Which of the following is not a web browser?

(A). File Explorer
(B). Google Chrome
(C). Safari
(D). Internet Explorer
MCQ Correct Answer: (A). File Explorer

Which of the following is a web browser?

(A). Mozilla Firefox
(B). Yandex Browser
(C). Safari
(D). All of these
MCQ Correct Answer: (D). All of these

Examples of Android web browsers [List]

Android web browsers Firefox UC Browser Cliqz
Waterfox Sleipnir (web browser) Steel (web browser) Brave (web browser)
Firefox Vivaldi (web browser) Opera Mini Naver Whale
Sleipnir (web browser) CM Browser Dolphin Browser Microsoft Edge
Vivaldi (web browser) Samsung Internet Mercury Browser Opera Mobile
CM Browser Waterfox Google Chrome for Android Yandex Browser
Samsung Internet Internet (web browser) Lunascape Google Chrome


Examples of Windows web browsers [List]

Avira Scout QupZilla Browser Safari Weltweitimnetz Browser
Dooble Veetle Browser PirateBrowser Sleipnir
Free Browser QtWeb Internet Browser IQ Browser SWBrowser
Fizzik Browser NetGroove Tungsten Marx GeoSearch Browser
HanExoft Browser Alienforce Lumia Browser Internet- The Browser
Free Browser SPX Baidu Browser Hacker Browser Epic Browser
Pale Moon Acoo Browser Green Browser Advanced Browser
WebSpirit Internet Browser Expedition.NET Brave Browser Slimjet Browser
Lunascape Smart Bro Baseball Browser Speedy Browser
WebSurf Browser Bluto 7 Arora Crazy Browser
Slim Browser Surebo Browselorer Iridium Browser ACNE
Adrian Browser Net Search Web Browser Make Your Own Browser Avant Browser
Yandex Browser SjoSpeed Browser Exercise Browser Browzar
Liri Browser SRWare Iron UltraBrowser SeaMonkey
SportsBrowser Globus VPN Browser Google Chrome Blackbird Web Browser
SlimBoat Browser Lataza Browser Orca Browser K-Meleon
CoolNovo YRC Weblink 360 Browser Nubonyx Browser
Netscape Navigator Vivaldi Browser SevenTh Browser Chromium
Xombrero Browser Michaelsoft Browser Tor Browser Polarity
Project Maelstrom Conqueror Browser Otter Browser Speed Browser
Lunascape Browse3D K-browser Firefox
WebSurf Browser OhHai Browser Orbitum Ace Explorer
Browse3D Basic Browser360 Browser Slick Internet Browser MySpace Browser
OhHai Browser SevenTh Browser Empire Browser Epsilon Browser
Basic Browser360 Browser Tor Browser Usejump Browser Deepnet Explorer
SevenTh Browser Otter Browser SunDance Web Browser GX Browser
Tor Browser K-browser CLIQZ Browser Pink Browser
Otter Browser BlackHawk Web Browser Dragonfly GuavaahLyte Browser
K-browser Basketball Browser Portable Browser Opera
Browse3D Celensoft Super Web The World Browser Duck Web Browser
OhHai Browser CometBird Orbitum U Light
Basic Browser360 Browser Runecats Explorer Slick Internet Browser Browse Secure


Visual Explorer Empire Browser Internet Explorer
PlayFree Browser


BlackHawk Web Browser Usejump Browser Infinity Browser
Cent Browser Basketball Browser

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