Important Questions for 10th Physics


Physics Class 10th – OBJECTIVE (2022)

(1) Has high penetrating power:

(A) In α — particle          (B) β—panicle   (C) γ—Particle   (D) In both α and β particle

(2) The number of neutrons in IC:

(A) 18                                    (B) 12                    (C) 06                    (D) 02

(3) When Alexander Graham Bell Invented simple telephone?

(A) 1875 AD                        (B) 1876 AD         (C) 1877 AD         (D) 1879 AD

(4) From which of the following you can get information?

(A) Bask                               (B) Teacher         (C) Computer    (D) Internet

(5) Bolan expression of ‘NOR’ gate is:

Note: any 4 options can be here

(6) Mostly MRI helps in diagnose the disorder of:

(A) Brain                              (B) Eye                  (C) Ear                   (D) Kidney

(7) Which is the voltage floss 6Ω reactor when 3A of current possess through it?

(A) 2V                                   (B) 9V                    (C) 18V                                 (D) 363V

(8) Capacitance is defined as:

(A) CV                                  (B) Q/V                 (C) QY                  (D) V/Q

(9) Man object is on the right side of the lens then Me value of P is:

(A) Positive                         (B) Negative       (C) Smaller          (3) lager

(10) The unit of intensity of the sound is:

(A) Wm-1                              (B) Wm                 (C) Wm-2              (D) Wm-3

(11) If the mass of the spring mass system is halved its time period will be:

(A)                                 (B) T/               (C) 2T                    (D) T/2

(12) The relationship between “f ” and “T” is:

(A)                           (B)         (C)         (D)



Short Questions

  1. How electric current is produced in electrolytes?
  2. Write the analogy between battery and water pump.
  • What is the difference between Ohmic and Non-Ohmic materials?
  1. What is the basic difference between electricity and magnetism?
  2. What is transformer and on what principle it work?
  3. How does a magnetic field liner help us?
  • Define fission reaction and write its equation.
  • Write general equation of alpha (α) decay.
  1. Define pitch. On what factor foes the pitch of sound depends?
  2. Sound is a form of wave. List at least two reasons to support the idea that sound is a wave.
  3. Calculate the frequency of a sound wave of speed 340ms-1 and wavelength 0.5 m.
  • Define capacitance and write its unit.
  • Is electric intensity a vector quantity? What will be its direction?
  • Differentiate between the primary memory and the secondary memory.
  1. Define internet and write two services of Internet.
  • Does each capacitor carry equal charge in series combination? Explain.
  • Define Transvers wave and give on example.
  • How damping progressively reduces the amplitude of oscillation?
  • The amount of energy transferred by a wave depends upon which factor?
  1. What is the difference between real and virtual image?
  • What is meant by Refractive Index of a Medium? What is its unit?
  • Enlist at least four types of Lenses.
  • What is meant by Boolean algebra? How is it represented?
  • Write the name of components of House Safety Alarm.

Long Questions

  1. Define an electric current. Explain with diagram how a battery is used as source of current?
  2. Coblt-6O is a radioactive element with half-life of 5.25 years. What fraction of the original sample will be left after 26 years?
  3. Optical fibers are used as channel for transmission of light signal. Explain it with diagram.
  4. Two capacitors of capacitances 61 F and 12pF are connected in series with I2V battery. Find the equivalent capacitance of the combination. Find the potential difference across each capacitor.
  5. Define Simple Harmonic motion. Prove that the motion of mass attach to spring is S.H.M. Draw diagram also.
  6. The power of a convex lens is 5D. At what distance the object should be placed from the lens so that its real and 2 times larger image is formed.




(1) Example of Longitudinal waves is:

(A) Sound waves              (B) Light waves                                 (C) Radio waves                (D) Water waves

(2) The loudness of sound is most closely related to its:

(A) Wavelength               (B) Frequency                   (C) Period                            (D) Amplitude

(3) The image formed by convex mirror is.

(A) Real and erect            (B) Real and inverted     (C) Virtual and erect       (D) Virtual and inverted

(4) In series combination of capacitors, each capacitor will have same:

(A) Charge                         (B) Voltage                         (C) Capacitance                                 (D) Charge & voltage

(5) Electric power is equal to:

(A) I2R2                                 (B) IV                                     (C) I2V                                   (D) IV2

(6) Transformer is used to change the value of:

(A) Energy                           (B) Charge                           (C) Power                            (D) Voltage

(7) The output of two input NANO gate is “0′ when:

(A) A= 0, B= 0                     (8) A= 1, B=1                      (C) A=0, B= 1                      (D) A= 1, B= 0

(8) In computer terminology information means:

(A) Large data                    (B) Raw data                      (C) Processed data          (D) Any data

(9) When Uranium (92 Protons) ejects a beta particle, how many protons are left in remaining nucleus?

(A) 90 Protons                   (8) 91 Protons                    (C) 92 Protons                   (D) 93 Protons

(10) If frequency of a wave is 4Hz and wavelength is 0.4 m what will be its speed?

(A) 1.6ms-1                          (B) 16ms-1                            (C) 0.16ms-1                        (0) 160ms-1

(11) The unit of electric power is:

(A) Ohm                               (B) Watt                               (C) Joule                              (0) Farad



  Short Questions

  1. Write down the difference between Conductor and Insulator.
  2. How Ammeter is connected in circuit to measure the current, support your answer with reason.
  • Why some elements are radioactive and some are not radioactive?
  1. Write two main features of parallel combination of resistors.
  2. What is Solenoid? State the principle to determine its polarity.
  3. The core of transformer plays important role state it.
  • Alpha particle has more ionization but less penetrating power why?
  • What is atom and write down as parts.
  1. Medium is necessary for propagation of sound waves prove It with experiment.
  2. What is sound? How is it produced?
  3. If at Anarkai bazar, sound level is 80 dB. What will be the intensity of sound?
  • What is electroscope and give its two uses?
  • What is Coulomb constant? Write its value.
  • Differentiate between variable and fixed Capacitor.
  1. What do you know about E-Commerce? Describe it.
  • Internet is beneficial for us. Write about it.
  • Define damped oscillation and give example.
  • The frequency of simple pendulum is 0.514z Find its time period, also determine the length of pendulum if g = 10ms-2
  • Define frequency also writes its relation with time period.
  1. State the laws of refraction of light.
  • What is Snell’s Law? Write its formula
  • Explain power of lens. Also define as unit.
  • Draw a symbolic diagram for NAND gate and woe its truth table.
  • Define digital quantities and give an example.


Long Questions

  1. How radio isotopes are used as a tracer and carbon dating?
  2. An electric bulb is marked with 220V, 100W

Find the resistance of the filament of the bulb. If the bulb is used 5-hours daily.

Find the energy in kilowatt-hours consumed by the bulb in one month (30 days).


  1. Explain the application of electrostatics for electrostatic air cleaner. Also draw a labeled diagram.
  2. A Sound wave has a frequency of 2 kHz and wave length 35 cm. How long will it take to travel 1.5 km?
  3. Explain with the help of ray diagram the Image formation from convex lense. When object is placed at four different positions introit of a convex lense.
  4. The time period of a simple pendulum is 2 s. What will be its length on the Earth? What will be its length on the Moon if gm = ge/6 where ge =10 ms-2

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