Words Ending with ‘a’ – [Suffix List with Meaning & Examples]

I am sharing with you a list of important Words Ending with ‘a’ with its Meaning & Examples.

  1. “America”: A Country, Example: “America” is a melting pot of many civilizations. “America” is the third biggest continent in the world.
  2. “Maria,” a song performed by Blondie “Example“: in 1999, “Maria” was a popular song performed by Blondie.
  3. “Africa” is the second biggest continent in the world “Example”: “Africa” is famous for the incredible variety of its wildlife and sceneries
  4. “Maya” is the name of an indigenous people that live in Mexico and Central America “Example”: The “Maya” civilisation was famous for its sophisticated writing system and mathematical expertise.
  5. “Comma”: a punctuation mark used to separate items in a list or indicate a pause in a phrase “Example”: use a “comma” to separate items in a list.
  6. “drama” refers to an occurrence, set of events, or scenario that is intensely emotional or dramatic.
    The split was a “drama” in the truest sense of the word. “Example”: “Grey’s Anatomy” is a well-known “drama” about the medical field.
  7. “llama” refers to a mammal that is native to South America and is related to the camel; “Example”: “Llamas” are frequently utilised as pack animals in South American countries.
  8. “Comma” refers to a little swimmer that lives in the planktonic community. • “Comma” is a form of zooplankton.
  9. “comma” refers to a butterfly that has a characteristic marking on its wings in the shape of a comma “Example”: the “comma” butterfly may be found in many different regions of the world.
  10. “Comma” refers to a key on a keyboard that is used for punctuation “Example”: To add a comma to a sentence, press the “Comma” key on your keyboard.
  11. “Saga” is an extended narrative that is often about a heroic character and is known for its complexity.
    A well-known example of a “saga” is the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.”
  12. “plasma” refers to a state of matter that is analogous to that of gas and in which some of the constituent particles have been ionised.
    As an illustration, “plasma” accounts for more than 90 percent of the observable cosmos.
  13. “Llama” yarn is a type of wool yarn that is manufactured from the fleece of a llama. “Example”: “Llama” yarn is very soft and not very heavy.
  14. “Data” refers to information that is in a format that can be handled by a computer; an example of this would be the analysis of the “data” obtained from the survey.
  15. “Area” refers to a portion of a surface or space that is definable or measurable; for instance, the “area” of the park is ten acres.”Example”: I have a fantastic “idea” for the next project. • “Idea”: a concept or proposal as to a possible path of action.
  16. “Maria” is the name of a female given name An example would be: “Maria” is a highly bright student.
  17. Hurricane Maria, a kind of tropical cyclone, was responsible for a significant amount of damage in Puerto Rico.
  18. “Plasma” refers to a sort of substance that is made up of charged particles, such as ions and electrons. “Example”: “Plasma” may be found in lightning, stars, and fires.
  19. drama entails a play or some other type of performance “Example”: Shakespeare’s writings are known for their “dramatic” nature.
  20. “comma” refers to a unit of measurement that is equal to one-thousandth of a metre
    As an illustration, one “comma” is equivalent to one millimetre.
  21. “Karma” refers to the total of a person’s activities in this state of life as well as in prior states of existence; these actions are considered as determining the person’s fate in future states of existence.
    “Example”: Those who perform nice things will receive positive “karma” in return.
  22. “Obama,” which is both a family name and a given name
    Barack Hussein Obama, commonly referred to as “Obama,” served as the 44th President of the United States.
  23. “llama” – a tamed mammal that is utilised for transportation and the manufacture of wool “Example”: “Llamas” are frequently utilised as pack animals in South American countries.
  24. A comma is a type of punctuation mark that is used in written communication to separate components of a sentence.
    “Example”: Use a “comma” to separate clauses in a complicated statement.
  25. “drama” is a kind of entertainment and a subgenre of media that focuses on highly charged emotional situations.
    “Example”: “Mad Men” is a popular “drama” series.
  26. “China” is the name of a nation located in East Asia
    “China” is the country with the most people in its population everywhere in the globe.
  27. A “sonata” is a piece of music written for a single instrument, most often the piano; an example of this would be Beethoven’s prolific output of well-known “sonatas.”
  28. “Liga” is a Spanish term that may be translated as either “league” or “association.”
    The “Liga” is the highest level of competition for professional football players in Spain.
  29. “comma” refers to a musical notation that indicates a pause in a piece of music “Example”: the “comma” on the sheet music instructs the musician to stop playing for a beat.
  30. “drama”: The term “drama” refers to a category of works of literature, such as plays and novels, that are focused on dramatic and emotional occurrences.
    “Example”: Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is considered to be a “drama” novel of the highest calibre.
  31. “Africa” is a continent that is abundant in history, culture, and resources. • “Africa” is home to many major historical and cultural sites. • “Africa” is a continent that has a long history.
  32. “Drama” is a subgenre of cinema and television that focuses on narratives that are emotionally charged and stressful
    “Example”: The television series “Breaking Bad” is considered to be in the “drama” genre.
  33. “comma”: a punctuation mark that is used in writing to separate clauses or items in a list “Example”: a “comma” should be used to separate distinct clauses in a sentence.
  34. “Obama” is both a surname and the given name of a previous President of the United States “Example”: Barack “Obama” Obama served as President of the United States for a total of two terms.
  35. “karma” is a concept in Hinduism and Buddhism that refers to the ethical rule of cause and effect. • “Example”: Positive deeds lead to good “karma,” while bad actions lead to poor “karma.”
  36. “comma”: A “comma” is a punctuation mark that is utilised in grammar to denote a pause or a distinction between components of a phrase. • An “Example”:
  37. “Llama” refers to a tamed animal that is frequently employed as a pack animal or for the production of wool; “Example”: “Llamas” are indigenous to South America and are related to camels.
  38. “drama” refers to any sort of performance, such as a play, movie, or television show, that depicts emotionally charged situations in a compelling manner.
    A “classic” example of a drama film is “The Shawshank Redemption,” which was released in 1994.
  39. A “comma” is a grammatical mark that can be used to separate things in a list or to indicate a pause in a sentence. “Example”: You can use a “comma” to separate items in a list or to indicate a pause in a sentence.
  40. “drama” The term “drama” refers to a subgenre of writing, filmmaking, and television dramatising highly charged emotional situations.
    A well-known and critically acclaimed “drama” series is “The Sopranos.”
  41. “Africa” is a continent that is well-known for the variety of its peoples, landscapes, and animals. • “Africa” is also an example of a continent that is a popular tourist destination due to its abundance of well-known wildlife reserves.
  42. “karma” refers to the doctrine that one’s deeds in this life have the potential to shape one’s destiny in subsequent lives.
    “Example”: “karma” that is good will lead to a better future, but “karma” that is bad will lead to a future that is worse.
  43. “comma” In written communication, a “comma” is a punctuation mark that is used to denote a stop in a phrase or to separate individual items in a list.
    The use of a “comma” to denote a pause in a sentence or to divide items in a list is a “Example” of proper punctuation.

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