Research Topics – Hydrodynamic quantum analogs [Math]

Research Area/ Research Interest: Hydrodynamic quantum analogs

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. Crises and chaotic scattering in hydrodynamic pilot-wave experiments
  2. Completing the quantum ontology with the electromagnetic zero-point field
  3. A classical analog of the quantum Zeeman effect
  4. Quantum generalized hydrodynamics of the Tonks–Girardeau gas: density fluctuations and entanglement entropy
  5. TGD & Quantum Hydrodynamics: General Ideas & Generation of Turbulence
  6. Emergent order in hydrodynamic spin lattices
  7. The archetypal molecular patterns of conscious experience are quantum analogs
  8. A mechanical analog of Bohr’s atom based on de Broglie’s double-solution approach
  9. Microscopic model for relativistic hydrodynamics of ideal plasmas
  10. Bell test in a classical pilot-wave system
  11. Zero absolute vorticity state in thermal equilibrium as a hydrodynamic analog of the quantum harmonic oscillator ground state
  12. Duality between weak and strong interactions in quantum gases
  13. Hydrodynamic derivation of the Schr\” odinger equation and spacetime curvature of a quantum particle
  14. The Stability of a Hydrodynamic Bravais Lattice
  15. Pilot-wave hydrodynamics*
  16. Classical pilot-wave dynamics: The free particle<? A3B2 show [editpick]?>
  17. Harmonic flow field representations of quantum bits and gates
  18. Quantum energy-transport and drift-diffusion models for electron transport in graphene: an approach by the wigner function
  19. Induced osmotic vorticity in the quantum hydrodynamical picture
  20. Quantum field theory and the Bieberbach conjecture
  21. Zero absolute vorticity plane Couette flow as an hydrodynamic representation of quantum energy states under perpendicular magnetic field
  22. Quantum hydrodynamic theory of quantum fluctuations in dipolar Bose–Einstein condensate
  23. Crystallization of bosonic quantum Hall states in a rotating quantum gas
  24. Quasiparticle kinetic theory for Calogero models
  25. Kinetic equations and hierarchies of evolution equations of quantum systems
  26. Generalised hydrodynamics of particle creation and decay
  27. Role of the electromagnetic vacuum in the transition from classical to quantum mechanics
  28. Energy band structure of multistream quantum electron system
  29. An Affordable Pedagogical Setup for Wave-particule Duality and Applications to Chaotic Stadium Cavity
  30. Joint quantum–classical Hamilton variational principle in the phase space
  31. Spectral analysis of dispersive shocks for quantum hydrodynamics with nonlinear viscosity
  32. A mapping from Schrodinger equation to Navier–Stokes equations through the product-like fractal geometry, fractal time derivative operator and variable …
  33. Geometric Hydrodynamics in Open Problems
  34. Numerical Simulations of a Superwalking Droplet
  35. Quantum hydrodynamics of the spinor Bose–Einstein condensate at non-zero temperatures
  36. From Quantum Many-Body Systems to Ideal Fluids
  37. Hydrodynamic models of astrophysical wormholes: The general concept
  38. Semiclassical Kinetic Theory
  39. The possible role of spin glass phase and p-adic thermodynamics in topological quantum computation: the TGD view
  40. Hydrodynamic Diffusion and Its Breakdown near Quantum Critical Points
  41. Hydrodynamic holes and Froude horizons: Circular shallow water profiles for astrophysical analogs
  42. Generalized hydrodynamics of the attractive non-linear Schrӧdinger equation
  43. Vibration–vortex mechanism of radical-reaction activation in an aqueous solution: Physical analogies
  44. Global, finite energy, weak solutions to a quantum magneto-hydrodynamic system with a pure-power pressure term
  45. Evolution of hybrid quantum–classical wavefunctions
  46. Breakdown of hydrodynamics below four dimensions in a fracton fluid
  47. Applying the Gibbs stability criterion to relativistic hydrodynamics
  48. TGD and Quantum Hydrodynamics
  49. The piston Riemann problem in a photon superfluid
  50. The Common Logic of Quantum Universe—Part I: The Case of Non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics
  51. Many-body quantum chaos and dual-unitarity round-a-face<? A3B2 show [editpick]?>
  52. Anomalous hydrodynamics in a class of scarred frustration-free Hamiltonians
  53. Mathematical aspects and simulation of electron-electron scattering in graphene
  54. Exact hydrodynamic description of symmetry-resolved R\’enyi entropies after a quantum quench
  55. Action of classical fields on quantum systems within the Schrödinger–Robertson uncertainty relation
  56. Canonical scale separation in two-dimensional incompressible hydrodynamics
  57. Unsteady dynamics of a classical particle-wave entity
  58. Emergent hydrodynamics in a strongly interacting dipolar spin ensemble
  59. Hydrodynamic theory of scrambling in chaotic long-range interacting systems
  60. Exact relaxation to Gibbs and non-equilibrium steady states in the quantum cellular automaton Rule 54
  61. Quantum correlation in Gross-Pitaevskij vacuum
  62. Analog time machine in a photonic system
  63. Generalized-hydrodynamic approach to inhomogeneous quenches: correlations, entanglement and quantum effects
  64. Theory of a superluminous vacuum quanta as the fabric of Space
  65. Hydrodynamic interpretation of generic squeezed coherent states: A kinetic theory
  66. Quantum Acceleration of the Koopman-von Neumann Approach to Nonlinear Classical Dynamics
  67. Quantum friction between metals in the hydrodynamic regime
  68. Study on bifurcation to chaos of surface tension gradient driven flow
  69. Using analog computers in today’s largest computational challenges
  70. A geometric Hilbert scale based integrated gravity & quantum field model Overview
  71. Deterministic Active Matter Generated Using Strange Attractors
  72. Discussion of foundation of mathematics and quantum theory
  73. Evolution of Hybrid Quantum-Classical Wavefunctions
  74. Hydrodynamics and transport in the long-range-interacting φ 4 chain
  75. Soliton gas in bidirectional dispersive hydrodynamics
  76. Spatiotemporal dynamics of classical and quantum density profiles in low-dimensional spin systems
  77. Koopman wavefunctions and classical states in hybrid quantum-classical dynamics
  78. Stochastic Variational Method for Viscous Hydrodynamics
  79. Hydrodynamic description of Weyl fermions in condensed state of matter
  80. Symmetric matrix ensemble and integrable hydrodynamic chains
  81. Prediction and manipulation of hydrodynamic rogue waves via nonlinear spectral engineering
  82. Dynamics of electrostatic waves in relativistic electron–positron-ion degenerate plasma
  83. Generalized hydrodynamics of the KdV soliton gas
  84. Possible Enhancements of Collective Flow Anisotropy Induced by Uncertainty Relation for Fluid Element
  85. Non-linear Processes and Stimulated Hawking Radiation in Hydrodynamics for Decelerating Subcritical Free Surface Flows with a Subluminal Dispersion Relation
  86. Form factors and generalized hydrodynamics for integrable systems
  87. Onset of many-body quantum chaos due to breaking integrability
  88. Diffusive hydrodynamics of inhomogenous Hamiltonians
  89. Toward the nonequilibrium thermodynamic analog of complexity and the Jarzynski identity
  90. Hydrodynamic density functional theory for mixtures from a variational principle and its application to droplet coalescence
  91. Eisenhart lift of Koopman-von Neumann mechanics
  92. Field equations for incompressible non-viscous fluids using artificial intelligence
  93. A Yang–Baxter integrable cellular automaton with a four site update rule
  94. Stability of nucleus-acoustic waves in completely degenerate white dwarf cores and their nearly degenerate ambience
  95. Integrable Abel equation and asymptotics of symmetry solutions of Korteweg–de Vries equation
  96. Singularities in nearly uniform one-dimensional condensates due to quantum diffusion
  97. From Bohm’s Vision of Quantum Processes to Quantum Field Theory… to the Transactional Approach. Variations on the Theme
  98. Classical and Quantum Brownian Motion
  99. Boundary-driven XYZ chain: Inhomogeneous triangular matrix product ansatz
  100. SurferBot: A wave-propelled aquatic vibrobot
  101. Theoretical framework for the dynamics of cryogenic liquid helium-4 bridging the classical and quantum mechanics using smoothed-particle hydrodynamics
  102. Detection of Kardar–Parisi–Zhang hydrodynamics in a quantum Heisenberg spin-1/2 chain
  103. Random Quantum Circuits
  104. Can quasi-time crystal be created by a Fibonacci process?: TGD point of view
  105. Thermalization and hydrodynamics of two-dimensional quantum field theories
  106. Relativistic hydrodynamics with the parity anomaly
  107. Chaos and ergodicity in extended quantum systems with noisy driving
  108. Relativistic hydrodynamics with the parity anomaly
  109. A Dipolar Quantum Liquid Trapped in Quasi-One Dimension
  110. Sound-ring radiation of expanding vortex clusters
  111. Quantum Dynamics barring the Schrodinger Equation
  112. Role of Geospatial Technology in Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Modeling-With Focus on Floods Studies
  113. Tensorial Group Field Theory condensate cosmology as an example of spacetime emergence in quantum gravity
  114. Bounds on transport from univalence and pole-skipping
  115. The two particle–hole pairs contribution to the dynamic correlation functions of quantum integrable models
  116. Integrable polynomial Hamiltonian systems and symmetric powers of plane algebraic curves
  117. Axial-current anomaly in Euler fluids
  118. Improving the mechanical-mathematical model of grain mass separation in a fluidized bed
  119. Post-quantum midpoint-type inequalities associated with twice-differentiable functions
  120. On the spectral problem of the quantum KdV hierarchy
  121. Hydrodynamics of quantum corrections to the Coulomb interaction via the third rank tensor evolution equation: Application to Langmuir waves and spin-electron …
  122. Measurement and memory in the periodically driven complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
  123. Signature-Causality Reflection in An Imperfect Fluid with Vorticity Generated by Tetrad Abelian Gauge Transformations
  124. Hydrodynamics of quantum spin liquids
  125. Quasibound states of Schwarzschild acoustic black holes
  126. Spectroscopic probes of quantum gases
  127. Framework for liquid crystal based particle models
  128. Hydrodynamic model of skyrmions and vorticities in the spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate in ferromagnetic phase at finite temperatures
  129. Hydrodynamic behavior of the two-TASEP
  130. Integrability breaking in the Rule 54 cellular automaton
  131. On two reversible cellular automata with two particle species
  132. Justifying the use of purely formal analogies in physics
