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Presentation topics related to Semantic Web

1. Some Aspects of Implementation of Web Services in Load Balancing Cluster-Based Web Server
2. Semantrix: A Compressed Semantic Matrix
3. Linked Data Visualization: Techniques, Tools, and Big Data
4. WikiPathways: connecting communities
5. Point cloud semantic segmentation using a deep learning framework for cultural heritage
6. Unsupervised semantic and instance segmentation of forest point clouds
7. Web-based digital twin modeling and remote control of cyber-physical production systems
8. A semantic malware detection model based on the GMDH neural networks
9. Understanding the term green infrastructure: origins, rationales, semantic content and purposes as well as its relevance for application in spatial planning
10. HookNet: Multi-resolution convolutional neural networks for semantic segmentation in histopathology whole-slide images
11. Knowledge-enhanced temporal word embedding for diachronic semantic change estimation
12. A multi-layered policy generation and management engine for semantic policy mapping in clouds
13. Mobile IoT device summarizer using P2P web search engine and inherent characteristic of contents
14. Semantic relevance feedback on queries and search results for younger and older adults
15. A semantic relatedness preserved subset extraction method for language corpora based on pseudo-Boolean optimization
16. Syntactic and semantic analysis for extended feedback on computer graphics assignments
17. Semantic Analysis of Videos for Tags Prediction and Segmentation
18. Semantic characterization of adverse outcome pathways
19. HealthAid: Extracting domain targeted high precision procedural knowledge from on-line communities
20. White matter basis for the hub-and-spoke semantic representation: evidence from semantic dementia
23. A Comparison of Graph Centrality Algorithms For Semantic Distance
24. Use of ontology learning in information system integration: a literature survey
25. Wiktionary matcher
26. HighAltitudeOmicsDB: An integrated resource for High-Altitude associated genes and proteins, interacting networks and semantic-similarities.
27. A novel approach to provenance management for privacy preservation
28. A cross-linguistic comparison of Spanish and English semantic norms: Looking at core features
29. Semantic Search on Scientific Repositories: A Systematic Literature Review
30. Deep Neural Semantic Network for Keywords Extraction on Short Text
31. Simulating lexical semantic change from sense-annotated data
32. Bridging the theoretical gap between semantic representation models without the pressure of a ranking: some lessons learnt from LSA
33. Resolving data sparsity and cold start problem in collaborative filtering recommender system using linked open data
34. Ontology Based Semantic Understanding for 3D Indoor Scenes
35. Few-labeled visual recognition for self-driving using multi-view visual-semantic representation
36. Enhancing Sequence-to-Sequence Modelling for RDF triples to Natural Text
37. Viewal: Active learning with viewpoint entropy for semantic segmentation
38. Spam e-mail classification for the internet of things environment using semantic similarity approach
39. Description of educational resources from open repositories using semantic technologies
40. Surfacing Privacy Settings Using Semantic Matching
41. A SoLiD App to Participate in a Scalable Semantic Supply Chain Network on the Blockchain
42. Semantic strategies in ubiquitous music: Deploying the sound sphere ecology in transitional settings
43. Development of Coral Investigation System Based on Semantic Segmentation of Single-Channel Images
44. Semantic Annotation of Clinical Notes
45. Global-and-local context network for semantic segmentation of street view images
46. Neural semantic parsing in low-resource settings with back-translation and meta-learning
47. A deep learning based method for extracting semantic information from patent documents
48. Semantic segmentation of land cover from high resolution multispectral satellite images by spectral-spatial convolutional neural network
49. Maximal structure generation of superstructure for semantic triple generated by DEVS ontology in the process industry
50. A semantic differential transaction approach to minimizing information redundancy for BIM and blockchain integration
51. A Case Study on Correctness Evaluation of Content Based Recommender System Based on Text, Semantic Text and Visual Similarity
52. SemImput: Bridging Semantic Imputation with Deep Learning for Complex Human Activity Recognition
53. A Big Data Semantic Driven Context Aware Recommendation Method
54. Comparison of Text-Based and Feature-Based Semantic Similarity Between Android Apps
55. Discovering web services in social web service repositories using deep variational autoencoders
56. Semantic segmentation of the micro-structure of strain-hardening cement-based composites (SHCC) by applying deep learning on micro-computed tomography scans
57. The future of the web
58. IoT-Stream: A lightweight ontology for internet of things data streams and its use with data analytics and event detection services
