Research Topics crop monitoring,calibration

Research Area/ Research Interest: crop monitoring, calibration 

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. The Role of Digital Twins in Connected and Automated Vehicles
  2. Simultaneous estimation of surface soil moisture and salinity during irrigation with the moisture-salinity-dependent spectral response model
  3. Portable Nanomaterials Impregnated Paper‐Based Sensors for Detection of Chemical Substances
  4. Electrochemical (Bio) Sensors for the Detection of Organophosphorus Pesticides Based on Nanomaterial-Modified Electrodes: A Review
  5. Agricultural Information Needs and Research Priorities for Remote Sensing in South and Southeast Asian Countries
  6. Development of an iot-based solar banana dryer monitoring and control system
  7. Fertilizer Quality Monitoring System in the Supply Chain based on Wireless Sensor Networks
  8. Testing restoration methods for Lake Ontario wetlands at a wetland scale
  9. Toward a Realistic Simulation for Agricultural Robots
  10. Catalytic fast pyrolysis of agricultural residues and dedicated energy crops for the production of high energy density transportation biofuels. Part II: Catalytic research
  11. Advancement of Agricultural Technology in Farming of India
  12. Research on dairy products detection based on machine learning algorithm
  13. IoT based Automated Water Pollution Treatment using Machine Learning classifiers
  14. Countering Challenges of Smart Cities Mission Through Participatory Approach
  15. Wearable Sensors for Detecting and Measuring Kinetic Characteristics
  16. Multi-Label Classification of Cotton Plant with Agriculture Mobile Robot
  17. How do inorganic nitrogen processing pathways change quantitatively at daily, seasonal and multi-annual scales in a large agricultural stream?
  18. Impact of sensor placement in soil water estimation: A real-case study
  19. Functional framework for IoT-based agricultural system
  20. Microwave Antennas Suggested for Biomedical Implantation
  21. A Cost-Effective Design for a Hydroponics Farm
  23. Ratiometric fluorescent signals-driven smartphone-based portable sensors for onsite visual detection of food contaminants
  24. Automation Simulation of Plant Watering System using Moisture Sensor Based on Mobile Devices Urban Farming Method
  25. Recent advances in analytical strategies and microsystems for food allergen detection
  26. Experimental Study on Electric Harvesting of Combine Harvester
  27. Design and Implementation of Low Cost Automatic Irrigation System using Microcontroller
  28. A microcontroller board for agricultural applications
  29. Calibration and validation of soil water reflectometers
  30. A Farmer-Friendly Connected IoT Platform for Predicting Crop Suitability Based on Farmland Assessment
  31. Evaluation of novel ultrasonic sensor actuated nozzle in center pivot irrigation systems
  32. Electrochemical Methods for the Analysis of Milk
  33. Cotton Price Prediction and Cotton Disease Detection Using Machine Learning
  34. Internet of Things for Smart Farming
  35. Amalgamation of Rice Plant Disease Classification and Detection with KNN and Butterfly Algorithm
  36. Monitoring of potato crops based on multispectral image feature extraction with vegetation indices
  37. Modeling of field traffic intensity and soil compaction risks in agricultural landscapes
  38. Carbon nanostructure-based sensor: a promising tools for monitoring crops
  39. Assessing farmers’ perception to Agriculture 4.0 technologies: A new interval‐valued spherical fuzzy sets based approach
  40. Review of Current Simple Ultrasound Hardware Considerations, Designs, and Processing Opportunities
  41. Designing a Mobile Free-Air Temperature Extreme (FATE) System to Impose Heat Shocks on Crops in the Field
  42. The pitfalls of transfer learning in computer vision for agriculture
  43. Development and applications of nanobiosensors for sustainable agricultural and food industries: Recent developments, challenges and perspectives
  44. Research on the Agricultural Machinery Path Tracking Method Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
  45. Synthesis and applications of carbon nanomaterials-based sensors