  133. Integrability, Quantization, and Geometry: II. Quantum Theories and Algebraic Geometry
  134. Hawking fragmentation and Hawking attenuation in Weyl semimetals
  135. Traveling waves for quantum hydrodynamics with nonlinear viscosity
  136. Cytoplasmic delivery of quantum dots via microelectrophoresis technique
  137. Discussion of Classical and Finite Mathematics from Perspective of Foundation and Applications to Quantum Theory
  138. Predicting slow relaxation timescales in open quantum systems
  139. Duality in quantum transport models
  140. Random matrices and quantum Hamilton-Jacobi method
  141. Coarse-grained quantum cellular automata
  142. On systems of maximal quantum chaos
  143. 导航波流体力学
  144. Transport and entanglement growth in long-range random Clifford circuits
  145. A splitting scheme for the quantum Liouville-BGK equation
  146. Conceiving particles as undulating granular systems allows fundamentally realist interpretation of quantum mechanics
  147. Generalized Dynamics of Soft-Matter Quasicrystals: Mathematical Models, Solutions and Applications
  148. Hydrodynamics and transport in the long-range-interacting chain
  149. Bohmian trajectories of the time-oscillating Schrödinger equations
  150. Problem solving vacuum quanta fields
  151. Computational turbulent combustion in the age of artificial intelligence and quantum information
  152. The mathematical and physical realities of an unified field model A mathematical toolbox
  153. The quantum regularization of singular black-hole solutions in covariant quantum gravity
  154. Hydrodynamical Picture of QM
  155. Faraday waves under perpendicular electric field and their application to the walking droplet phenomenon
  156. Discrete and periodic complex Ginzburg-Landau equation for a hydrodynamic active lattice
  157. Entanglement dynamics of a hard-core quantum gas during a Joule expansion
  158. Two-fluid hydrodynamics of cold atomic bosons under the influence of quantum fluctuations at non-zero temperatures
  159. Learning quantum data with the quantum earth mover’s distance
  160. Hydrodynamics of ideal fracton fluids
  161. Entanglement Hamiltonian during a domain wall melting in the free Fermi chain
  162. Spectral statistics of non-hermitian matrices and dissipative quantum chaos
  163. Cosmological implications of the hydrodynamical phase of group field theory
  164. Nonlinear higher-order hydrodynamics: Fluids under driven flow and shear pressure
  165. Quantum versus classical dynamics in spin models: Chains, ladders, and square lattices
  166. Universality of Boltzmann Statistical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, and Shannon Information Theory
  167. Chiral anomaly in Euler fluid and Beltrami flow
  168. Operator spreading in the memory matrix formalism
  169. Effective dissipation rate in a Liouvillean graph picture of high-temperature quantum hydrodynamics
  170. Simulations of a Novel DG-GFET
  171. Phase-space stochastic quantum hydrodynamics for interacting Bose gases
  172. Kinetic equation for soliton gas: integrable reductions
  173. Macroscopic Manifestations of Quantum Anomalies in Hydrodynamics (Brief Review)
  174. Distinctions with a Difference
  175. Effective cosmology from one-body operators in group field theory
  176. Vortex Flows on Surfaces and Their Anomalous Hydrodynamics
  177. Quantum drift-diffusion equations for a two-dimensional electron gas with spin-orbit interaction
  178. Nonequilibrium dynamics and weakly broken integrability
  179. Hydrodynamic representation and Energy Balance for the Dirac and Weyl fermions in curved space-times
  180. A system of equations of the two-velocity hydrodynamics without pressure
  181. Phase-space stochastic quantum hydrodynamics for interacting Bose gases
  182. Kinetic equation for soliton gas: integrable reductions
  183. Macroscopic Manifestations of Quantum Anomalies in Hydrodynamics (Brief Review)
  184. Distinctions with a Difference
  185. Effective cosmology from one-body operators in group field theory
  186. Vortex Flows on Surfaces and Their Anomalous Hydrodynamics
  187. Quantum drift-diffusion equations for a two-dimensional electron gas with spin-orbit interaction
  188. Nonequilibrium dynamics and weakly broken integrability
  189. Hydrodynamic representation and Energy Balance for the Dirac and Weyl fermions in curved space-times
  190. A system of equations of the two-velocity hydrodynamics without pressure
  191. Hydrodynamic theory of the connected spectral form factor
  192. Connections between Weyl geometry, quantum potential and quantum entanglement
  193. Snowmass white paper: Quantum information in quantum field theory and quantum gravity
  194. Fractal dimensions in fluid dynamics and their effects on the Rayleigh problem, the Burger’s Vortex and the Kelvin–Helmholtz instability
  195. Thermodynamic stability implies causality
  196. Real-time spin-charge separation in one-dimensional Fermi gases from generalized hydrodynamics
  197. Twist effects on quantum vortex defects
  198. Madelung Formalism for Electron Spill-Out in Nonlocal Nanoplasmonics
  199. Basic Molecular Quantum Mechanics
  200. Blast waves in a paraxial fluid of light (a)
  201. Brownian motion and polarized three-dimensional quantum vacuum
  202. Physics and mathematics of electric streamers
  203. An Analytical Solution of Transient Wave Generation in the Wave Channel
  204. Bubbles with Attached Quantum Vortices in Trapped Binary Bose–Einstein Condensates
  205. On an Algebro-Geometric Approach to Ribaucour Transformations and Bianchi Cubes
  206. A Carrollian Perspective on Celestial Holography
  207. Modelling Wave-Particle Duality of Classical Particles and Waves
  208. Noninteracting fermionic systems with localized losses: Exact results in the hydrodynamic limit
  209. Transmission line approach to transport of heat in chiral systems with dissipation
  210. Duhem and Natanson: Two Mathematical Approaches to Thermodynamics
  211. Study of Nonlinear Interactions in Dense Plasmas
  212. Euler-scale dynamical fluctuations in non-equilibrium interacting integrable systems
  213. Boltzmann and Poincaré Entropy, Boltzmann Extremals, and Hamilton–Jacobi Method for Non-Hamiltonian Situation
  214. Promulgation on various genres soliton of Maccari system in nonlinear optics
  215. Noninteracting fermionic systems with localized dissipation: Exact results in the hydrodynamic limit
  216. Thermodynamic symmetry resolved entanglement entropies in integrable systems
  217. 100 years of mathematical cosmology: Models, theories, and problems, Part A
  218. A fluid description based on the Bernoulli equation of the one-body stationary states of quantum mechanics with real valued wavefunctions
  219. Fluorescence quenching in plasmonic dimers due to electron tunneling
  220. Exact time evolution formulae in the XXZ spin chain with domain wall initial state
  221. Spin generalizations of the Benjamin–Ono equation
  222. To know the quantum mechanical state of a particle implies restrictions on the results of measurements of its momentum
  223. Discovering hydrodynamic equations of many-body quantum systems
  224. Relativistic Quantum Tunnelling is Subluminal
  225. Exact solution of a quantum asymmetric exclusion process with particle creation and annihilation
  226. Analogue cosmology: using techniques from nonlinear optics to study modified theories of gravity with non-minimal coupling between curvature and matter
  227. Soliton gas in integrable dispersive hydrodynamics
  228. Drift-diffusion models for the simulation of a graphene field effect transistor
  229. Dissipative electronic nonadiabatic dynamics within the framework of the Schrödinger–Langevin equation
  230. Towards quantum lattice-Boltzmann methods
  231. Comparison of Orch-OR hypothesis with the TGD point of view
  232. The relevant excitations for the one-body function in the Lieb–Liniger model
  233. Quantum transport in topological condensed matter systems
  234. Outlook—Open Questions and Further Perspectives
  235. Exploring quantum-like turbulence with a two-component paraxial fluid of light
  236. Contactless generation and trapping of hydrodynamic knots in sessile droplets by acoustic screw dislocations
  237. A route to the hydrodynamic limit of a reaction-diffusion master equation using gradient structures
  238. Dissipation anomaly in a turbulent quantum fluid
  239. Global Quenches after Localized Perturbations
  240. Convergence of hydrodynamic modes: insights from kinetic theory and holography
  241. Anomalies in fluid dynamics: flows in a chiral background via variational principle
  243. How small hydrodynamics can go
  244. TGFT condensate cosmology as an example of spacetime emergence in quantum gravity
  245. Physics formalism Helmholtz matrix to Coulomb gage
  246. Solving Schrödinger–Hirota Equation in a Stochastic Environment and Utilizing Generalized Derivatives of the Conformable Type
  247. Bound States for the Spin-1/2 Aharonov-Bohm Problem in a Rotating Frame
  248. Realizing discontinuous wave functions perturbatively
  249. Number-conserving solution for dynamical quantum backreaction in a Bose-Einstein condensate
  250. Quantum Kernel Function Expansion for Thermal Quantum Ensemble
  251. Old Ideas for New Physicists: 1
  252. Deformations, relaxation, and broken symmetries in liquids, solids, and glasses: A unified topological field theory
  253. Phase space holography with no strings attached
  254. Construction and Evolution of Equilibrium Configurations of the Schrödinger–Poisson System in the Madelung Frame
  255. Variational Data Assimilation Methods in Geophysical Hydrodynamics Models and Their Application
  256. Nematic Liquid Crystals as a Tabletop Platform for Studying Turbulence
  257. Quantum drift instability and self-interference of electron beam
  258. Classical and quantum butterfly effect in nonlinear vector mechanics
  259. Entanglement dynamics in hybrid quantum circuits
  260. Hydrodynamic dispersion relations at finite coupling
  261. A short introduction to Generalized Hydrodynamics
  262. Hydrogen–helium chemical and nuclear galaxy collision: Hydrodynamic simulations on AVX-512 supercomputers
  263. Nonequilibrium ensemble derivation of hydrodynamic heat transport and higher-order generalizations
  264. Aspects of univalence in holographic axion models
  265. Hydrodynamic attractors in heavy ion collisions: a review
  266. Extremal chaos
  267. Physical Properties of Schwarzschild–deSitter Event Horizon Induced by Stochastic Quantum Gravity
  268. Diffusion in a fluid flow generated by a source at the apex of a wedge
  269. Triunitary quantum circuits
  270. Fluctuating quantum kinetic theory
  271. Microscopic origin of ideal conductivity in integrable quantum models
  272. Communication: Quantum mechanics without wavefunctions
  273. Characteristics of two-dimensional quantum turbulence in a compressible superfluid
