Experiments
  205. IOT based smart irrigation management system for environmental sustainability in India
  206. IoT Framework for Measurement and Precision Agriculture: Predicting the Crop Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  207. IoT-based monitoring system for freshwater fish farming: Analysis and design
  208. IoT-CBSE: A Search Engine for Semantic Internet of Things
  209. IoT-Enabled Smart Agriculture: Architecture, Applications, and Challenges
  210. Lambda-cyhalothrin-loaded nanocapsules pose an unacceptable acute toxicological risk to zebrafish (Danio rerio) at the adult and larval stages but present an …
  211. Leaf Disease Segmentation and Detection in Apple Orchards for Precise Smart Spraying in Sustainable Agriculture
  212. Linking and Sharing Technology: Partnerships for Data Innovations for Management of Agricultural Big Data
  213. Management of grape powdery mildew with an intelligent sprayer and sulfur
  214. Medium-resolution multispectral satellite imagery in precision agriculture: mapping precision canola (Brassica napus L.) yield using Sentinel-2 time series
  215. Microbial Activities and their Importance in Crop Production
  216. Microstructure and Wear Properties of HVAF Sprayed Cu-Zr-Al-Ag-Co Amorphous Coatings at Different Spray Temperatures
  217. Model for Predicting Rice Yield from Reflectance Index and Weather Variables in Lowland Rice Fields
  218. Modeling of Liquid-Solid Hydrodynamic Water Wave Energy Harvesting System Based on Triboelectric Nanogenerator
  219. Modern trends in developing robotic systems in agro-industrial complex
  220. Monitoring Chemical-Induced Ripening of Castor (Ricinus communis L.) by UAS-Based Remote Sensing
  221. Monitoring maize canopy chlorophyll density under lodging stress based on UAV hyperspectral imagery
  222. Multibody Model for the Design of a Rover for Agricultural Applications: A Preliminary Study
  223. Multi-Label Classification of Cotton Plant with Agriculture Mobile Robot
  224. Multispectral vineyard segmentation: A deep learning comparison study
  225. Nanosensors for controlled release fertilizer
  226. Nanotechnology and Its Potential Application in Postharvest Technology
  227. Nanotechnology and sustainable agriculture
  228. Nitrogen fertilization strategies to reduce the risk of nitrate leaching in open field cultivation of spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.)#
  229. Obstacle avoidance for orchard vehicle trinocular vision system based on coupling of geometric constraint and virtual force field method
  230. Optimal Energy Consuming on Spraying an Agricultural Field by Using Multiple UAVs
  231. Optimal models under multiple resource types for Brix content prediction in sugarcane fields using machine learning
  232. Optimal spraying task assignment problem in crop protection with multi-UAV systems and its order irrelevant enumeration solution
  233. Overview of IoT in the Agroecosystem
  234. Peaches Detection Using a Deep Learning Technique—A Contribution to Yield Estimation, Resources Management, and Circular Economy
  235. Pesticide spraying robot for precision agriculture: A categorical literature review and future trends
  236. Phthalate pollution and migration in soil-air-vegetable systems in typical plastic agricultural greenhouses in northwestern China
  237. Pigments—Iron-based red, yellow, and brown ochres
  238. Potential Applications of the Internet of Things in Sustainable Rural Development in India
  239. Precise positioning of collaborative robotic manipulators using hand-guiding
  240. Precision Agriculture Farming by Monitoring and Controlling Irrigation System Using Sensors
  241. Precision agriculture: Weather forecasting for future farming
  242. Precision Irrigation Management Using Machine Learning and Digital Farming Solutions
  243. Precision Viticulture: Managing vineyard variability for improved quality outcomes
  244. Primarily tests of a optoelectronic in‐canopy sensor for evaluation of vertical disease infection in cereals
  245. Private blockchain-envisioned drones-assisted authentication scheme in IoT-enabled agricultural environment
  246. Proposing UGV and UAV Systems for 3D Mapping of Orchard Environments
  247. Rapid Selective Ablation and High-Precision Patterning for Micro-Thermoelectric Devices Using Femtosecond Laser Directing Writing
  248. Real-time growth stage detection model for high degree of occultation using DenseNet-fused YOLOv4
  249. Recent advancements and challenges of Internet of Things in smart agriculture: A survey
  250. Recent Advances in Chemical Sensors for Soil Analysis: A Review
  251. Recent Trends in Nano-Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture under Climate Change for Global Food Security
