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Research Topics Risk management analysis

Research Area/ Research Interest: Risk management analysis

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Cognitive Computing for Risk Management
  2.  Operational Risk Management: A Complete Guide for Banking and Fintech
  3.   Effect of Corporate Strategy on the Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Enterprise Risk Management Adoption by Commercial State
  4.  An Analysis of Risk Management in Financial Markets and Its Effects
  5.  Conceptualising Risk Assessment and Management across the Public Sector: From Theory to Practice
  6.  ISO 14971: Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices
  7.  Risk management in organisations: An integrated case study approach
  8.  The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Enterprise Risk Management Adoption by Commercial State Corporations in Kenya
  9.  The state of risk management in dental care
  10.  A multi-hazard framework for spatial-temporal impact analysis
  11.  A novel approach to risk analysis of automooring operations on autonomous vessels
  12.  A risk management framework for Gentle Remediation Options (GRO)
  13.  A risk science perspective on the discussion concerning Safety I, Safety II and Safety III
  14.  A Self-Learning BP Neural Network Assessment Algorithm for Credit Risk of Commercial Bank
  15.  A spatial causal network approach for multi-stressor risk analysis and mapping for environmental impact assessments
  16.  A systematic review of agent-based model for flood risk management and assessment using the ODD protocol
  17.  Accuracy of the Withings BPM Connect Device for Self-Blood Pressure Measurements in General Population–Validation According to the Association for the
  18.  Antimony contamination and its risk management in complex environmental settings: A review
  19.  Assessing the Likelihood for Transformational Change at the Green Climate Fund: An Analysis Using Self-Reported Project Data
  20.  Computational Risk Analysis for Digitizing Sustainable Urban Water Supply Systems
  21.  COVID-19: unbalanced management of occupational risks—case of the analysis of the chemical risk related to the use of disinfectants in the dairy industry in
  22.  Cryptocurrency Financial Risk Analysis Based on Deep Machine Learning
  23.  Enterprise Financial Asset Risk Measurement Based on Embedded Microprocessor Security Analysis
  25.  EULAR recommendations for cardiovascular risk management in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, including systemic lupus erythematosus and
  26.  Flood risk management in the Yangtze River basin—Comparison of 1998 and 2020 events
  27.  Heatwave fatalities in Australia, 2001–2018: An analysis of coronial records
  28.  Hybrid ontology for safety, security, and dependability risk assessments and Security Threat Analysis (STA) method for industrial control systems
  29.  Impact of Changing Regulations and the Dynamic Nature of European Risk Management Plans for Human Medicines on the Lifecycle of Safety Concerns
  30.  Machine learning-based farm risk management: A systematic mapping review
  31.  Multi-level hegemony in transboundary Flood Risk Management: A downstream perspective on the Maritsa Basin
  32.  Occurrence and distribution of organic ultraviolet absorbents in sediments from small urban rivers, Tianjin, China: Implications for risk management
  33.  Public health risk management during the Covid-19 pandemic, new amendments in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund to meet fishers’ needs
  34.  Risk analysis for radiotherapy at the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen
  35.  Risk factors, management, and outcomes of Acanthamoeba keratitis: A retrospective analysis of 110 cases
  36.  Risk management for arsenic in agricultural soil–water systems: lessons learned from case studies in Europe
  37.  Risk Prediction of Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Supply Chain Based on Principal Component Analysis and Backpropagation Artificial Neural
  38.  The ‘Research for Policy’cycle in Dutch coastal flood risk management: The Coastal Genesis 2 research programme
  39.  An integrated geotechnical risk management approach usin g cloud-based risk assessments, artificial intelligence, satellite monitoring and drone technolog y
  40.  Analysis of Higher Education Readiness in Medan City in Implementing Risk Based Internals Audit to Realize Good University Governance
  44.  Review of risk assessment and mitigation measures of coastal aquifers vulnerable to saline water intrusion
  45.  Risk Analysis for Passenger of Online Motorcycle Public Transportation in The City of Jakarta
  46.  Risk governance and risk management in change: A guest editorial
  48.  Shedding light on avoided disasters: Measuring the invisible benefits of disaster risk management using probabilistic counterfactual analysis
  50.  The Graph Decision Model for Risk Allocation in Design-Build Contracts; Game Theory approach
  53. “Megaprojects to Mega-Uncertainty” Is About Risk Management to Perform
  54.  ecotoxicological risks from unintentional mixture exposures calculated from European freshwater monitoring data: Forwarding prospective chemical risk management
  55.  of stock price crash risk on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and cost of equity moderated by state ownership: Moderated‐mediation analysis