  274. Wavemechanical formulation of plasma dynamics in longitudinal electric fields
  275. On the connection between hydrodynamics and quantum chaos in holographic theories with stringy corrections
  276. On the non-adiabatic dynamics of solvation: A molecular hydrodynamic formulation
  277. The universe in a helium droplet
  278. Room-temperature superfluidity in a polariton condensate
  279. Solitons and other solutions to the quantum Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation
  280. Relativistic quantum transport coefficients for second-order viscous hydrodynamics
  281. Walking droplets through the lens of dynamical systems
  282. Fluid formulation of a generalised Schrodinger-Langevin equation
  283. Weakly non-local fluid mechanics: the Schrödinger equation
  284. Quantum wave packet dynamics with trajectories: Application to reactive scattering
  285. The Hamiltonian formalism and a many-valued analogue of Morse theory
  286. Anomalous hydrodynamics in a class of scarred frustration-free Hamiltonians
  287. Quantum kinetics of spinning neutral particles: General theory and Spin wave dispersion
  288. Scientific realism and the quantum
  289. Nonlocal Hamiltonian operators of hydrodynamic type: differential geometry and applications
  290. Variational principles in dynamics and quantum theory
  291. Detection of Kardar–Parisi–Zhang hydrodynamics in a quantum Heisenberg spin-1/2 chain
  292. Space-time curvature of general relativity and energy density of a three-dimensional quantum vacuum
  294. Numerical observation of Hawking radiation from acoustic black holes in atomic Bose–Einstein condensates
  295. New theories of relativistic hydrodynamics in the LHC era
  296. Stationary holographic plasma quenches and numerical methods for non-Killing horizons
  297. Emergent hydrodynamics in a strongly interacting dipolar spin ensemble
  298. Manifestations of Quantum Anomalies of Field Theory in Quantum Statistical Mechanics
  299. Worlds of flow: A history of hydrodynamics from the Bernoullis to Prandtl
  300. Polymathematics: is mathematics a single science or a set of arts
  301. Diagrams in classical and semiclassical perturbation theory
  302. Lectures on hydrodynamic fluctuations in relativistic theories
  303. Mathematical physics
  304. Analogs of Bohr-Sommerfeld-Maslov quantization conditions on Riemann surfaces and spectral series of nonself-adjoint operators
  305. Quantum cosmology: a review
  306. State space geometry of the chaotic pilot-wave hydrodynamics
  307. Hydrodynamic approach to electronic transport in graphene
  308. From Quantum Many-Body Systems to Ideal Fluids
  309. Dynamics of coupled Bohmian and phase-space variables: A moment approach to mixed quantum-classical dynamics
  311. Noncanonical Hamiltonian density formulation of hydrodynamics and ideal magnetohydrodynamics
  312. Quantum dissipation in unbounded systems
  313. Simulation of Bell Correlations in Walker Systems
  314. Taking Inspiration from Quantum-Wave Analogies—Recent Results for Photonic Crystals
  315. On description of a collisionless quantum plasma
  316. TGD and Quantum Hydrodynamics
  317. Superradiant scattering from a hydrodynamic vortex
  318. Soliton gas in bidirectional dispersive hydrodynamics
  319. Dirac equation in terms of hydrodynamic variables
  320. Phase-space methods for the spin dynamics in condensed matter systems
  321. Gibbs and Boltzmann entropy in classical and quantum mechanics
  322. Transcription of ground-state density-functional theory into a local thermodynamics.
  323. Operator spreading in quantum maps
  324. Some possibilities of the future development of the notions of space and time
  325. Role of the electromagnetic vacuum in the transition from classical to quantum mechanics
  326. Analogue gravity
  327. Kinetic and hydrodynamic equations in the Schroedinger nonlinear model
  328. Exact relaxation to Gibbs and non-equilibrium steady states in the quantum cellular automaton Rule 54
  329. Superdiffusion in one-dimensional quantum lattice models
  330. Pseudo-Hermitian representation of quantum mechanics
  331. Entropic discretization of a quantum drift-diffusion model
  332. Reengineering the physical microenvironment of tumors to improve drug delivery and efficacy: from mathematical modeling to bench to bedside
  333. Non-perturbative quantum field theory: Mathematical aspects and applications
  334. Exact solutions of a two-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation
  335. Problem with the single-particle description and the spectra of intrinsic modes of degenerate boson-fermion systems
  336. Global Analysis in Mathematical Physics: Geometric and Stochastic Methods
  337. Drift ion acoustic solitons in an inhomogeneous 2-D quantum magnetoplasma
  338. The reason for analogies between physical theories
  339. On the physical meaning of the gauge conditions of Classical Electromagnetism: the hydrodynamics analogue viewpoint
  340. Computational electronics: semiconductor transport and device simulation
  341. Hydrodynamic schooling of flapping swimmers
  342. Time-dependent density functional theory of classical fluids
  343. The Aharonov–Bohm effect in neutral liquids
  344. Geometric squeezing into the lowest Landau level
  345. ‘Rotons’ in quantum hydrodynamics
  346. Linear and non-linear propagation of electron plasma waves in quantum plasma
  347. A review on the quantum drift diffusion model
  348. Quantum Hall states as matrix Chern-Simons theory
  349. Transport equations for semiconductors
  350. Generalization of uncertainty relation for quantum and stochastic systems
  351. Quantum hydrodynamics for plasmas—Quo vadis?
  352. The mathematical universe
  353. Hydrodynamics of weakly deformed soliton lattices. Differential geometry and Hamiltonian theory
  354. Entangling many-body bound states with propagative modes in Bose-Hubbard systems
  355. Smooth quantum hydrodynamic model vs. NEMO simulation of resonant tunneling diodes
  356. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
  357. Continuous-time histories: observables, probabilities, phase space structure and the classical limit
  358. Schrödinger operators with finite-gap spectrum and -soliton solutions of the Korteweg–de Vries equation
  359. A classical fluid-like approach to the density-functional formalism of many-electron systems
  360. Bright solitons in non-equilibrium coherent quantum matter
  361. Hydrodynamical spectral evolution for random matrices
  362. Quantum-wave equation and Heisenberg inequalities of covariant quantum gravity
  363. Optical analogues of black-hole horizons
  364. A Trajectory Description of Quantum Processes. I. Fundamentals: A Bohmian Perspective
  365. Bose-einstein condensation
  366. Simulation of some quantum models for semiconductors
  367. Quantum hydrodynamics of strongly coupled electron fluids
  368. Algebraic construction of current operators in integrable spin chains
  369. Canonical scale separation in two-dimensional incompressible hydrodynamics
  370. Faraday instability on a network
  371. Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in an atomic superfluid
  372. A quantum hydrodynamical description for scrambling and many-body chaos
  373. Emergent relativity
  374. Thermal conductivity of a gas with rotational states
  375. Turbulence calculations in magnetization variables
  376. Geometric Hydrodynamics in Open Problems
  377. A review of the theoretical modeling of walking droplets: Toward a generalized pilot-wave framework
  378. Mathematical problems and methods of hydrodynamic weather forecasting
  379. Emergent non-eulerian hydrodynamics of quantum vortices in two dimensions
  380. Hydrodynamics of oceans and atmospheres
  381. Reconciling semiclassical and Bohmian mechanics. I. Stationary states
  382. The Transcendental Meditation technique and quantum physics: Is pure consciousness a macroscopic quantum state in the brain
  383. The possible role of spin glass phase and p-adic thermodynamics in topological quantum computation: the TGD view
  384. Negative mass in general relativity
  385. Vortex knots in tangled quantum eigenfunctions
  386. Free fermions at the edge of interacting systems
  387. Integrable hierarchies and dispersionless limit
  388. Kinetic and hydrodynamic models for multi-band quantum transport in crystals
  389. Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in a single-component atomic superfluid
  390. A model for Faraday pilot waves over variable topography
  391. Quantum kinetic model of turbulence
  392. Quantum dynamical semigroups for diffusion models with Hartree interaction
  393. Thermodynamic formalism: the mathematical structure of equilibrium statistical mechanics
  394. Remarks on the formulation of quantum mechanics with classical pictures and on relations between linear scalar fields and hydrodynamical fields
  395. Mathematical principles of classical fluid mechanics
  396. Waves of magnetic moment and generation of waves by neutron beam in quantum magnetized plasma
  397. Current operators in Bethe ansatz and generalized hydrodynamics: An exact quantum-classical correspondence
  398. Dissipative Bohmian mechanics within the Caldirola–Kanai framework: A trajectory analysis of wave-packet dynamics in viscid media
  399. Quantum stress in chaotic billiards
  400. Quantum corrected hydrodynamic models for charge transport in graphene
  401. Asymptotic solution of the differential equation of hydrodynamic stability in a domain containing a transition point
  402. The Chern–Simons–Landau–Ginzburg theory of the fractional quantum Hall effect
  403. On the creation of quantized vortex lines in rotating He II
  404. Role of quantum fluctuations in a system with strong fields: Onset of hydrodynamical flow
  405. Quantum trajectories and Cushing’s historical contingency
  406. Neimark-Sacker bifurcations and evidence of chaos in a discrete dynamical model of walkers
  407. The biological consequences of the computational world: Mathematical reflections on cancer biology
  408. Hydrodynamical interpretation of quantum mechanics: the momentum distribution
  409. http://davidaedwards. tumblr. com/dedwards@ math. uga. edu
  410. Heuristic numerical work in some problems of hydrodynamics
  411. Spin and Madelung fluid
  412. Capillary Surface Energy Elucidation of the Cosmic Dark Energy—Ordinary Energy Duality
  413. Generalised fluid dynamics and quantum mechanics
  414. Hydrodynamics of the physical vacuum: II. Vorticity dynamics
  415. The new wave of pilot-wave theory
  416. A new derivation of the quantum Navier–Stokes equations in the Wigner–Fokker–Planck approach
  417. Crystallization and collapse in relativistically degenerate matter
  418. Formation and control of Turing patterns in a coherent quantum fluid
  419. Hydrodynamic and kinetic models for spin-1/2 electron-positron quantum plasmas: Annihilation interaction, helicity conservation, and wave dispersion in magnetized …