59. A novel framework for measuring software quality-in-use based on semantic similarity and sentiment analysis of software reviews
60. Visualizing and exploring POI configurations of urban regions on POI-type semantic space
61. Towards automated generation of semantic annotation for activity recognition problems
62. Программная инженерия и технологии программирования сложных систем 2-е изд., испр. и доп. Учебник для вузов
63. Russian prepositional phrase semantic labelling with word embedding-based classifier
64. BECKEY: Understanding, comparing and discovering keys of different semantics in knowledge bases
65. Mobile Mixed Reality for Environmental Design Using Real-Time Semantic Segmentation and Video Communication-Dynamic Occlusion Handling and Green View …
66. Providing effective recommendations in discussion groups using a new hybrid recommender system based on implicit ratings and semantic similarity
67. InstaDam: Open-Source Platform for Rapid Semantic Segmentation of Structural Damage
68. GIANT: Scalable Creation of a Web-scale Ontology
69. Semantic Annotation for Ukrainian: Categorization Scheme, Principles, and Tools.
70. OntoMath: A Linguistically Grounded Educational Mathematical Ontology
71. Orchestrating NLP Services for the Legal Domain
72. An autonomous robotic platform for automatic extraction of detailed semantic models of buildings
73. Enabling Complex Semantic Queries to Bioinformatics Databases Through Intuitive Search Over Data
74. Multi-dimension topic mining based on hierarchical semantic graph model
75. Semantic Tagging Framework for Contextually Augmented Features
76. The internet of musical things ontology
77. On the integration of knowledge graphs into deep learning models for a more comprehensible AI—Three Challenges for Future Research
78. Semantic-aware scene recognition
79. THINKING-LOOP: The semantic vector driven closed-loop model for brain computing
80. Interoperable Internet of Medical Things platform for e-Health applications
81. Homographic pun location using multi-dimensional semantic relationships
82. Linguistic linked open data cloud
83. Improving progress monitoring by fusing point clouds, semantic data and computer vision
84. ALOD2Vec Matcher results for OAEI 2020
85. Annotating Croatian Semantic Type Coercions in CROATPAS
86. Scale-Aware feature network for weakly supervised semantic segmentation
87. Optimizing convolutional neural networks to perform semantic segmentation on large materials imaging datasets: X-ray tomography and serial sectioning
88. Color associations in abstract semantic domains
89. Информационно-аналитическое сопровождение: современные задачи и траектории развития
90. Identifying cross-lingual plagiarism using rich semantic features and deep neural networks: A study on Arabic-English plagiarism cases
91. A Semantic Retrieval System for Extracting Relationships from Biological Corpus
92. ” What Are You Trying to Do?” Semantic Typing of Event Processes
93. Plausible Reasoning Over Knowledge Graphs: A Novel Approach for Semantics-based Health Data Analytics
94. Fine-grained video-text retrieval with hierarchical graph reasoning
95. Semantic N-Gram Feature Analysis and Machine Learning–Based Classification of Drivers’ Hazardous Actions at Signal-Controlled Intersections
96. HQEBSKG: Hybrid Query Expansion Based on Semantic Knowledgebase and Grouping
97. Mining Cross-Image Semantics for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Supplementary Material
98. Dynamic Query Processing for Hidden Web Data Extraction from Academic Domain
99. Correcting knowledge base assertions
100. A deep neural architecture for sentence semantic matching
101. Generating Varied Training Corpora in Runyankore Using a Combined Semantic and Syntactic, Pattern-Grammar-based Approach
102. Building a Hebrew Semantic Role Labeling Lexical Resource from Parallel Movie Subtitles
103. Building Semantic Grams of Human Knowledge
104. Intelligent recognition of semantic relationships based on antonymy
105. Semantic Similarity Approach For Paraphrase identification And Information Summarization
106. The Cytoscape BioGateway App: explorative network building from an RDF store
107. Reconstructing Semantic Roles: Proto-Indo-European*-bhi
108. SemOIR: An ontology-based semantic information retrieval system
109. Wiktionary Matcher results for OAEI 2020
110. On logic of strictly-deontic modalities. A semantic and tableau Approach
111. Ontology-driven advanced drug-drug interaction
112. The relation between semantic memory structure, associative abilities, and verbal and figural creativity
113. Semantic pyramid for image generation
114. A Tool for Reducing Implementation Defects for Requirements based on Large Decision Tables Towards a Semantic Gap Reduction
115. Discovering new business opportunities with dependent semantic parsers
116. An Effective Algorithm for Analysis and Processing of Satellite Images for Semantic Segmentation
117. Supporting the Discovery and Reuse of Digital Content in Creative Industries using Linked Data
118. Semantic Clustering to Augment Qualitative Content Analysis in Exploring Reasons for Emergency Department Transfer Delays.