  56.  risk and responsibility on Indigenous country: bridging the boundaries to guide knowledge sharing for cross-cultural biosecurity risk management in northern Australia
  57.  risk assessment of exposure to heavy metals in underground water resources in Saraven, Iran: Spatial distribution, monte-carlo simulation, sensitive analysis
  58.  Sweetened Beverages as a Replacement for Sugar-Sweetened Beverages With Body Weight and Cardiometabolic Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  59. Cardiovascular Disease and Risk Management: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2022
  60. A Bibliometric Analysis of Management Bioenergy Research Using Vosviewer Application
  61. A cost-benefit analysis of applying urban agriculture in sustainable park design
  62. A Hybrid Asset-Based IT Risk Management Framework
  63. A method for project portfolio risk assessment considering risk interdependencies–a network perspective
  64. A Methodological Proposal for Managing Operational Risk by Integrating Agility
  65. A modern assessment of cancer risk in adrenal incidentalomas: analysis of 2219 patients
  66. A modified exchange algorithm for distributional robust optimization and applications in risk management
  67. A reinforcement learning-based framework for disruption risk identification in supply chains
  68. A Study on the Assessment of Risk Management in High-Rise Buildings
  69. A text-mining based cyber-risk assessment and mitigation framework for critical analysis of online hacker forums
  70. Airway management in the operating room setting: An analysis of reported safety events
  71. An economic-risk analysis of alternative rotations by stochastic simulation in Fars province
  72. An exploratory study on procurement risk management in Japanese manufacturing companies
  73. An R-vine copula analysis of non-ferrous metal futures with application in Value-at-Risk forecasting
  75. Analysis of the adoption of emergent technologies for risk management in the era of digital manufacturing
  76. Analysis of the Application of Information Technology in the Management of Rural Population Return Based on the Era of Big Data
  77. Analysis of the interaction mechanism of the risk factors of gas explosions in Chinese underground coal mines
  78. Analysis on risk awareness model and economic growth of finance industry
  79. Analyzing banking risk: a framework for assessing corporate governance and risk management
  80. Anti–SARS-CoV-2 Monoclonal Antibody Distribution to High-risk Medicare Beneficiaries, 2020-2021
  81. Applications of continuum fatigue risk monitoring in riser connectors system integrity management
  82. Assessment of NBSs effectiveness for flood risk management: The Isar River case study
  83. Assessment of operation safety risk for south-to-north water diversion project: a fuzzy VIKOR-FMEA approach
  84. Assessment of the Risk of Transport Accidents, Considering the Environmental and Operational Components
  85. Asset criticality and risk prediction for an effective cybersecurity risk management of cyber-physical system
  86. Audit Committee and Enterprise Risk Management Effectiveness in Tanzania Social Security Funds
  87. Business Model Innovation: The Role of Enterprise Risk Management and Strategic Agility
  88. Causal factors and risk assessment of fall accidents in the US construction industry: A comprehensive data analysis (2000–2020)
  90. Clustering model responses in the frequency space for improved simulation‐based flood risk studies: The role of a cluster number
  91. Combined custom hedging: Optimal design, noninsurable exposure, and operational risk management
  92. Conditional sovereign CDS in market basket risk scenario: A dynamic vine-copula analysis
  93. Contested flood risk reduction: An analysis of environmental and social claims in the city of Genoa
  94. Defining percutaneous coronary intervention complexity and risk: an analysis of the United Kingdom BCIS Database 2006-2016
  95. Demonstrating the use of a framework for risk-informed decisions with stakeholder engagement through case studies for NORM and nuclear legacy sites
  96. Determinants of bank risk governance structure: A cross-country analysis
  97. Developing business risk resilience through risk management infrastructure: The moderating role of big data analytics
  98. Digital Mixed Content Analysis for the Study of Digital Platform Social Data: An Illustration from the Analysis of COVID-19 Risk Perception in the Italian Twittersphere
  99. Disaster vulnerability analysis of small towns in Brazil
  100. Display and perception of risk: Analysis of decision support system display and its impact on perceived clinical risk of sepsis-induced health deterioration
  101. Disruptive technologies as a solution for disaster risk management: A review
  102. Doing flood risk modelling differently: Evaluating the potential for participatory techniques to broaden flood risk management decision‐making
  103. Economic Security in International Cooperation: Risk Overview and Risk Management Perspectives
  104. Effective hedging strategy for us treasury bond portfolio using principal component analysis
  105. Exchange options for catastrophe risk management
  106. Executive compensation linked to corporate social responsibility and firm risk