  420. Quantum collision theory with phase-space distributions
  421. Can quantum computing solve classically unsolvable problems?
  422. Solving Wigner’s mystery: The reasonable (though perhaps limited) effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences
  423. Superfluid motion and drag-force cancellation in a fluid of light
  424. A classical bound on quantum entropy
  425. Lieb-Robinson bound and the butterfly effect in quantum field theories
  426. The new quantum logic
  427. Dust acoustic vortices in an inhomogeneous quantum magnetoplasma with dissipation and sheared dust flows
  428. Equilibrium statistics of a vortex filament with applications
  429. Entanglement renormalization and holography
  430. Chaos and ergodicity in extended quantum systems with noisy driving
  431. Vortices and vortex lattices in quantum ferrofluids
  432. Dispersionful analogues of Benney’s equations and N-wave systems
  433. Hydrodynamics of Euler incompressible fluid and the fractional quantum Hall effect
  434. Quantum dynamics for dissipative systems: a hydrodynamic perspective
  435. Theory of the Nernst effect near quantum phase transitions in condensed matter and in dyonic black holes
  436. Analogue models of and for gravity
  437. Improving convergence and simulation time of quantum hydrodynamic simulation: Application to extraction of best 10-nm FinFET parameter values
  438. Modelling of nonlocal physical effects in semiconductor plasma using quasi-hydrodynamic models
  439. Edge wave and boundary layer of vortex matter
  440. Mathematical aspects and simulation of electron-electron scattering in graphene
  441. Vortices and vortex lattices in quantum ferrofluids
  442. Dispersionful analogues of Benney’s equations and N-wave systems
  443. Hydrodynamics of Euler incompressible fluid and the fractional quantum Hall effect
  444. Quantum dynamics for dissipative systems: a hydrodynamic perspective
  445. Theory of the Nernst effect near quantum phase transitions in condensed matter and in dyonic black holes
  446. Analogue models of and for gravity
  447. Improving convergence and simulation time of quantum hydrodynamic simulation: Application to extraction of best 10-nm FinFET parameter values
  448. Modelling of nonlocal physical effects in semiconductor plasma using quasi-hydrodynamic models
  449. Edge wave and boundary layer of vortex matter
  450. Mathematical aspects and simulation of electron-electron scattering in graphene
  451. Diffeomorphism groups, semidirect products, and quantum theory
  452. Constraints on hydrodynamics from many-body quantum chaos
  453. Action of classical fields on quantum systems within the Schrödinger–Robertson uncertainty relation
  454. Vortex, spin and triad for quantum mechanics of spinning particle. I: general theory
  455. Anomalous hydrodynamics of fractional quantum Hall states
  456. Quantum phase analysis with quantum trajectories: A step towards the creation of a Bohmian thinking
  457. Spreading of correlations in Markovian open quantum systems
  458. A semi-discrete higher order compact scheme for the unsteady two-dimensional Schrödinger equation
  459. A note on dynamics of fluctuations near the Benard instability
  460. Wellposedness of a nonlinear, logarithmic Schrödinger equation of Doebner–Goldin type modeling quantum dissipation
  461. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
  462. Experimental mathematics: the role of computation in nonlinear science
  463. Density functional modelling in multiphase compositional hydrodynamics
  464. Gaussian stochastic processes in physics
  465. Quantum inverse iteration algorithm for programmable quantum simulators
  466. Bouncing phase variations in pilot-wave hydrodynamics and the stability of droplet pairs
  467. Uniformly accurate machine learning-based hydrodynamic models for kinetic equations
  468. Analog model of a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universe in Bose-Einstein condensates: Application of the classical field method
  469. The effects of Bohm potential on ion-acoustic solitary waves interaction in a nonplanar quantum plasma
  470. Surface topography measurements of the bouncing droplet experiment
  471. Analogue Quantum Simulation
  472. Topological Analysis of Ensembles of Hydrodynamic Turbulent Flows–An Experimental Study
  473. Hydrodynamics of the atomic Bose–Einstein condensate beyond the mean-field approximation
  474. Hydrodynamic equations for the Toda lattice
  475. Separation of scales: Dynamical approximations for composite quantum systems
  476. Genuine hydrodynamic analysis to the 1-D QHD system: existence, dispersion and stability
  477. Quantum-torque-induced breaking of magnetic interfaces in ultracold gases
  478. Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions in a ferromagnetic superfluid
  479. Fluctuating Hydrodynamics and Wormholes
  480. Lectures on quantum supreme matter
  481. A statistical mechanism for operator growth
  482. Integrable hard-rod deformation of the Heisenberg spin chains
  483. Dispersive hydrodynamics of soliton condensates for the Korteweg-de Vries equation
  484. Statistical mechanics model for Clifford random tensor networks and monitored quantum circuits
  485. Breaking of Huygens–Fresnel principle in inhomogeneous Tomonaga–Luttinger liquids
  486. Effect of relativistically degenerate electrons on linear and nonlinear structures in ion temperature gradient driven pure drift mode
  488. Constraints on quasinormal modes and bounds for critical points from pole-skipping
  489. Hydrodynamic sound and plasmons in three dimensions
  490. Pole skipping and Rarita-Schwinger fields
  491. Constraints on quasinormal modes and bounds for critical points from pole-skipping
  492. Hydrodynamic sound and plasmons in three dimensions
  493. Pole skipping and Rarita-Schwinger fields
  494. Stop-and-go locomotion of superwalking droplets
  495. Bound of diffusion constants from pole-skipping points: spontaneous symmetry breaking and magnetic field
  496. Jeans Instability of a Protoplanetary Circular Disk Taking into Account the Magnetic Field and Radiation in Nonextensive Tsallis Kinetics
  497. Chaos and pole skipping in CFT2
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  499. Gyrohydrodynamics: Relativistic spinful fluid with strong vorticity
