Wireless Systems topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Wireless Systems

1. Introduction to unmanned aircraft systems
2. Learning to localize: A 3D CNN approach to user positioning in massive MIMO-OFDM systems
3. Information Systems in the Era of the Internet of Things: A Domain-Specific Modelling Language
4. A miniaturized high gain dipole array antenna for 2.4/5 GHz wireless local area network applications
5. Cyber-physical energy systems security: Threat modeling, risk assessment, resources, metrics, and case studies
6. Internet of Things in Healthcare: A Survey of Telemedicine Systems Used for Elderly People
7. Transfer learning of chaotic systems
8. Randomized Scheduling of Real-Time Traffic in Wireless Networks Over Fading Channels
9. A novel OFDM switching algorithm for symmetric and asymmetric MIMO architectures
10. Assessment of the robustness of cyber-physical systems using small-worldness of weighted complex networks
11. Survivability-Enhanced Virtual Network Embedding Strategy in Virtualized Wireless Sensor Networks
12. Optimal Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks for the Internet of Things Based on Memetic Algorithm: memeWSN
13. Parallel Complex Quadrature Spatial Modulation
14. Adaptive fuzzy output-feedback control for switched uncertain nonlinear systems with full-state constraints
15. From diagnosis to treatment: recent advances in patient-friendly biosensors and implantable devices
16. Performance of MIMO System—A Review
17. Hybrid Deep Learning Model Based Indoor Positioning Using Wi-Fi RSSI Heat Maps for Autonomous Applications
18. Performance Evaluation of Power-Line Communication Systems for LIN-Bus Based Data Transmission. Electronics 2021, 10, 85
19. Prospects for Handling 5G Network Security: Challenges, Recommendations and Future Directions
20. Networked Systems
21. Networked VR: State of the Art, Solutions, and Challenges
22. Region centric minutiae propagation measure orient forgery detection with finger print analysis in health care systems
23. Joint Optical and Wireless Resource Allocation for Cooperative Transmission in C-RAN
24. Joint Deep Reinforcement Learning and Unfolding: Beam Selection and Precoding for mmWave Multiuser MIMO with Lens Arrays
25. On the chaotic behavior of graphene-reinforced annular systems under harmonic excitation
26. Industry 4.0 and the human factor–A systems framework and analysis methodology for successful development
27. Advancing remote healthcare using humanoid and affective systems
28. A Simple Chaotic Map Model for Fractal Traffic Flows in High-speed Computer Networks (Extended and Renewed Version)
29. Spatial-spectral Terahertz Networks
30. Ambient Noise Levels and Wireless Headsets for Communication in Aerosolizing Otolaryngology Surgery During COVID-19
31. Modeling of electromagnetic radiation-induced from a magnetostrictive/piezoelectric laminated composite
32. Optimal matching between energy saving and traffic load for mobile multimedia communication
33. Latency Minimization in Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted D2D Offloading Systems
34. Multi-Beam Multi-Hop Routing for Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces Aided Massive MIMO
35. Adaptive NN-based consensus for a class of nonlinear multiagent systems with actuator faults and faulty networks
36. Massive Distributed MIMO and Cell-Free Systems Under Pilot Contamination
37. A Physical Layer Security Enhancement Scheme under the Ambient Backscatter System
38. Implementation of OpenAirInterface-based real-world channel measurement for evaluating wireless transmission algorithms
39. Energy efficient nonfragile control protocol for nonlinear large-scale systems with input quantization
40. Airplane-Aided Integrated Next-Generation Networking
41. IRS-assisted millimeter wave communications: Joint power allocation and beamforming design
42. Efficient Spectrum Occupancy Prediction Exploiting Multidimensional Correlations through Composite 2D-LSTM Models
43. Trajectory Optimization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Wireless Coverage under Time Constraint
44. Orthogonal Time–Frequency Space Modulation: Principles and Implementation
45. An Analytical Review on Log Periodic Dipole Antennas with Different Shapes of Dipole Elements
46. An Efficient Implementation and Analysis of Tail-Biting Convolution Coding Algorithm for OFDM Based System in Terms of Speed, Memory and Peak-to-Average …
47. A survey on blockchain for information systems management and security
48. Path loss modeling and measurements for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces in the millimeter-wave frequency band