  107. Experimental Large-Scale Jet Flames’ Geometrical Features Extraction for Risk Management Using Infrared Images and Deep Learning Segmentation Methods
  108. Exploring Strategies and Tools to Identify Atypical Risk Scenarios. A Scoping Review of the Literature
  109. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis using Robust Data Envelopment Analysis (Case Study: Automobile Oil Filter)
  110. Financial Crises Continue to Strike amid Accelerated Evolution of Risk Management
  111. Financial Risk Management of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the Internet Environment
  112. Flooding in Nigeria and Ghana: opportunities for partnerships in disaster-risk reduction
  113. Fuzzy Risk-Based Maintenance Strategy with Safety Considerations for the Mining Industry
  114. Gender Diversity and Financial Risk: A Bibliometric Analysis
  115. Hesitant Fuzzy-Sets Based Decision-Making Model for Security Risk Assessment
  116. Heterogeneity of values for coastal flood risk management with nature-based solutions
  117. Hospitals risk management and progress of patient safety
  118. Human Biomonitoring Data in Health Risk Assessments Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals between 2016 and 2021: Confronting Reality after a Preliminary
  119. Identification and analysing of risk factors affecting cost of construction projects
  120. Identification source and human health risk assessment of potentially toxic metal in soil samples around karst watershed of Pangkajene, Indonesia
  121. Identifying critical factors to enhance SDI performance for facilitating disaster risk management in small island developing states
  122. Insights into effects of algae on decay and distribution of bacterial pathogens in recreational water: Implications for microbial risk management
  123. Insurance incentive to shippers by a container port: Issues of risk management in supply chain finance
  124. Integrating Engineering With Nature® strategies and landscape architecture techniques into the Sabine‐to‐Galveston Coastal Storm Risk Management Project
  125. Internal controls for risk management: perception of auditors and managers
  126. Introducing proactive sovereign disaster risk financing in India: Potentials and challenges
  127. Introduction to Management Economic Decision Theory and Risk Analysis
  128. Investigating the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on risk management practices
  129. Investigation of FMEA Improvement to Present a New Framework for an Efficient Failure Risk Analysis of the Products, Considering Cost Matter
  130. Invited perspectives: Current challenges to face knowns and unknowns in natural hazard risk management–an insurer perspective
  131. Low-doses aspirin in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes: Meta-analysis stratified by baseline cardiovascular risk
  132. Managing residual flood risk behind levees: Comparing USA, France, and Quebec (Canada)
  133. Marketing contract choices in agriculture: The role of price expectation and price risk management
  134. Measurement and Management of Interest Rate Risk of Commercial Banks: Based on VaR-GARCH Model of a Case Study of SHIBOR
  135. Mediating role of formalization of RM methods among the perceived business risk and organization performance
  137. Microbiological predictive modeling and risk analysis based on the one-step kinetic integrated Wiener process
  138. Multi-faceted and holistic risk management for business-critical food-safety events causing major disruption to both small and large businesses–An illustrative model
  139. Multihazard risk analysis and governance across a provincial capital in northern Iran
  140. Multivariate Hydrologic Risk Analysis for River Thames
  141. Offenders on judicial orders: Implications for evidence-based risk management in policing
  142. On the foundation and use of the de minimis principle in a risk analysis context
  143. Optimization of risk assessment in renewable energy of Russia by applying statistical calculations of climatic characteristics and GIS technologies
  144. Pandemic risk management; protecting people while ensuring business continuity
  145. Persons with co-existing neurological disorders: risk analysis, considerations and management in COVID-19 pandemic
  146. Portfolio risk analysis of excess of loss reinsurance
  147. Predictive microbiology and risk analysis
  148. Preventable Adverse Events in Obstetrics—Systemic Assessment of Their Incidence and Linked Risk Factors
  149. Probability analysis of construction risk based on noisy-or gate bayesian networks
  150. Quantitative Risk Evaluation of Fatal Incidents in Construction Based on Frequency and Probability Analysis
  151. Graph: a New Risk-based Causal Reasoning and Its Application to COVID-19 Risk Analysis
  152. Rapid Landslide Risk Zoning toward Multi-Slope Units of the Neikuihui Tribe for Preliminary Disaster Management
  153. Rating frailty, Bayesian updates, and portfolio credit risk analysis
  154. Research on Risk Management of Petrochemical Supply Chain Based on Network Dynamic Evolution Model
  155. Risk analysis virtual ENvironment for dynamic event tree-based analyses
  156. Risk And Return Model of Digital Cryptocurrency Asset Investment In Indonesia
  157. Risk assessment of renewable energy investments: A modified failure mode and effect analysis based on prospect theory and intuitionistic fuzzy AHP
