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Behavioral Modeling MCQs | UML Diagrams

Solved MCQs of Basic Behavioral Modeling in UML, OOAD(Object-oriented Analysis and Design), and Software Engineering.

Which of the following identify high-level services provided by the system.
a. Classes
b. Activities
c. Use Cases
d. Components
Answers: c
Which of the following shape connects the initiating actor to the use case (ending at the use case).
a. Arrow
b. Line
c. Arc
d. Scribble
Answers: a
Animation of a model against the execution of a deployed system is an example of which kind of engineering?
a. business engineering
b. forward engineering
c. reverse engineering
d. temporal engineering
Answers: c
Forward Engineering is possible for an Activity Diagram mainly when the context of the diagram is ………?
a. an operation
b. a workflow
c. a class
d. a use case
Use case scenario is a specific sequence of which of the followings?
a. relationships
b. objects
c. classes
d. actions
Answers: d
We can graphically represent the scenario of a use case with the help of which kind of UML diagram?
a. deployment diagram
b. sequence diagram
c. use case diagram
d. interaction diagram
Answers: b
Uses cases are represented as which of the following shape within the system rectangle.
a. ellipses
b. circles
c. rhombus
d. rectangle
Answers: a
The behavior of a system can be modeled with the help of which kind of UML diagrams?
a. class diagram
b. activity diagram
c. use case diagram
d. interaction diagram
Answers: b
Select the best diagram to model business workflows?
a. Deployment diagram
b. Activity diagram
c. Use Case diagram
d. Interaction diagram
Answers: B

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