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What is c+ +?

C++ is a high-level computer programming language.

What is high-level language and low-level language?

High-level language

High-level languages are those languages that are easy to understand for a human being. These languages are nearest to the common human being languages. The high level language code is called source code.

C, C++, Java, COBOL etc

Low-level language

Low-level languages are those languages that are easy to understand for the machine. The low-level language code is called object code.

Binary language(0,1).

What is computer programming language?

Computer programming language is a language that is understandable for a computer. For example, all high level and low level languages including c++ are the computer programming languages.

What is a computer program?

A computer program is a set of instruction written in any high level or low-level language and this set of instruction is understandable for the computer.

Note: Program, code, source code, and object code, all are just the instructions of any computer programming language.

The machine understands low-level language and human beings understand high-level languages more easily, so how these two kinds of languages are compatible with each other?

We write our code in high-level languages like c++ and then different translator softwares converts this high-level code into low level language code.

What are the types of language translators?

There are three basic types of language translators.

  1. Compiler
  2. Interpreter
  3. Assembler

What is Compiler?

The compiler converts the high-level language code into the object code as a whole.

What are advantages of the compiler?

  • Faster than interpreter
  • Produce the executable code

What are disadvantages of the compiler?

The compiler ensures that the Code is error-free to produce the executable file.

What is Interpreter?

The interpreter converts the high-level language code into the object code statement by statement.

What are advantages of the Interpreter?

  • Easy to debug
  • Interpreter Informs about the errors very earlier

What are disadvantages of the Interpreter?

Slower than interpreter.

What is Assembler?

The assembler converts the assembly language code into the object code.

What are the advantages of the Assembler?

  • Faster because assembly language is nearest to the hardware and binary language(machine language).
  • The code is easy to understand for the machine as compared to the high-level language code.

Difference between Compiler and Interpreter?

Comparison Compiler Interpreter
Techniques Convert entire program to machine language Convert the statements into machine language one by one at a time.
Speed The compiler is Faster than an interpreter The interpreter is slower than the compiler

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