Machine Learning topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Machine Learning

1. Elucidating the Physicochemical Basis of the Glass Transition Temperature in Linear Polyurethane Elastomers with Machine Learning
2. Securing Machine Learning in the Cloud: A Systematic Review of Cloud Machine Learning Security
3. Toward designing highly conductive polymer electrolytes by machine learning assisted coarse-grained molecular dynamics
4. A time series analysis-based stock price prediction using machine learning and deep learning models
5. IoT and machine learning approaches for automation of farm irrigation system
6. [CITATION][C] Machine learning refined: foundations, algorithms, and applications
7. Machine learning for suicide risk prediction in children and adolescents with electronic health records
8. Evaluating the bond strength of FRP in concrete samples using machine learning methods
9. Passive and active phase change materials integrated building energy systems with advanced machine-learning based climate-adaptive designs, intelligent …
10. Personalized prognostic prediction of treatment outcome for depressed patients in a naturalistic psychiatric hospital setting: A comparison of machine learning …
11. Towards understanding and prediction of atmospheric corrosion of an Fe/Cu corrosion sensor via machine learning
12. Machine learning-based prediction of crystal systems and space groups from inorganic materials compositions
13. Value of fuzzy logic for data mining and machine learning: A case study
14. Explore spatio-temporal PM2. 5 features in northern Taiwan using machine learning techniques
15. Coarse-scale PDEs from fine-scale observations via machine learning
16. Integrating machine learning techniques and physiology based heart rate features for antepartum fetal monitoring
17. Benchmark AFLOW data sets for machine learning
18. Stochastic assessment of aerodynamics within offshore wind farms based on machine-learning
19. Machine learning-based prediction for compressive and flexural strengths of steel fiber-reinforced concrete
20. A machine learning approach to customer needs analysis for product ecosystems
21. Privacy preserving distributed machine learning with federated learning
22. A machine learning approach to circumventing the curse of dimensionality in discontinuous time series machine data
23. Smart approach for real-time gender prediction of European school’s principal using machine learning
24. A Meta-Analysis of Machine Learning-Based Science Assessments: Factors Impacting Machine-Human Score Agreements
25. Prediction of seasonal urban thermal field variance index using machine learning algorithms in Cumilla, Bangladesh
26. Iktishaf: A big data road-traffic event detection tool using Twitter and spark machine learning
27. Autotuning of Double-Dot Devices In Situ with Machine Learning
28. Machine learning-enabled LOS/NLOS identification for MIMO systems in dynamic environments
29. Analysis of machine learning-based assessment for elbow spasticity using inertial sensors
30. Ethical limitations of algorithmic fairness solutions in health care machine learning
31. Mapping soil pollution by using drone image recognition and machine learning at an arsenic-contaminated agricultural field
32. Electrochemical and optical detection and machine learning applied to images of genosensors for diagnosis of prostate cancer with the biomarker PCA3
