Exercise on Dialogue in English

Collection of English Dialogue to practice in school or college.

  1. Conversation Dialogue Between Two Friends
  2. Dialogue between teacher and parent [Conversation]
  3. Dialogue between two friends about online classes [Conversation]
  4. Gym Dialogue | Conversation between Gym trainer and client
  5. Dialogue between the vendor and the customer [Conversation]
  6. Dialogue between a teacher and a student about the importance of English
  7. Telephone Conversation Example Dialogue
  8. Conversation Between Travel Agent and Customer [Dialogue]
  9. [Dialogue]Conversation between brother and sister
  10. [Dialogue] Telephone conversation between two friends
  11. [Dialogue]conversation between two students
  12. First Meet Conversation [Dialogue]
  13. Conversation between doctor and patient [Dialogue]
  14. Dialogue about traveling
  15. [Dialogue] Conversation between a waiter and customer in the restaurant
  16. Good morning conversation [Dialogue]
  17. [Dialogue] Conversation at the airport 
  18. [Dialogue] Conversation between seller and customer for the return of defective products
  19. Angry dialogue [Conversation]
  20. [Dialogue] A conversation between two friends about Job work
  21. Shopping Dialogue