  46. Evaluation and comparison of the earth observing sensors in land cover/land use studies using machine learning algorithms
  47. Design of an array of piezoresistive airflow sensors based on pressure loading mode for simultaneous detection of airflow velocity and direction
  48. Towards natural convection solar drying of date palm fruits (Phoenix dactylifera L.): an experimental study
  49. Swarm robots in mechanized agricultural operations: A review about challenges for research
  50. A Quantitative Structure–Property Relationship Study on Cerium (III) Complexes with Ionophores Applied in Lanthanoid Sensors
  51. Data analytics platforms for agricultural systems: A systematic literature review
  52. Soil Power? Can Microbial Fuel Cells Power Non-Trivial Sensors
  53. IoT-Based Horticulture Monitoring System
  54. Proposing UGV and UAV Systems for 3D Mapping of Orchard Environments
  55. Computer Vision System to Detect Maturity of Tomatoes in Real Time Using Deep Learning
  56. Enabling Smart Agriculture by Implementing Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Sensing
  57. DACFA-Det: a domain adaptive calibrated free anchor detection network for agricultural similar pests
  58. Recent Advances in Chemical Sensors for Soil Analysis: A Review
  59. Automation of monitoring of drying parameters in hybrid solar-electric dryer for agricultural products
  60. Agricultural plastic waste
  61. Design and testing of an intermittent fertilisation method for seeding of maize (Zea mays)
  62. Construction of SnO2 nanoneural network by ultrasmall particles for highly selective NO2 detection at low temperature
  63. Receptor Induced Doping of Conjugated Polymer Transistors: A Strategy for Selective and Ultrasensitive Phosphate Detection in Complex Aqueous Environments
  64. Automated real-time forecasting of agriculture using chlorophyll content and its impact on climate change
  65. An IoT-Aware Smart System Exploiting the Electromagnetic Behavior of UHF-RFID Tags to Improve Worker Safety in Outdoor Environments
  66. AI-Based Yield Prediction and Smart Irrigation
  67. Electrochemiluminescence aptasensor based on 3D flower-like ZnONPs catalysis for the detection of diazinon in vegetables
  68. A self-contained and integrated microfluidic nano-detection system for biosensing and analysis of molecular interactions
  69. Farming-as-a-Service (FAAS) for a Sustainable Agricultural Ecosystem in India: Design of an Innovative Farm Management System 4.0
  70. Evaluation of regulated deficit drip irrigation strategies in apricot
  71. Towards implementation of robust monitoring technologies alongside freshwater improvement policy in Aotearoa New Zealand
  72. Measurement and Prediction of Mental Stress Through Innovative Equipment in Agriculture
  73. IoT Smart Plant Monitoring, Watering and Security System
  74. Smart Talking Plant Based on IoT with Social Media
  75. Membrane technology for sustainable water resources management: Challenges and future projections
  76. Experimental and Mathematical Models for Real-Time Monitoring and Auto Watering Using IoT Architecture
  77. Advances in optical-sensing strategies for the on-site detection of pesticides in agricultural foods
  78. A Deep Learning-Based Sensor Modeling for Smart Irrigation System
  79. based microfluidic colorimetric sensor on a 3D printed support for quantitative detection of nitrite in aquatic environments
  80. Precision and intelligent agricultural decision support system based on big data analysis
  81. Implementation of a LoRaWAN Based Smart Agriculture Decision Support System for Optimum Crop Yield
  82. Breed as One of Significant Factors that Determine the Level of Yield and Its Quality
  83. Investigation of precision agriculture using wireless sensor network architecture
  84. The Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative (AG2PI): creating a shared vision across crop and livestock research communities
  85. The scaling of olfaction: Moths have relatively more olfactory surface area than mammals
  86. Artificial Intelligence Aided Agricultural Sensors for Plant Frostbite Protection
  87. End-to-End Compressive Spectral Classification: A Deep Learning Approach Applied to the Grading of Tahiti Lime
  88. Testing the Model Efficiency of HYDRUS 2D/3D Under Desert Conditions for Water Content and Pore Electrical Conductivity: a Case Study in an Olive Orchard