33. Forecasting risk gene discovery in autism with machine learning and genome-scale data
34. The battle for ethical AI at the world’s biggest machine-learning conference.
35. Automatic classification of single-molecule charge transport data with an unsupervised machine-learning algorithm
36. Healthcare pathway discovery and probabilistic machine learning
37. Exploring the long-term changes in the Madden Julian Oscillation using machine learning
38. Hybrid machine learning model of extreme learning machine radial basis function for breast cancer detection and diagnosis; a multilayer fuzzy expert system
39. Combining Machine Learning Potential and Structure Prediction for Accelerated Materials Design and Discovery
40. Causal inference and counterfactual prediction in machine learning for actionable healthcare
41. Transfer learning without knowing: Reprogramming black-box machine learning models with scarce data and limited resources
42. Accuracy of different machine learning algorithms and added-value of predicting aggregated-level energy performance of commercial buildings
43. Constraining the primordial black hole scenario with Bayesian inference and machine learning: the GWTC-2 gravitational wave catalog
44. Analyzing data granularity levels for insider threat detection using machine learning
45. Learning Machine Learning with Personal Data Helps Stakeholders Ground Advocacy Arguments in Model Mechanics
46. Machine learning-based optimal design of a phase change material integrated renewable system with on-site PV, radiative cooling and hybrid ventilations—study of …
47. Data-driven machine-learning-based seismic failure mode identification of reinforced concrete shear walls
48. Predicting postmortem interval based on microbial community sequences and machine learning algorithms
49. Making the right business decision: Forecasting the binary NPD strategy in Chinese automotive industry with machine learning methods
50. fastMRI: A publicly available raw k-space and DICOM dataset of knee images for accelerated MR image reconstruction using machine learning
51. Objectively determining states of the solar wind using machine learning
52. An ultra-compact particle size analyser using a CMOS image sensor and machine learning
53. Grounded reality meets machine learning: A deep-narrative analysis framework for energy policy research
54. Machine learning for predicting epileptic seizures using eeg signals: A review
55. Machine-learning-based multiple abnormality prediction with large-scale chest computed tomography volumes
56. Adversarial machine learning applied to intrusion and malware scenarios: a systematic review
57. Waste management system using iot-based machine learning in university
58. Super ensemble learning for daily streamflow forecasting: Large-scale demonstration and comparison with multiple machine learning algorithms
59. Reduced‐dimensional Gaussian process machine learning for groundwater allocation planning using swarm theory
60. Machine learning enhances prediction of illness course: A longitudinal study in eating disorders
61. Predicting doped Fe-based superconductor critical temperature from structural and topological parameters using machine learning
62. Machine learning based prediction model for thermal conductivity of concrete
63. Identifying novel factors associated with COVID-19 transmission and fatality using the machine learning approach
64. Physics-guided machine learning for scientific discovery: An application in simulating lake temperature profiles
65. Pressure drops of fresh cemented paste backfills through coupled test loop experiments and machine learning techniques
66. An Effective Optimization Method for Machine Learning Based on ADAM
67. Multiomics and Machine Learning Accurately Predict Clinical Response to Adalimumab and Etanercept Therapy in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
68. Holistic Prediction of the pKa in Diverse Solvents Based on a Machine‐Learning Approach
69. Machine learning of single-cell transcriptome highly identifies mRNA signature by comparing F-Score selection with DGE analysis
70. Machine learning-based gully erosion susceptibility mapping: A case study of Eastern India
71. Gap‐filling approaches for eddy covariance methane fluxes: A comparison of three machine learning algorithms and a traditional method with principal component …
72. Comparison of supervised machine learning classification techniques in prediction of locoregional recurrences in early oral tongue cancer
73. Developing intelligent algorithm as a machine learning overview over the big data generated by Euler–Euler method to simulate bubble column reactor …
74. Exergy-based optimisation of a phase change materials integrated hybrid renewable system for active cooling applications using supervised machine learning …
75. Application of machine learning to accidents detection at directional drilling
76. River water quality index prediction and uncertainty analysis: A comparative study of machine learning models
77. Exploring impact of age and gender on sentiment analysis using machine learning
78. Supervised machine learning for source allocation of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in environmental samples
79. Machine learning applied to electrified vehicle battery state of charge and state of health estimation: State-of-the-art
80. Learning analytics on structured and unstructured heterogeneous data sources: Perspectives from procrastination, help-seeking, and Machine-Learning defined …
81. Machine learning model for fast prediction of the natural frequencies of protein molecules
82. A machine learning approach to estimate hip and knee joint loading using a mobile phone-embedded IMU
83. Early lung cancer diagnostic biomarker discovery by machine learning methods
84. Shop floor simulation optimization using machine learning to improve parallel metaheuristics
85. A rigorous and robust quantum speed-up in supervised machine learning
86. Lifelong machine learning with deep streaming linear discriminant analysis
87. Flash-flood susceptibility assessment using multi-criteria decision making and machine learning supported by remote sensing and gis techniques
88. Optimizing machine learning workloads in collaborative environments
89. Multivariate features extraction and effective decision making using machine learning approaches
90. Assessment of vector-host-pathogen relationships using data mining and machine learning
91. Analytical gradients for molecular-orbital-based machine learning
92. Machine learning based diagnosis of diseases using the unfolded EEG spectra: towards an intelligent software sensor
93. Improving the background of gravitational-wave searches for core collapse supernovae: A machine learning approach
94. … of SOx–NOx emission from a coal-fired CFB power plant with machine learning: Plant data learned by deep neural network and least square support vector machine
95. Dynamic and explainable machine learning prediction of mortality in patients in the intensive care unit: a retrospective study of high-frequency data in …
96. A machine learning model reveals older age and delayed hospitalization as predictors of mortality in patients with COVID-19
97. Machine learning holography for measuring 3D particle distribution
98. Detecting Antisocial Personality Disorder Using a Novel Machine Learning Algorithm Based on Electroencephalographic Data.
