Information Systems topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Information Systems

  1. On moment matching for stochastic systems
  2. Special attention to nurses’ protection during the COVID-19 epidemic
  3. Design of encoding and decoding devices in infocommunication systems with orthogonal coding
  4. Assessment of energy systems using extended fuzzy AHP, fuzzy VIKOR, and TOPSIS approaches to manage non-cooperative opinions
  5. Resistive switching materials for information processing
  6. Systems-focused equity leadership learning: Shifting practice through practice
  7. Integral barrier Lyapunov function-based adaptive control for switched nonlinear systems
  8. Intelligent Transportation Systems along with the COVID-19 Pandemic will Significantly Change the Transportation Market
  9. Adaptive neural control for non-strict-feedback nonlinear systems with input delay
  10. SympNets: Intrinsic structure-preserving symplectic networks for identifying Hamiltonian systems
  11. Sasha: Semantic-aware shilling attacks on recommender systems exploiting knowledge graphs
  12. Electrochemical systems
  13. Channel-aware congestion control in vehicular cyber-physical systems
  14. Deep learning-based end-to-end wireless communication systems with conditional GANs as unknown channels
  15. A framework of business intelligence system for decision making in efficiency management
  16. The high-value pharmacy enterprise framework: advancing pharmacy practice in health systems through a consensus-based, strategic approach
  17. Blackbox attacks on reinforcement learning agents using approximated temporal information
  18. Are agri-food systems really switching to a circular economy model? Implications for European research and innovation policy
  19. Robust atomistic modeling of materials, organometallic, and biochemical systems
  20. Can ultrasound systems for risk stratification of thyroid nodules identify follicular carcinoma?
  21. Estimating cumulative point prevalence of rare diseases: analysis of the Orphanet database
  22. A tutorial survey on vehicle-to-vehicle communications
  23. Nonstationary l2− l∞ filtering for Markov switching repeated scalar nonlinear systems with randomly occurring nonlinearities
  24. Strengthening local food systems in times of concomitant global crises: reflections from Chile
  25. The social welfare policy landscape and child protective services: Opportunities for and barriers to creating systems synergy
  26. A process knowledge representation approach for decision support in design of complex engineered systems
  27. Recent progress in tactile sensors and their applications in intelligent systems
  28. Digital retrofit: A first step toward the adoption of Industry 4.0 to the manufacturing systems of small and medium-sized enterprises
  29. Variational quantum linear solver: A hybrid algorithm for linear systems
  30. Digitalization of COVID-19 pandemic management and cyber risk from connected systems
  31. Securing regional development
  32. Cyber-physical systems security: Limitations, issues and future trends
  33. Facing low regularity in chemotaxis systems
  34. Mutual exclusion in fully anonymous shared memory systems
  35. Towards a theoretical framework of autonomous systems underpinned by intelligence and systems sciences
  37. Fault-tolerant fuzzy control for semi-Markov jump nonlinear systems subject to incomplete SMK and actuator failures
  38. An on-the-fly approach to construct generalized energy-based fragmentation machine learning force fields of complex systems
  39. Towards More Sustainable Food Systems—14 Lessons Learned
  40. Industrial blockchain based framework for product lifecycle management in industry 4.0
  41. Development of a machine learning based algorithm to accurately detect schizophrenia based on one-minute EEG recordings
  42. COVID-19 response and recovery in smart sustainable city governance and management: Data-driven Internet of Things systems and machine learning-based …
  43. Electrochemical sensors, a bright future in the fabrication of portable kits in analytical systems
  44. Event-based consensus for general linear multiagent systems under switching topologies
  45. Stability analysis of cyclic switched linear systems: an average cycle dwell time approach
  46. … duration and risk factors for delayed return to usual health among outpatients with COVID-19 in a multistate health care systems network—United States …
  47. Smart Systems to Improve the Mobility of People with Visual Impairment Through IoM and IoMT
  48. Home-based telerehabilitation software systems for remote supervising: a systematic review
  49. Mixed dual-hop FSO-RF communication systems through reconfigurable intelligent surface
  50. Fluid antenna systems
  51. On design of protograph LDPC codes for large-scale MIMO systems
  52. Some reflections on tsunami early warning systems and their impact, with a look at the NEAMTWS
  53. An uncertainty management framework for integrated gas-electric energy systems
  54. From cybernetic networks to social narratives: Mapping value in mental health systems beyond individual psychopathology.
  55. The influence of distributed systems and networks
  56. Design and Analysis of Incentive Mechanism for Ethereum-based Supply Chain Management Systems
  57. PPO-CPQ: a privacy-preserving optimization of clinical pathway query for e-healthcare systems
  58. A novel framework for simultaneous topology and sizing optimization of complex, multi-domain systems-of-systems
  59. Challenges in the integration of Data Management Systems (DMS) in ship operations
  60. Global-scale drought risk assessment for agricultural systems
  61. A Novel Adaptive Optimized Fast Blind Channel Estimation for Cyclic Prefix Assisted Space–Time Block Coded MIMO-OFDM Systems
  62. Secure health data sharing for medical cyber-physical systems for the healthcare 4.0
  63. The branching redesign technique used for upgrading steel-pipes-based hydraulic systems: re-examined
  64. An emotional recommender system for music
  65. Using Data Sciences in Digital Marketing: Framework, methods, and performance metrics
  66. Bias and decision making–an overview systems explanation
  67. Genetic contributions to NAFLD: leveraging shared genetics to uncover systems biology
  68. Intelligent reflecting surface aided multigroup multicast MISO communication systems
  69. The Integration of Medical Records Management Requirements in ICTs: Electronic Health Systems in Private and Public Hospitals in the Umhlathuze Area, KwaZulu …
  70. New Zealand’s elimination strategy for the COVID-19 pandemic and what is required to make it work
  71. Forty years of fuzzy sets and systems: A bibliometric analysis
  72. Distinguishing localization from chaos: challenges in finite-size systems
  73. Selbstorganisation und Information im politischen System
  74. Context-Aware Business Process Management: Method Assessment and Selection