49. Enhancing physical layer security via a UAV friendly jammer for NOMA-based IoT systems with imperfect CSI
50. Unfolding wmmse using graph neural networks for efficient power allocation
51. Filterless optical millimeter-wave generation using cascaded-parallel Mach–Zehnder modulators with tunable frequency multiplication factor
52. QoS in Vertical Handoff for Wireless Network Using Hungarian Model and Data Parceling Technique
53. On the optimality of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs): Passive beamforming, modulation, and resource allocation
54. An edge traffic flow detection scheme based on deep learning in an intelligent transportation system
55. Hybrid CPFSK/OQPSK modulation transmission techniques’ performance efficiency with RZ line coding–based fiber systems in passive optical networks
56. Spatial modulation for joint radar-communications systems: Design, analysis, and hardware prototype
57. Swarm intelligence in anomaly detection systems: an overview
58. Time slot management in backscatter systems for large-scale IoT networks
59. Filter Design for Full-Duplex Multiuser Systems Based on Single-Carrier Transmission in Frequency-Selective Channels
60. Super-Durable, Low-Wear, and High-Performance Fur-Brush Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Wind and Water Energy Harvesting for Smart Agriculture
61. Deep learning-based anomaly detection in cyber-physical systems: Progress and opportunities
62. Reinforcement learning based recommender systems: A survey
63. Inductive wireless power transfer system using multiple coils for rotating propulsive shaft applications
64. Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things and Enhanced Medical Systems
65. Stochastic Geometry Analysis of Wireless Backhaul Networks with Beamforming in Roadside Environments
66. … wideband-radio frequency identification system to solve coexistence issues of ultra wideband-radio frequency identification and other in-band narrowband systems
67. Autonomous Hierarchical Multi-Level Clustering for Multi-UAV Systems
68. Distributed adaptive security consensus control for a class of multi-agent systems under network decay and intermittent attacks
69. The architecture of computer hardware, systems software, and networking: An information technology approach
70. Network emulation as a service (neaas): Towards a cloud-based network emulation platform
71. Output-feedback-based sliding mode control for networked control systems subject to packet loss and quantization
72. Nature-inspired cost optimisation for enterprise cloud systems using joint allocation of resources
73. Analysis of CPW-Fed Modified Z-Shaped Reconfigurable Antenna for Automotive Communications
74. Escalation of Energy Performance in Many User-Several Inputs and Several Output System with Spectral Ability Compulsion
75. Improve energy-efficiency of sensors using cross-layer design technique in WSNs
76. Over-The-Air Computation in Correlated Channels
77. AEECC-SEP: Ant-Based Energy Efficient Condensed Cluster Stable Election Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
78. A socio-technical approach for resilient connected transportation systems in smart cities
79. A 20-Gbps Beam-Steered Infrared Wireless Link Enabled by a Passively Field-Programmable Metasurface
80. Fuzzy-Token: An Adaptive MAC Protocol for Wireless-Enabled Manycores
81. A survey of neural networks usage for intrusion detection systems
82. Non-geostationary satellite orbit communications satellite constellations history
83. Physical-Layer Security for Ambient Backscattering Internet-of-Things
84. Design and Development of a New Microstrip Patch Antenna for ISM Band Applications
85. Large-Signal Linearity and High-Frequency Noise of Passivated AlGaN/GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors
86. Event-Triggered Sequential Fusion for Systems with Correlated Noises
87. A two element MIMO antenna for sub-6 GHz and mmWave 5G systems using characteristics mode analysis
88. Advanced Spatial Modulation for Hybrid FSO/RF Communication
89. Closed-loop platoon simulation with cooperative intelligent transportation systems based on vehicle-to-X communication
90. An outline of communication theory and systems
91. Filtered OFDM: An Insight into Intrinsic In-Band Interference
92. Delay Minimization in Sliced Multi-Cell Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Systems
93. Optimal stealthy switching location attacks against remote estimation in cyber-physical systems
94. Formulation and Performance Analysis of Broadband and Narrowband OFDM-Based PLC Systems
95. Design and Analysis of Gain Enhancement THz Microstrip Curvature Patch PBG Antenna with Inset Feed