  252. Remote and Proximal Sensing Techniques for Site-Specific Irrigation Management in the Olive Orchard
  253. Remote Sensing Monitoring of Winter Wheat Stripe Rust Based on mRMR-XGBoost Algorithm
  254. Research on virtual Ackerman steering model based navigation system for tracked vehicles
  255. Robotic Fertilization in Strip Cropping using a CNN Vegetables Detection-Characterization Method
  256. Role of Satellites in Agriculture
  257. Segmentation and motion parameter estimation for robotic Medjoul-date thinning
  258. Sensor for the Prognostics and Health Management of Multiple Impinging Jet Nozzles
  259. Shape Sensing of Hyper-Redundant Robots Using an AHRS IMU Sensor Network
  260. Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) in Urea Solution in Laboratory Tests and Field Experiments with Crops and Vegetables
  261. Simulation-Aided Development of a CNN-Based Vision Module for Plant Detection: Effect of Travel Velocity, Inferencing Speed, and Camera Configurations
  262. Smart Agriculture Using Polyhouse
  263. Smart agriculture: Technological advancements on agriculture—A systematical review
  264. Smart e-agriculture monitoring systems
  265. Smart fertilizers—toward implementation in practice
  266. Smart-Hydroponic-Based Framework for Saffron Cultivation: A Precision Smart Agriculture Perspective
  267. Socio-economic factor analysis for sustainable and smart precision agriculture: An ensemble learning approach
  268. Soilless indoor smart agriculture as an emerging enabler technology for food and nutrition security amidst climate change
  269. STRIDE-based Cyber Security Threat Modeling for IoT-enabled Precision Agriculture Systems
  270. Studies on Operational and Plant Parameters Affecting the Deposition of Charged and Uncharged Spray Droplets on Cabbage Plant Canopy
  271. Sugarcane leaf disease detection through deep learning
  272. Surveillance agriculture and peasant autonomy
  273. Surveying smart farming for smart cities
  274. Sustainable Approach to Weed Management: The Role of Precision Weed Management
  275. Technology Evolvement in Mechanical Harvest of Fresh Market Apples
  276. The dichotomy of nanotechnology as the cutting edge of agriculture: Nano-farming as an asset versus nanotoxicity
  277. The Dynamics of Biological Diversity of Pests Within Agrocenosises of Agricultural Crops as a Factor of Digitalization in Plant Protection
  278. The Emergence of Disruptive Smart Farming Technologies in the Philippine Agriculture Under the New Normal
  279. The Impact of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Agriculture
  280. The Internet of Things in agriculture for sustainable rural development
  281. The role of contractors in the uptake of precision farming—A spatial economic analysis
  282. The Role of Sensing Techniques in Precision Agriculture
  283. The Technological Revolution: The Rise of Machines
  284. The trans-Atlantic conflict over “green” farming
  285. The use of microbial inoculants for biological control, plant growth promotion, and sustainable agriculture: A review
  286. Theoretical Foundations to Control Technological and Robotic Operations with Physical Manipulations of Agricultural Products
  287. Thermal-RGB imagery and in-field weather sensing derived sweet cherry wetness prediction model
  288. TobSet: A New Tobacco Crop and Weeds Image Dataset and Its Utilization for Vision-Based Spraying by Agricultural Robots
  289. Two-phase multi-expert knowledge approach by using fuzzy clustering and rule-based system for technology evaluation of unmanned aerial vehicles
  290. UAV-based remote sensing in plant stress imagine using high-resolution thermal sensor for digital agriculture practices: a meta-review
  291. Uniformity Detection for Straws Based on Overlapping Region Analysis
  292. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm-Enabled Edge Computing: Potentials, Promising Technologies, and Challenges
  293. Using RTK-Based Automated Vehicles to Pre-Mark Temporary Road Marking Patterns for Test Maneuvers of Automated Vehicles
  294. Variable-rate seeding in soybean according to soil attributes related to grain yield
  295. Village 4.0: Digitalization of Village with Smart Internet of Things Technologies
  296. Virtualization of Things in a Smart Agriculture Space
  297. Wearable sensors made with solution-blow spinning poly (lactic acid) for non-enzymatic pesticide detection in agriculture and food safety
  298. Weed density estimation in soya bean crop using deep convolutional neural networks in smart agriculture
  299. Wheat rust disease detection techniques: a technical perspective
  300. Wheatnet: A lightweight convolutional neural network for high-throughput image-based wheat head detection and counting


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