  89. Development of automated systems for the implementation of food processing
  90. Wheat rust disease detection techniques: a technical perspective
  91. Reduced Graphene Oxide Soil Moisture Sensor with Improved Stability and Testing on Vadose Zone Soils
  92. Machine Learning Approaches for Agro-IoT Systems
  93. Exposure to an androgenic agricultural pollutant does not alter metabolic rate, behaviour, or morphology of tadpoles
  94. A paper-based electrochemical device for the detection of pesticides in aerosol phase inspired by nature: A flower-like origami biosensor for precision agriculture
  95. Carbon Fibers Waste Recovery via Pyro-Gasification: Semi-Industrial Pilot Plant Testing and LCA
  96. Longitudinal axial flow rice thresher feeding rate monitoring based on force sensing resistors
  97. Recognition of Leaf Disease Using Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network by Applying Feature Reduction
  98. An Online Iot-Based Strawberry Health Monitoring System Using Adaptive Leaf Soft-Measurement Method Performed on Infrared Thermal Imaging Sensors
  99. Advances in chitosan biopolymer composite materials: from bioengineering, wastewater treatment to agricultural applications
  100. Application of Biosensors in Food Safety
  102. Micronutrient Classification in IoT Based Agriculture Using Machine Learning (ML) Algorithm
  103. Toward the Next Generation of Digitalization in Agriculture Based on Digital Twin Paradigm
  104. Internet of Things-Based Devices/Robots in Agriculture 4.0
  105. Digital Assessment and Classification of Wine Faults Using a Low-Cost Electronic Nose, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Modelling
  106. Condition Monitoring of a Sprinkler System Using Feedback Mechanism
  107. Application of Drones with Variable Area Nozzles for Effective Smart Farming Activities
  108. Exploration of Technology-Driven Income Sources for an Agricultural Community in West Bengal, India
  109. Shape Sensing of Hyper-Redundant Robots Using an AHRS IMU Sensor Network
  110. Functional Framework for IoT-Based Agricultural System
  111. Electronic Nose based on chemiresistive sensors for toxic gas detection
  112. Sensor-Based Monitoring of Soil and Crop Health for Enhancing Input Use Efficiency
  113. Discrimination of durian ripeness level using gas sensors and neural network
  114. SAW: A real-time surveillance system at an agricultural warehouse using IoT
  115. A Review of Deep Learning in Multiscale Agricultural Sensing
  116. Russian agricultural innovations prospects in the context of global challenges: Agriculture 4.0
  117. Agricultural Irrigation Recommendation and Alert (AIRA) system using optimization and machine learning in Hadoop for sustainable agriculture
  118. Darwinian genomics and diversity in the tree of life
  119. The role of FAIR data towards sustainable agricultural performance: A systematic literature review
  120. Predictive Performance of Mobile Vis–NIR Spectroscopy for Mapping Key Fertility Attributes in Tropical Soils through Local Models Using PLS and ANN
  121. Functionalized nanomaterial-based electrochemical sensors for point-of-care devices
  122. Design of a gas-system for testing the phosphine protection of canisters in respirators
  123. Evaluation of Two Portable Hyperspectral-Sensor-Based Instruments to Predict Key Soil Properties in Canadian Soils
  124. AIoT Platform Design Based on Front and Rear End Separation Architecture for Smart Agricultural
  125. The Detection and Quantification of Dicamba and Acid Herbicides in Agricultural Samples
  126. A Framework for Financing Post-Registration Variety Testing System: A Case Study from Poland
  127. State of the Art Techniques for Water Quality Monitoring Systems for Fish Ponds Using IoT and Underwater Sensors: A Review
  128. Primarily tests of a optoelectronic in‐canopy sensor for evaluation of vertical disease infection in cereals
  129. A Survey of Agriculture Applications Utilizing Raspberry Pi
  130. Using a single-board computer as a low-cost instrument for SPAD value estimation through colour images and chlorophyll-related spectral indices
  131. AquaCrop Simulation of Winter Wheat under Different N Management Practices