  158. Risk factor disclosure pattern of Indian initial public offering prospectuses: a content analysis
  159. Risk Governance Framework in the Oil and Gas Industry: Application in Iranian Gas Company
  160. Risk management for design and construction
  161. Risk management in dialectical behavior therapy: Treating life-threatening behaviors as problems to be solved.
  162. Risk Management Strategies of Japanese Companies in China: Political Crisis and Multinational Firms
  163. Risk Mitigation Analysis of Fish Cracker Products Supply Chain Using House Of Risk Method Case Study: Sri Tanjung Cracker Company
  164. Risk of fracture among older adults with primary hyperparathyroidism receiving parathyroidectomy vs nonoperative management
  165. Risk Prioritization and Management in Gas Stations by using Fuzzy AHP and IPA Analysis
  166. Risk protection for cultural heritage and historic centres: Current knowledge and further research needs
  167. Risk reduction in transport system in emergency conditions: A framework for decision support systems
  168. Risk reduction in transport system in emergency conditions: A framework for demand analysis
  169. Risk reduction in transport system in emergency conditions: A framework for supply analysis
  170. Risk transfer in project finance loans for toll road using credit default swaps
  171. Risk-based flood adaptation assessment for large-scale buildings in coastal cities using cloud computing
  172. Risk-Increasing and Risk-Reducing Factors for Violence: A Qualitative Study of Forensic Patients’ Perceptions
  173. Risk-profit analysis of regional energy service providers by regularized primal-dual interior point method
  174. Robust Energy Resource Management Incorporating Risk Analysis Using Conditional Value-at-Risk
  175. Safety assessment of drinking water sources along Yangtze River using vulnerability and risk analysis
  176. Safety in numbers: how social choice theory can inform avalanche risk management
  177. Science Communication for Climate Change Disaster Risk Management and Environmental Education in Africa
  178. Selecting Appropriate Risk Response Strategies Considering Utility Function and Budget Constraints: A Case Study of a Construction Company in Iran
  179. Spillover and risk transmission between the term structure of the US interest rates and Islamic equities
  180. Supply chain 4.0 risk management: an interpretive structural modelling approach
  181. Supply chain risk management in the COVID-19 pandemic: strategies and empirical lessons for improving global logistics service providers’ performance
  182. Sustaining high quality care in a time of transition: is risk management getting enough attention?
  183. Taming the Green Swan: a criteria-based analysis to improve the understanding of climate-related financial risk assessment tools
  184. Taxonomy and Stakeholder Risk Management in Integrated Projects of the European Green Deal
  185. The Case Experience of Integrating the SDGs into Corporate Strategies for Financial Risk Management Based on Social Responsibility (with the Example of Russian
  186. The determinants of risk reporting during the period of adoption of Basel II Accord: evidence from the Portuguese commercial banks
  187. The development of a web-based application to predict the risk of gastrointestinal cancer in iron deficiency anaemia; the IDIOM app
  188. The Evolution of Prudential Rules on Credit Risk Management: From Basel Agreements to IFRS 9
  189. The influence of media consumption on public risk perception: a meta-analysis
  190. The Public Sector Environment
  191. The relationship between chief risk officer expertise, ERM quality, and firm performance
  192. The relationship between enterprise risk management and cost of capital
  193. The Risk Management Practices of Health Research Ethics Committees May Undermine Citizen Science to Address Basic Human Rights
  194. The role of discourses in understanding institutional stability and change–an analysis of Dutch flood risk governance
  195. The Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for Violence Risk (SAPROF): A Meta-Analysis of its Reliability and Predictive Validity
  196. Threat Modeling and Risk Analysis for Miniaturized Wireless Biomedical Devices
  197. Understanding discourse and language of risk
  198. Using Earned Value Management and Schedule Risk Analysis with resource constraints for project control
  199. Vulnerability analysis method based on risk assessment for gas transmission capabilities of natural gas pipeline networks
  200. Water dynamics and blue-green infrastructure (BGI): Towards risk management and strategic spatial planning guidelines
  201. The European Human Rights System and the Right to Life Seen through Suicide Prevention in Places of Detention: Between Risk Management and Punishment
  202. SERIES: A Software Risk Estimator Tool Support for Requirement Risk Assessment
  203. Analysis of the relationship between psychological gender and risk perception style and attitudes towards safety in a group of women and men
