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Research Area/ Research Interest: crop nutrition

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Beneficial Microbes and the Interconnection Between Crop Mineral Nutrition and Induced Systemic Resistance
  2.  Dry beans and pulses production, processing and nutrition
  3.  Physiological Mechanisms of Plants Involved in Phosphorus Nutrition and Deficiency Management
  4.  Biofortification of major crop plants with iron and zinc-achievements and future directions
  5.  Integrated management of Striga gesnerioides in cowpea using resistant varieties, improved crop nutrition and rhizobium inoculants
  7.  Use of fluorescence indices as predictors of crop N status and yield for greenhouse sweet pepper crops
  8.  Effect of hydrogel applications and foliar nutrition sprays on yield attributes, seed and stover yield of chickpea crop
  9.  Importance of Silica Nutrition in Rice Crop Growth and Yield
  11.  Phytoaccumulation of Zinc and its associated impact on the growth performance and tolerance index of six bioenergy crop plants grown in Zn-contaminated soil
  12.  Research Findings
  13. … Dual-Responsive Multifunctional Nanoparticle Based on Mesoporous Silica with Metal-Polymethacrylic Acid Gatekeeper for Improving Plant Protection and Nutrition
  14. 11 Economic and Yield Comparisons of Different Crop and Crop–Pasture
  15. A network approach for managing ecosystem services and improving food and nutrition security on smallholder farms
  16. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Research Network: A Home Garden Intervention Improves Child Length-for-Age Z-Score and Household-Level Crop …
  17. An Intelligent Model to Suggest Top Productive Seasonal Crops Based on User Location in the Context of Bangladesh
  18. Application of a novel nanocomposite containing micro-nutrient solubilizing bacterial strains and CeO2 nanocomposite as bio-fertilizer
  19. Benefits and Limitations to Plastic Mulching and Nitrogen Fertilization on Grain Yield and Sulfur Nutrition: Multi-Site Field Trials in the Semiarid Area of China.
  20. Better crop-livestock integration for enhanced agricultural system resilience and food security in the changing climate: case study from low-rainfall areas of North Africa
  21. Bio-based products for agriculture
  22. Biochemical assessment of oat genotypes revealed variability in grain quality with nutrition and crop improvement implications
  23. Changing Food Consumption and Nutrition Intake in Kazakhstan
  24. Characteristics of the adaptive properties of winter soft wheat varieties in the conditions of the Middle Volga region
  25. Corn Nitrogen Nutrition Index Prediction Improved by Integrating Genetic, Environmental, and Management Factors with Active Canopy Sensing Using Machine …
  26. Data-driven, early-season forecasts of block sugarcane yield for precision agriculture
  27. Developing Climate Resilient Integrated Soil–Crop Management (Criscm) System for Sustainable Wheat Production in Salt–Affected Agroecosystems: Bridging Yield …
  28. Effect of Salinity on Growth, Ion Accumulation and Mineral Nutrition of Different Accessions of a Crop Wild Relative Legume Species, Trifolium fragiferum
  29. Effects of microplastics on crop nutrition in fertile soils and interaction with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
  30. Exploring plant growth-promoting Streptomyces spp. for yield and nutrition traits in pearl millet hybrids
  31. Harnessing root-foraging capacity to improve nutrient-use efficiency for sustainable maize production
  32. Influence of zinc fertilization levels and frequencies on crop productivity, zinc uptake and buildup of soil zinc in maize–wheat system
  33. Interfaces between biodegradable organic matrices coating and MAP fertilizer for improve use efficiency
  34. Intervening in cash crop value chains for improved nutrition: Evidence from rural Sierra Leone
  35. Key variable for simulating critical nitrogen dilution curve of wheat: Leaf area ratio-driven approach
  36. Maize Characteristics Estimation and Classification by Spectral Data under Two Soil Phosphorus Levels
  37. Mathematical models for predicting the level of potatoes nutrition from the soil chemical composition in the Northern Kazakhstan condition
  38. Micronutrient homeostasis in plants for more sustainable agriculture and healthier human nutrition
  39. Minimum dataset and metadata guidelines for soil‐test correlation and calibration research
  40. Nitrogen variability assessment of pasture fields under an integrated crop-livestock system using UAV, PlanetScope, and Sentinel-2 data
  41. Nutrient Stewardship: Taking 4R Further
  42. Nutrient use efficiency indices of N, P, and K under rice-wheat cropping system in LTFE after 34th crop cycle
  43. Nutrition integrated agricultural extension—a case study in Western Kenya
  44. Nutritional quality of different potassium efficiency types of vegetable soybean as affected by potassium nutrition
  45. Phosphorus mobilization and improvement of crop agronomic performances by a new white‐rot fungus Ceriporia lacerata HG2011
  46. Plant development and crop protection using phytonanotechnology: A new window for sustainable agriculture
  47. Production potential, quality and soil health of newly introduced baby corn as influenced by best management practices in eastern Himalayas
  48. Promotive or suppressive effects of ultrafine bubbles on crop growth depended on bubble concentration and crop species
  49. Response of mycorrhizal symbiosis to phosphorus and its application for sustainable crop production and remediation of environment
  50. Rice performance as influenced by crop establishment methods, green organic mulches and rates of nitrogen fertilization along with liquid Azotobacter chroococcum
  51. Role of nanotechnology in enhancing crop production and produce quality
  52. Soil properties and fertility management with respect to Capsicum (Capsicum annuum L.) production in Nairobi Peri-urban Counties
  53. Species-specific interaction affects organic nitrogen uptake during intercropping of four important crop species: A useful index for selecting appropriate intercropping …
  54. Study of domestic wastewater treatment using Moringa oleifera coagulant coupled with vertical flow constructed wetland in Kibera Slum, Kenya
  55. The cannabinoid profile and growth of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is influenced by tropical daylengths and temperatures, genotype and nitrogen nutrition
  56. The impact of integrated crop-livestock systems: A review of the components and barriers of the classic farming approach
  57. The importance of beneficial and essential trace and ultratrace elements in plant nutrition, growth, and stress tolerance
  58. The nitrification inhibitor nitrapyrin has non-target effects on the soil microbial community structure, composition, and functions
  59. The role of nutrients underlying interactions among root-nodule bacteria (Bradyrhizobium sp.), arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Funneliformis mosseae) and root-lesion …
  60. The use of organic fertilizers based on waste mushroom compost in agricultural crop production technologies
  61. Tiger Nut (Cyperus esculentus L.): Nutrition, Processing, Function and Applications
  62. Zinc transport in rice: how to balance optimal plant requirements and human nutrition


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