  132. Advanced Point‐of‐Care Testing Technologies for Human Acute Respiratory Virus Detection
  133. Intrusion detection using machine learning for risk mitigation in IoT-enabled smart irrigation in smart farming
  134. Convolutional Neural Network-Based Tomato Plant Leaf Disease Detection
  135. Digital Development Strategy of Agricultural Planting and Breeding Enterprises Based on Intelligent Sensors
  136. Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Greenhouse Controller
  137. Data reduction based on machine learning algorithms for fog computing in IoT smart agriculture
  138. Advances, limitations, and prospects of biosensing technology for detecting phytopathogenic bacteria
  140. IoT enabled mushroom farm automation with Machine Learning to classify toxic mushrooms in Bangladesh
  141. Sensors and Instruments for Brix Measurement: A Review
  142. Electrochemical Devices to Monitor Ionic Analytes for Healthcare and Industrial Applications
  143. Re-imagining crop domestication in the era of high throughput phenomics
  144. Nanomaterial Doping: Chemistry and Strategies for Agricultural Applications
  145. Design of Smart Risk Assessment System for Agricultural Products and Food Safety Inspection Based on Multivariate Data Analysis
  146. Machine Learning Approaches for Agro IoT Systems
  147. Agricultural Potentials of Molecular Spectroscopy and Advances for Food Authentication: An Overview
  148. Research progress on nondestructive testing technology for aquatic products freshness
  149. Advances in gas sensors and electronic nose technologies for agricultural cycle applications
  150. Projects on IoT Systems
  151. Applications of Internet of Things and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Smart Agriculture: A Review
  152. IoT Based Agricultural Business Model for Estimating Crop Health Management to Reduce Farmer Distress Using SVM and Machine Learning
  153. Comparison of load rating of reinforced concrete slab bridge using analytical and field testing approaches
  154. Wireless nanosensor network for agricultural applications
  155. Development of a portable gas sensing platform with QCM sensors for volatiles of agro products
  156. A Low-Cost Global Navigation Satellite System Positioning Accuracy Assessment Method for Agricultural Machinery
  157. Automated Aeroponics System Using IoT for Smart Agriculture
  158. Machine Learning Technology and Its Current Implementation in Agriculture
  159. Testing graphene versus classical soil improvers in a sandy calcisol
  160. Designing an IoT Agriculture Monitoring System for Improving Farmer’s Acceptance of Using IoT Technology
  161. Analysis on the Subdivision of Skilled Mowing Movements on Slopes
  162. Greenhouse Assays with Lactuca sativa for Testing Sewage Sludge-Based Soil Amendments
  163. Testing Solar-MAODV energy efficient model on various modulation techniques in wireless sensor and optical networks
  164. Sensors make sense: Functional genomics, deep learning, and agriculture
  165. Real-Life Agricultural Data Retrieval for Large-Scale Annotation Flow Optimization
  166. Theoretical Foundations to Control Technological and Robotic Operations with Physical Manipulations of Agricultural Products
  167. Linking and Sharing Technology: Partnerships for Data Innovations for Management of Agricultural Big Data
  168. Recent advancements and challenges of Internet of Things in smart agriculture: A survey
  169. Smart Agriculture Solution Based on IoT and TVWS for Arid Regions of the Central African Republic
  170. Control system for multi-agent groups of heterogeneous sensors
  171. Analysis of Agriculture Production and Impacts of Climate Change in South Asian Region: A Concern Related with Healthcare 4.0 Using ML and Sensors
  172. Mechanization, digitalization, and rural youth-Stakeholder perceptions on three mega-topics for agricultural transformation in four African countries
  173. Design and implementation of intelligent pig house environment monitor system based on Internet plus
  174. Findings and Future Implications
  175. The social and ethical impacts of artificial intelligence in agriculture: mapping the agricultural AI literature
  176. A New Augmented Method for Processing Video Datasets Based on Deep Neural Network
