Digital Marketing MCQs questions and answers pdf

Digital Marketing MCQs questions and answers pdf

Let us see the Digital Marketing MCQs questions and answers pdf.
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26. A detailed stated version of shortlisted new ideas in meaningful consumer terms is best classified as

D.raw-material screening
Answer: A

27. The tendency of difficult understanding related to the use of market offering is called

A.relative advantage
Answer: B

28.which triggers positive or negative emotions leads to purchase motivation

A.emotional appeal
B.rational appeal
C.moral appeal
D.irrational appeal
Answer : A

29.Customers in growth stage of life cycle of products are classified as

B.early adopters
C.middle majority customers
Answer B

30.Considering non-personal communication channels, magazines, direct mail and newspapers are considered as media
B.print media
C.broadcast media
D.display media
Answer :B

31.Product development process after analysis of business next step to be taken is

A.test marketing
B.penetration marketing chanal marketing
D.individual marketing

32.who is suspicious of change is classified as

A.late majority
B.early majority
D.early adopter

33.which is reflected in web design through ______.

A.different feature stories appealing to different members
B.content referencing the needs of companies
C.different navigation options appealing to different members
D.status of the business in the purchase decision process

34. Many consumer products are a key difference between B2C and B2B marketing which is reflected in web design through ______.
A.referencing needs of companies of different sizes
B.the status of the business in the purchase decision process
C.different feature stories appealing to different members
D.different navigation options appealing to different members
Answer: B

35.which goal of a business-to-business website involves an interactive dialogue with a virtual salesperson?
Answer: B

35.which goal of a business-to-business website involves gaining permission from a website visitor and other communications channels?
Answer: B

36. Business-to business eCommerce involves commercial transactions between other organizations and organizations.
C. May be
D. May  not be
Answer: A

37.the example of business-to-business services offered by Google which gains advertising revenue.
A.Google AdWords pay per click sponsored
B.Google Apps Application Suite
C.YouTube Brand Channel
D.Google Search application providing online website
Answer: C

38. ______ is an example of business-to-business services offered by Google application running as part of a customer’s website.
A.Google Search application providing online website search
B.Google Apps Business Application
C.YouTube Brand Channel
D.Google AdWords click sponsored link advertising
Answer: A

39.which is normally run by a consortium of buyers in order to establish an efficient purchasing environment.
A.B2B independent e-marketplace.
B.buyer-oriented marketplace.
C.supplier-oriented marketplace.
D.vertical and horizontal e-marketplace.
Answer: B

40.which is an online platform operated by a third party and is open to buyers or sellers in a particular industry.
A.vertical and horizontal e-marketplace.
B.supplier-oriented marketplace.
C.buyer-oriented marketplace.
D.B2B independent e-marketplace.
Answer: D

41. By bulk buying of items, One aim of e-procurement is to increase savings
A.right quantity.
B.right thing.
C.right quality.
D.right price.
Answer: A

42. Which production is related to procurement?
A.Office supplies.
B.Raw materials.
C.Information systems.
Answer: B

43. In a market where companies build close connective relationships where Internet technology will not feature strongly in the development of these relationships, this is known as a ______ relationship. | Digital Marketing Mcqs
A.Low Tech, High Touch, Personal
B.Low Tech, High Touch Transactional
C.High Tech/Low Touch, Automated
D.High Tech/Low Touch, Personal
Answer: A

44.where technology will not feature in the development of these relationships, this is known as a ______ relationship.
A.Low Tech, High Touch, Personal
B.Low Tech, High Touch Transactional
C.High Tech/Low Touch, Personal
D.High Tech/Low Touch, Automated
Answer: B functions, which are the most important?
A.Having free reports your company provides
C.Capturing email addresses of visitors
D.information on every page
Answer: C

46.Way promote a business with social media is__________
A.your company, services, and products
B.many contacts as possible
C. Offer a lot of helpful
D.potential clients to visit your website
Answer: C page engine optimization refers to_________
A.Programming keywords into a website
B.each page of a website for design
C.amount of links coming into your website
D.The number of search engine sites a website
Answer: A

48. The best way to improve search engine ranking is with
B.A blog
C.Having at least 500 words on the page
D.a lot of graphics per page
Answer: B

49.which main objective of branding is?
A.customers recognize your logo and marketing materials
B.earn trust from your customers
C.Promotional materials that match
D.a unique tag line
Answer: B

50. Which marketing techniques are most likely to pay you?
A. Pay click advertising
B.Using social media marketing
C.Posting press
D.article marketing
Answer: D it most ideal to send a press release?
A.when there is “big news” happening
B.around the holidays seems to be slow
D.Tuesday through Thursday for newsworthy
Answer: D

52.the best way to make money “while you sleep”?
A.up good marketing ideas by dreaming
B.Selling stuff
C.Having products on your website
D.spouse who works the night shift
Answer: C

53.the possibility of website visitors following through on contacting you is
A. Offer a 1-800-#
B. Tell them to call you
C.”take away” with your contact information
D. Offer testimonials
Answer: B

54.which is keeping someone on your website and encouraging them to come back?
A. Make a website things to do a website interactive such as quizzes, downloads, etc
B.a lot of text to read
C. Make it difficult to locate
D.Pack a lot of graphics and photos
Answer: A

55. SEO stand for?
A.ite Engine Optimization
B.Search Engine Optimization
C.Site Efficiency Optimization
D.none of these
Answer: B

56.which name is the latest major change in functionality?
D.both A&B
Answer: B

57._________ name of the Hosting Company that is used for all external consumer-facing sites?
D.none of these
Answer: C

58.________ is the new content management tool for SWEET ?
B.CMS Lite
Answer: A

59. A Robust Social Media Plan Includes Which Of The Following?
A. A long-term schedule identifying when to post content
B. A list of content that mimics competitor content
C. All of your online business goals
D. A list of friends who can post on the accounts

Answer: A

Which Of The Following Factors Can Impact The Open Rate Of Your Email Campaigns?
A. The subject line of the email
B. The number of pictures in your email
C. The number of links contained in the email
D. The chance for customers to opt-out

Answer: A

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