99. Comparison of machine learning methods for citrus greening detection on UAV multispectral images
100. Finding distinctions between oral cancer and periodontitis using saliva metabolites and machine learning
101. A proof of concept study for machine learning application to stenosis detection
102. Predicting cognitive behavioral therapy outcome in the outpatient sector based on clinical routine data: a machine learning approach
103. DRFS: detecting risk factor of stroke disease from social media using machine learning techniques
104. Integration of shared-pathogen networks and machine learning reveals the key aspects of zoonoses and predicts mammalian reservoirs
105. Emotion detection in roman urdu text using machine learning
106. Enhancing a machine learning binarization framework by perturbation operators: analysis on the multidimensional knapsack problem
107. Predicting Intensive Care Unit admission among patients presenting to the emergency department using machine learning and natural language processing
108. Machine learning dielectric screening for the simulation of excited state properties of molecules and materials
109. Comparison of different machine learning methods for debris flow susceptibility mapping: A case study in the Sichuan Province, China
110. Topology-Based Machine Learning Strategy for Cluster Structure Prediction
111. Classifying post-traumatic stress disorder using the magnetoencephalographic connectome and machine learning
112. Phenomapping of patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction using machine learning‐based unsupervised cluster analysis
113. Long-term rainfall prediction using atmospheric synoptic patterns in semi-arid climates with statistical and machine learning methods
114. Mapping PTSD symptoms to brain networks: a machine learning study
115. Improving urban water security through pipe-break prediction models: Machine learning or survival analysis
116. CRISPRpred (SEQ): a sequence-based method for sgRNA on target activity prediction using traditional machine learning
117. RNAPosers: Machine Learning Classifiers for Ribonucleic Acid–Ligand Poses
118. Machine Learning Enables Rapid Screening of Reactive Fly Ashes Based on Their Network Topology
119. Land suitability assessment and agricultural production sustainability using machine learning models
120. Machine-learning based error prediction approach for coarse-grid Computational Fluid Dynamics (CG-CFD)
121. Improving unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing-based rice nitrogen nutrition index prediction with machine learning
122. A peripheral inflammatory signature discriminates bipolar from unipolar depression: A machine learning approach
123. Second-order optimization for non-convex machine learning: An empirical study
124. Association of Clinician Diagnostic Performance With Machine Learning–Based Decision Support Systems: A Systematic Review
125. Polygenic risk scores outperform machine learning methods in predicting coronary artery disease status
126. Predicting lncRNA-protein interactions by machine learning methods: a review
127. Detection of COVID-19 infection from routine blood exams with machine learning: a feasibility study
128. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in cardiovascular health care
129. A Review of Android Malware Detection Approaches Based on Machine Learning
130. Double-step machine learning based procedure for HFOs detection and classification
131. Risk prediction of delirium in hospitalized patients using machine learning: An implementation and prospective evaluation study
132. Electroencephalography-Derived Prognosis of Functional Recovery in Acute Stroke Through Machine Learning Approaches.
133. Detecting money laundering transactions with machine learning
134. Machine learning and artificial intelligence research for patient benefit: 20 critical questions on transparency, replicability, ethics, and effectiveness
135. Study on evolution methods for the optimization of machine learning models based on FT-NIR spectroscopy
136. Secure and resilient demand side management engine using machine learning for IoT-enabled smart grid
137. On testing machine learning programs
138. Permeability prediction and diagenesis in tight carbonates using machine learning techniques
139. Applying machine learning techniques for caching in edge networks: A comprehensive survey
140. Multifidelity Statistical Machine Learning for Molecular Crystal Structure Prediction
141. A combined strategy of feature selection and machine learning to identify predictors of prediabetes
142. An on-the-fly approach to construct generalized energy-based fragmentation machine learning force fields of complex systems