  177. Electrochemical sensors for agricultural application
  178. AI‐enhanced soil management and smart farming
  179. Improvement of Gear Durability for an 86 kW Class Agricultural Tractor Transmission by Material Selection
  180. Photothermal triggered clinical swab point-of-care testing diagnostics: fluorescence-pressure multi-signal readout detection of cervical cancer biomarker
  181. Smart Cybersecurity Framework for IoT-Empowered Drones: Machine Learning Perspective
  182. An integrated solution of software and hardware for environmental monitoring
  183. IoT based Smart Aquaculture System with Automatic Aerating and Water Quality Monitoring
  184. Exploiting centimetre resolution of drone-mounted sensors for estimating mid-late season above ground biomass in rice
  185. Embracing variability in soils on smallholder farms: New tools and better science
  186. Testing three rainfall interception models and different parameterization methods with data from an open Mediterranean pine forest
  187. Using deep belief network to construct the agricultural information system based on Internet of Things
  188. Evaluation of Random Forests (RF) for Regional and Local-Scale Wheat Yield Prediction in Southeast Australia
  189. Machine Learning-Based Digital Twin for Monitoring Fruit Quality Evolution
  190. A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain Traceability Implementations
  191. CuO-sensitized amorphous ZnSnO3 hollow-rounded cubes for highly sensitive and selective H2S gas sensors
  192. Portable electrochemical sensing methodologies for on-site detection of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables
  193. Identification of Suitable Crop Based on Weather Condition
  194. Cigré Prototype Installation Test for Gas-Insulated DC Systems-Testing a Gas-Insulated DC Transmission Line (DC-GIL) for±550 kV and 5000 A under Real Service …
  195. Adoption of Smart Agriculture Using IOT: A Solution for Optimal Soil Decision Tree Making
  196. A Real Time IoT Measurement System for Hydroponics Cultivation
  197. A Numerical Simulation of Electrical Resistivity of Fiber-Reinforced Composites, Part 1: Brittle Cementitious Concrete
  198. Bio-composite of nipa palm husk derived activated carbon/poly (butylene succinate): an effective agricultural waste based adsorbent for ammonia removal
  199. A robust deep-learning model for landslide susceptibility mapping: a case study of Kurdistan Province, Iran
  200. UAV-based remote sensing in plant stress imagine using high-resolution thermal sensor for digital agriculture practices: a meta-review
  201. Digitalization and Urbanization
  202. Nanocellulose-templated carbon nanotube enhanced conductive organohydrogel for highly-sensitive strain and temperature sensors
  203. A review on magnetic sensors for monitoring of hazardous pollutants in water resources
  204. Overview of IoT in the Agroecosystem
  205. Using Open Tools to Transform Retired Equipment into Powerful Engineering Education Instruments: A Smart Agri-IoT Control Example
  206. Perspectives of RealSense and ZED Depth Sensors for Robotic Vision Applications
  207. Real-Time Weather Monitoring and IoT-Based Palmtop Device for Smart Agriculture
  208. Optical Sensors for Rational Fertilizer Nitrogen Management in Field Crops
  209. Metal-Organic Frameworks-Based Sensors for Food Safety
  210. A European perspective on opportunities and demands for field-based crop phenotyping
  211. Ultra-Compact Eddy Current Transducer for Corrosion Defect Search in Steel Pipes
  212. Increasing productivity of rice plants based on IoT (Internet Of Things) to realize Smart Agriculture using System Thinking approach
  213. A Novel Determination of An Appropriate Clustering Quantity of A Water-Soluble NPK Nutrient Measuring System Based on K-means and SOM Methods
  214. Proposal and prototyping on wildlife tracking system using infrared sensors
  215. An implementation of smart agriculture for optimizing growth using sonic bloom and IoT integrated
  216. Design of Smart Seed Sensor Based on Microwave Detection Method and Signal Calculation Model
  217. The Role of Sensing Techniques in Precision Agriculture
  218. Rice-Fusion: A Multimodality Data Fusion Framework for Rice Disease Diagnosis