  500. Dimensionless physics: continuation
  501. Robustness of Kardar-Parisi-Zhang scaling in a classical integrable spin chain with broken integrability
  502. Generalized hydrodynamics in the one-dimensional Bose gas: theory and experiments
  503. Geometric squeezing into the lowest Landau level
  504. Low-energy pre-thermal phase and crossover to thermalization in nonlinear kicked rotors
  505. Resonant Generation of Higher Harmonics of Terahertz Pulses in the Layered Structures Dielectric-Graphene
  506. What could 2-D minimal surfaces teach about TGD?
  507. Few-to many-vortex states of density-angular-momentum–coupled Bose-Einstein condensates
  508. An efficient analysis of difference equations with coherence fraction under the influence of boson interferometry
  509. Teamplay
  510. Study of entanglement in Hawking process arising in a polariton based acoustic black hole
  511. Ballistic-hydrodynamic phase transition in flow of two-dimensional electrons
  512. Mathematical IQM Gauge Theory for Interaction Processes.
  513. Optical Semantics
  514. Integrability, Quantization, and Geometry: I. Integrable Systems
  515. Topological active matter
  516. Effect of Viscosity on Stopping Power for a Charged Particle Moving above Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
  517. A Time-Domain Analytic Solution of Flow-Induced Undular Bores
  518. Quantum statistical fluctuation of energy and its novel pseudo-gauge dependence
  519. Matter aspect of the space-time: A viscous fluid
  520. Steady thermo-diffusive shear Couette flow of incompressible fluid. Velocity field analysis
  521. Matter aspect of the space-time: A viscous fluid
  522. Steady thermo-diffusive shear Couette flow of incompressible fluid. Velocity field analysis
  523. Chaos and pole-skipping in rotating black holes
  524. The Space of Integrable Systems from Generalised -Deformations
  525. Relativistic Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Two-Component Magnetohydrodynamics Plasmas
  526. TGD & Condensed Matter: Basic Notions
  527. Spin alignment of vector mesons as a probe of spin hydrodynamics and freeze-out
  528. Lifshitz hydrodynamics at generic z from a moving black brane
  529. Tidal-heating and viscous dissipation correspondence in black holes and viscous compact objects
  530. Dan-virgil voiculescu at seventy
  531. A hydrodynamical homotopy co-momentum map and a multisymplectic interpretation of higher-order linking numbers
  532. Local Measure of Quantum Effects in Quantum Dynamics
  533. Sedenionic formulation for the field equations of multifluid plasma
  534. Fresh look at the effects of gravitational tidal forces on a freely-falling quantum particle
  535. Spin-piston problem for a ferromagnetic thin film: Shock waves and solitons
  536. Rule 54: Exactly solvable model of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
  537. Large-time and long-distance asymptotics of the thermal correlators of the impenetrable anyonic lattice gas
  538. Dirac’s Refined Unification of Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity: An Intertheoretic Context
  539. Mathematical toolbox for singularity trajectories of an optical vectorial field
  540. Petviashvili Method for the Fractional Schr\”{o} dinger Equation
  541. Two-dimensional electrostatic solitary waves in magnetized ultradense relativistic quantum electronegative plasmas
  542. Logarithmic Schrödinger equation and isothermal fluids
  543. Emergent gravity from hidden sectors and TT deformations
  544. Quasiparticles, Flat Bands, and the Melting of Hydrodynamic Matter
  545. Current trends in the studies of aqueous solutions
  546. Long-lived Solitons and Their Signatures in the Classical Heisenberg Chain
  547. Dynamics of Fluctuations in the Open Quantum SSEP and Free Probability
  548. Entanglement perspective on the quantum approximate optimization algorithm
  549. Self-localized solitons of a q-deformed quantum system
  550. Quantum simulation using noisy unitary circuits and measurements
  551. Two-dimensional electrostatic solitary waves in magnetized ultradense relativistic quantum electronegative plasmas
  552. Logarithmic Schrödinger equation and isothermal fluids
  553. Emergent gravity from hidden sectors and TT deformations
  554. Quasiparticles, Flat Bands, and the Melting of Hydrodynamic Matter
  555. Current trends in the studies of aqueous solutions
  556. Long-lived Solitons and Their Signatures in the Classical Heisenberg Chain
  557. Dynamics of Fluctuations in the Open Quantum SSEP and Free Probability
  558. Entanglement perspective on the quantum approximate optimization algorithm
  559. Self-localized solitons of a q-deformed quantum system
  560. Quantum simulation using noisy unitary circuits and measurements
  561. Viscometry of electron fluids from symmetry
  562. Introducing a lattice Boltzman time-domain method: A thermodynamics-based approach for simulating quantum effects
  563. Entanglement spreading after local and extended excitations in a free-fermion chain
  564. Informational code for quantum and living systems: Chern numbers normalized into twelve n-component groups
  565. Ludwig Dmitrievich Faddeev. 23 March 1934—26 February 2017
  566. Entropy current in relativistic quantum statistical mechanics
  567. A bound on chaos from stability
  568. Coarse-grained Entanglement and Operator Growth in Anomalous Dynamics
  569. Spectral form factor of a quantum spin glass
  570. Establishing a new link between fuzzy logic, neuroscience, and quantum mechanics through Bayesian probability: perspectives in artificial intelligence and …
  571. Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of the Kitaev model on the Bethe lattice via a set of Heisenberg equations
  572. Induced modulational instability in the sign-reversal dispersion traps: Imperfect Fermi–Pasta–Ulam recurrence and partial “déjà vu” phenomenon
  573. Anomalous chiral transport with vorticity and torsion: Cancellation of two mixed gravitational anomaly currents in rotating chiral Weyl condensates
  574. Popcorn Drude weights from quantum symmetry
  575. -star models, mean-field random networks, and the heat hierarchy
  576. Spreading of correlations in Markovian open quantum systems
  577. Anomalous diffusion in a randomly modulated velocity field
  578. Unified Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics and the stability of relativistic theories for dissipation
  579. Fracton magnetohydrodynamics
  580. Quantum computing at the quantum advantage threshold: a down-to-business review
  581. Quaternionic Hilbert scales with indefinite metrics
  582. Adaptation of Fluctuating Magnetoacoustic System to External Signals
  583. Graphene’s non-equilibrium fermions reveal Doppler-shifted magnetophonon resonances accompanied by Mach supersonic and Landau velocity effects
  584. Nonuniqueness of scattering amplitudes at special points
  585. Direct free energy evaluation of classical and quantum many-body systems via field-theoretic simulation
  586. Cold Fusion Based on Matter-Antimatter Plasma Formed in Molecular Crystals
  587. Basis transform solution for Brinkman equation to describe unsteady hydrodynamic interactions
  588. Heat-flux dependence of the speed of nonlinear heat waves: Analogies with the Kerr effect in nonlinear optics
  589. Theory of anomalous full counting statistics in anisotropic spin chains
  590. Quantitative analysis of shock wave dynamics in a fluid of light
  591. Hydrodynamic dispersion relations at finite coupling
  592. Visual simulation of chaotic dynamics of gyroscope
  593. Density matrix formulation of dynamical systems
  594. Quantum work and information geometry of a quantum Myers-Perry black hole
  595. The generalized nonlinear Schrödinger-like equation of cosmogonical body forming: Justification and determination of its particular solutions
  596. Quantum speed limits on operator flows and correlation functions
  597. WDVV equations and invariant bi-Hamiltonian formalism
  598. An open quantum systems approach to proton tunnelling in DNA
  599. Soliton-like structures in the spectrum and the corresponding eigenstates morphology for the quantum desymmetrized Sinai billiard
  600. Persistence of hydrodynamic envelope solitons: Detection and rogue wave occurrence
  601. 50 years of Statistical Physics in Mexico: Development, State of the Art and Perspectives
  602. Orbifolds by 2-groups and decomposition
  603. Quantum embedded superstates
  604. Thermal critical dynamics from equilibrium quantum fluctuations
  605. Cognitive semantics of artificial intelligence: a new perspective
  606. A quantum-inspired approach to exploit turbulence structures
  607. Integral operators on lattices
  608. Spin Current in Hydrodynamics
  609. Madelung formalism for electron spill-out in nonlocal nanoplasmonics
  610. The optical-mechanical analogy for wave mechanics: a new hope
  611. Theoretical analysis of quantum turbulence using the Onsager ideal turbulence theory
  612. Analogue non-causal Null Curves and Chronology protection in a dc-SQUID Array
  613. Quantum versus Classical Dynamics in Spin Models: Chains, Ladders, and Planes
  614. Nernst and Ettingshausen effects in gapped quantum materials
  615. Femtosecond sliding self-pumping and self-cleaning effects in nonlinear dynamics of the higher-order induced modulational instability under the strong Raman self …
  616. Hydrodynamics explanation for the splitting of higher-charge optical vortices
  617. The Transition to Chaos: Conservative Classical and Quantum Systems
  618. Toward Quantum Computing Phase Diagrams of Gauge Theories with Thermal Pure Quantum States
  619. Nambu dynamics and hydrodynamics of granular material
  620. Spontaneous symmetry breaking, spectral statistics, and the ramp
  621. Multiscale computational perspective of biofilm
  622. Second sound with ultracold atoms: a brief review
  623. Eddy-Viscous Modeling and the Topology of Extreme Circulation Events in Three-Dimensional Turbulence
  624. Microcavity Exciton-Polariton Quantum Spin Fluids
  625. Vector resonances spin alignement as a probe of spin hydrodynamics and freeze-out
  626. Another Solution to the Schrödinger-Langevin Equation
  627. Hawking radiation from acoustic black holes in hydrodynamic flow of electrons
  628. Equal-time approach to real-time dynamics of quantum fields
  629. Josephson-Anderson relation and the classical D’Alembert paradox
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  632. Quantum mechanics and its emergent macrophysics
  633. Vortex reconnections in classical and quantum fluids
  634. The role of unconventional symmetries on the dynamics of quantum many-body systems
  635. Novel Material Engineering in III-IV Semiconductor Platforms: Metamaterials with Quantum Cascade Structures
  636. Entanglement transitions via space-time rotation of quantum circuits
  637. Direct Route to Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations
  638. Dynamical quantum ergodicity from energy level statistics
  639. Emergent Pauli blocking in a weakly interacting Bose gas
  640. Local weak solutions to a Navier-Stokes-nonlinear-Schr\” odinger model of superfluidity
  641. Derivation of the Equations of Electrodynamics and Gravity from the Principle of Least Action
  642. The Nature and Origin of Inertia
  644. Pulling Rabbits Out of Hats: Using Mathematical Modeling in the Material, Biophysical, Fluid Mechanical, and Chemical Sciences
  645. Scaling of temporal entanglement in proximity to integrability
  646. Chiral effects in classical spinning gas
  647. Outstanding Challenges in Computational Methods for Integral Equations
  648. Information content and minimum-length metric: A drop of light
  649. Microscopic Origins of Macroscopic Behavior
  650. Structural modeling of metamaterials
  651. Holographic Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy and the quantum Lyapunov spectrum
  652. The relativistic quantum Boltzmann equation near equilibrium
  653. Meromorphy of solutions for a wide class of ordinary differential equations of Painlevé type
  654. TGD and Condensed Matter
  655. Astronomy, Geometry, and Logic, Rev. 1c: An ontological proof of the natural principles that enable and sustain reality and mathematics
  656. Interactions of Self-Localised Optical Wavepackets in Reorientational Soft Matter
  657. Density functional theory in classical explicit solvents: Mean-field QM/MM method for simulating solid–liquid interfaces
  658. Understanding via Analogue Quantum Simulation
  659. New classes of exact interior nonvacuum solutions to the GR field equations for spacetimes sourced by a rigidly rotating stationary cylindrical anisotropic fluid
  660. A Question in Mathematical Physics
  661. A review of quantum transport in field-effect transistors
  662. Mathematical Consolidation and Unification in the 1930s
  663. Symmetry-prohibited thermalization after a quantum quench