  204. Corporates’ sustainability disclosures impact on cost of capital and idiosyncratic risk
  205. The Risk Management Function
  206. Modelling the Risk and Reward Trade-off for SMEs: A Case Study
  207. Increasing referral of at‐risk women for genetic counseling and BRCA testing using a screening tool in a community breast imaging center
  208. The Digital Fraud Risk Control on the Electronic-based Companies
  209. International stock market risk contagion during the COVID-19 pandemic
  210. Integrating risk assessment and decision‐making methods in Analyzing the dynamics of COVID‐19 epidemics in Davao City, Mindanao Island, Philippines
  211.  Factors related to the risk of stroke in the population with type 2 diabetes: A protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis
  213. Quantitative risk analysis for operational transfer processes of maritime pilots
  214.  and Venous Thromboembolic Events Associated With Janus Kinase Inhibitors in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis
  215. Evaluation of national disaster management strategy and planning for flood management and impact reduction in Gaborone, Botswana
  216.  Identification of critical watershed at risk of soil erosion using morphometric and geographic information system analysis
  217. Drought vulnerability assessment: Solution for risk alleviation and drought management among Iranian farmers
  218. Association of apolipoprotein B–containing lipoproteins and risk of myocardial infarction in individuals with and without atherosclerosis: distinguishing between
  219. Risk assessment for metal exposures
  220.  Cheap talk and cherry-picking: What climatebert has to say on corporate climate risk disclosures
  221. Factors affecting marine ranching risk in China and their hierarchical relationships based on DEMATEL, ISM, and BN
  222. Characterization and Risk Factors for Early Biliary Complications Following Elective Bariatric Surgery: an Mbsaqip Analysis
  223. A New Risk Assessment Model to Check Safety Threats to Long-Distance Pipelines
  224. Supply chain resilience during COVID 19 pandemic
  225.  Risk, uncertainty and ambiguity amid Covid-19: A multi-national analysis of international travel intentions
  226. A Risk Extended Version of Merton’s Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Selection
  227.  Internet-based supply chain financing-oriented risk assessment using BP neural network and SVM
  228. Special Issue “Gynaecological Cancers Risk: Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Endometrial Cancer”
  229. Association of Systolic Blood Pressure With Dementia Risk and the Role of Age, U-Shaped Associations, and Mortality
  230. An analytic network process model for risk quantification of mega construction projects
  231. Spatially resolved risk assessment of Natech in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, China
  232.  Optimization of Enterprise Financial Management and Decision-Making Systems Based on Big Data
  233. Examining the ‘National Risk Assessment for Detention’process: An intersectional analysis of detaining ‘dangerousness’ in Canada
  234. The risk of incarceration during nonoperative management of incisional hernias: a population-based analysis of 30,998 patients
  235. Criticality Analysis Techniques Applied to Optimize Maintenance Management Processes: Tools Based on the Qualitative and Quantitaive Risk Model
  236. A comprehensive seismic risk assessment map of South Korea based on seismic, geotechnical, and social vulnerability
  238. Determinants of credit risk: a comparative analysis between Islamic and conventional banks in Bangladesh
  239. Risk factors of unexplained early neurological deterioration after treatment for ischemic stroke due to large vessel occlusion: a post hoc analysis of the HERMES study
  240.  Comparison of contemporary drug-eluting stents in patients undergoing complex high-risk indicated procedures
  241. Saved to My library
  242. Tsunami hazard and risk assessment on the global scale
  243.  The countermeasures of urban energy risk control oriented to machine learning and data fusion
  244. Exploring Supply chain risks management influence on firms performance under the mediation of customer service and the modération of information system: the case
  245.  Abiraterone acetate and prednisolone with or without enzalutamide for high-risk non-metastatic prostate cancer: A meta-analysis of primary results from two
  246. Risk Management in US Soybean Production and Marketing
  247. Risk Factors Associated With Mortality and Neurologic Disability After Intracerebral Hemorrhage in a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Cohort
  248.  Investigating the Relationship Exist Between Internal Auditors and Management
  249. Risk Assessment in Supply Chain Networks of China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
  250. Storm surge contributions to flood hazards on Canada’s Atlantic Coast
  251. A review of risk-based decision-making models for microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in offshore pipelines


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