  219. A Comparison of Machine-Learning Assisted Optical and Thermal Camera Systems for Beehive Activity Counting
  220. Detection of crop diseases using enhanced variability imagery data and convolutional neural networks
  221. Miniaturized devices for point-of-care testing/miniaturization and integration with microfluidic systems
  222. Automatic Remote Farm Irrigation System with WSN and Weather Forecasting
  223. A novel molecularly imprinted polymer composite based on polyaniline nanoparticles as sensitive sensors for parathion detection in the field
  224. Role of nanobiosensors and biosensors for plant virus detection
  225. Evaluation of a Binary Classification Approach to Detect Herbage Scarcity Based on Behavioral Responses of Grazing Dairy Cows
  226. Wireless Drone Charging Station Using Class-E Power Amplifier in Vertical Alignment and Lateral Misalignment Conditions
  227. Agricultural Field Extraction with Deep Learning Algorithm and Satellite Imagery
  228. Interactive Deep Learning for Shelf Life Prediction of Muskmelons Based on an Active Learning Approach
  229. Mechanical-based and Optical-based Methods for Nondestructive Evaluation of Fruit Firmness
  230. Photo-controlled fluorescence “Double-Check” for human serum albumin and its applications
  231. E-agricultural Portal for Farmers Using Decentralized Ledger and Machine Learning Tools
  232. Applicability and integration of commercially available sensors in monitoring indoor air quality and animal behaviour in pig farms
  233. Design, development, and performance testing of thermal energy storage based solar dryer system for seeded grapes
  234. Development of Internet of Things Systems for Monitoring Agricultural Silos
  235. Imitating Emergencies: Generating Thermal Surveillance Fall Data Using Low-Cost Human-like Dolls
  236. Label-free ratiometric homogeneous electrochemical aptasensor based on hybridization chain reaction for facile and rapid detection of aflatoxin B1 in cereal crops
  237. Eden Library: A long-term database for storing agricultural multi-sensor datasets from UAV and proximal platforms
  238. A national extent map of cropland and grassland for Switzerland based on Sentinel-2 data
  239. Classification and yield prediction in smart agriculture system using IoT
  240. Traditional and current-prospective methods of agricultural plant diseases detection: A review
  241. Crop Yield Prediction using Hybrid Deep Learning Algorithm for Smart Agriculture
  242. Design of an Artificial Intelligence of Things Based Indoor Planting Model for Mentha Spicata
  243. Re-emergence of Asia in the New Industrial Era
  244. … model coupled with portable X-ray fluorescence and visible near-infrared spectroscopy to explore the viability of mapping and estimating arsenic in an agricultural soil
  245. Need of agricultural marketing reforms in India
  246. Integration of logistic principles into resource-saving technologies, precision and organic farming
  247. A wide-field micro-computed tomography detector: micron resolution at half-centimetre scale
  248. Precision Fertilizer and Irrigation Control System Using Open-Source Software and Loose Communication Architecture
  249. CRISPR/Cas12a based fluorescence-enhanced lateral flow biosensor for detection of Staphylococcus aureus
  250. Frost Prediction Using Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network Models for Use on Iot Sensors
  251. Agritech Startup Ecosystem in Ukraine: Ideas and Realization
  252. Testing the Utility of the Resampled nSight-2 Spectral Configurations in Discriminating Wetland Plant Species Using Random Forest Classifier
  253. Introduction to deep learning in precision agriculture: Farm image feature detection using unmanned aerial vehicles through classification and optimization process of …
  254. Engine Prototype and Testing Measurements of Autonomous Rocket-Based 360 Degrees Cloud Seeding Mechanism
  255. From new materials to advanced biomedical applications of solid-state biosensor: A review
  256. Guidelines for the development and use of safety testing procedures in human-robot collaboration
  257. Resilience in Agriculture: Communication and Energy Infrastructure Dependencies of German Farmers
  258. A Review of Existing Disease Detection Techniques in Infected Plant Leaves