  664. Anomalous ballistic scaling in the tensionless or inviscid Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation
  665. Anomalous transport from hot quasiparticles in interacting spin chains
  666. Modeling and Simulation of Emerging Low-Power Devices
  667. Ill-defined topological phases in dispersive photonic crystals
  668. Quantum theory, thermal gradients and the curved Euclidean space
  669. Non-commutativity and non-inertial effects on a scalar field in a cosmic string space-time: I. Klein–Gordon oscillator
  670. Phenomenology of quantum turbulence in superfluid helium
  671. Sub-lattice entanglement in an exactly solvable anyon-like spin ladder
  672. To the theory of superfluid 3He with conformational degrees of freedom
  673. Schrödinger’s 1931 paper “On the Reversal of the Laws of Nature”[“Über die Umkehrung der Naturgesetze”, Sitzungsberichte der preussischen Akademie …
  674. Ren {\’e} Thom: From mathematics to philosophy
  675. Many-body quantum chaos and emergence of Ginibre ensemble
  676. Emergence of Jumps in Quantum Trajectories via Homogenization
  677. Magnetohydrodynamic waves in the solar corona: a mathematical investigation of the role of resonant absorption and phase mixing in coronal heating
  678. Computational Neurophysics of The Holographic Principle
  679. Quantum corrections to the thermodynamics and phase transition of a black hole surrounded by a cavity in the extended phase space
  680. Majorana’s stellar representation for the quantum geometric tensor of symmetric states
  681. Towards Quantum Simulation of Black Holes in a dc-SQUID Array
  682. Spectral invariants of the magnetic Dirichlet-to-Neumann map on Riemannian manifolds
  683. New analytical solutions for the inextensible Heisenberg ferromagnetic flow and solitonic magnetic flux surfaces in the binormal direction
  684. Quantum Interference and Phase Mixing in Multistream Plasmas
  685. Philosophical Approach to the Resolution of the Sixth Millennium Prize Problem
  686. TGD view about water memory and the notion of morphogenetic field
  687. Multiple Steady States in the Photocatalytic Reactor for Colored Compounds Degradation
  688. Universal shock-wave propagation in one-dimensional Bose fluids
  689. Effective thermalization of a many-body dynamically localized Bose gas
  690. Chiral magnetic effect reveals the topology of gauge fields in heavy-ion collisions
  691. Dynamics of optical solitons and nonautonomous complex wave solutions to the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with variable coefficients
  692. A reconstruction of quantum theory for spinning particles
  693. Speeding up the spread of quantum information in chaotic systems
  694. AdS black brane coupled to non-abelian logarithmic gauge theory and color DC conductivity
  695. Integrable quantum many-body sensors for ac field sensing
  696. Stochastic modification of Newtonian dynamics and induced potential—Application to spiral galaxies and the dark potential
  697. Fluctuations of subsystem entropies at late times
  698. The limit behavior of Riemann solutions to the Euler equations of compressible fluid flow for the modified Chaplygin gas
  699. Operational classical mechanics: Holonomic Systems
  700. Wigner wave packets: Transmission, reflection, and tunneling
  701. Holographic evolution with dynamical boundary gravity
  702. Random batch methods for classical and quantum interacting particle systems and statistical samplings
  703. Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev circuits for braiding and charging Majorana zero modes
  704. A heuristic wave equation parameterizing BEC dark matter halos with a quantum core and an isothermal atmosphere
  705. Renormalization group flows on line defects
  707. Transseries for causal diffusive systems
  708. Origin of the Continuous Component of the Variation in the Solar and Stellar Activity Spectra
  709. Ballistic transport in integrable quantum lattice models with degenerate spectra
  710. Electrostatic solution of massless quenches in Luttinger liquids
  711. Quantum Electron Acoustic Solitons and Double Layers with κ-deformed Kaniadakis Distributed Electrons
  712. Homotopism of homological complexes over nonassociative algebras with metagroup relations
  713. Construction and evolution of knotted vortex tubes in incompressible Schrödinger flow
  714. Centenary of Alexander Friedmann’s Prediction of the Universe Expansion and the Quantum Vacuum
  715. Quantum dot nanobead immunochromatographic assay based on bispecific monoclonal antibody for the simultaneous detection of aflatoxin B1 and amantadine
  716. Experimental Implementation of Wave Propagation in Disordered Time-Varying Media
  717. for Gravitational Waves
  718. Passive odd viscoelasticity
  719. Energy dynamics, information and heat flow in quenched cooling and the crossover from quantum to classical thermodynamics
  720. Bias Impedes Progress in Physical Biology, Consciousness Studies & Quantum Gravity
  721. Editorial for the Launching of Dynamics
  722. Berry phase in the phase space worldline representation: the axial anomaly and classical kinetic theory
  723. Shear-induced anomalous transport and charge asymmetry of triangular flow in heavy-ion collisions
  724. Analog physics with excitations in Bose-Einstein Condensates
  725. Coupled Cluster Downfolding Theory: towards universal many-body algorithms for dimensionality reduction of composite quantum systems in chemistry and …
  726. Mathematical developments in the rise of Yang–Mills gauge theories
  727. On the absence of global periodic solutions of a Schrödinger-type nonlinear evolution equation
  728. Maximal entanglement velocity implies dual unitarity
  729. Wave focusing by submerged islands and gravitational analogues
  730. A canonical bracket for open gravitational system
  731. JT Gravity Coupled to Fermions
  732. Twisted aspects of quantum mechanics
  733. DSP-based Cross-Correlator for the Analysis of Dynamic Light Scattering Data for Biomedical Investigation
  734. Fluctuating relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics as a gauge theory
  735. Numerical solutions of fuzzy equal width models via generalized fuzzy fractional derivative operators
  736. Turbulence in Two-Dimensional Relativistic Hydrodynamic Systems with a Lattice Boltzmann Model
  737. Coexistence of diffusive and ballistic transport in integrable quantum lattice models
  738. Quantum Simulation for High Energy Physics
  739. The Electromagnetic Way to the Scientific World-Conception
  740. Quantum Theory of Gravity and Arthur Eddington’s Fundamental Theory
  741. Classical and quantum integrability out of equilibrium
  742. Heat transfer at nanoscale and boundary conditions
  743. Hydrodynamic transport and violation of the viscosity-to-entropy ratio bound in nodal-line semimetals
  744. Using Complex Probability Amplitudes to Simulate Solute Transport in Composite Porous Media
  745. Non-equilibrium steady state formation in 3+ 1 dimensions
  746. Resonant Hamiltonian systems and weakly nonlinear dynamics in AdS spacetimes
  747. Dark Solitons in a Paraxial Superfluid of Light
  748. Thermodynamic Equilibrium Vortices in Counterflowing Superfluid: Calculation of Partition Function
  749. Superradiant phenomena
  750. Excitation of a bound state in the continuum via spontaneous symmetry breaking
  751. Quantum Physical Foundations of Computational Intelligence and Computational Topology
  752. Encyclopedia of Knot Theory
  753. Sondheimer oscillations as a probe of non-ohmic flow in WP2 crystals.
  754. Investigation of ambient temperature and thermal contact resistance induced self-heating effects in nanosheet FET
  755. Electrodynamic approach for description of mass transfer phenomena
  756. Hilbert space shattering and dynamical freezing in the quantum Ising model
  757. A gravitational perspective on strongly interacting quantum fields
  758. Plasmonic excitation for a tunable transmitter without magnetic field immune to backscattering
  759. Instrumental Realism–A New Start for the Philosophy of Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science
  760. Physical Kinetics: Classical and Quantum Problems and Solutions
  761. Quantum critical systems with dissipative boundaries
  762. Hall and Spin Hall Viscosity in 2d Topological Systems
  763. Testing quantum mechanics using noisy quantum computers
  764. Non-Equilibrating a Black Hole with Inhomogeneous Quantum Quench
  765. Repulsive dynamics of strongly attractive one-dimensional quantum gases
  766. Quantum transitions from superfluid to insulating phases in disordered Bose systems
  767. Hydrodynamics of a superfluid smectic
  768. The New Era in American Mathematics, 1920–1950
  769. Quantum dynamics in 1D lattice models with synthetic horizons
  770. Galilean Upper Quantum Connection
  771. The Onsager theory of wall-bounded turbulence and Taylor’s momentum anomaly
  772. The vortex-driven dynamics of droplets within droplets
  773. Beyond Einstein’s Horizon: Gravitational Condensates and Black Hole Interiors in the Effective Theory of Gravity
  774. Optical vortex knots and links via holographic metasurfaces
  775. On minimal energy solutions to certain classes of integral equations related to soliton gases for integrable systems
  776. Off-Shell Applications in Nanophotonics: Dressed Photon Science and Technology
  777. Leaking elastic capacitor as model for active matter
  778. Mathematical Modeling of Strange Stars in 5-D Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity
  779. Subleading bounds on chaos
  780. Fermionic King model: Critical masses resulting from the competition of quantum and evaporation effects
  781. Ocean–atmosphere dynamics and Rossby waves in fractal anisotropic media
  782. Algebraic integrability of-deformed Calogero models
  783. Pole skipping and zero temperature
  784. Hawking temperature and phonon emission in acoustic holes
  785. Fast simulation of avalanche and streamer in GEM detector using hydrodynamic approach
  786. Real-time scattering of interacting quasiparticles in quantum spin chains
  787. Quantum analysis of the recent cosmological bounce in comoving Hubble length
  788. Experimental Realization of a Measurement-Induced Entanglement Phase Transition on a Superconducting Quantum Processor
  789. Exact spectral statistics in strongly localized circuits
  790. Quasinormal modes of a semi-holographic black brane and thermalization
  791. Semi-classical kinetic theory for massive spin-half fermions with leading-order spin effects
  792. Relativistic dissipatons in integrable nonlinear Majorana type spinor model
  793. The scalar, vector, and tensor modes in gravitational wave turbulence simulations
  794. Spacetime duality between localization transitions and measurement-induced transitions
  795. Coarse Graining and the Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules
  796. Benchmarking Quantum Simulators using Quantum Chaos
  797. What a feeling-the underpinnings of physical feelings as molecular level holonomic effects
  798. Quantum transitions from superfluid to insulating phases in disordered Bose systems
  799. Review of machine learning for hydrodynamics, transport, and reactions in multiphase flows and reactors
  800. Comments on the validity of the non-stationary generalized Langevin equation as a coarse-grained evolution equation for microscopic stochastic dynamics
  801. Quantum computing opportunities in renewable energy
  802. Tests of Generalized Hydrodynamics in One-Dimensional Bose Gases
  803. Comparing the Berry phase model of super-conductivity with the TGD based model
  804. Separation of scales: Dynamical approximations for complex quantum systems
  805. Single-particle spectra in relativistic heavy-ion collisions within the thermal quantum field theory
  806. A colloidal time crystal and its tempomechanical properties
  807. Master equations for Wigner functions with spontaneous collapse and their relation to thermodynamic irreversibility
  808. Dissipation-range fluid turbulence and thermal noise
  809. Fractal Pennes and Cattaneo–Vernotte bioheat equations from product-like fractal geometry and their implications on cells in the presence of tumour growth
  810. Distinction Between Transport and R\’enyi Entropy Growth in Kinetically Constrained Models
  811. Grad-Shafranov Equation in Fractal Dimensions
  812. Factorization à la Dirac Applied to Some Equations of Classical Physics
  813. Quantum field theory: an integrated approach
  814. Classical and Quantum Models of Diffusion
  815. Generalized hydrodynamic limit for the box–ball system
  816. Possibilities for a Causal Interpretation of Wave Mechanics
  817. Classical and Quantum Mechanical Models of Many-Particle Systems
  818. Intracellular Thermometry at the Micro-/Nanoscale and its Potential Application to Study Protein Aggregation Related to Neurodegenerative Diseases
  820. [DOC][DOC] The minimal interaction induced by the translation subgroup has a gap in the low-symmetric state.
