Which among the following is not related to GIS software?

(A). staad pro
(B). cad
(C). arc gis
(D). All of these
MCQ Correct Answer: (A). staad pro

Which of the following is related to GIS software?

(A). Surfer

(B). Mapline


(D). All of these
MCQ Correct Answer: (D). All of these

What is GIS?

GIS (Geographic Information System) software are developed and designed to analyze, manage, store,  display, and retrieve a different kind of geographic and spatial data.

Examples of GIS software

  2. Google Earth Pro
  3. GeoExpress
  4. ArcGIS Enterprise
  5. Esri ArcGIS
  6. Surfer
  7. MapInfo Pro
  8. Google Maps API
  9. AutoCAD Map 3D
  10. ZeeMaps
  11. Azure Maps
  12. QGIS
  13. Mapline
  14. Bentley Map
  15. Maptitude
  16. LandVision
  17. CARTO
  18. GeoServer
  19. Oracle Spatial and Graph
  20. FME
  21. TerraSync
  22. eSpatial
  23. Mapbox

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