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Solved MCQs on Acceptance testing in  Software Testing.

____ is/are not a characteristic/s of the Alpha Testing
a. The Alpha testing is also known as site acceptance testing.
b. The Alpha testing is also known as factory acceptance testing.
c. We install the System in the user organization and user tests that system.
d. We create The Simulated environment at the developer’s site and the user tests that system.
e. both a and c
e. None of these
MCQ Answer: both a and c

To Find a Defect is not the main goal of Acceptance Testing.
a. False
b. true
c. Partially True

MCQ Answer: b

We can do the Acceptance Testing after the system is installed.
a. False
b. True
c. Partially True
MCQ Answer: b

The statements that is not true is ________
a. The Acceptance Testing always helps to find the defects in a system
b. The Acceptance Testing always checks whether the system meets its needs and the expectations
c. The Acceptance Testing tells if the system is ready to release
d. The Acceptance Testing is the responsibility of the user
e. None of these
MCQ Answer: a

In the V model, The Acceptance Test Cases are prepared ________
a. After system testing is done.
b. When user requirements are gathered.
c. When the user asks.
d. As soon as testing begins.
e. None of the above
MCQ Answer: b

Responsible for the Acceptance Testing is ______
a. Customer
b. Designer
c. Software tester
d. Developer
e. None of these
MCQ Answer: a

_________ is / are the types of Acceptance System
a. Alpha testing
b. Beta testing
c. Contract acceptance testing
d. Compliance acceptance testing
e. All of the above
MCQ Answer: e

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