Psychology MCQ’s from Past Papers

Psychology MCQ’s from Past Papers

1. The growing period of puberty is …

a) non-normative events

b) normative age influences

c) stress events

d) none of these

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2. Toy age is the age time of

a) babyhood

b) early Childhood

c) childhood

d) All of these

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3. What is the main goal of psychology?

a) methods of therapy

b) understand, describe the behavior

c) compare the human mind.

d) control human behavior

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4. What are the two phases of life-span development from beginning to end?

a) infancy , death

b) conception , death

c) conceptio , old age

d) teenage , death

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5. What is the definition of overt behavior?

a) person perform what he/she sense

b) do each and every thing

c) person perform what he/she see

d) none the above

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6. Theory proposed by freud was which kind

a) S-R therapy

b) gestalt therapy

c) psycho-analysis therapy

d) all of these

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7. What is behavior?

a) things that a person perform, which he/she sense

b) anything a person can perform

c) things that person perform, which are recorded

d) none

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8. Schizophrenia disorder is a

a) emotional disorder

b) intelligence disorder

c) psychotic disorder

d) all of these

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9. Which disorder is not common is females?

a) specific phobia

b) depressive disorder

c) bipolar disorder

d) all of the above

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10. Which one is not the example of reflex?

a) blushing

b) biceps reflex

c) ankle jerk reflex

d) bar reflex

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11. Which of the following is the symptom of schizophrenia?

a) deafness

b) dizziness

c) delusion, hallucinations

d) all of these

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12. Who gave single factor theory of intelligence?

a) freeman

b) alfred binet

c) thorndike

d) none of the above

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