Software Testing topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Software Testing

1. On the Training and Testing Data Preparation for End-to-End Text-to-Speech Application
2. Testing the boundaries of the consideration doctrine: Can you contract to buy and sell a ghost?
3. Characterization of subsurface cracks in eddy current testing using machine learning methods
4. Prospective testing of a neurophysiologic biomarker for treatment decisions in major depressive disorder: the PRISE-MD trial
5. Determining disaster severity through social media analysis: Testing the methodology with South East Queensland Flood tweets
6. Association of use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers with testing positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
7. The impact of population-wide rapid antigen testing on SARS-CoV-2 prevalence in Slovakia
9. The Testing of a Hundred Listeners: Otto Abraham’s Studies on “Absolute Tone Consciousness”
10. Simulated pool fire testing and modeling of a composite metal foam
11. Using viral load and epidemic dynamics to optimize pooled testing in resource-constrained settings
12. Increasing SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR testing capacity by sample pooling
13. Video Head Impulse Testing (vHIT)
14. The Burn-in testing of advanced custom low-voltage power supply components within ATLAS TileCAL testing facilities.
15. Testing methods of linguistic homeland detection using synthetic data
16. Modifying Network Guided Vehicle for Repeatable EcoCAR ACC Energy Testing
17. Numerical investigation of fully acoustic nondestructive testing method of delamination in glass fibre reinforced plastics
18. Inspecting Code Churns to Prioritize Test Cases
19. Unit Testing
20. Testing of an electronic board on a flying probe system
21. Battery management system with testing protocols for kW-class vanadium redox flow batteries
22. Security Analysis of Authentication and Database on the Dock Management System Website against SQL Injection Attacks Using Penetration Testing Methods
23. Mutation Testing to Evaluate Android Applications
24. Testing cell-type-specific mediation effects in genome-wide epigenetic studies
25. Attribute-based Granular Evaluation for Performance of Machine Learning Models
26. Cold Testing for Characterization of Oxide Feed Impurities in Support of the ARIES Program
27. Testing Your Application
28. Heinz Hossdorf: his contribution to the development of physical model testing
29. Research on Optimization of Block chain Security Testing
30. Hadoop Scalability and Performance Testing in Homogeneous Clusters
31. In vitro testing of combined hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin on SARS-CoV-2 shows synergistic effect
32. Threat Modeling based Penetration Testing: The Open Energy Monitor Case study
33. Adaptive Testing for Specification Coverage
34. Non-invasive optical technique for urodynamic testing using a wireless near infrared spectroscopy device
35. Tackling the equivalent mutant problem in real-time systems: the 12 commandments of model-based mutation testing
36. Research on the testing of optical free form surface with CMM
37. Load Testing of Vaadin Flow applications
38. HiFi-ELEMENTS: An interface model standard and workflow for high fidelity electric vehicle modelling and testing
39. Apparatus for testing the basic parameters of pacemaker
40. A single NGS based assay covering the entire genomic sequence of the DMD gene facilitates diagnostic and newborn screening confirmatory testing
41. Coverage based testing for V&V and Safety Assurance of Self-driving Autonomous Vehicles: A Systematic
42. Development and psychometric testing of the AASPIRE adult autism healthcare provider self-efficacy scale
43. Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Momentum Variations Effect of Striker on Fracture Energy in Charpy Impact Testing of API X65 Steel
44. Toxicity testing in the 21st century: progress in the past decade and future perspectives
45. STM32-Based Platform for Testing Energy Storage Lithium Battery
46. Quality Metrics and Oracles for Autonomous Vehicles Testing
47. Design of Testing Device for Anisotropic Friction Characteristics of Composite Materials
48. Video Optimization for Testing Load Balancing of Application Delivery Controller
49. A Technology Update in Wireline Formation Testing
50. Transplantation of discarded livers following viability testing with normothermic machine perfusion
51. Testing Early and Often: End-to-End Testing on the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART)
52. A Modular Research Platform–Proof-of-Concept of a Flexible Experiment Setup Developed for Rapid Testing of Simulators, UIs and Human Physiology Sensors
53. Biomarker testing in non-small cell lung cancer in routine care: Analysis of the first 3,717 patients in the German prospective, observational, nation-wide …
54. Non-Destructive Testing Peculiarities of the Integrity of the Reinforced Concrete Piles of the Newly Built ITOWER Building in Sofia
55. Designing and Testing a Robotic Avatar for Space-to-Ground Teleoperation: the Developers’ Insights
56. Additive Manufacturing of Porous Ti6Al4V Alloy: Geometry Analysis and Mechanical Properties Testing
57. Non-Destructive Testing Model of Flavonoids/Polysaccharides in Anoectochilus roxburghii By Hyperspectral Imaging Technology