119. Intelligent personal assistants: A systematic literature review
120. Counting of grapevine berries in images via semantic segmentation using convolutional neural networks
121. Proactively Identifying Emerging Hacker Threats from the Dark Web: A Diachronic Graph Embedding Framework (D-GEF)
123. Depressive, drug abusive, or informative: Knowledge-aware study of news exposure during COVID-19 outbreak
124. Onyx: A new Canvas‐based tool for visualizing biomedical and health ontologies
125. A semantic-based framework for automated rule checking in healthcare construction projects
126. Semantic-k-NN algorithm: An enhanced version of traditional k-NN algorithm
127. Semantic loop closure detection based on graph matching in multi-objects scenes
128. Semantic Agent Based Process Planning for Distributed Cloud Manufacturing
129. Identity-Guided Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-Identification
130. S 2 R-tree: a pivot-based indexing structure for semantic-aware spatial keyword search
131. ADnEV: cross-domain schema matching using deep similarity matrix adjustment and evaluation
132. Faceted search of heterogeneous geographic information for dynamic map projection
133. Semantic-aware data quality assessment for image big data
134. Robust index-based semantic plant/background segmentation for RGB-images
135. Regulate, replicate, and resist–the conjunctural geographies of platform urbanism
136. Semantic compensation and novel word learning in university students with dyslexia
137. Semantic curiosity for active visual learning
138. Semantic index for keyword search over tagged data
139. Applications of Wiki in web-based research support system
140. Video summarisation with visual and semantic cues
141. Compositional generalization in semantic parsing: Pre-training vs. specialized architectures
142. Developing an instant semantic analysis and feedback system to facilitate learning performance of online discussion
143. … -wise anomaly detection and classification for powder bed additive manufacturing processes: A machine-agnostic algorithm for real-time pixel-wise semantic …
144. Explanations in Predictive Analytics: Case Studies
145. Sup_Ont: an upper ontology
146. End-to-end semantic segmentation of personalized deep brain structures for non-invasive brain stimulation
147. Knowledge graph for identifying hazards on construction sites: Integrating computer vision with ontology
148. MEG: Multi-Evidence GNN for Multimodal Semantic Forensics
149. Ontologies for geospatial information: Progress and challenges ahead
150. Common sense or world knowledge? investigating adapter-based knowledge injection into pretrained transformers
151. Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Peringkas Teks Otomatis Berbasis Website Dengan Metode Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA)
152. Entscheidungsunterstützung durch Datenvernetzung
153. Uso de ontologías y tecnologías de la web semántica para la integración, recuperación e intercambio de conocimiento de arquitecturas de software
154. Query Rewriting with Thesaurus-Based for Handling Semantic Heterogeneity in Database Integration
155. Semantic indexing of musical resources. The application of the Nuovo soggettario system and its implementation with a specialized terminology

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