  821. Adiabatic hydrodynamization in rapidly-expanding quark–gluon plasma
  822. On the regularity of weak solutions of the MHD equations in BMO−1 and
  823. Proposal for measuring out-of-time-ordered correlators at finite temperature with coupled spin chains
  824. Out-of-equilibrium hydrodynamics with and without boost symmetry
  825. Quantum Simulation for High Energy Physics
  826. Maximally Accretive Differential Operators of First Order in the Weighted Hilbert Spaces
  827. Power Spectral Density Analysis of Nanowire-Anchored Fluctuating Microbead Reveals a Double Lorentzian Distribution
  828. A fast and fully parallel analog CMOS solver for nonlinear PDEs
  829. Maximally Dissipative Differential Operators of First Order in the Weighted Hilbert Space
  830. Density functional theory of superfluid helium at finite temperatures
  831. The Schrödinger particle on the half-line with an attractive δ -interaction: bound states and resonances
  832. Stochastic approaches to electron transport in micro-and nanostructures
  833. -deformed super Virasoro -algebra
  834. Carter-Penrose diagrams for emergent spacetime in axisymmetrically accreting black hole systems
  835. Tunable optical whispering gallery mode in a magnetic microsphere suspended in a ferrofluid
  836. Distinguishing viscous, ballistic, and diffusive current flows in anisotropic metals
  837. Nanoscale Hydrodynamics of Simple Systems
  838. Speed of Light and Variable Energy Density of a Dynamic Three-Dimensional Quantum Vacuum
  839. Nonlocal and nonadiabatic Pauli potential for time-dependent orbital-free density functional theory
  840. Physics-informed machine learning
  841. What is” Applied Mathematics” Anyway? How the History of Fluid Mechanics Demonstrates the Role of Concepts in Applied Mathematics
  842. Rhombic planform nonlinear stability analysis of an ion-sputtering evolution equation
  843. Non-Hermitian physics for optical manipulation uncovers inherent instability of large clusters
  844. Quantum metric and correlated states in two-dimensional systems
  845. Dynamics of a vortex dipole in a holographic superfluid
  846. Holographic thermal correlators from supersymmetric instantons
  847. Coupled Cluster Downfolding Theory: towards efficient many-body algorithms for dimensionality reduction of composite quantum systems
  848. Effective cosmology from one-body operators in group field theory
  849. Comprehensive computational model for coupled fluid flow, mass transfer and light supply in tubular photobioreactors equipped with glass sponges
  850. Analytical results for the low-temperature Drude weight of the XXZ spin chain
  851. New findings for the old problem: Exact solutions for domain walls in coupled real Ginzburg-Landau equations
  852. Response tensor for a spin-dependent electron gas: Dependence on the choice of spin operator
  853. Pressureless static solutions in a Newton-Yukawa gravity model
  854. Features of teaching New Physics in Universities
  855. Octonic Maxwell-type multifluid plasma equations
  856. Theory of the spread of epidemics and movement ecology of animals: an interdisciplinary approach using methodologies of physics and mathematics
  857. Symmetry analysis of hydrodynamic-type systems
  858. Zilch vortical effect for fermions
  859. Hydrodynamic effects on the energy transfer from dipoles to metal slab
  860. How to build Hamiltonians that transport noncommuting charges in quantum thermodynamics
  861. Investigation into the Explicit Solutions of the Integrable (2+ 1)—Dimensional Maccari System via the Variational Approach
  862. Propagation and Collision Phenomena of Ion Acoustic ZK Solitons in Quantum Plasmas: Effects of External Force and Exchange–Correlation Potential of …
  863. KPZ limit theorems
  864. Pairwise interactions of ring dark solitons with vortices and other rings: Stationary states, stability features, and nonlinear dynamics
  865. A Realistic Interpretation of Quantum Wavefunctions as Temperature Dependent Vacuum Polarization Waves
  866. Topological methods in hydrodynamics
  867. The Ultraviolet Structure of Quantum Field Theories. Part 2: What is Quantum Field Theory?
  868. Information scrambling over bipartitions: Equilibration, entropy production, and typicality
  869. Quantum kicked rotor and its variants: Chaos, localization and beyond
  870. The Development of Quantum Gravity: from Feelings to Phenomena
  871. Effects of Damping Constant of Electron and Size on Quantum-Based Frequency-dependent Dielectric Function of Small Metallic Plasmonic Devices
  872. Skin effect as a probe of transport regimes in Weyl semimetals
  873. Mathematicians and music: Implications for understanding the role of affect in mathematical thinking
  874. Elementary Open Quantum States. Symmetry 2021, 13, 1624
  875. Topological Invariants of Interacting Gapped Quantum Materials and Transport Phenomena
  877. Atomistic evidence of hydrodynamic heat transfer in nanowires
  878. Introduction to” Mathematical Aspects of Consciousness”
  879. Probing neutron-star matter in the lab: connecting binary mergers to heavy-ion collisions
  880. Initial boundary value problems for a multi-term time fractional diffusion equation with generalized fractional derivatives in time
  881. Quantum Field Theory Anomalies in Condensed Matter Physics
  882. Jean Cleymans, Stringy Thermal Model, Tsallis Quantum Statistics
  883. Thermodynamics of an Ising-like XXZ chain in a longitudinal magnetic field in the framework of the quantum transfer matrix approach
  884. Slow dynamics and large deviations in classical stochastic Fredkin chains
  885. Two Thermodynamic Laws in Phenomenological Mechanics of Continuum: Postulates or Definitions?
  886. Thermally radiative couple-stress magnetized liquid featuring Newtonian heating
  887. Experimental Observation of a Self-Heating Effect of Helium-4 Superflow
  888. Recent Advances in Conservation–Dissipation Formalism for Irreversible Processes
  889. A large deviation theory perspective on nanoscale transport phenomena
  890. Polyvalent Transition-State Analogues of Sialyl Substrates Strongly Inhibit Bacterial Sialidases
  891. Unified theory of gravity, nested torii and Chern numbers
  892. Mathematical Modeling Aspect in Solvent Extraction of Metals
  893. submitted to the Combined Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of Heidelberg University, Germany for the degree of Doctor of Natural Sciences
  894. Quantum Dynamics
  895. Quantum coding with low-depth random circuits
  896. The elliptical vortices, integrable Ermakov structure, Schrödinger connection, and Lax pair in the compressible Navier–Stokes equation
  897. Effective relational cosmological dynamics from Quantum Gravity
  898. Exact interior solutions for rigidly rotating stationary cylindrical fluids with azimuthal pressure
  899. Chiral and non-chiral spinning string dynamo instability from quantum torsion sources
  900. Quantum phase transition and Resurgence: Lessons from 3d N= 4 SQED
  901. Dynamics of vortex cluster crystallisation and single-vortex pinning in two-dimensional superfluids
  902. The Electromagnetic Way to the Scientific World-Conception: Maxwell’s Equations at the Service of Logical Empiricism
  903. Gravity, Quantum Fields and Quantum Information: Problems with classical channel and stochastic theories
  904. Measurement catastrophe and ballistic spread of charge density with vanishing current
  905. Geometry of Krylov complexity
  906. A toy model for gas viscosity
  907. Residual bulk viscosity of a disordered two-dimensional electron gas
  908. Pseudospectrum of Reissner-Nordström black holes: Quasinormal mode instability and universality
  909. Toy models of multibranched polymers: opened vs circular structures
  910. Observational Probes of Holography with Quantum Coherence on Causal Horizons
  911. Attractor and fixed points in Bjorken flows
  912. The recent view about TGD and applications to condensed matter
  913. Cosmological particle production and curved spaces in an ultracold quantum gas
  914. Analytic continuation of Lauricella’s function FD(N) for large in modulo variables near hyperplanes {zj = zl}
  915. Thermal resistivity and hydrodynamics of the degenerate electron fluid in antimony
  916. Mathematics and Climate Change
  917. Cubic Hall viscosity in three-dimensional topological semimetals
  918. Spin waves in spin hydrodynamics
  919. Quantum gravitation and quantum biology in TGD Universe
  920. More on Topological Hydrodynamic Modes
  921. Approach and separation of bundles of quantized vorticity
  922. Leonid Shilnikov and mathematical theory of dynamical chaos
  923. Perspective: a stirring role for metabolism in cells
  924. Numerical Investigation of the Two-Dimensional Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind by Bernstein Operators
  925. Quantum vortex instability and black hole superradiance
  926. Dynamics, properties and spectrum of reconnecting vortex loops in superfluid helium
  928. The minimal interaction induced by the translation subgroup has a gap and possible relates to the strong fundamental interaction.