58. Accelerated Reliability Testing of Cu-Al Bimetallic Contact by a Micropattern Corrosion Testing Platform for Wire Bond Device Application
59. Building trust through testing
60. Inference from large sets of radiocarbon dates: software and methods
61. Online Built-In Self-Test Architecture for Automated Testing of a Solar Tracking Equipment
62. “Tell Me Something Good”: Testing the Longitudinal Effects of Constructive News Using the Google Assistant
63. A new method for testing filtration efficiency of mask materials under sneeze-like pressure
64. A validation study for remote testing of cognitive function in multiple sclerosis
65. Energy-active roof system–design, development and testing
66. Plastic deformation in advanced tungsten-based alloys for fusion applications studied by mechanical testing and TEM
67. The US COVID-19 testing failure
68. Who am I?-Development and Analysis of an Interactive 3D Game for Psychometric Testing
69. JustTested: SMS-Based Support and Information for HIV Testing and Counseling Clients
71. In vitro dissolution and in silico modeling shortcuts in bioequivalence testing
72. Device for testing of aircraft construction structures
73. Testing Methodology for a GF (2) Coprocessor Méthodologie de test pour un coprocesseur GF (2)
74. Assessing the feasibility and effectiveness of household-pooled universal testing to control COVID-19 epidemics
75. Testing thermoplastic elastomers selected as flexible three-dimensional printing materials for functional garment and technical textile applications
76. Standard Home Sperm Semen Testing Analysis
77. Anten’it: A Hardware-Based Antenna Design and Training Kit [Testing Ourselves]
78. Predictive value of oxidative stress testing in semen for sperm DNA fragmentation assessed by sperm chromatin dispersion test
79. Enabling Continuous Testing of HPC Systems Using ReFrame
80. Recent progress, challenges, and prospects of fully integrated mobile and wearable point-of-care testing systems for self-testing
81. Experimental Validation of a Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Probe Model and Sound Field Optimization
82. Introduction—Testing, Modeling and Risk Assessment
83. TATTER: A hypothesis testing tool for multi-dimensional data
84. Design and Testing of Reversible Logic
85. Test Data Generation for MC/DC Criterion using Reinforcement Learning
86. Estuarine sediment toxicity testing with an indigenous subtropical amphipod
87. Can robots help promote testing capacity for SARS-CoV-2?
88. Testing in the Digital Age
89. Modeling quarantine during epidemics and mass-testing using drones
90. Distributed Simulation and Testing for the Design of a Smart Suspension
91. The Seduction of Hyper-Surveillance: Standards, Testing, and Accountability
92. Development and testing of autonomous mining equipment in underground mines
93. Design Of Web Based LMS (Learning Management System) in SMAN 1 Kampar Kiri Hilir
94. Design of Automatic Testing System for Electrical Equipment Based on PCI Bus
95. Communication framework for hybrid fire testing: Developments and applications in virtual and real environments
96. Essential Testing for Essential Industries
97. Optimizing the Parameters of an Evolutionary Algorithm for Fuzzing and Test Data Generation
98. Experiences of Medical Students About Computer-based Testing: A Qualitative Study
99. Testing
100. Evaluating Personalization: The AB Testing Pitfalls Companies Might Not Be Aware of—A Spotlight on the Automotive Sector Websites
101. Assessment of availability, clinical testing, and US Food and Drug Administration review of biosimilar biologic products
102. Disentangling item and testing effects in inoculation research on online misinformation: Solomon revisited
103. The Testing for Information Gathering Using OWASP Testing Guide v4 (Case Study: Udayana University SIMAK-NG Application)
104. Mejora de la estrategia de testing en una empresa de desarrollo de software, alineado con algunas áreas de CMMI, usando la metodología DMAIC
105. Proceso de testing en localización: análisis y propuesta de un modelo de codificación de errores, de informe de errores (bug report) y de test plan
106. Automated Internationalization and Localization Testing of GUIs/submitted by Sinan Arnaut
107. Решение задачи оптимизации регрессионного тестирования с использованием нейросетевого подхода
108. Faktorer bakom valet om att testautomatisera: Factors behind the decision to automate testing
109. Pengujian White Box pada Aplikasi Cash Flow Berbasis Android Menggunakan Teknik Basis Path
111. An Evidence-Based Study on Automated Exploratory Testing Um Estudo Baseado em Evidências Sobre Teste Exploratório Automatizado
112. Leveraging automated web tests into model-based testing
113. Marco de testing metamórfico para consultas SQL con valores nulos
114. Black-Box Testing: Analisis Kualitas Aplikasi Source Code Bank Programming
115. Pengujian Aplikasi Point Of Sale Menggunakan Blackbox Testing
117. OpenDaylight and OpenNebula integration: Testing traffic management
118. Mutation testing from Finite State Machines
119. Design and Implementation of the Cathode Automatic Testing System
120. Der Testing-Prozess, Testing-Tools und-Methoden
122. Tecniche di social engineering per il penetration testing
123. LKP: Quality Assurance Testing Aplikasi Human Resource Splendid Berbasis Website pada PT. Garasilabs Manivesta