  259. Machines and Equipment for Sowing Grain Crops on Plots of the I and II Stages of Selection Work
  260. IoT-Based Agricultural Automation Using LoRaWAN
  261. Transforming agrifood production systems and supply chains with digital twins
  262. Density Estimates as Representations of Agricultural Fields for Remote Sensing-Based Monitoring of Tillage and Vegetation Cover
  263. Field calibration of a low-cost sensors network to assess traffic-related air pollution along the Brenner highway
  264. A Revisit of Internet of Things Technologies for Monitoring and Control Strategies in Smart Agriculture
  265. Analysis of Approaches to the Control of Air Manipulation Systems
  266. A Simple and Reliable Paraquat Test Strip Ready for Clinical Application and Field Detection
  267. Improving crop modeling to better simulate maize yield variability under different irrigation managements
  268. Localizing Small Apples in Complex Apple Orchard Environments
  269. Model-Algorithmic Support of Robotic Gripper for Manipulating Agricultural Products
  270. Development of Wavelet Coherence EEG as a Biomarker for Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder
  271. Application of Modern GIS and Remote Sensing Technology Based on Big Data Analysis in Intelligent Agriculture
  272. TobSet: A New Tobacco Crop and Weeds Image Dataset and Its Utilization for Vision-Based Spraying by Agricultural Robots
  273. Prediction of Agriculture Yields Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  274. Recent advances in E-monitoring of plant diseases
  275. Monocular Depth Estimation with Self-Supervised Learning for Vineyard Unmanned Agricultural Vehicle
  276. Arboreal elements of the agricultural matrix as structural connecting devices in fragmented landscapes–A case study in the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve
  277. Automatic Irrigation System with Rainwater Harvesting
  278. Performance Analysis and Measurement of Soil Moisture Content by Piezoresistive Sensor
  279. Development of a Low-Cost Vibration Damper Dynamometer for Suspension Damper Testing
  280. A High Precision and Multifunctional Electro-Optical Conversion Efficiency Measurement System for Metamaterial-Based Thermal Emitters
  281. A Review on Advances in IoT-Based Technologies for Smart Agricultural System
  282. Developments in Agriculture Technology Using Internet of Things
  283. Science and Technology Parks: A Futuristic Approach
  284. We can replicate any road in the world on our test rigs
  285. Characterisation of a Biomass Dryer for Heat Treatment of Foodstuffs
  286. Development and testing of novel photovoltaic-thermal collector-based solar dryer for green tea drying application
  287. Nanosensors for controlled release fertilizer
  288. Allometric Equations to Estimate Aboveground Biomass in Spotted Gum (Corymbia citriodora Subspecies variegata) Plantations in Queensland
  289. Design and Build Smart Agriculture Using Cognitive Internet of Things (C IoT)
  290. 6 A Review of Precision
  291. A Systematic Review of Low-Cost Real-time Air Quality Sensors, Systems, and Evaluation Methods
  292. Applying of smart, robotic systems and big data processing in agro-industrial complex
  293. Sensor Array Optimization to Design and Develop an Electronic Nose System for the Detection of Water Stress in Khasi Mandarin Orange
  294. Forecasting Agricultural Commodity Prices Using Dual Input Attention LSTM
  295. A novel intelligence approach based active and ensemble learning for agricultural soil organic carbon prediction using multispectral and SAR data fusion
  296. The investigation of chlorpyrifos (Cpy) detection of PEDOT: PSS-MXene (Ti2CTX)-BSA-GO composite using P-ISFET reduction method
  297. Soil and Groundwater Investigation for Sustainable Agricultural Development: A Case Study from Brunei Darussalam
  298. Adaptive metaheuristic-based methods for autonomous robot path planning: Sustainable agricultural applications
  299. Enhancing Detection Quality Rate with a Combined HOG and CNN for Real-Time Multiple Object Tracking across Non-Overlapping Multiple Cameras
  300. Soil compaction due to agricultural field traffic: An overview of current knowledge and techniques for compaction quantification and mapping


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