  929. Constructing analytical estimates of the fuzzy fractional-order Boussinesq model and their application in oceanography
  931. Robert Rosen and Relational System Theory: An Overview
  932. Holographic Techniques Applied to Rotating Fluids and Non-Relativistic Fluids
  933. Optimal control of wave energy systems considering nonlinear Froude–Krylov effects: control-oriented modelling and moment-based control
  934. What Determines the Parameters of a Propagating Streamer: A Comparison of Outputs of the Streamer Parameter Model and of Hydrodynamic Simulations
  935. Contrasts between adaptive and deterministic models
  936. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  937. Dynamics of a vortex lattice in an expanding polariton quantum fluid
  938. Global well-posedness for 2D fractional inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations with rough density
  939. Quantum dark solitons in the 1D Bose gas: From single to double dark-solitons
  940. Dissipation-range fluid turbulence and thermal noise
  942. Hot Electron Generation by Self Focused Quadruple Gaussian Laser Beams During Inertial Confinement Fusion.
  943. Zilch vortical effect for fermions
  944. Variable energy flux in turbulence
  945. 导航波流体力学
  946. Thermodynamics of quantum-jump trajectories of open quantum systems subject to stochastic resetting
  947. Quantum magnetic monopole condensate
  948. Interplay of Kelvin-Helmholtz and superradiant instabilities of an array of quantized vortices in a two-dimensional Bose–Einstein condensate
  949. Large Vacuum Fluctuations of Quantum Stress Tensor Operators Averaged in Space and Time
  950. Thermalization of locally perturbed many-body quantum systems
  951. General-relativistic hydrodynamics of non-perfect fluids: 3+ 1 conservative formulation and application to viscous black hole accretion
  952. Abundant traveling wave solutions to an intrinsic fractional discrete nonlinear electrical transmission line
  953. Fragmentation-induced localization and boundary charges in dimensions two and above
  954. Circular Rydberg states of helium atoms or helium-like ions in a high-frequency laser field
  955. Aspects of magnetism: topology, transport, and quantum entanglement
  956. Modelling of the Thermodynamic Properties of the Plasma Mixture
  957. Mapping renormalized coupled cluster methods to quantum computers through a compact unitary representation of non-unitary operators
  958. Sondheimer oscillations as a probe of non-ohmic flow in WP2 crystals
  959. Emergence of lump-like solitonic waves in Heimburg–Jackson biomembranes and nerves fractal model
  960. Superfluid Optomechanics With Phononic Nanostructures
  961. LIV effects on the quantum stochastic motion in an acoustic FRW-geometry
  962. Relaxation dynamics of half-quantum vortices in a two-dimensional two-component Bose-Einstein condensate (a)
  963. Conformal description of near-horizon vacuum states
  964. Epidemic spreading and herd immunity in a driven non-equilibrium system of strongly-interacting atoms
  965. Superdiffusion in spin chains
  966. Identification of Quadratic Volterra Polynomials in the “Input–Output” Models of Nonlinear Systems
  967. W-infinity symmetry in the quantum hall effect beyond the edge
  968. Optical modeling of Hasimoto map for antiferromagnetic timelike optical fiber
  969. Elementary open quantum states
  970. Waves that appear from nowhere: complex rogue wave structures and their elementary particles
  971. Inertial dynamics of an active Brownian particle
  972. Mathematical modelling of the heating process in a traditional in a traditional oven: Application of the thermal network method
  973. Quantum solitodynamics: Non-linear wave mechanics and pilot-wave theory
  974. A simple description of holographic domain walls in confining theories—extended hydrodynamics
  975. Contact geometry in superconductors and New Massive Gravity
  976. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics
  977. Hydrodynamic theory of -atic liquid crystals
  978. Turing universality of the incompressible Euler equations and a conjecture of Moore
  979. Non-Hermitian Quantum Quenches in Holography
  980. Planckian dissipation in metals
  981. The Penrose process in nonlinear optics
  982. The role of geometric and dynamical phases in the Dirac–Bohm picture
  983. Charged Anisotropic Stellar Models with the MIT Bag Model Equation of State
  984. Spectral representation of the shear viscosity for local scalar QFTs at finite temperature
  985. Hydrodynamics Modes in Holography
  986. Methods of visualizing hydrodynamics and fouling in membrane filtration systems: recent trends
  987. Operator Growth in Open Quantum Systems
  988. Superfluid Rayleigh–Plesset extension of FLRW cosmology
  989. Eikonal formulation of large dynamical random matrix models
  990. Pole skipping away from maximal chaos
  991. Nonlocality in a Stochastic Approach to Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory
  992. Theory of hydrodynamic phenomena in optical mesh lattices
  993. From Second-order Differential Geometry to Stochastic Geometric Mechanics
  994. Dynamical phase transitions in the collisionless pre-thermal states of isolated quantum systems: theory and experiments
  995. Kinetically constrained quantum dynamics in a circuit-QED transmon wire
  996. Leonid Shilnikov and mathematical theory of dynamical chaos
  997. Locality in Quantum Many-Body Systems
  998. Can mobility induce orders in active oscillators on a substrate?
  999. Science by Simulation-Volume 1: A Mezze of Mathematical Models
  1000. A-type quiver varieties and ADHM moduli spaces
  1001. The actions of non-equilibrium systems and related matters
  1002. Aspects of holography of Taub-NUT- spacetimes
  1003. Hall viscosity in the phase of superfluid
  1004. Circuits of space-time quantum channels
  1005. Spectrum of Protons in Collisions of Heavy Ions 12С+ 9Ве at Energies of 0.3–2.0 GeV/Nucleon, in Terms of the Hydrodynamic Approach
  1006. Gauge invariant formulation of the Maxwell-Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau equations
  1007. Fundamental Physics and Computation: The Computer-Theoretic Framework
  1008. Vacuum Polarization Instead of “Dark Matter” in a Galaxy
  1009. Universal superdiffusive modes in charged two dimensional liquids
  1010. The Bethe ansatz for a new integrable open quantum system
  1011. Phonon redshift and Hubble friction in an expanding BEC
  1012. Quantum phase transition and resurgence: Lessons from three-dimensional supersymmetric quantum electrodynamics
  1013. Statistical mechanics of an integrable system
  1014. … Solute–Solvent Intermolecular Interactions as Indicator of Caffeine Solubility in Aqueous Binary Aprotic and Proton Acceptor Solvents: Measurements and Quantum …
  1015. Shear and bulk acceleration viscosities in simple fluids
  1017. Diffraction and interference with run-and-tumble particles
  1018. Dynamics of matter and energy
  1019. Adaptive Approach to Petroleum Reservoir Simulation
  1020. Fast scrambling dynamics and many-body localization transition in an all-to-all disordered quantum spin model
  1021. Bulk viscosity in relativistic fluids: from thermodynamics to hydrodynamics
  1022. Transasymptotics and hydrodynamization of the Fokker-Planck equation for gluons
  1023. Ab initio method of calculating invariant measure for turbulent flow
  1024. Scaling dynamics of the ultra-cold Bose gas
  1025. Polariton panorama
  1026. Dynamical characteristics of the surface plasmon-polariton wave supported by a thin metal film
  1027. Backreaction in an analogue black hole experiment
  1028. How do discrete symmetries shape the stability of geophysical flows?
  1029. Quantum nucleation of topological solitons
  1030. Saved to My library
  1031. A quantum toy-model for inelastic scattering and catalysis based on Bäcklund transformations
  1032. Ratchet effect in spatially modulated bilayer graphene: signature of hydrodynamic transport
  1033. Quantum theory of photonic vortices and quantum statistics of twisted photons
  1034. Gauge invariant formulation of the self-interacting Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau equations
  1035. Note on a description of a perfect fluid by the Kalb–Ramond field
  1036. Slowly-rotating curved acoustic black holes: Quasinormal modes, Hawking-Unruh radiation, and quasibound states
  1037. Ginzburg–Landau Theory of Condensates: Thermodynamics, Dynamics and Formation of Topological Matter
  1038. The dissipative approach to quantum field theory: conceptual foundations and ontological implications
  1039. Quantum Computing by Coherent Cooling
  1040. Average scattering entropy for periodic, aperiodic and random distribution of vertices in simple quantum graphs
  1041. Quasinormal modes of a semi-holographic black brane and thermalization
  1042. Dynamical mechanism behind ghosts unveiled in a map complexification
  1043. Fuzzballs and Microstate Geometries: Black-Hole Structure in String Theory
  1044. Semiclassical theory for plasmons in spatially inhomogeneous media
  1045. Generalization of London equations with space-time sedeons
  1046. Theoretical Basis of the Structural Modeling Method
  1047. An efficient GFET structure
  1048. The Everett interpretation: structure
  1049. Photoelectric effect measurements on a conventional neon bulb
  1050. Primordial Configuration Space: Discrete Frequency Patterns of Phonons Reveal a Phase Space with Chern-Invariant Metrics and Acoustic Signature
  1051. Entanglement and precession in two-dimensional dynamical quantum phase transitions
  1052. Hydrodynamic stabilization of self-organized criticality in a driven Rydberg gas
  1053. Anti-Holomorphic Modes in Vortex Lattices
  1054. The state of the Lieb–Thirring conjecture
  1055. Hydrodynamic fluctuations and long-time tails in a fluid on an anisotropic background
  1056. Linear-response approach to critical quantum many-body systems
  1057. Spin-injection-generated shock waves and solitons in a ferromagnetic thin film: the spin piston problem
  1058. Encoding a one-dimensional topological gauge theory in a Raman-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate
  1059. Speech Denoising Based on Wavelet Transform of Correlation Function
  1060. Geometric approach to inhomogeneous Floquet systems
  1061. Hawking radiation from acoustic black holes in hydrodynamic flow of electrons
  1062. Symposium Louis de Broglie Theory of the Double Solution and Quantum Trajectories, Journées Louis de Broglie 2019 4 Nov 2019, Institut Henri Poincaré …
  1063. Probing Dynamics and Correlations in Cold-Atom Quantum Simulators
  1064. Superfluid Rayleigh–Plesset extension of FLRW cosmology
  1065. Edge observables of the Maxwell-Chern-Simons theory
  1066. Optimal measurement strategies for quantum states and quantum channels estimation

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