Black Box Testing in software testing

What is black box testing?

In black box testing, we examine the external structure of the software. External structure means functional and interfaces of the software.

Advantages of black box testing.

  1. Programming skills are not just for the tester.
  2. Unbiased tests because developers and testers work independently and both don’t care about results that results are ok or not.
  3. Testing is done by keeping in mind the end user, that what the end user wants or what the end user can do with the system. So this leads to more user satisfaction with software.

Disadvantages of black box testing.

  1. Test cases are redundant if those test cases are already done by the different tester during white box testing.
  2. Test cases are difficult to decide.
  3. Required more time.

Techniques of black box testing:

Different techniques are used for black box testing. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Simple boundary value testing
  2. Worst  boundary value testing
  3. Robust  boundary value testing etc.


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