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Conversation Dialogue Between Two Friends

Shazia: Hi, Irum, how are you?

Irum: Peace be upon you, I am fine, how are you?

Shazia: I am fine by the grace of Allah. So how was your summer vacation?

Irum: Have a great time, I really enjoyed my time.

Shazia: Where did you go?

Irum: I went to my native village Lahore to meet my grandfather’s family there. My parents were with me, the time was great.

Shazia: Very well, what kind of recreational activities did you do there?

Irum: I have done many recreational activities. I loved swimming in the pool the most. My cousins ​​taught me to climb a tree and plucked and ate mango fruits, we also saw peach and apricot orchards and had a great time together.

Sudra: Great, what have you enjoyed the most?

Irum: All the people were very charming and they welcomed us very warmly. You know, I came to my village after five years, so I saw many changes there. I have enjoyed a nice change and I loved meeting the locals, spending time with the simple-minded people living in the mountains felt great, refreshed, and refreshed.

Sudra: I am sure, you must have had a great time

Irum: What did you do during the summer holidays?

Shazia: I went to my uncle’s house in Mansehra with his family and spent time in the natural beauty and gardens.

Irum: So you went to the tea garden?

Shazia: Yes, me and my sister Kiran spent a lot of time with cousins.

Irum: Nice to know, how was your time?

Shazia: I really enjoyed my time. I liked it because my grandmother lives with her uncle. I got a chance to spend some time with him. And I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my cousins.

Irum: What was the most beautiful thing you did there?

Shazia: I drove with my uncle to the tea estate, visited a tea company where tea is packed and supplied to the markets, met the women working in the tea estates, and learned about their living conditions. I got a chance to learn a lot, my cousins ​​told me that working women take care of the house very well in addition to their household chores.

Irum: I’m sure you had a great time, I can tell, thanks for talking, I really enjoyed talking to you.

Thank you very much, Shazia too. Take care, see you soon.

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