96. Cross-Layer Protocols for WSNs
97. Autonomous mitigation of cyber risks in the Cyber–Physical Systems
98. Fusion Estimation for Linear Systems with Cross-Correlated Sensor Noises
99. A trustworthiness-based vehicular recruitment scheme for information collections in distributed networked systems
100. A General Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Grant-Free NOMA Optimization in mURLLC
101. Intelligent outage probability prediction for mobile IoT networks based on an IGWO-elman neural network
102. Privacy-oriented analysis of ubiquitous computing systems: A 5-D approach
103. Diversiform sensors and sensing systems driven by triboelectric and piezoelectric nanogenerators
104. Observer-based adaptive event-triggered sliding mode control of saturated nonlinear networked systems with cyber-attacks
105. Programmable controls to scattering properties of a radiation array
106. The emergence of explainability of intelligent systems: Delivering explainable and personalized recommendations for energy efficiency
107. Research fields and challenges to implement cyber-physical production systems in SMEs: a literature review. CMUJ
108. A hybrid metaheuristic approach for efficient feature selection methods in big data
109. Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring of Agricultural Structures
110. Cross-layer unequal error protection using 64-HQAM and RCPT codes for robust image communication
111. Quantum computer systems for scientific discovery
113. A Comparative Study on Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems in Agriculture. Agriculture 2021, 11, 22
114. Adaptive Waveform Design for Automotive Joint Radar-Communication Systems
115. Vibration measurement of a steel building with viscoelastic dampers using acceleration sensors
116. Challenges in coupling atmospheric electricity with biological systems
117. A novel design of Rogers RT/duroid 5880 material based two turn antenna for intracranial pressure monitoring
118. Recursive filtering of networked nonlinear systems: a survey
119. Service Oriented, Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing Systems for Industry of the Future: Proceedings of SOHOMA 2020
120. EMCSS: efficient multi-channel and time-slot scheduling
121. Development of Smart U-Health Care Systems
122. Characterizations of Pareto-Nash Equilibria for Multiobjective Potential Population Games. Mathematics 2021, 9, 99
123. Cluster Based Routing Algorithm to Enhance Energy Efficiency and Security in MANET
124. Review of 5G Communications Over OFDM and GFDM
125. Intrusion Detection Systems, Issues, Challenges, and Needs
126. Measuring Sensitivity and Precision of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS): Definition, Protocol and Demonstration for Clinical Relevance
127. Safety assurance mechanisms of collaborative robotic systems in manufacturing
128. Interconnections: A Systems History of Science, Technology, Leisure, and Fear
129. Real-time static voltage stability assessment in large-scale power systems based on spectrum estimation of phasor measurement unit data
130. Feasibility study of a novel class of plasma antennas for SatCom navigation systems
131. Examining the role of consumer satisfaction within mobile eco-systems: Evidence from mobile banking services
132. Network Slicing for eMBB and mMTC with NOMA and Space Diversity Reception
133. Fast File Transfers from IoT Devices by Using Multiple Interfaces
134. Simple Wireless Nurse Call on Distance Measurement
135. Starvation avoidance-based dynamic multichannel access for low priority traffics in 802.11 ac communication systems
136. Position tracking techniques using multiple receivers for anti-drone systems
137. Downlink Single-Snapshot Localization and Mapping with a Single-Antenna Receiver
138. Smart city model based on systems theory
139. Cooperative relative navigation for multi-UAV systems by exploiting GNSS and peer-to-peer ranging measurements
140. Data-driven estimation of the maximum sampling interval: analysis and controller design for discrete-time systems
141. An overview of acoustic emission inspection and monitoring technology in the key components of renewable energy systems
142. The role of surrogate models in the development of digital twins of dynamic systems
143. Characterizations of Pareto-Nash Equilibria for Multiobjective Potential Population Games
144. Channel Estimation for IRS-aided Multiuser Communications with Reduced Error Propagation
145. Toward the improvement of traffic incident management systems using Car2X technologies


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