FPSC Computer Instructor Syllabus preparation

Here, I am sharing with you, FPSC Computer Instructor Syllabus preparation 2020.

Objective Type Test (MCQs)

English = 20 marks (Link for Preparation)
Subject Test = 50 marks (Link for Preparation)
Professional Test=30 marks

Vocabulary (Link), Grammar Usage(Link), Sentence Structure(Link),
Part-II (Masters Level)
History of Computers (Link)
Generations of Computer (Link)
Computer Hardware/Software, (Link)
Number System (Link)
C/C++ Language, (Link)
Visual Basic,
Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Link 1, Link 2)
Teaching Techniques and Methodology,
Classroom Management and Discipline,
Testing and Evaluation

Computer Instructor Past Paper 2020 FPSC

Computer Portion

  1. In win 7 for accounts, user can customize certain account setting
  2. Which is not a library in win 7 [Answer is] Movies
  3. The feature that was removed in win 8 and then added in win 10 [Answer is] start menu
  4. Shortcut key to minimize all windows and come to desktop [Answer is] Window key + D
  5. USB stands for [Answer is] Universal Serial Bus
  6. Windows 10 belongs to [Answer is] Windows NT
  7. Win 10 released in [Answer is] 2015
  8. A set of instructions perform specific task [Answer is] Software
  9. System.collections contains classes and interfaces.
  10. High and low values represent [Answer is] 0/1
  11. In win 10, what is the shortcut key to take a screenshot of the entire display and save? Window key + prtscr Key.
  12. AI is in the fifth generation.
  13. 1st generation’s technology [Answer is] Vacuum tubes
  14. Which semi-conductor technology is used in modern computers [Answer is] Transistors
  15. Batch processing was mainly used in [Answer is] 1st generation
  16. ENAIC [Answer is] Electronic numerical integrator and Computer
  17. Functions are by default [Answer is] Public
  18. LCD stands for [Answer is] Liquid Crystal Display
  19. CRT stands for [Answer is] Cathode ray tube
  20. This allows the user to setup home network in win 7, for sharing files and printer [Answer is] Home Group
  21. A term in computer technology used for a change in technology [Answer is] Generation
  22. Father of computer who was a mathematician [Answer is] Charles Babbage
  23. Win 10 is designed to work on tablets and laptops.
  24. Convert 999 decimal value in octal [Answer is] 1747
  25. AE67 hexa is equal to None of these
  26. Which converts code into machine [Answer is] Compiler
  27. Cin and scanf difference [Answer is] scanf is a function and Cin is a stream object
  28. 3rd Generation uses [Answer is] Integrated Circuits
  29. The joystick is [Answer is] Input Device
  30. 5th generation uses [Answer is] ULSI
  31. What is an operating system
  32.  What is not true about kernel
  33.  Vacuum tubes from which generation
  34. third-generation used which technology
  35. IC was used in which generation
  36. Windows 10 launched in which year
  37. Which new feature is in window 10
  38. High and low represents in computer
  39. Batch processing system is from which generation
  40. USB stands for
  41. LCD stands for
  42. Joystick is which type of device
  43. Crt stands for

English Portion

FPSC Computer Instructor past paper 2020 FPSC

Computer Instructor past paper with solution 2020 FPSC

Computer Instructor past paper Solved MCQs 2020 PPSC

FPSC Computer Instructor pasp paper 2020 FPSC

Pedagogy Portion of FPSC paper computer instructor

pedagogy Today FPSC paper computer instructor
dated: 22 Sep 2020
1) A student comes late in your class. What will you do? Try to know the reason
2) the goal of education should be? acquiring knowledge skill habits
3) CAI stand for computer-assisted interaction
4) to use previously learned material in a new situation? application.
5) the teacher used to conduct an in-process evaluation of a student during lessons? formative assessment.
6) what will do if the student does not attend your class.:?

The education confined to educational institution is ?
a. Informal education
b. Non formal education
c. Formal education
d. Learning
A student comes late in your class. Then you will
A. Inform to parents
B. Punish him
C. Try to know the reason
D. Not pay attention there
The correct answer is Option C
Determining the aim of education is the responsibility of ?
a. parents
b. teachers
c .students
d. society
The best definition of education is that it is ?
A. prearation for life B. getting knowledge
C. learning d . growth resulting from experiences
The real goal of education should be ?
a. securing a certificate
b. acquiring skills habbits and knowledge
c. training to made a living
d. mastery of subjects matter

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